Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1074

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Raid Control(1)

West Country’s ranker, Little Witch.

Sirone also knew this because he constantly checked rankers while leveling up.

‘To know me… …

It means that we met in some way in real life.

The little witch turned her eerie eyes and looked at her friends behind you with Shiro.

‘What, what?’

The demon of destruction 707 and the others were familiar with the little witch, but the moment they met their eyes, they got goosebumps.

‘It’s just a machine, but it feels strange.’ Shirone felt the strange aura emanating from her little witch.

‘ i get it.’

It was Mitochondrial Eve.

Because it was Shiro who reached Bakji in High Gear, he could read the spirit contained in matter.

‘Also, that is… …

It was said that Urin also understood the real world based on this world.

“everyone… … Please stay out for a while.” 707, God of Destruction, gave a puzzled expression, but Sirone did not take her eyes off the little witch.

“Fermi, you too.”

When Olga’s son shrugged and left the room, Destroyer Demon 707 followed without a sound.

The door closed, and Sirone asked.

“you… …

The little witch put her hand to her lips.

“There is no need to talk about reality. Because all of our actions and conversations become logs.”

Designers can technically see everything that happens in high gear.

‘The only thing that can’t be confirmed is Ma’

Because the quantum world is impossible to observe.

“good. why are you here Are you from the Ascension Guild? This is a hideout in Dongguk.”

“I asked for it. I want to meet you. Are you thinking of defeating the operator?”

The little witch laughed dryly.

“haha. That girl, does she really care about you? But it will be difficult. Even though she looks like an adolescent girl, she is definitely the strongest in High Gear.”

“So, what do you want to say?”

“Can I help you?”

Sirone finds madness in the little witch.


“Are you going to betray the operator?”

“What kind of embarrassing words. Although I may use people, I will not betray them.”

While thinking about the difference between the two, Sirone realized that there was no need for that and shook her head.

‘The Empress of Kashan, Uorin.’

The moment she defines it as something, she will dig into that gap and rule her mind.

“Then how are you going to help? No matter how hard you are, you won’t be able to defeat the operator here.”

“Whoops, you’re still naive.” so that’s what i like.

“You should know who I am. The operator probably guessed it too. Just like you have a special sense, I have a secret weapon.”

“A secret weapon?”

The little witch pointed at Sirone in the shape of a gun.

“Real Murder.” “Can you tell me who the operator is? I bet you’ll never find it. Even if you’re a dreamer, you can’t track down to the Undercoder’s floor. But I can.”

History search.

“Even now, if you tell me, I will help you. Why don’t you drag the operator and dig up the apocalypse?”

‘Fermi son of a bitch… …

I don’t know how far the information was exchanged, but it was obvious that the negotiations were mutually satisfactory.

He had no complaints because he was in the same relationship anyway, but he felt uncomfortable about the other person being Urin.

“What negotiations did you have?”

The little witch blinked for a while before opening her mouth.

“I don’t really know much. Apocal

Lips’ situation, and in return I


“Not that.”

Sirone stopped talking.

“What negotiations did you have with Havitz?” Silence passed.

“You lost sight of Kashan. They probably met, and there must have been some sort of deal. Because otherwise it would be very strange for you to be alive.”

“I don’t think the situation outside is something to talk about here. There’s something you don’t want to reveal either.”

“Of course it is. But from the moment I bring up the word real-life murder, that doesn’t matter. I need to hear what happened with Harvits. It must be something related to the temple. yes?”

“You can ask.”

The little witch’s voice was sad.

“Come in person… … You can come to Kashan and ask me. don’t you think i won’t tell you why? Now that you know what Mitochondrial Eve is, you don’t want to see my face anymore’?”


Yahweh is not intolerant, but it was true that his heart didn’t move after learning everything through Omega.

said the little witch.

“To be clear, I didn’t screw it up. I did my best. Don’t blame everything on me.”

The little witch still had no expression, but Sirone looked as if she was crying.

She laid the cards on the table.


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“It’s a pass for the west country raid hunting ground. Yolgah’s son said you would need it.”

It was such a deal.

“And again, I am not talking to you here. If you want to hear it, come to Kashan. That is the only condition.”

When the little witch left the door, Sirone checked the card she had left behind.

‘Seoguk Free Pass.’

After a while Yoga’s son came in.

“Is the talk over?”

Since there was no need to report to Fermi, Sirone did not convey anything.

Fermi shrugged and approached.

“Well, okay. I got it anyway If you have it, you can get 2 of the 4 legendary items. Of course, you have to get very lucky or use a shortcut.”

“What is this?”

“It is literally a right of passage. Many of the hunting grounds in High Gear are monopolized by certain guilds. Then we issue passes and sell them to other users in each country. In particular, the free pass allows access to all hunting grounds occupied by Seoguk.”

Sirone got a Seoguk free pass.

“But friction with users is unavoidable, right? I’m from Dongguk You mean having a party with them?”

“I can’t help it. There are three things you must have to beat the operator. Skills, Levels, Equipment. First of all, putting aside your skills, your level will be possible if our guild helps. But there is still a 183 level difference. In particular, from level 300 and above, the difference by one level is large.”

“You must fill the gap with equipment.”

“okay. There are four essential pieces of equipment to deal with Operators. Michelan the energy gun, Raphael the steel glove, Da Vinci the metal wing, and Donatello the liquid eye. These are called the four legendary items, but the difference will be reduced to some extent when equipped.”

Sirone understood.

“What should I look for in the west country?”

“Michelan and Donatello. Seoguk probably hates it, but that’s why I have to go now. ‘Mythic’ grade raids adjust the difficulty according to the user’s average level. Of course, no matter how it is adjusted, it is difficult at worst.”

“What about adjusting the difficulty?”

“Like mid-gear, they are going to a hunting ground that is disconnected from the outside world. Once you enter, the rest of the Ascension Guild cannot enter. I can’t take responsibility for anything that happens there.”


Sirone stood up from her seat.

“What are you going to do with 707, the God of Destruction?”

“It will be useful for the golden ring. First of all, you have to raise the level to Magnan before you can use it in the solar warfare, so we’ll take care of it. You find a legendary item.”

Time was running out, so Sirone immediately left the room and went to the bar.

God of Destruction 707 asked.

“Is the story over?”

Fortunately, it seemed that he wasn’t discouraged by the little witch’s cold eyes.

“huh. I think I should go to Seoguk.”

After summarizing the conversation with Fermi, God of Destruction 707 nodded.

“Hmm, that’s definitely an ingenious method. I think that’s the only way to rub against an operator.”

Death Princess said.

“Since it is so difficult, the probability of success is 50%. Besides, the probability of the legendary item appearing is extremely low, so you won’t be able to get it all at once. Still, I will pray for you to come out.”

I could guess what kind of structure it was.

“okay. then… …

Recalling the remaining time until the sun, Sirone followed Aegis outside.

“It would be the fastest to take the Attogram train. To be faster than the train, you have to go over level 200. I will guide you.”

When they arrived at the square, reporters flocked to them, but they couldn’t even get close to Aegis’ electronic attack.

When I bought a ticket and boarded the train, everyone was going into mid gear.


In this way, he would not feel the boredom of moving.

There were some users who used seats to enjoy the journey, but all of them were Seoguk.

“uh? Yahweh 2. Aren’t you on the wrong train?”

To avoid their suspicions, Sirone opened the door of Mid Gear and entered.

‘Energy charge.’

The wire was attached, and blue electricity passed through my field of view even though I closed my eyes.

– Charging is complete.

It was Seoguk.

The capital of Seoguk, Democracy.

It was the first city that users who left their hometown of Attogram and chose Seoguk came to.

Sirone, who can distinguish parts quite a bit now, saw that there are various level layers.

Most of them were in the west country, so I couldn’t check the guild mark, but I saw a few users from the east country.

‘There are more people than attograms.’ The rumor that 40 percent of Seoguk users were gathered seemed not to be an exaggeration.

The scenery was half buildings, half holograms, and numerous advertisements were scattered.

As Fermi had told us, when we arrived at the plaza, we saw people recruiting raid parties.

-Recruiting people who want to go to the Holy Land of Gamblers! Please apply at least level 280 or higher!

-Go to the Valley of Matan. 3 people ahead. Preference is given to those who have activated the Aegis option.

In reality, the streets were quiet, but wide-area communications reverberated in Sirone’s ears.

‘I’m dizzy.’

It was only after adjusting the frequency that static came, and ‘Ergos’ was entered as the filtering function.

-Wait for those who want to challenge Ergos. Low level welcome. Please communicate with the codename Mafia.

A few more voices were heard after that, but Sirone responded to the information that arrived first.

When I applied for communication, the man received it.

-yes. are you going to

-For now, that’s how it is. Because I’m the first Can we start by learning?

-Hmm, what level are you?

-100 levels. The parts are equipped with a Suicide Speed ​​Machine. All selective options are open.

The mafia responded positively, as if their efforts not to show off as newbies worked.

– Let’s see. where is it?

-here… … It’s under the clock tower.

– We’ll go there.

After waiting about a minute, a group of people from the eastern side of the square walked through the crowd.

‘Codename Mafia.’

Other than that, I saw several code names, but I couldn’t confirm detailed information because it was in the Seoguk area.

“uh? Are you from Dongguk?”

Realizing the same fact, the mafia party stopped walking.

“Wait, that… … Is it Yahweh 2? Guys, haven’t you seen the bulletin board? There was an uproar yesterday.”

“I don’t know. hunted all day What?”

“That guy is called the Golden Coin Wheel.”

A man with the code name Dex Gamseong approached Sirone.

“Hey, didn’t you get on the train well? Why are you coming to Democracy? I have to go to Dongguk.”

“I came to know. They said that if you catch Ergos, you can get Michelan. Can’t we do it together?” Dex sensibility looked back at his friends and burst into laughter.

“Puhahaha! This guy is a real geek. Fool, how do Dongguk and Seoguk hunt together? There’s no hostilities check, so you think we won’t stab you in the back?”

“So you are asking. Let’s do it together.” With an absurd expression on his face, he banged his hair made of silver metal and said.

“Just go. What nonsense are you talking about? If I go with you, they won’t even issue a pass.”

“I have a pass.”


Sirone pulled out a card.

“Now, here.”

Information appeared on the artificial intelligence of Dex sensitivity that tilted the upper body and checked the card carefully.

– Seoguk Freepass. Ascendant Guild approved.

As if it had stopped working, he did not move for a long time.

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