Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1078

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fully armed (1)

Realizing that it was not a joke for the first time, Ruby Mix and Yagwi hesitated.

“Uh, how did you do it?”

Of course I know.

Sudden disconnection during an attack means that there was an accident in real life.

However, the problem was how the little witch found the real Taedaecheon.

‘Operators also disclose the user’s identity

don’t do it No, there is no such thing as a god. This is an under coder.’

While the two people’s minds were getting complicated, the little witch received a long-distance communication.

– Empress, I woke you up. kill?

It was codenamed 987392.

A Kashan soldier secretly hiding in High Gear, he was in charge of relaying communications.

-it’s okay. scare me moderately However, when you reconnect, your attitude will have to be different.

-All right.

Communication was lost.

‘I didn’t expect to use this method.’ After joining the Ascendant Guild, Urin attached surveillance to the elements of High Gear.

It wasn’t that he had a ulterior motive, he just did it because it was easy to do.

‘Though things are different now.’

To enjoy the battle of the sun with Sirone, he still had to join the Ascension Guild.

Then the door opened and Tae Dae-chun entered.

If you disconnected from within the guild, the starting point was your mid gear.

As Ruby Mix and Yagwi secretly opened the way, Tae Daecheon approached the little witch.

His knees bent slowly.

“I was wrong… …

“Ah, that’s all right.”

Uorin held out her hand.

“Why did you do that? What is this? I have no ill feelings toward you either.”

Tae Daecheon stretched his knees again and asked.

“What can I do?”

“Just do what you do. Don’t just tackle what I’m doing. Anyway, I also plan to win the Battle of the Sun.”

“All right.”

“Take it easy. Is it awkward?”


Rubymix and Yagwi were just watching.

‘Tae Dae-cheon is the most aggressive in the Ascension Guild, what the hell happened outside?’

The little witch pointed her finger.

The intensity of the pressure was different from before, and the upper bodies of the guild members flinched.


She said.

“Look out.”

After being unable to move for a while, they slowly turned around and left in a line.

The little witch looked up at the ceiling.

“You have to win.”

If Sirone asks for help, he will help even by killing all of High Gear.

‘It can’t be.’

There was nothing rough about her, who endured for an eternity just to take over Sirone.

‘Even if I have to sell my soul to the devil.’

She burst into laughter and asked herself in a self-deprecating voice.

“Does it have a soul?”

Democracy, midnight.

– Charging of the high gear is complete.

The mid gear door opened.

Sirone slowly opened her eyes and looked at the inside of the charging station, which had become dark.

It was only a fleeting moment, but it felt like coming back from a long dream.

‘The brain in a vat.’

Of course I had no memory.

When I turned my head, the mafia party didn’t go anywhere and was guarding the area.

Sona has arrived.

“it’s over? Then let’s start slowly.” After getting out of mid gear, Sirone left the selective option on and asked.

“Where do I go to get Donatello?”

“Conceived by the moon. Also called moon island. It’s an island in the sea, so you need to use a booster. Fitting the constant speed driving mode in the selective option would help.”

When Sirone, who skillfully changed options, left the charging station, a large number of people gathered.

It was the people who gathered after seeing the bulletin board.

“wow! It’s a real Michelan thing!” Interest was at its peak because it was a legendary level item that was difficult to access even with video.

A reporter appeared out of nowhere.

“This is Hit Dahit, a private reporter in the West Country! As far as I know, you’re currently level 100, so why did you equip Michelan? Wasn’t it a waste?”

The mafia intervened.

“Sheesh! who isn’t Anyway, we’re done with the settlement. I’ll upload a certification video, so watch it.”


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Later, the ring of gold was to drive a wedge so that the words could not be changed, but the reporter did not care.

What is important now is the position of Yahweh 2.

“Tell me something. Currently, all users of High Gear are focusing on Yahweh 2’s progress.”

“uh… …

When Sirone tried to speak, the buzz disappeared like a lie.

“I just installed it without thinking. After all, it was obtained through hunting, so I was thinking of using it.”

The reporter was dazed at the bland answer.

“Rather than that, there is something I want to say to the operator.”

“Oh, of course!” At the words that followed, the atmosphere rose again, and the reporter checked the recording status again.

“To all users who are watching the news right now, it seems that Yahweh 2 will make a shocking declaration.”

It was an open fact that the Golden Wheel and Ascension were involved in Yahweh2’s actions.

Most of all, it was shocking that a user from Dongguk acquired Michelan in a hunting ground in Seoguk.

“You can say anything. All users of High Gear are rooting for you. Is this a ticket to the solar war? Or a personal sword battle?”

“When I first came here, I communicated with the operator. We had a bit of a fight. He said something bad.”

People whispered.

“Did you communicate with the operator?” Numerous stories were mass-produced in their heads, and gradually the strands were caught.

The reporter shrugged his shoulders.

‘Personal grudge. That’s why I went into the golden ring. to get revenge! This time, it’s a hungry child.’

The best news of the day was by far his own.

“But as I played, I came to understand the operator to some extent. Why she was so confident, why she was mad at me.”


“Of course, there are still beliefs that cannot be yielded, but I want to take this opportunity to correct my misunderstanding. Operator-san, I’m sorry about that.”

Sirone looked straight at the reporter as if the operator were right in front of her.

“I am having fun. you say… … You have created a wonderful world.”

People’s faces became blank.

“That is all. Then I’m running out of time.”

As soon as Sirone left, the mafia group quickly followed in order not to miss them. The reporter who had been standing there for a long time came to his senses and made a closing comment.

“This is shocking in another way. Yahweh apologized to the operator2. What really happened between the two? Also, the operator said Yahweh 2’s remarks… …

Ascension Guild.

-Also, how will the operator accept Yahweh 2’s remarks? With the relationship between the West and the East in a labyrinth, the Battle of the Sun is approaching.

The operator was sitting on the runway

Her eyes flashed as she listened to the news with her wrist resting on her bent knee.

– That Hit Dahit will continue to track the situation between the two guilds and deliver them to you. That concludes today’s urgent news.

The light in the eyeballs flickered as if they were getting farther away.

After a moment of thought, she got up and walked to the end of the runway.

she murmured softly.


The person who became the motive of Michelan Gun.

Her new model, which had been examining the night sky revealing a thin neckline, disappeared as if evaporating.

A slender silhouette floated in the center of the moon.

West Sea.

The mafia party, flying over the sea with their rocket engines on fire, was silent.

It was a complicated feeling.

‘It’s going to go, but what is the probability that Donatello will come out? If I do this, I’ll keep running around.’ Mafia approached Sirone’s side.

“Let’s be clear. Look around for just one day, and if it doesn’t come out, contact the Golden Wheel. Please settle the bill starting with Michelan.”


Sirone meekly nodded.

They didn’t expect it to be accepted so easily, so the Mafia and the others looked bewildered.

“Really? This is being recorded.”

“Because I know.”

If there were no mistakes, it would have been over in one go.

‘It’s not a perfect random number.’

Getting the item as the designer intended means that there is a pattern after all.

‘Recognize the system of this world.’

In reality, it is called the level of entry, and it is usually called the realm of Buddha from this point on.

‘I’m going to be a programmer here.’ In any case, if it wasn’t a random number like Havitz, there was no way Sirone wouldn’t be able to read it.

“We are almost there.”

Even with the constant speed option, power dropped to 70 percent upon arrival at Moon Island.


But it was really cool.

“Isn’t it pretty? Even if you don’t necessarily catch Maginus, users gather and have fireworks.”

It was a ring-shaped island with a freshwater lake in the center and a huge moon floating in the sky.

“Conceived by the Moon.”

So it was Moon Island.

“The hunting ground is under that freshwater lake. If you fall under the lake, you will be cut off from connection with the outside like the sacred place of Ergos, so you have to set a selective option here.”

After discussing options, they turned off their boosters and landed near a freshwater lake.

-Would you like to start the Maginus event?

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The ground shook and the center of the freshwater lake split left and right, revealing a deep pit like an abyss.

“If you go inside?”

Sona replied.

“A space made of ice comes out. Maginus freezes the sea and makes tunnels to move.”

After hearing the rough information, Sirone flew up first and went into the pit.

– The event is in progress.

how deep did it fall

It was already beyond the thickness of the island, so it was possible to guess that it was deep in the sea.

“Creation, why do you deny eternal life!”

Suddenly, the surroundings brightened, and I saw a landscape as if I was trapped inside a diamond.

Marine life was coming and going over the wall.


When the gigantic machine resembling an eel opened its jaws, a body like a killifish came out quickly.

“Shoot! If you miss even once, it’s over!” While the mobsters were catching killifish, Maginus turned and penetrated the ice wall.

“Follow me!”

A huge amount of sea water rushed in, but it quickly froze due to the cold air inside.

‘Aha, this is how it works.’

Maginus’ main specialty is cold air injection, which creates an ice tunnel in the sea to kill the user.

‘The hitting ability is only six bullets. But this… …

It was a dizzying task to follow the complex tunnel like an anthill while submerging quickly.

“be careful. If you deviate from the route, it’s just the sea. Gas explodes under water pressure. You have to enter the tunnel unconditionally.”

The effective distance to Maginus, which creates a complex tunnel like a knot, is only 200 meters.

Behind it, power gradually diminished as sea water rushed in and continued to destroy the weakened ice wall.

“Oh, that’s really not right!”

In particular, the low-level Sirone’s power now fell below 30%.

‘I do not have time.’

After analyzing Maginus’ pattern, the conclusion was that it was one last chance.

‘It’s here.’

Having bypassed the deep sea in the form of a figure 8, Maginus rushed towards the tunnel where Sirone was.

‘I’m trying to break through.’

It was a strategy to shorten the effective distance by cutting the tunnel he had created himself.

“damage! If you collide, you die!”

The mobsters shouted, but now Sirone also had a weapon to fight with.

“The Michelan thing.”

When the lens in the palm was activated, the light particles began to compress at a tremendous speed.

‘This is not enough.’ Recalling the sense of reality, Sirone increased the gravity of the house, and the sphere of light grew as if it exploded.

The mobsters were in shock.

“Uh-oh… … !”

With a light large enough to cover a person’s torso, Sirone turned around.

At the same time, Maginus broke through the ice wall and attacked.




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