Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1055

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Brushing her teeth in front of the mirror, Amy lifted her short hair.

It’s not that I don’t like it.

She was a soldier, and she knew how useless ostentation was in battle.

But when she gets out of the battlefield and returns to her daily life, isn’t she a woman too?

” Ugh.”

As I was leaving after washing my face, I heard a knock.

“Amy, are you in your room?” Sirone’s voice.

The thing I had imagined countless times happened, but when it came to reality, I was terrified.

“wait for a sec.”

After wiping her face with a towel, she opened the door and saw Sirone smiling awkwardly.

“What’s up, at this hour?”

“Uh, that… …

Amy sighed.

“come in.”

After looking around the hallway for a moment, Amy shut the door and locked it.


With the sound louder than the thunder, Amy spoke first.

“Did you come because what happened this morning was still in your mind?”

“That’s it, Amy… …

“are you okay. It’s true that I was disappointed, but now I’ve come to a good conclusion. I was too sensitive.”

I really thought it was a strong heart.

‘That’s why I like it.’

Amy smiled and turned around.

“Thank you for telling me. I thought you didn’t know at all, but were you still paying attention?”

“Haha, of course not.”

The misunderstanding in the morning was resolved, but Sirone, who had already made up his mind, did not leave.

“then… … Can I just go now?”

“No, since you’ve already come, why don’t you give me some tea?”

“Would you like to sit here for a minute?”

When Sirone said, tapping the seat next to the bed, Amy finally realized too.

“Why all of a sudden… …

Silenced, she put her buttocks on the bed, and Sirone leaned over.

“for a moment!”

Sirone froze as if time really stopped.

“Why why?”

Amy got out of bed, turned off the lights, and returned to Sirone’s side.

Sirone’s time, when she didn’t move a fingertip until she came back, passed again.

“Amy… …

Around the time when you hear rustling in the dark and each other’s breathing becomes rough.

“Oh Dae-sung!”

Someone slammed the door.

At the same time, the two raised their upper bodies and rolled over, and Sirone got out of bed.

“who are you?”

When I turned on the lights and looked behind me, Amy was fixing her clothes under the futon.

“Oh Dae-sung! Are you inside?”

It was the voice of Nikolai, the headmaster.

If he had really come to see Sirone, it would have been a serious disrespect, but he didn’t even have time to think about it.

“wait a minute.”

When I opened the door, Nikolai, with a pale face, was standing there in a cold sweat.

“What are you doing?”

“sorry. A guest came… … Well, you weren’t in the room, so I came here.”


If you are a certified 4th class wizard, you have a spirit that will not be shaken by anything.

Knowing this, Amy stepped out of the fire and came to the door.

“Who the hell are you?”

There was anger mixed in that I couldn’t normally hear, and Sirone also voted for her.

“I-that’s… …

It was only after Nikolai stepped back, wiping his forehead with a handkerchief, that Sirone sensed it.


It was a promise that came to my mind out of nowhere.


The door opened slowly and Amy opened her mouth with a dazed expression as a guest entered.

She wasn’t human, and that’s why she had a beautiful appearance that couldn’t be seen in the human world.

” mom.”

Archangel Ichael entered with a smile.

“mom? Mother?”

The conclusion reached after quickly organizing her thoughts hit Amy’s backbone.


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“what? mom?”

Ikael’s eyebrows went up in an unexpected atmosphere.

“I came right away because the matter was urgent. Have I ever disturbed you?”

It was because of the Wizard’s work.

Also, due to the nature of simultaneous events, it is impossible for two Sirone to be in the same space, so he and Ekael decided to meet in advance and separated from each other in another country.

‘I really didn’t expect you to come tonight…

After sending the principal back, Sirone introduces each other awkwardly between the two women.

“This is Amy. Amy, uh, this is my biological mother… …

It was awkward when I tried to speak.

“It’s Ikael.”

“hello. This is Amy.”

Ikael looked at Amy, who greeted her politely, with subtle eyes.

‘It’s this kid.’

When Sirone first came to heaven, she was one of the women she tried to save with all her might.

“I’ve heard a lot about Sirone. Very pretty. I am Ichael.”

The reason why he couldn’t say that he was his biological mother was because he still felt guilty towards Sirone.

Sensing a subtle nuance, Amy immediately got to the point.

“But what happened?” Sirone explained.

“that is… … Archangel Satiel has become the new archangel and is leading the armies of Heaven. At first, the archangels split apart, but it seems that Rayel sided with Satiel.”

There were also many things in the army of heaven.

“My mom and I traveled all over the world trying to convince ordinary angels. but no results. It seems that everyone has decided to follow Satiel.”

“Not even one person?”

Ikael explained.

“Angels are a little different from humans. Unanimity is extremely rare in human society, but angels act with absolute standards. If there is a difference of opinion, it will be decided by the Archangel Council, Baekkyung.”

Ikael was the final decision maker.

“The reason why the ordinary angels decided to follow Satiel is that they agreed with the absolute standard, namely the special mission of restoring the authority of heaven.”

Syrone added.

“Baekgyeong is the highest authority in heaven.

It was a coordinating body with The fact that the two of them came together must have played a big role. If Uriel stands by her mother’s side, he might be able to shake the armies of Heaven… …

Uriel was thinking of killing Ikael.


asked Amy, who had rested her chin on her head and was lost in thought.

“What is Satiel up to? If he had rallied the armies of Heaven, something should have happened right away. But I heard that for the first time today.”

“We don’t know for sure. At some point tracking became impossible. It is certain that it is within the planet, but according to Lampa-san’s investigation, it has been cut off from the Jive Kingdom.”

“Hmm, Xybra. It is a strong country.”

“okay. It won’t be unrelated to the temple assembly. Both the giants and the fairies are showing their own movements. There are many cards that Tormia can use, but depending on the situation in Heaven, it is not a safe situation.”

“Yes. The Fermi side is also suspicious.” Ikael said.

“Sorry for not being helpful. If the angels could be persuaded, Amy shook her head. “It is not so. The reason why the angels left is because Sirone, and furthermore, raised the hand of humans. I don’t represent anyone, but I appreciate it.”

Seeing Ikael’s smile restored, Amy naturally felt better.

“however… … What happened here today?”

Sironer] said.

“Ah, because of the wizard, I asked you to come. It will help open up your sense of time.”


Sirone also learned Ataraxia by resonating with Ikael.

“But wouldn’t it be dangerous? You said, you could lose yourself if you don’t.”

“So your will is important. it will probably be fine He is very talented and above all because he is young. Age is important for opening the senses.”

At the end of his speech, Ikael suddenly looked away with a cold expression on his face.

It was an instant, so no one realized it, but Ikael sensed the abnormal movement of the electric charge.


Sirone would have felt it if he concentrated, but the difference was that this Kael’s senses were always activated.

“Mom, why is that?”

In the meantime, the awkwardness has disappeared a lot, but Ikael at this time had great power.

Ikael relaxed his expression and said.

“It’s late at night, so I’ll go home. The two of you should spend a little more time together. I didn’t notice.”

Ichael was almost the only angel who experienced how humans love.

“no. I was going to sleep too. I called because I had something to discuss. Right, Sirone?”

Grinning at this, Amy glared at Sirone and signaled to leave.

“Oh, right. It did. Get out of here, Mom. I’ll ask if there are any vacant rooms and come back.”

“You don’t have to. Then I have work to do, so I’ll go out. I’ll see you in the morning.”

There was no way that there was anything Sirone didn’t know about, so he thought he was just being considerate.

“good night. Sirone, sleep well too.”

After escorting Sirone and Ikael out the door, Amy closed the door and leaned back.


It didn’t seem like I’d be fooling around for a while.

Early morning when everyone is asleep.

Blue electricity got tangled on the roof of the inn and turned into a person crouching down like a cat.

oh oh oh

The man who let out a long breath was wearing tight black tights.

“… … It’s tricky.”

As electricity flowed through the white mask that covered his face, an expression made of neon came to mind.

A childish expression as if drawn by a child.

The eyes expressed in lines were X-shaped, and the lips were curved like waves.

“But since I got paid… …

Gunzo Bedium.

He was the father of Gunzo Licorn, who was killed by Sirone, and was the best assassin in the Black Line.

When he heard the news that his son had died, Bedium printed out a teary expression (CTT).

That was all.

‘Should I take a look at the liver?’

If Ikael hadn’t come to the room, it would have been a great opportunity to kill Sirone.


With the situation like this, it was urgent to shake Shirone’s heart first.


Once again, his body was released into a free charge, and a big smile was printed on the mask.

Disappearing as if he was sinking to the ground, he reappeared in a room that smelled good.

Amy was asleep.

Bedium, sensing her brainwaves through free charge, nodded slightly.

‘Extremely stable.’

In his hand was a dagger made of electricity that looked like an S stretched up and down.

‘I have no feelings.’

If you prick it, the current will flow through your organs and your heart will stop.

‘That’s what life is all about.’

While chanting a magic spell to get rid of death, he swung the dagger down at the pit of the stomach.


At the same time, his chest was electrified.

‘ what?’

Realizing the fist had pierced his body, he moved to a corner and raised his head.


The silhouette of a beautiful woman over two meters tall was looking down at Amy.

‘But why now? Could it be that he was noticing my presence?’

Ikael asked, slowly turning his head.

“Who are you? Why are you targeting this child?” Bedium printed out an expression with his eyes squinting cutely and his tongue sticking out to the side.


‘It’s embarrassing.’

A drop of sweat flickered.

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