Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1075

Raid Control(2)

‘Seogu Free Pass?’

It was not unreasonable for Dex’s sensitivity to surprise him.

Only the Ascension Guild could freely use all the hunting grounds occupied by Seoguk.

“Where did you get this?”

“I picked it up. in the attogram. That’s why I got on the train to Seoguk. I’ll let you use this if you help me. Not a bad deal for you either.”

Sirone said according to the plan.

The reason the little witch handed over a physical item, not an electronic card, was also to hide her identity.

Dex Sensitivity looked at the card again.

‘If it’s in the form of an item, it’s not impossible to pick it up. But that’s Yahweh 2?’

Isn’t it too common for a coincidence?

‘There’s a darkness I don’t know about. Insider of the Ring of Coins and Ascension. Is it the ship god of Ascension? No, maybe if Yahweh 2 was Seoguk and infiltrated the Golden Ring… …

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come to a conclusion unless I knew the context.

‘Yeah, it’s none of my business. The problem is the Seoguk Free Pass. With this, you can level up in the most efficient hunting grounds. The items you get there are bonuses… …

After exchanging glances with the codename Mafia, Dex Gam turned to Sirone again.

“What are the conditions? If you pass this free pass to us, what should we do for you?”

“I want to get two items. Michelan and Donatello. If you find this, I’ll give you a free pass.”

The mafia, who was making an absurd expression, laughed.

“ha ha ha! what bullshit Michelan and Donatello? Do you know what the percentage chance of getting a legendary item is? Plus, it’s a mythic level of difficulty. It has nothing to do with level. automatically adjusted. It would be quicker to pay a large sum of money and live.”

According to Fermi, it is estimated that 12 of the 4 legendary items are unlocked in high gear.

‘It must be monopolized by a specific guild.’ If the Golden Ring has Raphael and Da Vinci, Ascension should have Michelan and Donatello.

Knowing the internal circumstances, they would never hand over items to Dongguk.

Dex sensitivity was added.

“I know what you are thinking. I’m trying to equip all 4 legendary items. But it’s a dream. A feat no one has ever done in high gear.”

“Let me hunt Ergos. Try it once, and if you find it impossible, you can give up.”

Sirone put his hopes on his senses.

‘As the sense of time became sensitive, the space opened. Even in real life, all of the poems were Bakji.’

Clearly, this place was different from reality.

However, it was ironic that a new world could be opened through the senses.

‘perhaps… …

I wonder if the real world is a simulation when viewed from a farther distance.

Deciding to focus on the immediate goal, Shirone stopped thinking and made realistic calculations.

‘The combination of Sipok and Bakji opened the mouth. In high gear, it’s about the level of a programmer’s authority.’

You might be able to control the raid.

“Let me do it. Because it will never do you any harm. The lower the level, the better, right?” Mythical level hunting grounds were not just strong because the difficulty was adjusted according to the average level.

“… … Let me talk to you for a moment.”

Mafia and Dex sensibility went back to their colleagues and held a meeting for about 10 minutes.

A feeling of Dex approached Sirone.

“Okay, let’s do it. But if we don’t see hope in the first round, we’ll quit. Because I don’t want to waste time.”

“that’s enough.”

The party of 8, including Yahweh 2, left De Mokracy and headed for the hunting ground.

the mafia asked

“What level did you say?”

“Level 100.”

“Then I opened 10 selective options. What options are you equipped with now?”

“Exo Barrier. Hawk Eye. booster.”

Exo Barrier creates a shield for 1 second, but consumes a lot of power.

Hawkeye provided wide-field vision with increased speed, and boosters were rocket engines.

“Hmm. 70 level, 80 level, 100 level options. Well, it’s not efficient for single player. But at a party, it’s different.”

Dex Sensitivity instructed.

“First, take off the Exo Barrier and switch to constant speed driving mode. It might run out of power during the hunt.”

The constant speed driving mode, which is activated at level 30, can save power when traveling long distances.

“huh. I will change it now.”

“When you arrive at the hunting ground, remove the constant speed driving mode again and put the drone communication on. If you don’t figure out where the creature is in advance, the party will be wiped out.”

Sirone nodded.

“The other two slots are for infrared vision and aircraft noise reduction, what are those? Ah, sober mode. do with it At level 100, this would be the best.”

“Well, it’s all secondary. But shouldn’t there be a turbo? just in case.”

“Even if you use the turbo at level 100, it will stop there. It’s usually an option you choose mainly in a duel. Although rankers are sometimes selected from raids. Besides, we’re all over level 230. I don’t expect any damage from you from the start.”

Codename Sona interrupted.

“It’s better to focus on survival first. Because if you die, the difficulty level will increase. In fact, increased hearing will help us survive more than drone communication, but if you do drone communication, we can

Because I can change one option.”

“okay. I am the guide.”

“yes. Ha ha, I honestly don’t know. To entrust a person who is new to Ergos as a guide.”

The plan went ahead as they had nothing to lose anyway.

The place they arrived at was a huge cave 80 meters in height pierced by a cliff of heavenly blessings.

‘The sacred place of Ergos.’

Dex Sensibility said.

“All creatures in High Gear change patterns through genetic algorithms.”

It was a fact that Sirone had known since he was hunting Metal Rats in Iron’s hometown.

“The key is learning and evolution, but there is something called mutation probability. Ordinary creatures have a mutation rate of less than 10 percent.”

Creatures do not actually reproduce, but the data remains and is passed on to the next generation.

“But the chance of Ergos mutating is a whopping 50%. It is impossible to predict how it will evolve as generations pass.”

Sirone understood.

“I don’t know what’s inside this cave.

It means you won’t know until you go.”

“okay. That’s why mythical creatures are so impregnable. Because there is no standardized pattern, you can’t memorize the strategy, and you have to fight purely by intuition.”

Roughly guessing the difficulty level, Sirone entered the cave with the group.

– The raid begins.

As the event message popped up, the scenery changed and information from the outside world was blocked.


Sirone launched a small aircraft using drone communication activated at level 40.

Dex Sensibility said.

“The mafia will use wide-area communication to give instructions. The other members, including you, haven’t put any communication options in, so you have to pay attention whenever instructions are given.”

It was obviously a luxury to include a communication function in a selective option where three slots were the limit.

However, as the level increases, options that integrate various functions appear, and the representative one is Magnan, which is activated at level 260, and includes most of the communication functions.

‘That’s why everyone says Magnan, Magnan. Full-scale play from level 260 Yes.’

Without Magnan, which covers not only drones, hounds, and satellites, but also short-range, long-distance, and wide areas, it would not be possible to perform particularly well in large-scale guild battles or solar battles.

“Let’s go. Time doesn’t matter. You can try again any number of times. However, if you die, you will be resurrected outside the cave, so reducing mistakes is your top priority.”

In that sense, the role of guide was important.

Sirone flew a drone into the cave, guiding the way as far as possible without creatures.

‘It’s better to avoid engagement.’

The average level of the creature is set to be 50 levels higher than the average level of the party.

Thanks to Yahweh 2, the difficulty level was lowered, but it would be poisonous when dealing with Ergos.

‘Because the boss creature is level 100 higher.’

If even one person dies, the clearing probability converges to 0, so the party was cautious.


When the mafia set a target and gave instructions, six people rushed at the same time and destroyed the aircraft.


In the bloody process, the mafia party realized that the rumors about Yahweh 2 were true.

‘It’s tactical perfection, it’s a golden ring, so it’s going to be a year, but this guy… … How do you know the way?’

It was difficult even to memorize complicated maze-like paths for those who challenged Ergos for the first time.

‘This way.’

Sirone was feeling the code.

‘Every code has an intention. Even if the creature’s pattern evolves like a creature, it’s just one network when viewed from the whole. and the shape of the network

as soon as… …

It must be the designer’s intention.

‘It’s not cold.’

I could feel the operator’s heart.

‘No matter how difficult it is, it works so that there is never a 0% probability.’

Perhaps even the person involved is unaware.

‘I really like it. This world, ha this gear. Users who enjoy high gear.’

Also, being at the point where you could feel the designer’s intention meant that Sirone had reached the granularity of reality.

‘you can do it.’

At that moment, the cave shook.

“come! All ready!”

In the pitch-black darkness, invisible even with infrared vision, the voice of the machine was heard.

-Who invades the holy land of God!

The Mafia directed wide-area communications, and Sona fired a bunch of flash grenades.

A flash of light burst out.

What revealed its true identity were huge pupils.

– You insignificant creatures!

And it was a steel bridge that stretched out in four directions around the eye and held on to the cave.

“It’s more like type C! It’s a mobile battle! Focus on dodging!”

As soon as the instructions were given, tentacles with steel claws flew from behind Ergos.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

The party of 8 scattered in all directions and small creatures appeared from the crevices of the cave.

A fierce battle began.

The key was to hit the bullet while chasing Ergos, who was retreating while stamping the cave wall with his four legs.

“damn! too fast!”

Creatures were interfering, and there was no damage to the skeleton except for the eyes.

Then, Sirone jumped alone.

“You fool! Follow the instructions… … !”

The horse stopped, and Syrone, avoiding dozens of tentacles, charged towards Ergos.

“Uh, how?”

Bulletin boards were flooded with information that they had special abilities for time and space.

However, the current flow of Yahweh 2 is completely different from jumping through space.

‘How do you know the pattern?’

Also, that look reminded me of certain users who shuddered while watching the broadcasting screen.



As Sirone closed the distance, Ergos countered by shooting beams from his pupils.

Dex Sensibility blankly opened his mouth.

‘The pattern has already changed.’

It was normal for it to take 20 minutes just to track Ergos to the end of the cave.

‘can do.’

he shouted confidently.

“let’s go! Come on!”

As the seven followed and smashed Kreacher, Sirone was lost in thought.

‘Why snow?’

The evolutionary form created in 50% of mutations is the eye.

‘Because it’s the most suitable form to accept a photon signal. then… …

why god?

Sirone sensed it.

The secret of the outside world he longed for might be here.

“Yahweh 2! now! Break it!”

After a seven-kilometer chase, Sirone came close to Ergos.

‘Not yet.’ Destroying Ergos’s eye here would not be able to obtain Michelan.

A feeling of certainty.

‘Probability is math, but… …

This is because what determines the probability is the mind, an extremely uncertain quantum signal.

Sirone’s eyes widened.


This spot was Michelan.

When Suicide’s cold weapon stung his eyes, Ergos shivered as if he had been electrocuted.


Amid the roar that shook the cave, the mafia party checked the augmented reality information.

? Unidentified item drop: Legendary grade.

“… … Nonsense.”

It was a 0.001 percent chance.

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