Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1040

Other beliefs (4)

Archduke’s laboratory.

Lethe looked around meticulously, maintaining an awkward silence.

No trace could be found.

“Merkede, long time no see. How are you?”

Hiding the tension that seemed like his heart would explode, Merkede bent his knees.

“Hello, boss.” It was an unusual start when he greeted her instead of her grand duke.

“Grand Duke.”

Lethe’s eyes darkened again.


“What you mean, if you cut the front and back like that, even I can’t figure it out.”

“Why are you helping Yahweh?” They would take it off if they wanted to catch it, but a more embarrassing situation than now was not their taste.

Lethe said.

“An error has occurred in the purification system. A human broke the chains of Gehenna. I sent the chief of staff to look into it, but it leaked somewhere else, so I came here myself.”

Magritte brushed his beard.

‘That’s how it happened. If Monolas had come first, I would of course have been on the side of the painter.’

It’s not like first come first served.

‘The concept of coincidence is nothing but human logic. That this current situation is only the result of a cause that started 500 million or even 1 billion years ago.’

Originally, the Archduke had two options.

‘To support Lete’s will to maintain hell, and to serve Satan’s will to reverse the situation.’

Sirone arrived first.

‘The breaking of Gehenna’s chain was, of course, an error for Lethe. But it is an opportunity for Satan.’

Because it means that if Jin Seong-eum’s karma can be purified, the psychic realm will open again.


Magritte chose war.

“When the karmic chain is broken, it means that the will of man has denied hell. This is a matter of implementation, not a solution. The era is coming to an end. Can’t we just watch Satan do it?”

Assuming that the premises that have not yet been revealed are true, the archduke’s words make sense.

“Since when did Hell accept Yahweh? No, why are they O…”

Are you obsessed with Yahweh?

“Even if you didn’t go all the way to Lucifer or Behemoth, there were people who couldn’t hate philanthropy. So is the Archduke. It is completely incomprehensible to me.”

“Because I am not a demon.”

Lethe was the manager.

“When I was first born in Hell, I was a demon with the highest abilities as an intelligent species. I fought, conquered, and studied without any envy in the world.”

Magritte recalled that time.

“I thought it was a great place. A world where those who prove their strength monopolize everything. To me, philanthropy was an illogical and even violent concept.”

Lethe listened intently.

“Then why hate? For we are the illegitimate children of fraternity. That’s the systemic aspect. Is it a fate that occurs according to the priority of processing, that human emotions must exist before demons are born?” Upon entering the manager’s realm, Lethe’s eyes became indifferent like a machine.

“It’s fine up to that point. The problem is that Yahweh denies it. He is the one who reverses the process. Terrorists in the system. He shudders at the audacity to say that he did not throw it away after packing it up in vulgar language, and even that there was nothing wrong with him.”

Magritte smiled bitterly.

“Even if you can’t analyze like Ji Seong-jong, demons have had that feeling since they were born. But sometimes there are cases of repentance. Why?”

Lethe didn’t answer.

“Because it’s ironclad. The confidence to speak without any remorse is so disgusting, hateful, and I want to tear it apart… …

Also, it’s so shameless.

“I wonder if that’s really the case.” “Couldn’t Yahweh have done nothing wrong? Aren’t we misunderstanding? If he doesn’t abandon us, the demons will someday… …

Magritte pointed to the ceiling.

“Couldn’t we reach the true world by regurgitating the processes of this system?”

It is called ‘salvation’ with the feeling of hatred.

Oris was embarrassed.

‘That kid killed the intruder? He was a deserter who fled from the battlefield in terror.’

Ishak introduced.

“This person’s name is Yuffie. They are the royal lineage that inherited the spirit of Satan.”

The 7th general’s expression changed suddenly.

Royal was a lineage that could rise to the title of a commander in the army of hell or even a duke.

Ithaca turned to Oris.

“Do you know each other?”

“huh? Uh, so??????

Sirone quickly noticed and answered instead.

“I got help a little while ago. He taught me the true path of the demons when I had no courage and ran away.”

“No, what. Not to that extent.” Mo Ohnom raised her one eye as Oris scratched the bridge of her nose with her cat’s claws.

“So, what do you want to say to us? It’s a reward for killing an intruder.

Are you asking for too?”

Ishak bowed his head.

“I would like to recommend Yuffie as the leader of the SWAT team. Please let us lead.”

“dog sound!”

Mornom smashed the table.

“Crossade was the strongest warrior. Do you think that insignificant fellow can take his place?”


Ishak opened his eyes.

“You can treat me as badly as you like. But, please be careful with Yuffie.”

As a demon, I should have said something, but I was still in a bad mood.

“joy! That’s when you really became a captain. Are you saying that Yufi is as strong as General 7?” Ishak shut his mouth.

If he was of royal lineage, he would eventually rise to the top position, but compared to the 7th general, his experience was insignificant.

“I am of the same opinion.”

Ithaca said with her pods intertwined.

“I admit that YUPI has achieved the desired results, but the enemy that has achieved it is an illusion. There is only one entity.”


Sirone turned around in surprise.

‘Executioner Ithaca.’

The fact that he was the only one of the 7 generals of royal lineage was proved by his words earlier.

‘I defined it as an illusion, not an alter ego. That the precision of the search matches my senses.’

Although, of course, it is limited to the senses.

“Don’t do this. Currently, virtual images are spreading in the city. one of them is real. I will propose a military service medal to the first person who kills him.”

Ithaca turned to Sirone.

“And if yuffie catches the entity, in addition to the military medal, recommend a captain position.

summer solstice.”

“Cheuk, that’s fine.”

Maunom readily accepted.

“It’s all right, sweetie. If he had faced us directly, he would have no chance of winning, but luck also plays a role in this.”

Ithaca still had a cold voice.

“Competition is good, but do it in moderation. If it gets in the way of your mission, I will punish you. If necessary, imagine a means for the four of us to cooperate.”

“It must be six.”

Seven generals simultaneously shut their mouths.

“Looks like there are two more in the dark over there. It has a very quiet aura.”

As soon as Sirone finished speaking, a voice came from behind Ithaca.

“He’s a pretty nimble guy.”

It must have been a hundred fours with the captain of the night guard, but he still hadn’t revealed himself.

“But we lose the bet. Don’t worry too much. If you feel like dying, I will help you.”

The presence has disappeared.

“Is it an all-out war after a while? Since there is no Crosade, the Military Merit Medal must be mine.”

Moonom prepared to mobilize, but Sirone was the first to leave the barracks.

“Let’s go, Ishak.”

General 7 had a dazed look on his face, and Ishak, who was following Sirone, did the same.

‘The atmosphere is different from before.’

Compared to when he was stigmatized as a deserter, he felt stronger will than anyone else.

‘Well, since you’re of royal blood, it’s only natural that your blood boils in competition.’

Although the interpretation was wrong, Sirone was actually taking this incident seriously.

‘I have to find Son Yoo-jung.’ The strength of General 7, which he personally felt, was by no means weak, but it must have been irresistible nonetheless.

‘If it’s Son Yu-jeong, it won’t take three days to destroy Laviette.’

Magritte’s plans are also disrupted.

“I’ll pass the fake and find the real one. You probably won’t be able to catch up, so collect your troops.”

Before he could hear the answer, Sirone’s body turned into a flash of light and flew up into the sky.

“Hey Royal… …

Ishak trembled with emotion.

As General 7 was deployed in earnest, Son Yu-jeong’s alter ego began to rapidly diminish.

“Ha ha ha! what? It’s nothing!”

Moo Nom’s body, which continued to evolve biologically, was gradually becoming grotesque.


As the thorns spewed out from the body, Son Yu-jeong’s alter egos in a radius of 30 meters were pierced.

“Kyik! Kick!”

The alter egos, which groped for thorns and screamed, turned into light after a while.


“Sheesh! Is it all bad?”

Moonom’s face contorted.

‘Even if it’s fake, it’s too weak. Did Crosade really get hurt by this guy?’

There was no special camaraderie among the demons, but they acknowledged and respected each other.

“I cannot forgive you.”

A roar erupted from the other side of the building as the lipless teeth were grinding.

Sensing an unusual shock, he turned around to see that the 7-story building was collapsing.

Are you there?”


Oris, nailed to the floor, let out a threatening sound with a bleeding face.

In her eyes, she could see Son Yu-jeong walking slowly, burning with golden light.

‘Really strong.’

To the extent that it was impossible to say what was strong, all of his combat abilities were the best.

Richera burst out laughing.

“Puhahaha! It’s ugly, beggar-like demons. Yoojung Son! Hurry up and sever your limbs.” Oris remained silent even at the mere human mockery.

‘The body that I saw taking that human with me. The level is different from fake. If we leave it like this, the city will collapse.’

Oris, determined to die with her foe, pulled her ass back and all her hair bristled.


The moment Son Yu-jeong tilted her head, a black shadow rushed in at a terrifying speed.


The time the body arrived was before the eyelids were even half closed.


Son Yu-jeong had already turned around and was swinging her sword at the back of Oris’s head.

‘I’m angry.’

It was the moment when she lost her will to fight and gave up everything and let go of her body.


The afterimage of the red demon was reflected in the cat’s eyes.

Without even time to respond, Sirone pushed Oris and dug into Son Yoo-jung.

‘If this guy is the main body… …

Even teeth wouldn’t fit with ordinary power.

‘Directly hit the incarnation.’

As the Miracle Stream was compressed with the Photon Cannon, it hit Yoo-Jung Son’s abdomen with a full blow.


Shocked by an irresistible force, she let out a scream and flew to the limit of her field of vision.

Oris, who had been watching the scene collapsed against the wall, slowly turned his head.


The young devil held out his hand.

” are you okay?”

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