Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1062


Sirone couldn’t move.

I felt the inertia of being sucked somewhere while my body was stiff like a piece of wood.

The blue light that seemed to flow along the wires continued, and at some point, darkness came.

‘Is the event starting?’ Since when have you closed your eyes? Kurleung. Kurleung.

When I opened my eyelids at the sound of thunder, I saw the sky covered with clouds like sludge.

My eyes were half-closed as the cold raindrops fell.

“Hehehe! I found it! He said he found a wild dog.”

I tried to look up at the voice I heard from under my feet, but the chain was pressing down on my neck.

‘It’s tied up.’

He was lying on a board with a thick chain wrapped around his body.

A man with a long chain tied to a board slung over his shoulder muttered as he walked across the muddy water.

“Damn them. How dare you ignore my achievements?”

While listening to the man’s words, Sirone checked her mental state.

‘Hmm, I can’t do magic or incarnation either.’

Perjury is impossible in the incarnation.

Although it was a decision made by Sirone himself, there was no rejection reaction.

‘this… … Can I quit?’

It didn’t seem like it was a code that couldn’t be destroyed if you made up your mind to attack the realm of Yahweh.

‘Even so, it’s a really strong code. Your coding skills seem to surpass Shura’s.’

I wondered what the man’s expression would look like if he broke the chain and got up.

‘I won’t be able to see it anyway.’

There was a high possibility that the event itself would be stopped the moment it was out of the designer’s intention.

“me… …

At that time, Sirone’s mouth moved on its own.

“Where are you taking me, release this bastard quickly!”

The man turned his head.

“Hehehe! Are you awake? you are lucky You will be able to live forever.”

“no! Bring me back to where I live!”

“It’s already too late. So why are you crawling into the dump? Like a rat, I will live inside the building.”

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Sirone shook his head and struggled.

‘I’m dizzy.’

My mind was still comfortable, but it was a bit unfamiliar that my vision was not controlled.

“ha! ha!”

Even the sound of his terrified breathing did not seem to be his own.

“I’m here. They said they came.”

I saw the door open in line of sight with the ground, and immediately the ceiling approached.

I was on something like a narrow operating table along the slope, and only then did I see the man’s face.

The mechanical man, whose skin was peeling off in tatters, had gleaming blue eyes.

“Do you know what this is?”

He held out the sphere device.

‘I don’t know.’

Sirone wanted to speak, but the event forced him to tremble.

“High gear. A semi-permanent power engine. With this, you too can enjoy eternal life.”

“no! don’t do it!”

The man ignored Sirone’s answer and turned his back to the table.

“Let’s start with an introduction. I am Dr. Martin. Jae-Ji, the developer of High Gear and an unfortunate genius. If you’re a genius, you’ve only made one mistake in your life. But that one mistake made me this way.”

What Martin took out was an ax that was half rusted.

“What is that mistake? That’s what gave trash like you eternal life. damn it Eternal life is irrevocable. In fact, high gear is a godsend. As long as there is sunlight, there is no need to eat or sleep.”

Zururo sl*t

?’ ? O 9 1 ~ ? o ?

The sound of grinding an ax blade was heard.

“What I overlooked is that you guys are the scum of garbage. Even when I cured an incurable disease and developed a drug that did not age, they treated me like a god. There was no city in which a statue of Martin had not been erected. But when it comes to giving eternal life… …

Martin shook his head.

“Are these things trying to kill me now?”

Even while breathing heavily, Sirone gradually became interested in his story.

“He was trying to become a new god by killing me and monopolizing my technology. that’s how i got kicked out it was horribly ruined But I didn’t give up. Those who oppose God will be punished. Hee hee! Yes, it is a punishment.”

said Martin, stroking the hilt lovingly, with a mad look on his face.

“Because I stole the sun.”

There were many more questions he wanted to ask, but his mouth didn’t open, and Martin finished all preparations.

“High gear, you know, will replace your heart. A huge number of nanomachines run through your veins. Your brain will soon be eaten too. It doesn’t matter if your arm is cut off, and it would be nice to have an excavator attached to it. There is no such thing as an immune response.”

With the ax over his shoulder, Martin showed Sirone high gear once more.

It didn’t beat like a heart, but blue electricity circulated regularly along the lens-like groove.

“I am human! It’s not a monster, o] you son of a bitch!”

It was an unfamiliar stimulus to spit out a language that I would not have normally used.

“Then let’s begin. Hehehe! Hee hee hee!”

Martin put his high gear on the table, spat on his palm, and raised the ax in both hands.

“no! go away!”

Sirone’s vision faltered again, and Martin raised the ax overhead.

“I will eat your heart!”

As much as the moment he rushed, no matter how much the simulation was, there was no choice but to be dizzy.

“Aww! no! not… … Martin’s help before the deathbed is over

The wind plunged into Sirone’s stomach.


The moment I felt my heart pounding, my vision darkened and I heard a woman’s voice.

“Start customizing.”

When he came to his senses, the damp laboratory disappeared and was surrounded by mirrors.

As I looked at my naked body reflected in the mirror, numerous gauges floated beside me.

“This is a space for processing the user’s body shape. Make the shape you want, and give me the order to finish it.”

A cursory glance revealed that all the items necessary for three-dimensional design were listed, and some were locked.

‘Is this a paid content?’

While examining items such as gender conversion, deformity, and deformity, Sirone made a decision.

“complete. I’ll do it.”

Unlike other users, Sirone, who logged in as a problem in reality, felt a sense of resistance to the shape change.

“Customization is finished.”

My vision darkened again, revealing a hazy landscape as if I was intoxicated.

“Quack. Fight, fight.”

I heard Martin’s voice.

Sirone realized that he was being dragged across the floor with the chains loose.

“You half-life who cannot live without the sun. destroy each other Fight endlessly.”

Arriving at the sheer cliff, Martin shouted, pulling Cy Lorne by the feet.

“This is God’s punishment!” The moment I felt the acceleration of gravity, the medicine ran out and my senses returned.


After you finally regained your physical freedom, you centered yourself around the world and saw the far-off ground.

‘Isn’t it incredibly high?’

If he fell like this without countermeasures, his limbs and even his torso would be smashed.

-Start the artificial intelligence program.

Then I heard a mechanical sound in my head.


The retina was covered with a blue film, and a lot of information was expressed in augmented reality.

– High gear level 1. Energy output.

An enormous amount of energy radiated from the heart and enveloped Sirone’s entire body.


The strong power offset the fear, but it was still a height where a fatal wound could not be avoided.

-Kinetic energy reduction mechanism.

A red circle was drawn on the landscape, and the probability changed in real time along the attachment line.

‘61.7 percent.’

Sirone found a rock sticking out of the cliff and grabbed it.


The rock broke with an impact that seemed to dislodge the arm and began to fall down again.

As the falling speed decreased, more recommended patterns emerged, and the probability was much higher.

Coo coo kung!

After stepping on the rock wall a few times, Sirone landed safely on the ground.

– Location navigation. It is the beginner’s zone, the home of iron.

Feeling the cold wind, I looked around and saw countless piles of scrap metal blocking my view.

Augmented reality informed the information of the object.

‘Are they all weapons or armor?’

Helmets, rifles, grenades, etc., were things that did not need to be made in Sirone’s world.


A gunshot sounded faintly through the pile of scrap metal.

‘I’ll have to arm myself.’

Then, a beep sound was heard, and a picture of a letter appeared in Sirone’s right eyeball.

-Would you like to see some beginner tips?


Details that could not be heard in the tutorial were written tightly.

“Hmm, there are a total of three user statuses. Artificial intelligence level, engine power level, selective options.”

Since Sirone was currently level 1, there were no bonuses attached to any items.

“Once you do it, you will know.”

After roughly grasping the system, Sirone checked the annoying parts next.

‘Neither magic nor incarnation can be used.

but… …

11 senses remained.

‘Is this part of the beginner’s tip?’

The combat power of high gear is calculated mathematically, but there are cases where this is not possible.

‘Well, it’s because I can’t quantify things like judgment and quickness. If the feeling is the same… …

After thinking for a moment, Sirone opened her eyes like a rabbit.


With hopes of defeating the Operator, Cirone excitedly rummaged through the scrap metal pile.

Putting on an old helmet, he took a rifle and a pistol, and put the magazine through the belt.

It weighed over 10 kilograms, but it didn’t feel heavy.

‘High gear.’

The power unit that replaces the heart was releasing explosive energy every time it cycled.

‘Is this a level 1 output? Then, if you become a ranker, how far will you go… … ‘

The corners of his mouth went up in a rising shudder.

“good! Let’s get started!”

Sirone tapped her helmet and took her first step into the virtual world with one step at a time.

200 meters away from it.

“It’s here, it’s here.”

A long-haired man stood atop a pile of scrap metal, aiming a rifle at Sirone.

When level 7 artificial intelligence implemented augmented reality, a code name appeared above the target.

“The code name is Yahweh 2. Hey, is it platinum?”

Taking his gaze off the sights, he blinked.

‘A raw bio with no parts. An old helmet that can only be obtained at the initial point. And platinum.’

The conclusion was one.


In order to preoccupy an expensive code name, he brought in an insignificant guy in reality.

‘It’s been a while since I caught a fish.’

When I put my hand on the trigger, the artificial intelligence automatically aimed at Sirone’s helmet.

‘An old helmet is a good item, but a level 7 AI calculates penetration, and this is it.’

This difference is very important.

This is because the brain is the only organ in High Gear that cannot be replaced with parts.

‘The calculation is slow, but it’s a downside.’ The number next to the aim changed in real time, and then it was fixed at 98% penetration rate.


When he pulled the trigger, a gunshot went off.

At the same time, Sirone twisted her body, and the bullets grazed her in the blink of an eye.

The long-haired man opened his mouth blankly.

“Uh, how?”

If the AI ​​level was high, it would have detected the sniper’s presence from the beginning.

“Dodge bullets with nothing?” The code name Yahweh 2 twinkled in the eyes of the man who seemed to have lost his soul.

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