Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1054

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Free Electrons (2)

The students felt the effect of clearing their minds as if they had taken an elixir.

‘I’ve exceeded my limits.’

Her body trembled with a sense of exhilaration she had never experienced with any buff magic.

Lampa said.

“You are certainly considerate, Oh Dae-seong.”

Sirone’s buff is dangerous.

This is because it is so excellent that it can even change the mind of the target that received the buff.

said Amy.

“I don’t use buffs that increase power. It is an excellent judgment from an educational point of view.”

After the demonstration and the effect of the buff disappeared, the teachers and students blinked.

It felt like waking up from a dream.


The world seen in a state where the sense of refreshment had disappeared was somehow unnatural.

Sirone explained.

“This is a buff that increases the density of the Spirit Zone. If you recall the feelings from a moment ago, good results will come.”

How many times do you have to train yourself to be able to taste the state of a moment ago again?

Even so, it was a great privilege to be able to experience a certain state for a while.

Unlike the excited students, Wizard had a serious expression on his face and was lost in thought.

“How about it, can you do it?”


The answer came immediately.

“But why should I learn this?”

At the question, perhaps for the first time, students and teachers turned to her.

“Brother, no teacher.”

During education, the title of older brother was forbidden.

“I know that time is running out. What you want is for me to grow to the point where I can kill Habits.”

It was to block the wavering of emotions, but this time there was a sense of crossing the line.


“sorry. I want to convey it properly. but… … It’s true anyway.” “I want to focus on mission success rather than survival issues. I know that he is not a weak enough opponent to kill while taking care of his life.”

Sirone did not waver.

“If you really think so, solve my assignment as soon as possible. That’s the fastest way.”

The eyes of the two collided for a moment.


The Wizard let out a sigh and used his arcane magic to draw a cross like the one Sirone had seen.


Effects exploded over the heads of the people around.

The effect of the buff was amazing, but the speed at which it collided with the accident was about to exceed that of Sirone.

“oh my god… …

It seemed that the wizard’s heart was visible, wanting to be fully acknowledged as a wizard.

‘Applied here.’

As numerous oblique lines were created at the center of the cross, the form of thought began to form a sphere.

The eyes of the ten magicians shook in shock.

“That… … It’s three-dimensional, right?”

“Surely amazing.”

Rampa couldn’t help but admit it.

“Three-dimensional thinking is probably an effect of maternal awakening, but applying it to the Force is a completely different matter.”

That’s why I was more curious about Sirone’s reaction.

‘It’s a war of nerves between the priests… …

Those who felt the same thought remained silent even after the Force demonstration was over.

“ha. ha.”

The Wizard was breathing heavily, but he didn’t take his eyes off Sirone.

“Are you done now?”

“You have excellent skills. Very well done.”

“Now then, teach me how to fight. Running away from satan

How to fight Nira.”

“I thought so from the beginning.”

While the wizard made an expression that he did not understand, Sirone cast an arcane magic.

“what?… “?”

Sirone, who had built the same three-dimensional thinking as the wizard, opened her mouth in that state.

“The reason I taught utilities was, of course, to increase my chances of survival. but… …

Wizard’s face froze.

“I can say this is what I really want to show you.”

Teachers who hadn’t noticed it because it was such a fast force suddenly realized it.

“uh? uh?”

The buffs that had to collide in turn were changing the order at will.

“The fourth dimension… …

Wizard murmured.


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“okay. When cells transcend space and change their order, it means that they transcend time.”

It was the height of the sense of excitement.

“Siok is always by Havitz’s side. If you can destroy the time barrier, the mission success rate will rise dramatically. The reason I chose the utility series is also because this method is the best for training a sense of urgency.” Finally, I realized the deep meaning of Sirone.

It was a wizard, but honestly, I couldn’t guarantee it.

“I don’t know. Can I?” Opening up new senses is a talent

belonged to the domain of the species, not the realm of the

“It may fail. So it’s a gamble, but I think it’s well worth the time investment.”

To the Wizard, who absorbs teachings like a sponge, an hour was like gold.

‘But I can’t let Shi-ok go unnoticed. It is a matter that must be addressed.’

The wizard, who was thinking seriously, raised his head.

“How long can I do it?”

≪ o Huh

Sirone looked at the sky and said.

“Give me a day.”


The blinded Wizard was crying, but Sirone was impregnable at times like this.

“Until tomorrow morning. If you find a way, come to me.”

Wizard, who was rolling his eyes left and right, suddenly asked.

“Can I use any method?” Sirone nodded her head and she walked out of her training ground without looking back.

After the Wizard’s training was over, Sirone walked over to Amy.

“did you sleep well? Did your hair grow a lot?”


Raising her gaze, Amy ran her fingers through her invisible short hair.

She wasn’t black-haired, but compared to the other female teachers, she was still unattractive.

“I was so busy I didn’t even have time to care. Shall we go out for lunch later?”

Amy shook her head.

“no. Maybe the Wizard will change. I’d rather just be at school today.”

She was still considerate of Sirone, but her emotions were more restrained than usual.

“Then, even in the school cafeteria… …


Amy turned around hastily.

“see you then.”

He hated the contradictory feelings of being saddened by his rejection, and even more hated having those feelings exposed.

Lampa approached behind Sirone.

“Ms. Amy seems to have a lot on her mind. Oh Dae-sung never stops flirting with him.”

“It is not so. I never thought of that… …

“Chuck! What are you going to do by explaining to me? Everyone wants to look their best in front of Jung In. Could it be that short hair bothered you?”

“Please. How proud I am of Amy’s short hair. It’s the price you pay for saving humanity.”

“… … Maybe that’s the problem? After all, a woman’s heart is something that even Buddhas do not know.”

Sirone was not without a corner to be stabbed.

“Actually, I haven’t met Amy separately since I came here.”

“Do you doubt your own heart?”

“no. Rather the opposite. Every time I see Amy, her heart races. but… …

I thought that once I threw my heart into her, the problems of the world and mankind would become insignificant.

“Well, it’s a bit strange to have things in your hands over someone you love. You’ll do just fine, but don’t abuse your own heart too much. Just because you can control your mind doesn’t mean the pain will go away

yo. this.”

Looking at Amy’s back as she walked away, Sirone pondered Rampa’s words.

That night.

Sirone, Iruki, and Nade wiped out the remnants of demons in a remote village.

“Oh, Lord Yahweh.”

After leaving the pilgrimage, the name of Yahweh spread rapidly through people’s mouths.

As with rumors, the incident was bound to be exaggerated and glorified, but at least Sirone’s sincerity was conveyed.

“A ray of light that has come down to this turbid world, please save us.”

Even though they didn’t say anything in particular, the fact that they knew it first made a deep impression on Sirone and the others.

‘The rate of spread is accelerating.’

This is because only one person speaks, but the number of ears that hear cannot be counted.

Nade raised his voice.

“The beginning is small, but the end will be great. Wouldn’t this be a joke in the city?” The creation of the center of humanity was the core of the Ultima Project, but Sirone was wary of being careless.

“I can’t relax. The Pope’s backlash won’t be easy. It’s late today, so let’s stay here and move on to the next place at dawn.”

Perhaps it was true that she was in a good mood, but Sirone ordered a drink different from other times.

Nade got drunk.

“Haha, it feels good to drink after a long time. I’m in a good mood, so I miss my Liz. Isn’t that right, Iruki?”

It was a trip because he wanted to, but from the lover’s point of view, it was like a life separation.

“Why am I your girlfriend?”

“You fool, Dorothy. Jjasik, pretending to be cold while feeling good about yourself.”

Iruki turned around.

“By the way, how is Amy? Are you distracted by wizard training these days?”

Nade suddenly realized.

“Oh, is that so? Aren’t you alone? It’s good to know what the two of you are doing right now. I’ll beat you up if you say nonsense like incidents outside of your cognition don’t exist.”

Sirone laughed.

“Yeah, fine. Training is also going smoothly.”

Unexpectedly, Nade put down his beer mug and spoke seriously.

“By the way, don’t you think we should clarify at this point? why do you have that Want to enter a dungeon and find treasure? Or dig a hole… …

Iruki looked at him pathetically.

“Why are you curious about that?”

“I am not curious! Of course there can be no secrets between us. how about you?”

“What am I?”

When Iruki replied blandly, Nade turned to Sirone who was sitting across from him.

“huh? what, what?”

Realizing the reaction of avoiding his gaze, Nade opened his mouth with an absurd expression.

“Could you… …

Is there no lingering attachment to the world?

“No, apart from you, what the hell is Amy doing? Did you guys fight again?”

Even Iruki was surprised.

“Haha, not like that. Actually, something like this happened. Besides, my schedule is so busy… …

“What is the matter?” Nade jumped up from her seat and approached Sirone, pulling her by the ear.

“Ouch! what are you doing?”

Nade’s voice hit my eardrums.

“Hey Sirone! Listen to me from now on! If you just follow your instincts and trust this innocent person here, you will die of old age as a widower for the rest of your life!”

“Where is the body?”

Sirone shook Nade and caressed her ear.

“Do you know what communication equipment this is? All countries are the same. And it’s not meant to be communicated this way.”


“Ha, without knowing the speed of others.”

Nade’s voice was accurately transmitted to Sirone in Stang Kingdom, hundreds of kilometers away.

‘I know that no one is a person.’ it’s instinct

‘Well, it could have been cold.’

Lampa and her friends were more worried about Amy who had waited so far than herself.

“good! I’ll try bumping into it.”

Not knowing what was good, Shirone left the inn in a half-excited mood.

The light was on in Amy’s room.

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