Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1080

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fully armed (3)

While Sirone was lost in thought, the mafia party was secretly communicating.

-What are you going to do? Are you going as planned?

– I’m sorry. I received a lot of payments, so do I have to go this far?

– I can’t help it. It’s Dongguk. Public opinion has gone bad because some guy took a water bath on the bulletin board.

It was effective to express the will for settlement through the news, but the problem was the bulletin board dedicated to Seoguk.

Those who were dissatisfied with helping users in the same country began to denounce the Mafia.

There were even rumors that he was a spy from Dongguk, and even said that he should be killed.

-If you step on us in the west country, there is no way. What do you do when you put on good parts? I can’t hunt.

-yes. Besides, in a large guild, if even Chuck Salyeong falls, you have no choice but to fold high gear.

Having come to that conclusion, the mafia party looked back at Sirone, who was lost in thought.

Sona said.

“Why don’t you turn off Donatello? Partzgerd that also eats up quite a bit of power.”

“Ah, yes.”

Yahweh 2’s power was 16 percent.

‘I’ll have to use an auxiliary charger to go back.’

As Sirone prepared to leave, the mafia crew carefully observed Yahweh2’s steps.

– Did you turn it off?

-I don’t know. I have no discomfort at all.

Because of his skillful handling of Donatello, there was no way to confirm it from the outside.

– Let’s just do it. I’ll shoot in three.

Timing them by communication, they aimed their firearms at Yahweh2’s head.

A gunshot went off.

Sirone, who had been blown away before he knew it, quickly rolled down the sand and knelt down on one knee.

The Mafia asked, clicking his tongue.

“Donatello, did you keep it on?” Sirone was silent.

It was after receiving Fermi’s communication that he seriously contemplated the betrayal of the mafia.

‘I was trying to make sure I was safe.’ A victory pose?

‘Almost the only way to communicate to me in a state where direct communication is impossible.’

It was possible that things were happening outside that Sirone was unaware of.

What is it?

‘The traitor of the west country. News, or bulletin boards… …

It was a conclusion that could be reached after a little thought.

Dex Sensibility said.

“Looking at the reaction, I don’t think I need an explanation. Thanks for clearing things up though. So, can’t you just let me die? I won’t touch the loot.”

Even so, it was a level 100 level part, and it was impossible to drop the legendary item itself.

“If you want to kill, kill.”

Sirone said.

“Mutual trust is until the end of the transaction. You’ve settled the bill, so you’re just an enemy now, aren’t you?”

Sirone, activating the Michelan gun, smiled.

“Let’s start, high gear.” The mafia group thought.

‘He’s a guy I don’t like.’

Even if the conditions are unfavorable to oneself, one clearly distinguishes between right and wrong.

‘You make people feel ashamed. In real life, he’d be a bigger guy. But because… …

The mafia party again aimed their guns at them.

‘I don’t feel any remorse.’

Firepower of over 200 levels shot like rain, and Yahweh 2 instantly jumped through space.

‘Sheesh! that tech… … !’

It was shockingly different from when I saw it on video.

The white sandy beach of Dalseom was filled with smoke and mist, and gunshots rained incessantly.

A flash of light hit a colleague directly.


The machine was destroyed by the power comparable to that of a missile, and the remaining six people further increased their output.

– Turn on the infrared! Securing sight comes first!

Sirone inflated her cheeks.

‘Pooh. After all, the 150 level difference is difficult.’

If it was a boss creature, it would read the pattern, but the user’s pattern was in the realm of quantum.

The gap was so large that it could not have been undone if it had not been for the senses of time width and Park Ji from the beginning.

But that’s why the mafia was shocked.

‘What the hell is this?’

It dodges most of the bullets, and even if you try to suppress it with power, it jumps over the space.

‘Damn it! Having 15 more selective options isn’t even an advantage.’

In the meantime, the counterattack continued, and one more person was killed.

-hey! Let’s use grenades too! How can you beat that kind of attack without limit!

-wait. You have one chance. Because it is not unlimited.

– The limit of power is unavoidable. Catch when trying to use auxiliary charging device.

Fighting continued and two more were killed.

-hey! what to do


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– wait.

The mafia was also nervous, but from now on it was a game of patience.

A red signal appeared in Sirone’s augmented reality.

‘Remaining power 2%.’

Knowing what the enemy was aiming for, he endured as much as he could, but he couldn’t put it off any longer.


Shirone, who threw a flashlight and caused an explosion, went behind a rock wall and took out an auxiliary charger.

– Now!

Mafia, Dex Gamseong, and Sona’s aircraft all opened, and the equipped grenades exploded.

‘Homing communication.’

A grenade suddenly exploded as it flew towards the spot where Sirone was hiding, raising a smoke tail.


At the same time, Sirone, equipped with an auxiliary charging device, came out of the rock again.

“good! fight properly… … !”

When the haze cleared, the slender aircraft was bending its upper body in a sword-swinging posture.


His ability to cut all the grenades with his attitude blacksmith was to the point of being ecstatic leaving Pia.

“Jin, you are a real operator.”

She slowly straightened her body and took care of her hump, then turned to Sirone and said.

“Did we finally meet?”

The operator was very nervous because it was Seoguk, but she jumped out at the mafia party.

“uh… … r

Before she could finish her words, her fist struck the mafia right in the face.


As the penetration judgment entered, the face was smashed, and the Dex sensitivity and Sona were cut from side to side.

-what? Why are you attacking us?

– What do you know? See if it’s a slaughter pop out at once!

The operator, who was leisurely watching them, pulled out the sword behind his back.


The sword was embedded in the sandy beach, and the sphere’s magnetic field began to attract the aircraft.


The size was only 1 meter in diameter, but Dex Gamja and Sona were dragged and collided with each other at terrifying speed.


As the impact was so strong that her limbs were ripped off, Sirone felt cold.

‘It’s like a secret ball.’

Dex’s sensibility, with only his face remaining, asked.

“why… … why us… …

“I’ll finish with this. I won’t kill you, so don’t betray Seoguk from now on. You can post it on the bulletin board.”

Hearing that, Dex Gamseong didn’t say anything more, and the dead also quietly disappeared.

With only the loot they left behind, Operator turned to Sirone.

With a pop, she evaporated.


As I hurriedly turned around following the location caught by Donatello, the operator’s face suddenly approached me.


Sirone, who lowered her head in embarrassment rather than fear, was impressed again after a while.

‘It’s so fast.’

Is this the speed of the overall ranking?

“Let’s go somewhere quiet.”

Without even having time to respond, the operator picked up Sirone’s aircraft.


It was the first time I had ever been hugged by a woman like this, so it felt quite strange.

That moment when I was momentarily stunned by the beauty of the operator’s face looking up from my chest.

Woo woo woo woo!

Pushing the ground with great force, she soared into the sky like a rocket.

With one leap, she landed on the highest cliff on the island of the moon, and set her down.

“I saw the news.” Shirone, who was admiring the scenery, turned her head.

“Oh, don’t worry too much. Actually, I was mistaken too, and you and the operator pointed to the ground.

“Apologize in front of me.” Whiing, the wind blew.

‘It’s definitely the 4th dimension.’

Since there was no reason not to apologize once, Sirone opened her mouth.

“I’m sorry for saying harsh things then. I understood what you said after I tried the high gear myself.”

The only reaction was to quietly put his hand away, but somehow he seemed to be in a good mood.

“I’m sorry too. that you ignored.”

“No, that’s fine.”

“I knew. Ariane Sirone. A graduate of Alfeas Magic School. It is called the Yahweh of the Ages.”

Sirone was startled.

“Maybe I know… …

“no. It’s the first time I’ve met you. but i saw it in a dream You appeared in the dreams of many people. The Michelan Gun was implemented based on that image.” The operator looked at the moon.

“It takes a lot of inspiration to create a world. Since I don’t go outside, I mostly draw inspiration from people’s dreams. I don’t like mongols, but the world with high gear is illegal anyway.”

“Why do you not want to go outside?” They wouldn’t be able to explore Apocalypse without bringing the Operator into reality.

“Every day I woke up to the sound of my parents fighting. Their hatred for each other is so great that they don’t even care about me. No, rather, that hatred might be directed at me. Since the country has children, they are defined as a couple. I bought an outbuilding myself and set up my studio. It’s money. You can earn as much as you like by using Undercoder.”

Sirone listened silently.

“I hate reality so much, I needed a perfect world to escape to. That’s when I designed High Gear. You know what’s the scariest? No matter how long you live here, when you open your eyes, not much time has passed. As a result, I hated going out more and more, and eventually became number one in the rankings.”

She turned to Sirone.

“I know, there are far worse things going on in real life than I am. But do you have to struggle while caring about that? Even if they have to, then why don’t my parents care about my pain?”

“No one criticizes you. Because there is no such thing as the right to cry in pain.”

The operator seemed to like Sirone’s words and continued to mutter with a small mouth.

“The person who gave you the Seoguk Free Pass is the Little Witch, right? Her true identity is probably the former empress of Ka Shan.”


If it’s enough to hack dreams, lies won’t work.

“Guild members were beaten in real life. Although it seems simple, it is very difficult. The task of synchronizing with the outside world in the undercoder is.”

I would have used time magic.

“You probably know where I am. He is a cruel man, so he could kill me.”

“don’t worry. I’m not going to ask for your consent that way. Just like you promised.”

“Heh, it doesn’t matter. do whatever you want It’s not because I’m afraid that I didn’t know. One minute in reality is almost 30 minutes here. If you get injured outside, you might miss the solar war.”

“You really like it, High Gear.” A smile formed on the operator’s lips for the first time.

“Honestly, I’m glad you praised my world. Do you feel like you’ve been comforted? Michelan and Donatello, I’ll turn it over to you. Work hard until the sun.”

“If I win, you will help me.”

“That won’t happen, but… …

The operator slowly turned towards Sirone.

“Would you like to live with me if I win?”


“I will give you everything you want to see, have, and do. You can make anything. You are too hard in real life. Travel with me to beautiful places, join me in high gear. Time here is slower than reality. You don’t even have to look at other people’s eyes. Wouldn’t you like to put everything down for a while and rest?” The reason why the word refusal does not come out is because what she said is true.

Sirone shook her head.

“sorry. The world you created is beautiful, but I don’t think it’s real. My heart is in reality.”


she readily accepted.

“I saw you in a dream. Because you fought really hard to save the real world. For you, everything here is fake. As if reality is fake to me.”

The operator approached slowly, tilted his head, and kissed Sirone on the lips.

After a short kiss and stepping back, Si Lone expressed a question with her eyes.

“It’s a response to a compliment. Everyone is free to play in high gear, but I haven’t done it to anyone yet. Think of it as an homage from the fake world to you.”

She jumped up and entered the halo while looking down at Sirone.

“See you at the solar war.”

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