Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1086

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It was such a shock that all the users fighting in the solar war stopped.

“The operator… …

Sirone’s hand, which had penetrated the pit of the stomach, was sticking out of her back.

undoubtedly fatal.


As he pulled out his arm, electricity flowed through the operator’s body as he staggered forward.

The moment she raised her head while clenching her teeth, her body exploded with a bang.

“He died.”

It was the same effect as any other user, but for some reason it looked even more brilliant.

Users even felt fear in this unprecedented situation in the history of High Gear.

What to do now?

At that time when no one could give a direction, Sirone looked back to the country and shouted.

“Come on, let’s go!”

As if attracted to that voice like a magnet, users in Dongguk burst into cheers.

“I knocked down the operator! Not invincible! From now on, the era of Dongguk is coming!”

When the soldiers of Dongguk activated the turbo, the tense wires were pushed back 300 meters in an instant.

Yoga’s son smiled bitterly.

‘Literally momentum.’

Their excitement was at its peak, and they were eager to fight right now.

Communication came from Aegis.

– Shall I control it? If you force it too hard, it may take a delay later.

– Leave it. I can’t control this anyway.

It was a 1 defeat to the strongest machine in High Gear.

-In other words, it was impossible to create this level of momentum without Yahweh 2. By luring the troops of Dongguk to key occupied areas. It’s good to keep it there.

-All right.

Fermi looked back at the little witch.

“Are you going to do more?”

She seemed to have no will to fight, as she had been threatening to kill herself just a moment ago.

“The condition to defeat the operator in a duel has been cleared. Is there anything left for Yahweh 2?”

“There is.”

Sirone will not stop.

“You know what kind of guy he is.”

If it was all about producing results, there would be no room left for the operator.

“I will not give up until I understand myself. So I have no choice but to continue.”

“After-sales service is sure. It is also a large company.”

“… … Customers are picky.”

From the position of the golden ring, Sirone was the truth among truths.

“Haha, I still want to hold it.” Without answering that, Fermi turned on her booster and took off.

“Let’s have fun. Dongguk will win.”

As he headed to the hideout in Dongguk, the little witch also turned toward the Sun Palace.


I was curious about the operator’s face.

operator’s conference room.

The death of the operator was shocking to the operator as well as the users.

“… … Did you lose?” Messages that arrived individually to the operators burst out in succession through shared channels.

“Ugh! It’s a surprise. What is it, what’s up’?”

Smile Mark said.

“It’s a flood of bulletin boards. It seems that users are uploading scenes of the operator’s death.”

As each one checked the bulletin board, the video was literally pouring down like a waterfall.

“Title, operator dead! The bulletin board that was first uploaded has already exceeded 7,000 views.”

“It is such a shocking event. To be honest, I never thought the Operator would lose either.”

Lollipop Mark said.

“About that, it’s strange that Yahweh 2 jumped the code twice at the end. He knows where the second door is before he even opens the one in front of him.”

“Hmm, it’s not something a guest can do.”

“yes. Only the landlord knows where all the doors are. This is clearly the prerogative of the host.”

The gear mark said.

“The operator is also a host. Even if it was a surprise situation, it is impossible to predict

wouldn’t you?”

“If you look at the log, you can see the stiffness of the moment. I’m human anyway. Again, the problem is Yahweh 2. It is a state where the senses have already risen to the point where it can no longer be called an individual’s individuality.”

Silence fell in the meeting room.

“Look at this.”

A black circle mark popped up a window.

“This is the current movement of Yahweh 2.”

What was seen was not images, but numerous codes running, so it was even more shocking.

“The code… …

As the code of Yahweh 2 was changed, the entire code was changing in real time.

It was a strange texture, as if a convex lens were moving on the screen.


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Smile Mark asked.

“How does this happen? Can one user change the external code at will?”

“It’s not changing.”

The gear mark said.

“It is not artificial manipulation. The code is being reorganized automatically in line with the changes in Yahweh 2.”

Yo muttered.

“Is it that the balance does not collapse because it moves with the system?”

Lollipop Mark agreed.

“yes. Actually, Yahweh 2’s status doesn’t change much. Perhaps it is the limit of the entire system to handle the vibration of Yahweh 2.”

“Hmm, if it’s not something you can tell with your head, it would be right to say that you’ve completely assimilated it. It’s like a resonance. It means shaking together.”

said the black circle mark.

“After all, high gear is safe. not even an error However, the host’s authority has already been exceeded, and the operator is defeated in play. Now, what are we going to do?”

Amidst the silence, someone made a shrieking noise.

“Where the hell did Number Seven go?”

The Ascension Guild, which has the authority of the 1st Mercury, is resurrected in the Palace of the Sun when it dies.

After 20 minutes of rapid charging, the mid gear opened and the operator slowly opened his eyes.

All scenery was unfamiliar.

She did not open a communication channel until reaching the solar furnace with low gear.


Upon checking the satellite image, Dongguk’s troops were rushing toward the Palace of the Sun.

‘It’s still okay.’

It was common for the tide to come closer and closer to the palace of the sun as the tide ebbed and flowed repeatedly.

Kneeling in front of the low gear, the operator surveyed the battlefield.

Nothing caught my eye.


Leaning her upper body back, she straightened her bent knees and lay on her back.

“What do we do?”

really dead

Aside from the promise she made with Yahweh, there was no world she could escape to.

“This was everything.”

Because I thought it was the end the moment I died even once, High Gear was able to become real.

But on the other hand… … .

‘What’s different?’

He was resurrected intact and could only see himself thinking about this and that.

“haha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

It’s ridiculous.

‘Yeah, I know. I know. There is no such thing as the real world, anywhere.

just i… …

He said he was just afraid to throw his heart out.

‘Yahweh 2.’

Through the satellite screen, she watched Yahweh 2 fighting against the powerful of the West Country.

‘what? A tiger?’

Seoguk Duel Ranking 3rd.

It was a powerful man with strong claws on a glossy cobalt blue aircraft.

‘Pretty good. I told you to come to our guild… …

Recalling that time, Michelangeon’s huge flash hit the tiger directly.

‘It was a bit lacking. It looks like the power of the Michelan gun has gone down. Did you keep fighting?’ As expected, a tiger with one arm blown off

aimed at Yahweh2’s back and rushed at him.

‘Oh, air god.’

The air bullet from the air god mounted on Sirone’s left arm hit the tiger.

‘Ignoring durability. It’s an excellent choice. However, the basic damage is fixed at 10.’

Even with the Michelan gun, it would take hundreds of rounds to destroy a piece of armor.

‘LeRoread. There’s never a chance the bullet will run out. Was the motive a person named Gaold?’

It was an intense dream.

Yahweh 2 jumped over the code and continued to accumulate damage to the tiger’s gloves.

‘That was kind of annoying. Of course you won’t be beaten twice. I must have been terrified at that time.’

The tiger’s fuselage exploded.

“Really good.”

Even though they are enemies, Yahweh 2’s skills have improved so much that they praised them with their voice.

“Nobody can catch that. I don’t know if it’s me……

her voice faded.

‘I want to do it again.’

I wanted to smell gunpowder with countless users in the world of high gear.

“One win, one loss.”

Oh, I see.

The operator lifted his upper body and opened the communication channel with a smile.

“It was one win and one loss.”

-hey! What are you doing with communication off! Can’t you see the solar power is being pushed back? How can I do it?

-Oh oh! Captain Resurrection! Don’t be discouraged if you die once! All you have to do is win the battle against the sun!

When I opened all the doors of the Palace of the Sun, all sorts of loud noises rushed in.

The operator pulled out his hump.

– Gather at the Sun Palace, the 1st Jin in the West! Attract Dongguk and then catch it! Then it’s the reverse!

-okay! nice!

Aegis, who quickly sensed the change in the West Country, communicated with Yoga’s son.

– I’m tempted. What should I do?

-I guess he’s going to pick and catch only rankers. It’s a good decision, but it’s easier said than done.

-Because the Golden Coins are pros. If you look at the skills of rankers alone, they are ahead of Seoguk.

That’s why it’s like taking a gamble in Seoguk.

– It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time. It must mean that he has the confidence to catch Yahweh 2. Guess it. let’s go in

-But responding obediently O…

-It’s after-sales service.

Aegis immediately nodded.

-All right.

Fermi laughed as he watched the Dongguk 1st team head towards the Sun Palace.

‘Is it the burning heart of an adolescent girl?’


“There are too many truths.” 6 hours after start of solar war. Leaving the users of the battlefield behind, rankers called me clashed inside the Sun Palace.

In terms of skills, Dongguk had the advantage, but Seoguk also had the advantage of being a home ground.

-You can’t go long term. The speed of convergence in the West is twice as fast as in the East. 20 or 40 minutes. If you go beyond that, you will be pushed out of using delay.

While the son of Yolgah and the little witch were fighting bloodily, the operator rushed in.

“Yahweh 2!”

The Operator, who had already killed 13 rankers, raised his black suit towards Sirone.

‘This is the end.’

From the moment the enemy was brought into the Palace of the Sun, Seoguk also hit Baejin.

“Hey, do it, do it.”

Yahweh 2 and the Operator collided where all eyes were focused on High Gear.


Yahweh 2’s aircraft was pushed at a terrifying speed by the head-to-head direct attack.

The shadow that pierced the wall split in two and collided again with great speed.


host level.

A golden flash of light shone, and the black sphere of magnetic field bounced off it and spun.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

It was a clash of fists against fists, firearms against firearms, output against output, everything they had.

‘It’s really old.’

We both had the same thoughts.

‘I can’t win.’

After trying everything out, the two of them were able to come to a final conclusion.



After activating Da Vinci, Sirone threw out her right arm clad in a steel glove at terrifying speed.

” lost.”


The operator’s bangs went over due to the wind pressure, and a fist pierced the pit of the stomach with a bang.

“How is it, Yahweh 2?”

The users in front of the billboard stared intently at her bare face, which was revealed for the first time.

“High gear, isn’t it fun?”

Sirone sincerely nodded.

“huh. It’s really fun.”


The smile on her face is much younger than I thought.

visible… … .

“I knew it.”

It was the look of an ordinary girl.

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