Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1064

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Those who fired crossfire at Sirone were thinking the same thing.

‘what’s this?’

It’s not particularly fast or elegant.

‘A very subtle difference.’

‘Tenman No. 10’, who is in charge of leading Tenman, looked at the situation from a high place.

‘It’s a very subtle difference.’

It was a few centimeters of gap that AI’s automatic aiming couldn’t catch.

‘It’s okay to look and avoid. But is it possible? Even if it’s a level 10 AI… …

It didn’t make sense to see bullets.

‘System error. Should I make a formal offer? I don’t want to get involved with the operator.’

Tenman’s activity of hunting beginners was, in a sense, abusing the system.

Tenman number 10 shouted.

“Get rid of blind spots! Do not aim at the target, but anticipate the shot into space!”

As the bullets blocked the bow, the steps of Sirone, who was running toward the high ground, began to twist.


The moment I twisted my body, I saw a black bullet spinning 1 meter in front of me.

Sirone concentrated more.

Spirit Zone is impossible, but the mechanism of concentration itself is unmatched.

11 As the sensitivity soared to the limit, the rotation of the bullet slowed to the point of being visible.

‘It’s almost blocked.’

Giving up on occupying the hill, Sirone threw herself into the only way out.

As I entered the hollow of the scrap heap, countless bullets hit the edge.

The sound of breaking iron deafened my ears.


The flow of time returned, and Sirone counted the numbers with his back to the enemies.

‘one two… …

focus again.


As I jumped up and turned around, black dots were embedded in the slow scenery.

Sirone raised a rifle.

Aimed at the head of an enemy 20 meters away before the AI ​​could even catch its aim.

One bullet passed through countless bullets and penetrated the helmet.


The enemy fell backwards with a bang and tumbled down the pile of scrap metal.

Tenman No. 10’s eyebrows twitched.

‘ Penetrate?’

The hit Tenman couldn’t move and after a while disappeared to the starting point.


Something is strange.

‘Even if it’s a system error, it’s too serious? According to Tenman’s research, Yahweh 2’s level is 3.’

It was a fact that only came out if you knew how many creatures you caught.

‘It’s all about 20 percent recoil compensation. Penetration is impossible even with slight curvature. Accurately aimed at the point of penetration at the moment of the rain of bullets?’

No conclusion has been reached yet.

Even while he was lost in thought, Sirone was eliminating Tenmen one by one.

When the number was reduced to 7, the strongest codename hiding behind cover said.

“Let’s fight too.”

Death Princess was unwilling.

“it’s crazy? If you get caught by those guys, you can’t even get out of the starting point. This code name, 100 million galaxies.”

“Already filmed. If you can’t get through here, you’ll have to wash the codename again. If you send only 1 trillion Ten Men back to the starting point, you can go out of the hometown of iron.”

“Then if we die, we have to start over from the starting point. Let’s just watch and think about it when Yahweh 2 annihilates it. If you get hit, you can just run away.”

God of Destruction 707 agreed.

“that’s right. The risk factor is too great. you don’t have to fight Besides, he owes us money.”

“Can’t you see I’m dodging bullets?”

The strongest codename looked back at his friends.

“Do you think we can catch him even if the three of us rush in? What if Yahweh 2 kills us?” “just do it. let’s go out If I miss this opportunity, I don’t know how long I will have to stay here.”

God of Destruction 707 frowned.

“Ah, sir… …

Using that as a signal flare, three people came out of cover at the same time and fired their rifles.

“Eat this, motherF*ckers!” A shot was fired from the wrong direction

Tenman’s firepower was distributed to both sides.

As the number of injuries piled up, Sirone shot the downed Tenman with a headshot.

‘100% accuracy?’

Tenman number 10’s face was distorted.

‘It’s annoying.’

Tenman’s artificial intelligence, which was limited to level 10, was unable to subdue Yahweh 2.

“Let’s see.”

He jumped off the top of the scrap metal pile and ended the recording while running to the hideout.


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A video file was created.

‘illegal program… … . A large guild must be involved. Is it Dongguk? Or Seoguk?’

As long as you make money anywhere, it’s enough.

Tenman number 10 contacted someone with the communication function of the selective option.

Communication Level 10: User codename Sancho.

” Leader.”

he said softly.

“Close the exit.” God of Destruction 707 gasped for breath.

“hurry! hurry!”

The bullet belt he was wearing was dangling, and the helmet with the chin strap loosened knocked on his head.

Sirone caught up and asked.

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

“We have to get out of the Iron Home before the Ten Men gather! Give up fighting from now on. I will run to the exit unconditionally.”

“Then what if you come after me?”

Death Princess said.

“As long as you leave the iron hometown, it will be over. From then on, even if you die, you will be resurrected at a different starting point.”


After all, it was a step difference.

“We are almost there. but… …

The face of the strongest codename darkened at the loud gunfire from the exit.

“It must be difficult to penetrate.”

Ten men who died a while ago should still be at the starting point, but there were more than 10 of them.

Sirone set up a strategy.

“I will fight, so get out of the way.”

“what? Then what about you?”

“I can fight again even if I die, but you guys are a good chance. Do as I say.”

The three exchanged glances.

‘A funny guy? That’s right.’

Saying you would sacrifice yourself for someone you don’t know in high gear. Sirone said with a smile. “Instead of that, you don’t have any debt anymore?” In fact, stealing prey in high gear was a common occurrence under the logic of power.

“Sheesh! You’re making a bad guy for no reason.” 707, the Demon God of Destruction, pressed the helmet firmly and shouted as it jumped forward.

“Absolutely get out! As long as you get out of here, I’ll make you hot!”

“Please, hero.”

The strongest code name he spat out followed, and Princess Death looked back at Sirone.

“thank you.”

Sirone’s heart swelled.

‘It’s not fake.’

Even in a world where everything is made up of lies, there are people living in it.

‘Then I can fight.’

After taking out three grenades, Sirone pulled out the safety pin with her teeth and ran.

“It’s here!”

At the same time as he shouted, grenades flew, and the Tenmen started shooting from all sides.


Amidst the roar of the explosion, the Demon God of Destruction 707 and the others ran and scattered.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Even in the simulation world, the tension of running ahead of the goal line was beyond imagination.

‘I’m going! i’m going out! If I die here, I’ll be ashamed of myself and quit my high gear!’ The grenade exploded and the ground shook. 707, the God of Destruction who threw his body, crawled on the ground.

‘I was just trying to stop it. It’s all because of that guy. If you’re sincere like that… …

no more fake

He got up from the haze, unable to see an inch ahead, and ran recklessly.

‘please! please!’

For a moment, a human silhouette was visible outside the smoke.


I stopped in a hurry, but the collision was unavoidable and the two rolled on the floor.

“hey! are you okay?”

When I opened my eyes, I saw the face of Princess Death, and the strongest code name was standing next to me.

“no way?”

Location information appeared on the retina of Destruction Demon 707.

wasteland of electrons.

“It came out.”

Raising his upper body, he looked back toward Iron’s hometown, not even having time to like it.

“What about Yahweh 2?”

Yahweh 2 was seen bleeding from his thigh as the dead Tenmen disappeared one by one.

“Sheesh! anyway… … !”

As the Demon God of Destruction 707 prepared to run, the strongest codename grabbed his shoulder.

“stop. If you enter now, the starting point will be reset. We should be here.”

“it’s crazy? Can’t beat that.” God of Destruction 707 saw the code name Sancho.

“It’s parts.”

Sancho’s right arm was so gigantic that it was hard to believe it belonged to a human.

Unique Item Crane.

It was a level 10-only part that could be obtained with an extremely low probability in the hometown of iron.

Sancho turned to Tenman 10 as Sirone gasped and glared at him.

“Is that the guy you were talking about?”

Tenman No. 10, who was kneeling on one knee with his stomach clenched, nodded.

“do it faster. i die soon Grab it before handing it over to the operator. It will be money.”

“Geuk, good money.”

When Sancho raised his right arm, dozens of cylinders mounted on the crane moved simultaneously.

“Yahweh 2. nice code name Kneel down once. If you crawl through my crotch, I’ll let you out.”

Sirone asked.

“Why play like this? Fighting is content, but there is no need to shame them.”

Sancho opened his arms.

“What’s different about getting out of here? To be honest, who among these guys hasn’t been broken by a ranker?”

God of Destruction 707 and the others nodded.

“Issuing a killing order, taking pictures of them, disassembling the items I’ve collected over the years, and raising people who flatter me. Are there any differences between us?”

“I guess so. But the user who did that to you is not here.”

“So it is.”

When the 10th level high gear was activated, the huge craner lifted lightly like a feather.

“It’s fun.”

Sancho grabs a vehicle that weighs over a ton


“What are you surprised about? Are you seeing the parts for the first time?”

The scrap metal was bent and firmly fixed in his hand, and explosive energy was emitted.


When the iron ball was thrown like a cannon, Sirone threw herself with her eyes wide open.


He rolled on the floor and fired his rifle, but the back of Crayner’s hand deflected all the bullets.

“Hahaha! I am the king here!” Sancho threw huge things at random.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Sirone dodged with all his might, but his injured leg was numb.

‘It’s embarrassing. That mechanical arm can’t be pierced with a gun. The only way is to hit from the rear… …

The problem was the difference in power.

“damn! If Yahweh 2 was level 10 or even level 8, he would have won. Crainers are large parts.”

When power is concentrated in one part, it is normal for the output of other parts to drop.

Death Princess pointed to the battlefield.

“I-over there… … !” Sancho, who had driven Sirone to a dead end, violently raised his right arm.

“It’s over!”

When the high gear produced maximum power, the crane moved at a tremendous speed.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

In the slow flow of time, Sirone saw the scratches on the steel fist.

At that moment, Scratch shook and the fist began to deviate from its original trajectory.

‘ vibration.’

At the same time, as I twisted my waist to the other side, Krainer hit the scrap metal behind me with a bang.


Cirone, who caught Sancho for the first time, immediately raised his rifle and aimed it at his head.


It was a headshot, no doubt.


The tall Sancho collapsed, and Sirone gasped for breath and thought.

‘Why did the parts shake?’

It’s because you missed the sound while you were concentrating.

“Yahweh2, are you okay?”

Sirone suddenly turned his head.

“you… …

God of Destruction 707, the strongest code name, Death Gong Ju entered Iron’s hometown.

Smoke rose from their rifles.

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