Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1044

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Training limits (4)

Sirone gained courage.

“thank you.”

Because they no longer had to pay attention to their parents, the standards for training soared significantly.

“It’s still not enough. more.”

It must have been a psychological barrier to stay long at the 6,000 times per second demonstrated by Sirone.

“Don’t try to control your mind. you yourself become a mind Don’t try to analyze it, throw yourself into the unknown.”


The wizard’s eyes changed again, and the rhythm of his heartbeat began to soar.

The speaker announcing the buzzer exploded with a pop, and an error message appeared on the recorder.

The teachers opened their mouths in a daze.

“Exceeded image zone function.”

Currently, only a few people know how far her abilities have risen.

Bartok murmured.

“7,200 times per second.”

It’s not about counting numbers.

Like counting the number of leaves with synesthesia, he savored the wizard’s heartbeat in its entirety.

Sirone’s synesthesia was the best.

‘Exactly 7,287 times.’

As the Wizard’s eyes rolled upward, the teachers who were inspecting the Image Zone came running.

“Oh Dae-sung, how about stopping for now? It can be dangerous if you don’t know the exact number… …

“Goed in.”

Sirone’s eyes sparkled, and the faces of the 10 Magicians all came to mind.

“You entered? What does that mean?”

said Amy.

“It means riding the flow. It is not easy to cross the limits. If you don’t pull it up as high as you can when you break the wall, you will lose money later.”

Bartok meekly admitted.

“Now I don’t know either. What is the wizard’s current ability?”

Sirone savored it for a while.

“9,273 times per second.”

Students and teachers were stunned, but it was embarrassing to stop here.

‘The goal is 12,000 times, twice as many times as I demonstrated.’

For example, when Sirone casts a beam, it is powerful enough to destroy a small city.

‘I can’t move on to the next level without that. I have a lot to teach, but time is running out.’


At that moment, the Wizard’s body trembled and a loud moan escaped from his mouth.

Amy frowned and said.

“Sirone, it’s shock.”

“Fear is inescapable. It must be an unknown world that you have never experienced before.”

The moans turned into screams.

“Ah! Aagh!” After confirming that her parents’ faces were turning white, Sirone approached the Image Zone.

“It’s okay, Wizard.”

The screams stopped.

“I did too. Everything I was sure of up until now collapses, and I don’t know anything.”

“Is this right? Could something be wrong? If I fail now, won’t I never have another chance?”

Wizard listened in a trance.

“But that is proof that you are still fighting. Don’t try to find the answer and be comfortable. You embrace the uncertainty that is bothering you right now and move on.”

There is no such thing as a compass.


This was the only thing Sirone could say.

“Put it through.”


The focus returned to the Wizard’s eyes, and his heart rate rose at a tremendous rate.

Sirone clenched his fists.

‘ done.’

Maintaining 12,000 rounds per second without hesitation, the Wizard looked around.

“Ahhh, what is this?” He still looked frightened, but his face flushed with a more exhilarating sense of exaltation.

match. match. match.

Bartok applauded, followed by the Magic Ten, followed by Amy, teachers and students.

“oh my god… …

Wizard’s parents, who were unfamiliar with magic, could feel what the current situation was like.

When the wizard, whose heart stopped beating, came down from the image zone, everyone rushed at him.

“Awesome, Wizard! What a great skill!”

His face was pale because he was possessed with a lot of blood, but the child’s expression looked very happy.

“lol! If I hadn’t listened to my brother at the end, I would have failed. I was so scared back then… …

While receiving congratulations from countless people, only Sirone’s eyes were sad.

‘I proved it.’

That he is the only existence that can eliminate Habits.


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‘Enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can do whatever you want. The world will give you infinite freedom. Whatever you do, no one will blame you.’

So it was even more sad.

‘But there is something you have to shoulder in return. One thing you can never put down… …

It is hope.

‘You must never say the word impossible under any circumstances. Even if everyone gives up, even if everyone waits for the end in frustration, you must say this.’

I can do it.

‘That’s your destiny. The future given to you.’

Sirone couldn’t help but smile in front of the huge hopes that a seven-year-old child was carrying.

‘But now I can fight. A natural enemy that can kill Satan has been created.’

After making up her mind, Sirone asked Bartok.

“Did Mr. Lampa get a call? How is the situation in Kashan?”

“No message yet. Habitz also disappeared after entering Aganos.”

‘What are you up to?’

You could go to Kashan and check it yourself, but there was a strong enemy called Uorin.

‘Until the temple assembly is held, we must not take any special action. Her future Lassie changes the political situation.’

All conclusions are in the temple.

‘I do not have time. I have to complete the Wizard’s training and succeed in purifying the Pandemonium.’

Depending on the results created by the simultaneous events in Sirone, the fate of mankind would be decided that day.

‘Next 23 days.’

It was the period left until the temple assembly.

“Bad children. how could you do this to me How I raised you guys!”

Lethe, who had escaped the Grand Duke’s old castle, couldn’t calm down her anger and couldn’t calm down.

“This is the last time. Never again… Huh?”

When I looked up at the roar that exploded in front of me, a section of the city was completely blown away.

“What is that?”

Even in Lethe’s opinion, it was not the intensity of the impact commonly seen in Hell.


Two people were fighting fiercely in a blurry street.

‘Who is it? Asmodians?’

One was clearly a devil, but the other was a race that did not exist in hell.


When the flash of light that came out of the demon’s hand landed on another person’s body, Emperor Pacheon exploded.

It wasn’t the shock and roar that can occur when hit by a creature’s body.


Lette jumped right away.


Son Yu-jeong’s face crumpled as she slid across the floor.

‘What kind of guys are there?’

They said that even a young man with a vigorous body could not beat a master of martial arts.

‘It neutralizes all my attacks.’

It was exactly the way he was fighting the demons right in front of him.


When I applied strength to my feet, the soles of my slippery feet sank into the ground and piles of dirt formed a mountain.

“Who are you?”

Where Son Yoo-jeong raised her eyes, red-skinned demons were creating a golden haze.

“What does that matter?”

Sirone was angry.

The reason she was different from other strong enemies was that she had no interest in anything other than combat.

‘Thunder naked.’

Whether the world perishes or humanity perishes, there is only a fighting spirit in her head.

‘It’s really annoying, it’s me.’

As Sirone’s sign turned colder, the group of lights rising from her body became clearer.

‘That’s the problem.’

Son Yoo-jung was very nervous.

I don’t know what the reason is, but I felt the same depth as Nane’s sermon.

“You are not a demon, are you? why are you disturbing me? You just do what you have to do.”


Sirone laughed.

“Don’t get me wrong. You are interfering with my work. Whatever your purpose… …

As I wrapped my hands, the bright group of light was compressed with frightening pressure.

“You are less than me.”

When Sirone spread her hands, a flash of light as per the law embroidered the front brightly.

‘This child… …

Son Yu-jeong gritted her teeth as she glared at Sirone, who had come in front of her faster than the light.


When I saw people pretending to be great, once I was overwhelmed with resentment, but not now.

‘ what?’

What was reflected in the eyes penetrating the truth was an extremely pure heart of love.


Goosebumps ran down my spine.

‘Because I’m really unlucky!’

Who would have known, that there would be another truth in the place where Buddha struck and fell.


As Sirone raised her palm from the bottom up, an orb of light hit her stomach.

“Ah, Mr… … !”

There are no more questions.

However, the fact that the truth was revealed did not weaken the impact on the body.


bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

Sirone watched indifferently as Son Yu-jeong passed through the building and disappeared.

The most annoying thing is that it’s still a long way off.


That’s why Nane also filled the long orphan and dropped Son Yu-jeong to hell.

“Let’s see, it’s me.”

His smile flashed in his eyes.

Ryan asked.

“Two ways?”

“okay. You must have heard why the chains of Gehenna are broken. There are two ways to fix this error right now. One, fix it systematically. Two, I will fix you.”


Lian couldn’t choose what was good.

“Each has its pros and cons. Fixing the system first will make you no longer bound by karma. Since it transcends the system anyway, it’s better to set it outside the standard.”

It meant that I no longer had to endure the pain of a burning heart.

“What does it mean to heal me?”

“It circumvents the karma set in you. So, it’s what the system misleads. The reason that is possible is your weapon <Idea>.”

Lian took out a large straight sword.

“This one?”

“That sword has an unbreakable code applied to it. It’s something you can’t create in hell because it requires a master code. You can use it to bypass karma.”

“I don’t know the professional language.”

Magritte explained at Lian’s level.

“It connects the chain of Gehenna to <Idea>. The torment of fire lasts, but the world will no longer claim your karma.”


Magritte extended his index and middle fingers.

“The first takes a long time, but it’s in your favor. The second one is over quickly, but you have to deal with the pain. Actually, I don’t like anything. I’d like to analyze everything about you and restore your system, but… …

It was questionable whether Lethe would give it that long.

“So you decide. Is it the former or the latter?”

Ryan didn’t think.

“I’ll do it for the second time.”

“… … Are you really okay? It can’t compare to the pain I’ve been through so far. When the chain of crab henna is connected to <idea>, the pain will circulate. Of course, the capacity of your sword to purify demons is also unlimited.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Lian said, sticking the big sword behind his back.

“I am worried about Sirone. Even if that guy is a demon, he’s the one who wants to hear the story.”

“Are you different?”

In Magritte’s view, Lian was also a human enemy.


said Ryan.

“I know that demons also have hearts. but… … Nothing can take precedence over Sirone.”

Magritte, who was glaring at Lian with fierce eyes, sighed and raised the knife.

“Come this way.”

The operation began.

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