Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1079

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fully armed (2)

end of probability.

Assuming the dice are rolled to infinity, what lies beyond that number.


It was a firm and clear conviction, like the entire world coming together as one point.

‘Michelan Gun!’

The sphere of light stretched out in a flash and entered Maginus’ wide open mouth.

“Kaaaa… … !”

Maginus was very excited at the time when the time until the next change felt like an eternity.

It was 10 meters in front of Yahweh 2.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

A series of explosions occurred inside, causing the aircraft to start surrealistically.

While the mobsters watched as if they were fed up, Maginus suddenly changed direction.

“Follow me! It’s the last pattern!”

Maginus, which went under the sea while creating an ice tunnel, finally disintegrated.

As the cold air sprayed in all directions, a huge ice cavity was created, and the item fell into it.


When the mafia arrived at the joint, they checked the augmented reality and felt their hair stand on end.

-Unidentified item drop: Legendary grade.

“Again, here again!”

Needless to say, if there was a legendary item that could be obtained by hunting Maginus, it was Donatello.

Cirone, aware of the priority system, turned away instead of getting the box.

“Now, shall we use the card again?”

The mafia party had a hunch.

‘It’s not a coincidence.’

I couldn’t even guess how, but it was clear that Yahweh 2 could control the odds.

So, if you put your mind to it, you can pull out as many legendary items as you like.

‘Since it’s a structure that can’t be traded once it’s installed, price fluctuations will be extremely small. I’ll sweep the galaxy.’

The mafia finished thinking.

“Priorities are meaningless anyway. you take it But you may need to change the terms.”

This was the last chance because you wouldn’t be able to trade once the event was over.

“Are you changing the conditions?”

“It’s okay if you don’t settle. Let’s turn around one more time instead. You, can you pick up a legendary grade item?” “Can we match one by one? We’ve been together all this time, so wouldn’t that be fair?”

“sorry. That’s not allowed.”

Sona asked.

“Uh, why? It’s so easy for you! Rather than giving a galaxy.”

“I am a stranger. I don’t want to upset the balance of this world. I will go back after the solar war is over.”

Dex sensibility shot at him.

“You are laughing. Because of that solar war, we are doing this too. Do you know how different the charging fee is?”

Seoguk won’t lose in this solar battle, but there was no need to say anything in advance.

“I will give you enough examples. That will help you guys too. If you get entangled too deeply, you will be in trouble.”

Too many forces were already involved in the confrontation between Sirone and Operator.

‘Sheesh! After all, is it Dongguk?’

It was obvious that he was trying to pay attention to the solar cells, but it was better to wait until the settlement was over.

“good. Then, as soon as you get out of here, contact the golden ring. Please settle it right away.”

“I don’t have long-distance communication options. Why don’t we go all the way to the Neutral Zone and make contact?”

“are you kidding! What if I say that now?”

Need I say anything?

“No, everyone knows my level. So, of course, I knew you were thinking about it.”

“ugh “


If I didn’t know, it would hurt my pride.

Sona suggested.

“Then we will contact you. It is unreasonable to make contact in the neutral zone. If a large guild like the golden ring uses their hands, they will be defeated. It is too disadvantageous.”

“okay. Then go out and get in touch. You can do it to Yolga’s son or Aegis.”

Of course he knew the ranker’s code name.

When the Mafia group set priority to Yahweh 2, Sirone obtained the box.

Everyone gathered.


As the box opened, a smooth ceramic gourd was placed in Yahweh2’s hand.

“Oh oh! this is it… …

– The event has ended.

I heard the sound of waves.

The starting point was not a freshwater lake, but a beautiful white sandy beach on the outskirts of Dalseom.

Sirone let out a sigh of relief.

“Whoa, it’s finally over.”

Aside from the difficulty level, hunting in Seoguk itself was a burdensome journey.

Sona has arrived.


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“congratulations. Are you going to install it right away this time?”

Sirone looked at the vial in her hand.

“Yeah, that’s how it should be.”

I don’t know how other users feel, but it was mentally comfortable to install it once.


The pottery shattered by itself, and liquid metal as clear as mercury hovered in the air.

” wow??????

At that time, when everyone admired, liquid metal came into Yahweh2’s mouth with fierce momentum.

It was an irresistible system and my whole body felt cold as if I had been submerged in icy water.

It wasn’t a bad feeling, of course.

– Install a new program.

A message appeared on the augmented reality, and the existing scenery came to me with a completely different feeling.

“uh? this?”

A familiar feeling to Sirone.

‘It’s a spirit zone.’

There was no blind spot in the field of view, as if all the surrounding light was bent and entered.

Sona asked.

“are you okay? I couldn’t tell from watching this video. I was very dizzy at first.”

‘I guess so.’

The brain, not the eyes, has to adapt.

‘Because recorded video only outputs what you see with your eyes. It is probably an image in which a landscape broken like fragments is overlapped in several layers. If such an image continues to move in real time, even I would get motion sickness… …

In Sirone’s brain, it was arranged and unfolded as a perfect spherical landscape.

Of course, this was also far from the generally speaking landscape of ‘seeing’.

Sona asked.

“Can you move? In the video, he staggered as if he had been drinking and then collapsed. I’m over level 300.”

Dex sensitivity was added.

“I saw it too. Because of that, Donatello’s price went down for a while. From the beginning, the efficiency of legendary items varies widely depending on skill, but they say this is a bit harsh.”

Sirone understood.

It was like giving a spirit zone to ordinary people who couldn’t concentrate.

“Is there anyone who handles it skillfully?”

Sona said.

“Anyway, the amount that was released is about to be counted on one hand. If you are a representative user in Seoguk, there is Yagwi. I saw him dodging bullets in the solar war, and it was really cool.”


He was a member of Ascension.

‘Is it a real wizard? Well, a person with high concentration might be able to adapt.’

The mafia sarcastically.

“Are you standing still? Are you dizzy? You shouldn’t wear it carelessly like that.”


As Sirone stepped forward, the mafia party, who had been laughing inwardly, was startled.

“Sometimes… …

As I spurted off the ground, the aircraft ran over the sandy beach at high speed.

A tremendous amount of visual information.

However, it was not a hindrance to Sirone, who was able to cross the Spirit Zone and reach Elysion.

‘Are you okay? If this is the case, the difference in output between Operator and High will be offset to some extent.’

At least the square wasn’t taken away

Turning around again, Sirone checked not only the sprinting, but also the precise movement.

As the circus-like flamboyant action unfolded, the mafia party lost their minds for a moment.

“what? Are you running really well? Is it really the scenery we saw in the video?”

“maybe. It’s because the wild demon is like that too.”

In the midst of silence, Sirone hurriedly applied the brakes and stopped in front of the group.

“Whoa, the test is over. I really like this.”

I had a lot of swelling for no reason.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but Donna Tello is a difficult part to handle. Even so, the reason people fantasize about it is because it has a special function.”

“Special features?”

“You can get stealth.”

“aha?… ”

“Of course, it doesn’t look clear. They say it feels like the shape is shimmering.”

In front of a device that refracts light, even stealth cannot be perfect.

“But even that is great. You can omit the low frequency detection option. You earn one slot.”

“What does it look like with that option?”

“I can not see. Only the coordinates are indicated by dots. So stealth option users are difficult to deal with.”

“Then why don’t everyone use stealth?”

“There are certain parts that can be implemented for certain selective options. To use the stealth option, you need parts that match the option, but the combat performance is extremely poor. At high levels, if you get caught, you die.”

“Die or kill. It’s either way.”

“yes. That’s why Donatello is so good. Not only does it save slots, it actually senses the shape. Okay, now the explanation is over. Will you contact me as promised?”

As Sirone nodded, the mafia tried to communicate with the Eul family’s son.

“Should I take it?”

It was common for rankers to block communication except for certain users.

As the party waited impatiently, Mafia’s expression gradually darkened.

Then, suddenly, his eyes widened.

“uh? received.”

The party gathered.

“Did you get it? really?”

The mafia, who held out his hand to keep them from coming, stooped and said,

-hello? hello?

– say.

-Me, I’m a user mafia in Seoguk… … .

-know. I saw the news. What about Donatello?

I felt bad for ignoring it, but the opponent was a ranker anyway, and above all, an enemy country.

-I got it a little while ago. We want to get paid. Yahweh 2 promised. Sangeum Jeong… … .

-Check first.

The Mafia did exactly what Fermi said.

“Hey, Yahweh 2, they said they’d check it first. I’ll take a video and send it to you, so put your eyes a little closer.”

Sirone brought her right eye closer.

“enlargement. enlargement.”

As the pupils filled the screen, letters were engraved in a circle along the irises.

“Verification completed. Then uh… … They told me to strike a victory pose to see if I was really all right?”

“It’s okay, so send it quickly.”

It was not Sirone who would fall for Fermi’s prank, but the mafia was confused.

– Hey, just let it go! send now

After about 30 seconds of the recorded video being transmitted, Fermi’s voice was heard.

-7 people. settled

Communication was lost.

The mafia, who stood in bewilderment for a moment, screamed as if they were communicating.

“hey! You haven’t even adjusted the price yet! If it’s going to end like this, then we… … !”

“No, Mafia.”

While his colleagues stared into the air as if possessed, a message appeared in the mafia’s augmented reality.

– Galaxy has been deposited.

When I entered through the link, the amount I had never seen before was flickering in my personal safe.

“uh? uh?”

As he climbed along the zero, he shuddered, and Sona raised her arms and shouted.

“Hurray! I did it! We did it!” The mafia couldn’t believe it, even as his teammates gave high fives and rejoiced.

‘Crazy guys.’

I didn’t even get greedy to get more in front of the amount that ignored the concept of cigar.

Sona shook the mafia.

“Hey, hey! Let’s go to our store, store! There are so many things I want to buy! I’m going to sweep it all up with a limited edition.”

Seeing them happy, Sirone smiled, but at the same time was bitter.


It will not be a bluff.

Based on a perfect understanding of human beings, the amount that can get things done most neatly.

There are many strong people in the world, but I am among the 10 people who do not want to fight, both friend and foe.

‘I don’t know what you’re thinking. If it’s an enemy, I have no choice but to defeat it in the end.’

Suddenly I had this thought.

‘Why Fermi… …

Maybe he codenamed Olga’s son?

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