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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1050


lunar surface.

Looking at the huge light burning on the ground, Shura put on a sad expression.


The time I stayed with him to learn the secrets of the world was never wasted.

“You really are leaving.”

Whether it was Nane or Anke Ra, the shock wave that exploded from outside the ceiling would shake this world.

“You just have to wait. But why… …

Is my heart so empty?


Shura muttered with a sad expression.

“Have a nice trip.”

Neither time nor space.

Nane was just waiting for a new finite world after passing through the distant nothingness.

‘Secrets of the world.’

Where do we come from and where are we going?

‘It’s different from death.’

What Nane is attempting now is to transcend even the cycle of life and death and leave the world.

Neither the long tunnel nor the white space that many experienced right before their deaths were visible.

beyond the borderline of the beginning.

just… … .

Undefinable space.

Nane’s body slowly began to rise above the calm surface of a black lake.

There was no mass in the feeling of being submerged in water, and there was no difficulty in seeing even though there was no light.

At that moment, Nane realized the existence of me and focused her consciousness on achieving herself.

‘Let’s go… …

His voice leaked out.

“Outside the world of Gain? (*Author’s note: In reality, a reversal of thinking occurs, but for convenience, it is replaced with a reversal of characters.)

The first thought that comes to mind is that there is nothing particularly different from before leaving the photon field.

Nane, who stood upright as it was while lying on the surface of the water, stepped out lightly.

As soon as the will to stand was imbued, the surface of the water supported the body as firmly as a solid.

“Something fun to touch.”

Realizing that the height of her field of vision was different from before, Nane turned her head.

Something presumed to be himself was fluttering in the dark curtain without even light.

Grasshopper’s face.

His back was hunched wide, and the hook-like nails on his bony arms and legs caught his eye.

“Out of the silver world… …

Perhaps it was possible because it was me.

The moment he heard the sound coming out of his throat, he realized everything.


The locust man carved into the darkness opened his hideous jaws and let out a scream.

behind the world.

Lethe, the president of the chemical company, led an army of six generals and arrived at Magritte’s castle.

Behind them, countless demons trembled with a sense of betrayal were shouting evil.

“Punish traitor Magritte!”

“The shame of the demons! You’re like a worm that sold itself to Yahweh! I have to kill myself!”

As all sorts of accusations rained down, the bodies of the generals rose to life.

‘What can I say?’

However, they also couldn’t bear to say that they did well in front of Lethe.

‘It’s just that we die together. I’m sorry, Grand Duke.’

Lette turned her head.

“Guide me.”

None of the generals moved, and Baeksa bit his lip embarrassingly.

‘Open the door? I’d rather die if I die.’

The role of paving the way for Lethe, who was planning to annihilate Magritte, was absolutely unacceptable.

“If you are still mistaken.”

Lethe turned around, burning in the flames of Hellfire.

“I have no choice but to die with an illusion.”

Just as the generals were preparing for extinction and closing their eyes, the executioner, Ithaca, stepped in.

“I will open it.”

Black hair like a shadow dragged the ground and spread around like ink.

Moonom’s one eye was full of strength.


“I can’t help it. The Grand Duke has sinned. It is when our loyalty also helps hell.”

There was no way that Moonom, who had reached the 4th generation cataclysm, would not know.

‘Damn it. I’m proud to the end.’

As long as there was no way out, he was trying to take on all the responsibility and save his comrades at least.

“You are in tears, Ithaca.”

Normally, I would have smiled at their friendship, but now my cold eyes


“But in vain. If you destroy the Grand Duke, you will be punished as well.”

The demons in the back agreed.

“Right! The generals must also be killed! Traitors who destroyed the honor of the demons!”

As much as they hated Yahweh, the demons’ anger toward the generals reached its peak.

Ithaca said.

“I will obey your will.” Her hair fluttered like a torrent, and she climbed the gate.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The demons raised their fists as the scenery inside revealed itself with a grand sound.

“Let’s bring out the Archduke! the grand duke… … !”

At that moment, a voice rang out from the sky.

“The Grand Duke did nothing wrong.”

The demons looked up at the sky at the same time, but nothing in particular caught their eye.

“He loves hell more than anyone. That’s why he accepted my offer.”

Sirone was walking along the path where the crowd of demons had been forcibly opened.

Oris murmured.


No, now it is Yahweh.

However, the afterimage of the young devil still remained in the cat’s large eyes.

On the other hand, Lian, ignorant of the circumstances outside, held the great sword connected by Gehenna’s chains.

“It is a sword that breaks the chain of karma. Do you mean that you can liberate the true voice with this?”

“It depends on how much karma you can handle. Of course I hope so… … The Grand Duke curtailed his words.

When the true voice is released and the psychic realm is opened, there will be a second invasion by the demons.

Ryan turned around.

“okay. Anyway, thank you.” It should have been just like that, but in the end Magritte asked.

“What about killing me?”

Ryan turned around.

“It’s embarrassing to say, but I know of many techniques that can conquer the human world. In other words, when the psychic realm is opened, the most dangerous enemy is me. You could kill me now.”

Lian examined the chain of Gehenna connected to <Idea> through the palm of his hand.

“I don’t judge.”

Of course, I know how pathetic and difficult it is.

“You helped Sirone. at least for now. If you interfere with Sirone in the future, I will cut you at that time.”

“Do you think there will be a second chance like this?”

Magritte’s heart was heavy.

“A chance to get rid of the brightest brains in hell. If you want to cut me down later, you will have to break through the hundreds of millions of soldiers first.”

“… … I still have to cut it.”

“What if you can’t ring? What if you can’t cut it after all and your lord dies?”

Ryan’s eyes darkened coldly.

“I can bell.”

The other options didn’t even exist in the first place, eyes only for cutting.

‘This guy is just a sword.’

Perhaps it was Magritte himself who made the mistake at this moment, not Lian or Sirone.

‘Whether it’s reality or hell, any philosophy, just slash it. Is it really the right thing to just let him go?’

Sirone’s sword was strong enough to make the proud grand duke think snobbishly.

“See you on the battlefield.”

Through a huge hole in the basement, Lian escaped to the outside of the castle.

The silence created by the appearance of Yahweh was brutally destroyed by the anger of the demons.

“Aaaaaa! Yahweh! Yahweh!” The eyes of the demons looking at the heinous enemy were so bloodshot that they were on the verge of bursting.


Lethe stepped out.

“The shamelessness pierces the sky. You put on the mask of a demon you hated so much and acted, and now you are revealing your disgusting face in front of us.”

“Miss Magritte.”

Sirone had nothing to say.

“He didn’t betray the demons. He rather he made a deal with me for the hell. The results will tell who has the advantage, but he and I did our best.”

If Lethe annihilated Magritte, it would be easier for Sirone as well, but ‘you can’t be cowardly’.

You can’t call that a belief.

“Knock-knock! Crunchy!”

Lethe let out a roar of anger.

“It is always like that. see now You say it as if it’s for the demons, right? But in the end you will annihilate us. Isn’t that what you came here for?” “Why? answer me If you’re so confident, why did you insult our children even while disguised as demons? Do demons look so funny? You son of a bitch!”

“As for that… …

The time I spent as a yuppie was short, but the sympathy I had with the demons was sincere.

“I will apologize. It’s not that I looked down on you guys. As an excuse, it was to prevent a bigger fight.”

If Son Yu-jeong hadn’t invaded, it probably would have flowed quietly.

“Call it a horse!”

It was Oris, the stealth leader, not Lethe, who gave the tearful shout.

“How dare you… … !”

Oris, whose anger could not be relieved by words, spurred the cat’s paw and charged at Sirone.

‘Bad baby!’

How do you deal with this feeling of betrayal when you have a momentary crush on the person you hate the most?

Should I


Oris’s sharp claws rushed to bite Sirone’s neck.


The moment she saw Sirone’s eyes, which had no will to fight back, her hand stopped.

“Why not avoid it? Are you saying that someone like me is good enough?”

“Sorry. i cheated on you I didn’t mean to hurt you, but in the end it’s my fault.”

The cat’s eyes lit up.

“lie. You knew I couldn’t kill you! Because that is the essence of Yahweh!”

Sirone spoke frankly.

“I wanted to leave it up to you. but… … What I knew was true.”

“okay. that’s you You pretend to love without prejudice, but in the end you just do as you please.”

“Then what shall we do?”

Sirone put on a sad expression.

“I can’t kill you, I can’t kill you. You can’t save everyone, you can’t save everyone.”

Nobody knows.

Because even Buddha, who was the only one who understood Yahweh, no longer remains in the world.

All deaths are solitary deaths.

‘Should I really stop?’

If it’s enough to give up, if it’s enough to fight, there’s no need to suffer.

“… … How do you believe?”

Oris’ life became loose.

“How am I supposed to believe that you said you didn’t want to hurt me when you were blatantly deceiving me?”

“You don’t have to trust me.”

Sirone shook her head.

“Because trusting someone means trusting your heart. You can do what you want to do.”

At that moment, Lethe shouted.

“Kill! Tear apart Yahweh, who scorns the demons with three tongues!”

Oris’ hands trembled at the sound of the demons screaming and running.

‘It’s a lie. The look in your eyes and the words you said were lies to escape the situation.’

In the time that passed as slowly as the speed of thought, the demons struck down their weapons.

‘Don’t be fooled again. I’m sure he’ll change his stance before he dies. will kill me Before that, I first… …

The weapons of hell rushed into Sirone’s back without even a chance to escape. Oris sobbed.


The impact was applied to the floor with a bang, and the demons hurried around.

“what? Where did you go?”

Lethe turned her head with cold eyes.


Twenty meters away, holding Sirone in her arms, she was breathing heavily.

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