Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1065

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Dongguk and Seoguk (1)

Sirone guessed the situation.

The Demon God of Destruction 707 and the others fired a volley and slightly distorted the crane’s trajectory.

‘You came back to save me.’

The angle was only around 10 degrees, but it was the only way out for Sirone, who was in a super-concentrated state.

“thank you. Thanks to… …

“you idiot!”

Suddenly, the eyes of the God of Destruction 707 widened and immediately turned around and ran.

“What are you doing? Bounce quickly!”

When Sirone turned around, the Tenmen who had returned from the starting point were firing their rifles.


With one numb leg limping, Sirone threw herself at the rope.

After crossing the border, the gunfire stopped.

“done. It’s done now.”

While Princess Death let out a sigh of relief, Sirone looked back at Iron’s hometown.

Tenman number 10 was approaching the exit, supported by his subordinates.

The strongest code name said.

“It’s no use. The starting point has already been changed. Even if it kills us, it will be enough if we come back to life.”

“You, Yahweh2.”

Tenman number 10 stopped in front of the boundary line and asked.

“East country or west country? Even if you don’t know where you belong, come over to our guild. We support everything up to the Magnan level, after which we guarantee 10% of the profits.”

God of Destruction 707’s eyes changed.

‘If it’s Magnan, it’s level 260. Are these guys serious? I have to spend a lot of money to apply from level 1.’

The highest level he reached before laundering his code name was 183.

“I’m not interested in Ten Man.”

Tenman number 10 wrinkled his forehead.

“What are you talking about? Of course it’s the headquarters. Tenman’s activities are just… … no, it’s done good to think Our guild’s influence on the mainland is counted among five fingers.”

Destruction Demon 707 and the others’ expressions darkened.

‘This is a threat.’

Of course, even in large guilds, it is rare to issue an order to kill a specific user.

Once there is a cause, it is difficult to maintain the guild when public opinion deteriorates.

‘But it’s a justification, it’s up to you. Especially in the case of Yahweh 2, it’s easier.’

Just dodging bullets with bio was enough to get a gossip on the mainland.


Sirone was adamant.

“If you have a separate base, you guys are worse. That’s probably why they don’t tell you the name of the guild. Do whatever you want. I will crush you.”

“… … You will regret it.”

Tenman didn’t have anything to say, but the high gear stopped before that.

As he turned into a corpse and disappeared to the starting point, his men pointed at him and retreated.

“be careful. I will remember your code name.”

After the Tenmen disappeared from the landscape, Sirone returned to the former wasteland.

“Let’s go too. We should get to Attogram at least by tomorrow. Will you take me?”

“huh? uh, yes.”

It was a shock to them that Yahweh 2 confidently responded to Tenman’s threat.

‘I thought he had an innocent personality, but he’s surprisingly violent.’ The home of iron, the starting point.

When Tenman #10 opened his eyes, Sancho was frowning next to him.


“… … How did it go?”

“I left. I suggested scouting, but it didn’t even work. I’m not afraid of the killer spirits either. It must belong to a large guild.”

“Sheesh, how could one person get through? Rumors will spread sooner or later, but I want to embarrass myself.”

Destruction Demon God 707 and the others were remarks that they did not care about.

“But it was a bit strange. Dodging bullets in bio is… …

“Aaaaaaa! Aaaaaa!”

Sancho couldn’t contain his anger.

“This son of a bitch is giving me headshots? Hey, did you record everything? Stab the operator right away.”

“Are you okay? The video cannot be edited. Even our voices would have gone in.”

“joy! What are you guys doing? However, playing using system errors is on a different level. It’s called a permanent stop. Don’t let me set foot again.”


Tenman No. 10 opened the operator’s suggestion page located at the top of the medium-level reality.

The video file has been uploaded.

Sirone asked.

“You have to spend the night in the wasteland of electrons? Is it that far to the attogram?”

Death Princess touched her chin with her index finger.

“Hmm, should I say it’s far? It would take about 3 hours to run, but it would be 30 minutes even if you just passed level 100. And the problem is that the level is lower than the distance.”

The strongest code name explained.

“It’s more about height than distance. The end of the former wasteland is surrounded by a barrier. To jump over there, the output of high gear must be at least level 10.”

“Aha, then I’ll have to level up and go. By the way, would there be game here too?”

“of course. Parts are hard to find, but the galaxy is quite wide in the beginning. It’s normal to save money here and buy a beginner’s package from Attogram.”


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“I see. It’s a beginner’s package.” God of Destruction 707 frowned.

“I don’t even know if I know. Are you really new? But what kind of guts did you have to fight Tenman 10? If the kill record is written at their headquarters, it’s all over for you and us.”

It wasn’t particularly scary, but Sirone didn’t want to harm the party either.

“You said your friend was waiting for you at the Attogram. Maybe he will solve it.”

“That merchant? what’s the code name? If you’re resourceful, I’ll know.”

“Olga’s son.”

All three turned their heads at the same time.

“what! Yolgah’s son?”

“huh. His personality doesn’t match, but he’s a trustworthy guy in this regard. don’t worry too much… …

“What are you talking about! You’re a Dongguk ranker! Besides, the duel ranks 4th overall! Is that Yoga really your friend?”

“I see… … ji? First of all, we are classmates.”

Princess Death asked with her eyes shining.

“Then can we meet when we get to Attogram? huh? Will you introduce me?”

“of course. It’s the same with Tenman, because I can’t harm you guys.”

“Avoid. this is rather… … God of Destruction 707 thought.

‘I’m not just a ranker in the top 100, I’m Yoga’s son. It’s really great. I have to go to Korea unconditionally.’

When searching for Yolga’s son, the pattern of the affiliated guild occupied the square following the ranking by category.

‘No. 1 in Dongguk Guild Ranking. The golden ring.’ When I thought of the pattern of the golden ring to be engraved next to the code name, the corners of my mouth went up.

Sirone asked.

“what? Why is everyone laughing?” God of Destruction 707 shook his head and said.

“huh? Nothing. Anyway, this makes sense to me. Are you also aiming for a ranker? You can’t pretend you don’t know me later.”

“Actually, I didn’t come here to do it right. It’s a personal thing, but I have to beat someone.”

“There is such a case. A bout in high gear. Then the opponent must be Seoguk. what’s the code name? I’ll search for it.”

“operator.” Silence has arrived.

There was no need to search, but on the other hand, my head was jumbled.

“Could it be fake… …

“No, that operator is right. I heard it’s the strongest in high gear.”

‘This guy really doesn’t know anything.’ Otherwise, ‘I heard it’s the strongest.’ There is no such thing as a common expression.

“good. I’m speaking from a veteran’s point of view, but the odds of you single-handedly defeating the operator are zero. It’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s the high gear system.”

Death Princess said.

“The higher the level, the higher the engine output. But this is the simplest. As the AI ​​level rises, the convenience of combat improves enormously.”

Sirone had already felt it with his body.

“Even if the level is the same, the power varies greatly depending on the performance of the parts. In addition, depending on how the selective options are set, completely different results come out. Do you understand now? At what age do you think you can fit all these elements? Operators are early users. In other words, it is one of the best aircraft that can be implemented in high gear.”

The strongest code name was added.

“Your fighting sense must be the best. Is that what it means to be undefeated and #1 in the duel rankings?”

It wasn’t a world that was said to be biting.

“But I cannot give up. will definitely win What should I do to meet the operator?”

After reading the sincerity in Sirone’s eyes, the God of Destruction 707 let out a sigh.

“Okay, I really want to try it.

noodle… …

Throwing away the empty magazine, he put a new one in the rifle and snapped it up.

“I have to hunt like crazy.”

operator’s conference room.

Marks symbolizing each department appeared on the 12 screens set up along the round table.

Because they were also heretic children of the undercoders, there was no case of revealing their true faces.

“A system-related suggestion came in… …

It was a modulated voice.

“It happened in the hometown of iron. I’ll play the recorded video, so let’s watch it and talk.”

Images were displayed simultaneously on 12 screens.

“Get rid of blind spots! Do not aim at the target, but anticipate the shot into space!”

In the field of vision of Tenman No. 10, Sirone in the video recorded was struggling.

The operator was speechless.

Even after defeating Sancho with a headshot and ending the conversation at the border of the Iron Zone.


Mark, number seven (NO.7), spoke first.

“It’s not my major, but I know that I’ve just finished incarnation. Did you breach the firewall?”

said Mark, who is called Yo.

“no. There is no sign of being attacked, let alone infiltrated. The same goes for the meta process.”

“Then what is that? Is that a person? But how do you avoid going over Mach?”

Smile Mark said.

“After examining the log, it seems that extreme time distortion occurred in a state of extreme concentration. In other words, the speed of nerve transmission is higher than the speed of the bullet… …


Number Seven shouted.

“The magic and schema are all blocked, so how can that happen! Ji is a god, what is it?”

said the black circle mark.

“It is also significant that the user’s code name is Yahweh2. Is it the Yahweh I know?”

The gear mark said.

“As a tutorial manager, you are under no obligation to answer. However, with the honor of the manager, I guarantee that he is not a person who will take advantage of the loopholes in the system.”

Number Seven said.

“What is it, the serious tone that is not like you. what is yahweh what’s the person’s name? Are you handsome?”

“Don’t you know how the world works? Eat some Dream Stars in moderation and go out for a walk.”

“Are you arguing with me right now?”

Lollipop Mark said.

“Now, now, stop! As a result of the review, it is not a systemic error. However, there is room for interpretation depending on the criteria for judgment. All users are given an equal opportunity in high gear, isn’t that our design motto?”

said Mrs. Mark.

“But you can’t interfere with personal feelings. Even in the same situation, everyone reacts differently depending on the deviation of the senses. To deny the sense of Yahweh2 is to deny the individuality of all existing users.”

Smile Mark agreed.

“I think it’s okay as long as it doesn’t deviate from the design intent. In fact, even the Tenmen who reside in Iron’s Hometown can’t be said to follow High Gear’s motto, right?”

“That is fun. That’s fun.”

Number Seven Mark said.

“Anyway, speaking of design intent, what do you think of our lady?”

While everyone was silent, a signal came in on the screen with the high gear mark.

“You have a problem with your words, number seven?” It was the operator’s voice.

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