Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1046

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New People (2)

Like the tracks of a snowball, long grooves were dug in Laviette’s city.


Son Yu-jeong flew from end to end of the city with a roar resembling thunder.

“Ah, sir… …

Trapped between the ground and the wall, she stared straight ahead with her head bent vertically.

A red-skinned demon was walking with his hands behind his back.

“I’m going to get annoyed and go crazy.”

The reflection of Sirone in Son Yoo-jung’s Hwaan-Geumjeong seemed like a huge truth was pouring in.


When she threatened with a distorted face, Sirone clicked her tongue.

“Are you still out of your mind?”

“What am I doing? I’m going to live my life doing whatever I want, but why are you guys giving me shit! I’m here to find a friend! I have no interest in hell!”

“That’s the problem. It just keeps getting worse and worse.”

“what? You do what you want too! Neither me nor Ymir, everyone lives wielding their own power, so why am I the only one who can’t do it!”

“Do whatever you want.”

Sirone stopped walking and looked down at Son Yu-jeong.

“You don’t know what to do?” “You have no convictions. you are the bomb A bomb that neither good nor evil wants to keep around.”

The power was enough to destroy the city of the Grand Duke.

“Because I have no faith, I am easily swayed by other people’s emotions. Trying to use you or trying to control you. There will only be people like that all around you.”

Richera, who had been silent at the overwhelming battle, made a prickly expression for a moment.

“So are you different? What is different about Buddha? Even now I have a long orphan stuffed around my neck, what kind of admonishment?”

“You might think so now. Help me cleanse hell. If you can realize it in the process, you too will gain true freedom.” Son Yoo-jung sighed.

“I am still free! I can do anything! If it wasn’t for the damn gold frame!”

As the belligerence revived and the body heated up red, Sirone sighed.

I understand your feelings.

‘If a malicious person tries to use it, it can cause fatal variables. I have to hold it now.’

Son Yoo-jung showed her teeth.


The preparations for the sortie were already over, but it was questionable what more could be done against Yahweh.

‘What do we do? They use really weird techniques. To be honest, this annoys me more than the sermon.’

There was something watching in the dark in her eyes, which were shining brightly.

‘ huh’?’

7 Generals and Baeksa.

Ilgak was a goblin with long horns, and Baeksa was a woman with white snake skin.

‘It was those strange feelings. If we’re going to fight, we’ll fight, why are you keeping an eye on me?’

Even checking Sirone’s worried expression, she found hope of escape.

‘yes. I wondered why Yahweh was transforming into a demon, but he was conscious of them.’

I heard from Richera that the demons hate the most is Yahweh.

‘I can’t memorize Gingoju.’

Having made a decision, she stood up from the ground and flew into the sky.

“Knock-knock! Grab it!”

Sirone’s expression did not change even as he heard the sound moving away in an instant.

“Come back.”

The moment he quietly exhaled, the smoke that spewed out like a meteorite fell to the ground.

Then a scream was heard.

“Aaaaaa! You son of a bitch! You are like a dog!”

Son Yu-jeong, who was choking on the long wine, was rolling on the floor clutching the gold frame.

“What’s wrong? why?”

Richera, who was rolling on the floor with her, felt terrified when she saw Son Yoo-jung’s face.

A huge shock was raging in her eyes, where all the blood vessels on her face were exposed.

Sirone murmured again.

“Son Yu-jeong.”

“Aww! stop! stop!” Her voice was small, but it felt like the whole world was vibrating in her ears.

“Give me three seconds. 1 second, 2 seconds… …


As soon as the pain disappeared, Son Yu-jeong jumped up and flew to Sirone.

Landing with a thump, she exhaled as she knelt on one knee.

“ha! ha!”

In her eyes, she saw Sirone’s true self, who had reached 100% Yahweh.

“… … Weren’t you trying to hide it?” Sirone put on a bitter expression.

“okay. you ruined everything you always are So now you have to help me.”

“no… … You don’t like it?”

When Sirone narrowed her eyes, Yu-jeong flinched.


Gingoa is a weapon that responds to the sincerity of those who have reached a deep level of enlightenment.

Even if it wasn’t illegal, every word Sirone uttered was the law.

Son Yoo-jeong held out her hand.


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“don’t do it! I made it clear not to!”

“So listen. Will you refrain from self-indulgent behavior in the future and help me with my work?”

Sirone looked at the blind spot of darkness.

‘Already left.’

When Yahweh was revealed 100 percent, an unconcealable murder took over the city.

But the energy quickly disappeared.

‘It must have been a strategic decision not to stop me right away. Still, it’s not a loss if you can keep Son Yoo-jung by your side.’

The moment the thought was over, Son Yu-jeong, her eyes widened, rushed at a terrifying speed.

“OK! You die and I die!”


With just one click of the tongue, the long orphan was reduced, and her eyes widened.

“Huh billion!”

She grabbed her by the neck and fell backwards to the floor.

“Aww! no! absolutely hate it! Unleash this! Rather kill me!”

As Sirone watched indifferently, she couldn’t hold it back and shed tears.

“all right. I was wrong. I will do whatever you ask me to do, so stop it.”

At the same time, I also felt sorry for him.

“You are different from Havitz. You are still a blank slate with nothing decided. I’m sure that’s a pity too.’

If it was judged that there was no room for rehabilitation, Nane would have already removed it.

“Wake up.”

As Son Yu-jeong stood up with a sad crying face and wiped away her tears, Sirone rebuked her.

“For now, do what I tell you to do. Let yourself understand why.”

“All right. So what can I do now? Should I take off my clothes first?”

When Son Yu-jeong pretended to undress, Sirone raised one eyebrow and spat out.

“Yes, man.”


Sensing the feeling of a long orphan shrinking, she got down on one knee in amazement.

“You only learn bad things from somewhere. You have a mission to change the flow of the times. Do not avert your eyes from responsibility.”


Son Yoo-jung was overcome.

‘I tried to go comfortably after grilling and boiling. After all, Yahweh is also the same as the Buddhas.’

Sirone goes to Magritte’s castle.

turned the dog

‘It must have already reached Lethe’s ears. Then, the most dangerous is the old castle.’

Behind my back, I could feel Son Yu-jeong running away like a cat.

“Son Yu-jeong.”

she shrugged.

“yes? yes!”

“Come to the castle you see over there. You have to follow me straight away instead of fighting the demons.”

“All right.”

While Son Yu-jung answered sullenly, Sirone spread her wings and flew up.

‘Wait, Lian.’ As Sirone moved away with a roar, Richera, who was hanging from her hand, Yu-Jung’s waist, shouted.

“Now. Run away quickly! Now that this has happened, go to hell fire and purify me… … Aaaaaa!”

Son Yu-jeong grabbed his nose and twisted it as if to take revenge on the humiliation he had suffered so far.

Coffee dripped.

“If I could run away, I would have run away right away. They will kill me even from 108,000 li away.”

at last… … will be caught

“Aaaaaa! it’s annoying! I will really turn around!”

Behind Son Yoo-jeong, who jumped into the sky, a cloud of smoke continued like a tail.

Meanwhile, in the commander’s barracks, the 7th general’s life-threatening breath made it impossible to breathe.

Executioner Ithaca asked back.

“Yuppie was Yahweh?”

Her pupils completely absorbed the light, and her hair squirmed like a creature.

one said.

“I saw it myself. I never thought he would have acted out such a cunning trick when he came to the city and said there was no news.”

Mornom glanced dazed at Oris sitting in the corner.

“But why? Why does Yahweh bother to disguise himself as a demon to fight an intruder?”

“maybe… … It must be the Grand Duke’s order.”

said Guimara.

“Currently, the president of a chemical company is staying in the city. But the Grand Duke seems to be in a position to defend Yahweh.”

“Is it Lethe?”

Ithaca’s hair grew rapidly and he ran toward Magritte’s castle.

Her eyes widened, and for the first time she rose from the executioner’s desk.

“Meet the Mother of Hell.”

At that time, when everyone turned their heads, Lethe appeared after walking through the tent in the barracks.

While all 7 generals took the same stance, Lethe first checked the atmosphere.

“You have enough to live. Is there anything you 7 generals can do to radiate energy like this?”

Everyone waited for Ithaca to reply, but she accepted the rudeness and shut up.

‘ The Archduke… …

It sounds like you are in favor of Yahweh.

Lethe, who had already anticipated General 7’s attitude, spat out with a cold expression.

“Explain. I already told the grand duke, but there will be no more mercy.”

‘I’m serious.’

Gimara trembled, feeling a completely different energy from when they met at the castle.

“good. We should get rid of the executioner first.” As Lethe raised her hand, the hellfire that purifies all demons burned hot.

‘Mother of Hell.’

If all demons are born with Satan’s characteristics, Lethe turns all demons into primitives.

“Yahweh… …

Before her elbows were even straightened, Ithaca raised her head while lying on her stomach.

“Yahweh has deceived us.” Hellfire is gone.

Ryan screamed.


The chains of Gehenna that protruded from his body pierced his body as if they were going to eat him.

“Hold on. It’s your choice. This is the quickest way we can take.”

It takes three days to join the chain of Gehenna to the Idea in the usual way.

Hence the random number.

The karma code is randomly rotated to pull out the chain until a connection is made.


Realizing that Lian’s groans had died down, Magritte shuddered innocently.

‘It’s a truly amazing body.’

The pain that Rian endured must be of a size he had never experienced since he fell into hell.

‘Humans are a really strange species.’

How could I not hate Sirone for forcing me to suffer this unreasonable pain?

‘wait! I’m coming, Sirone!’

Lian’s eyes burned as if chains were wrapped all over his body as if he had been eaten.

I couldn’t stand the screams this time.


With the sound of iron sliding, the untied chain sprang from Lian’s palm.

Then, he climbed the handle of the Daejikdo he was holding onto like a twist and combined the information.

Seeing <Idea> glow red, Magritte exclaimed.


If it was a normal sword, it would have melted in less than a second, but <Idea> was all there was to it.

“It doesn’t break.”

That is Augent’s conviction.

As I gripped the handle of the large sword, I felt an explosion of hot flames.

Magritte held out both hands.

“for a moment! Not here!”

Before he could finish his words, <Idea> jumped out and crashed into the wall of the laboratory.


Lian’s eyes widened, and enormous energy rushed through the chain.


The entire wall, which had been burning like lava, evaporated completely, blowing away the underground scenery.

‘Extreme purification ability.’ Magritte trembled in his body.

‘do. You can do this. It can purify all the karma of the true nature.’

To put it in other words… … .

‘The psychic realm opens.’

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