Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1056

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free electrons (4)

‘How did you get in?’

Bedium is Lichen’s father, but he is no longer his biological father.

His body is electric, and he can go anywhere in the world because he controls the movement of electric charges.

‘Is it the ability of an angel?’

Staying in Amy’s room as Her Highness, he remembered all the conversations.

In the process, he even found out that Ikael was an angel, but he did not know his exact abilities.

‘Ordinary people, no, no matter how brilliant they are, can’t see through the movement of the state of charge. thus… …

There is no chance of winning in a head-to-head confrontation.

“Answer me.”

As Ikael moved, his face was revealed in the moonlight coming through the window.

The eyes engraved on the white mask turned into hearts, but the atmosphere was just cold.

“That woman… … Because you are Sirone’s lover.”


“okay. What I’m aiming for is Sirone. If you kill that woman, you can shake Sirone’s feelings.”

The reason for being honest was to get a chance to escape somehow.

‘No matter how quickly I react, I won’t be able to get out of her senses.’

If it was enough to ignore space like the scale wizard, his mobility would be enormous.


Perhaps thinking he had caught all the fish, Kael rested his chin on his chin and was lost in thought.

Bedium was still unable to move, so her judgment was not wrong.

“why… … Are you trying to kill Sirone?”

“That guy… …

Delicate and complex lines were drawn on the white mask, which was all about expressing simple emotions.

It was the face of a demon as clear as real life.

“Because you killed my son.”


At the same time as he thought that it was now, Bedium’s body was released into an electric charge again.


When he regained consciousness, the flow of charge had weakened to the point that it was difficult to trace.

‘I was aiming for this.’

It was only necessary to hold on to Ikael for the moment the electricity stayed in the space.

‘He is a very strong man. But Sirone killed his son, what happened?’

As soon as the day dawned, you would know if you asked Sirone, but she changed her mind.

‘Sirone is my son.’

In any situation, protecting the children was the priority.

Watching Amy, who was still asleep, her body spread into light again.

‘I will solve it.’

A soundless explosion of light occurred, and the room was silent as if nothing had happened.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

Bedium, which roamed in the state of free electrons in the air, felt the presence of Ikael.

Although it can read human brain waves, it did not analyze their exact thoughts, that is, their language.

However, angels are different from humans, so her thoughts were felt through the holy body.

Ikael turned at a right angle, ignoring the inertia.

‘It’s over there.’

In Amy’s room, Bedium perfectly fooled Ichael’s senses.

‘Jeong 增 ?’

It was a natural sense that was not amplified to the last.

Ikael’s senses were so sensitive right now that he could even hear the breath of a butterfly sleeping in the forest.

‘has disappeared.’

With a loud bang, Ikael stopped.

‘I got rid of my thoughts.’ In the free electron state, the presence of bedium is zero, but when a certain accident occurs, the charge cannot be blocked.

“I don’t know why I came to be like that, but… …

Ichael treated him with respect.

“The cessation of thought is the cessation of existence. It won’t stay that way forever.”

A gust of wind blew through the stillness.

“Come out. I’d love to hear from you. In some cases, I may give in.”

his son is dead

Although Sirone was with her now, she knew the pain of losing a child.

Parts Tsutsutsutsu!

Sparks exploded all around and the grass 10 meters away from Ikael caught fire.

In the place where ashes ascended like a whirlpool, Bedium revealed the human body again.

The mask was just blank like a blank sheet of paper.

“Are you an angel? It’s unusual.”

Contrary to admiration, it was a tone without fear.

“You are a strong human being too. Said Sirone killed your son.

Is that true?”



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“If Syrone did anything wrong, “You don’t have to.”

Bedium held out her hand and cut off her words.

“My son is also an assassin. He must have died trying to kill Shirone. It’s just business. I have no special feelings for Sirone.”

Ikael understood the situation, but he did not think Bedium was being honest.

“In order to achieve what emotions want, should we rather kill them?”

“… … It’s not like an angel. Of course, it’s the first time I’ve seen it, but I thought it would be a little more cool.”

Ikael thought of Guffin.

“Because there is no existence without a heart.”

“So, why did you track me down? Are you saying you want to eliminate Sirone’s risk factors in advance?”

“I am also a parent. Even if there was a good reason, the sadness itself doesn’t go away. If you apologize in the way you want, will you forgive Sirone?”

“??????doesn’t exist.”

Bedium said.

“I have already received the request fee, and there is also money to be received after completion. It was my mistake not to grasp the power of angels clearly. But you won’t make a mistake twice.”

His eyes turned into money symbols ($).

Ikael did not give up.

“If you want money, I will give it to you. No matter how much you call, I will get it.”


It has a different meaning from ‘no’.

” The reason is?”

Bedium, who had been lost in thought for a long time, spat out as if muttering.

“To that guy… … You can’t be embarrassed.”

Rye Kern.

It was probably the most painful thing for Ikael, so she gently turned around.


The slender fist aimed at Bedium.

“If it’s a matter of emotion, then I do as I feel. single blow. I’ll beat you with this If you can’t, then do as you please.”

Bedium did not understand, but had no choice.

“You will regret it.”

His body glowed bluish.

“Show off your best skills. I can assure you, it will be completely different from what you have known so far.”

Even if it perishes forever.

Bedium, which glared at Ikael, who was silently holding out his fist, evaporated into electricity.

之 == wealth = poetry

At the same time, blue sparks flew everywhere.

Currently, the stream of thought forming Bedium was the intent to kill Ikael.


If the sky is aiming at Ikael and throws a thunderbolt, the sensitivity to avoid it.

‘just now!’

Bedium rushed into the natural world’s vital point, not human insight.

Time is extremely slow.

Even when Bedium’s blow came close to me, Ikael didn’t even move.

However, the starlight unfolded.

‘Ataraxia.’ As if ignoring the relativity of time, the senses became extremely sensitive to the magic circle that was born.

Feeling the movement of the electrons in her hand, she twisted her body at breakneck speed.


The outstretched fist twisted its trajectory and struck Bedium’s mask.


The mask cracked, and Bedium’s body was shot backwards like an electric cannon.


The white mask floating alone on the meadow was pulled down by gravity.

An expression with the eyes drooping down was printed.

“It was close.”

Ikael said with a fist.

“I don’t think you are the one who breaks your promise. I just want to hear Yuji. What happened to that body?”

“Queek! Kirik… …

The mask made a mechanical sound for a moment, then managed to regain a human voice.

“You know what? Stuffy talk in the world, no one wants to hear it. your son is alive That’s it.”

A cold wind passed, and Bedium’s mask spoke in a lower voice than before.

“Why are you curious about that? My son tried to kill Sirone. There would be no reason to sympathize with me. Why did he dare to give me a chance’?”

“My son died a long time ago. in front of my eyes… … Because my throat was cut.” “I do not know. Self-defense, maybe your son was bad, most people would think so…

Ikael’s eyebrows rose sadly.

“Emotions are not like that. Even if the parents’ minds are the same, there are situations that cannot be dealt with logically because they have had the same experience.”

It’s been so long.

“I don’t know exactly. Why did my body become electricity? But what is clear is… …

Bedium searched for memories.

“After hearing about Licorn’s death from the client, I decided to kill Sirone. It must have been from then. What effect did the enmity towards Sirone have? … . Maybe I’m already dead, and only my memories have been restored.”

Ikael recalled the words he had heard from Sirone.


Bedium’s voice was so low that you couldn’t hear it unless you listened closely.

“Because you can learn a lot when you become an electrician. Most of them cannot be put together in words, but the feeling is. The world seems to hate your son.”

Ikeel’s expression turned serious.

‘For those who hate Sirone, fine adjustments are made. Active involvement of the outside world.’

The ceiling of the world is half open.

“Who instigated the assassination?”

“I can’t say that. Because it’s the pride of a professional. But Sirone guesses

I will be there.”

Ikael didn’t ask any more questions.

“I have nothing more to say. by the way… … When the hell am I going to disappear?”

The body was lost, but the thoughts spread slowly, like a smell dissipating.

so that was possible.

“Did you say Ikael?”

Ikael, who was bowing his head as if meditating, looked back at Bedium.

“This is so strange. No, should I say weird? I will give you good information.”

He was on the verge of the outside world.

“To God… …

Neon flowed on the surface of the mask, revealing an expression with a tongue sticking out.

“Time goes backwards.”


Before Ikael could ask, the neon lights went out, and the cracked mask slowly disappeared.

A story that even an archangel could not understand.

But she put her thoughts aside for a moment and turned her head away as if chasing death with her gaze.

‘I hope it was at least a life full of something.’

good and evil, whatever.

The next morning, Ikael told Sirone what had happened last night.

Sirone roughly guessed.


He was the head of a department called the Catacombs organized by the army of hell to assassinate Yahweh.

“I didn’t say it out of fear, but there were assassination attempts in other areas as well. But this time… …

It was terrifying in that he was aiming for an aide.

‘I was too careless. No, in fact, I couldn’t be more careful than this. the problem is… …

fine tuning.

‘It is impossible to be wary of anything other than the cosmological constant. That’s why I went to the outside world too.’

Ikael said.

“Time goes backwards for God. Those are the last words he said. Any guesses?”

“no. I can hypothesize a few things, but nothing is definitive. But you’ll find out soon. I’m on my way to an ancient ruin with Mr. Zulu.”

Canis and Arin also joined.

‘First of all, a wizard.’

At the same time as I thought, I turned my head and saw a wizard walking towards the training ground just in time.

My eyes were puffy, perhaps because I had stayed up all night, and I had lost my sight in just one day.

‘You tried.’

If the genius of the century worked hard enough to burn calories in one day, what would the result be?


As the Wizard approached Sirone, the teachers watched with gulps.

“okay. You spent a whole day Are there any results?”


The Wizard’s expression, which had been glaring at Sirone, suddenly turned into a tearful expression.

“Can you give me one more day?”

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