Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1039

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Other beliefs (3)

“Ouch! Kuck!”

The place where Sirone escaped through the intestines was a dark alley in downtown Laviette.

“Ugh, I feel really strange.”

After 20 minutes of intense bowel movement, I felt like I was excrement.


Smoke was rising from all over the city revealed through the cracks in the alley.

“What is going on?”

At the same time, a group of people ran from the back of the alley.

“The intruder is not a single guy! Find them everywhere and slaughter them! It is to show the power of the subterfuge!”

Unique demons with animal appearances quickly passed by Sirone.

“hey! you!”

A demon with a lion’s face jumped off the building and landed in front of Sirone.

“What are you? You seem to be a demon, but don’t you know what the city is like right now?”

“Ah, that… …

The lion’s face was terribly crumpled.

“Did you really run away?”

Since Crosade, one of the 7 generals, was a demon, the shock was natural.

“You pitiful child! Whatever it is! Where are the demons running away from the battlefield!”

The time when the demons, who pulled out their claws as sharp as blades, were about to slit their throats without mercy.

“What’s the fuss?”

At the entrance of the alley, a woman with the face of a cat approached me with her hair straightened.

“Ah, Captain!”

It was Oris, the 7th general of Laviet and the leader of the stealth.

“What kind of ugliness is this to fight with the same demons when the city is so noisy that even if we join forces, it won’t be enough?”

“No, chief. This guy is a deserter. They say he got scared and ran away.”

After watching Sirone, Oris had the same thoughts as his subordinate.

‘Demons. Besides, he’s an intelligent species.’

No matter how you look at it, he was not a combat soldier, and judging from his appearance, he was quite young.

“The death of a captain is a sad thing. But Buddha didn’t come, so should the demons be terrified?”

“Oh, sorry.”

It would be nice to become a deserter if I could stop the suspicion that I came down from the mountain.

Oris stroked Sirone’s hair.

“Don’t worry. Even if Crosade was the strongest in terms of arms, war isn’t just about strength, so your intellect will definitely come in handy. Let’s go, I’ll bring you back to the unit.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Oris grabbed Shirone and shot him like an arrow.


It is not inferior to Sirone in terms of speed, but what surprised me was his amazing sense of balance.

‘Certainly different from humans.’

“Huh, don’t be surprised. If you train hard, someday you will be able to run as fast as me. Well, it’s a problem because the demons didn’t put much effort into it.”

Oris continued, wanting to leave a glorious memory for Sirone.

“You are Ji Seongjong. To overcome instinct and run away means that in a sense, intelligence is excellent. But demons cannot leave their enemies behind.”

“yes. I will not run away anymore.” It was sincere.

It would be easier to fight if the fleeing person was rather noticeable.

“Ho Ho! But don’t worry too much. This Oris will take care of all intruders.”

Arriving in the city center where the 7th general’s allied troops are located, Sirone joined the Special SWAT team.

“… … Did you escape?”

The 7th Squad Leader Ishak, who had heard the explanation from the Stealth Corps member, gave him a contemptuous look.

‘Tch, it’s like a weak intelligence species.’ If it wasn’t an urgent situation anyway, he would have been a guy who stayed at his desk and played numbers.

“I deserve to die right away, but think of Oris-sama’s face, I’ll let you go this time. Hurry in!”

“Ah yes.”

When Sirone intervened between the demons of the 7th Squad, it was as if they were seeing a giant and a dwarf.

“What is this kid? Can you fight with a body like that? No matter how strong the demons are… …

“Leave it alone. My mind has already rotted away, so is there anything special about becoming an adult?”

Ishak shouted.

“quiet! Reports came in that the enemy had been spotted 200 meters to the west. Is everyone ready?”


The devil’s answer boomed, and Sirone’s voice added a part to the sound waves.

“Let’s put an end to it!”

In line with the 7th Squad’s call for dispatch, 200 demons rushed at breakneck speed.

‘Who the hell is the intruder, is this a mess?’

Even while matching their pace, the question did not leave Sirone’s head.

At first, I heard it was a demon species.

However, defeating one of the 7 generals was the result of breaking the limits of the species.


A woman was rampaging as Gimara’s men in armor hit a barricade.

“Kik! Squeak!”

Sirone’s expression changed to bewilderment.

‘Son Yu-jeong?’


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To think that the person who invaded Laviette was an actual monkey, not a devil.

“Queek! You are too weak!” With each swing of the two clubs, the security guard’s armor shattered.

“attack! Deal with it before escaping the encirclement!”

Following Ishak, 200 SWAT members charged at her at the same time.

‘This isn’t it.’

Even as she was inevitably swept away by the army, Sirone sensed the futility of the battle.

‘Great granddaughter of Jecheon Daeseong.’

According to Omega, Son Oh-gong was the martial god with the longest record of a bloody fight against Ymir.

‘But why in hell?’ Above all, it was not real.

Feeling like Ultima, she was just a special sign before being defined as a creature.

‘The alter ego. Then the body is different…

String abilities are similar to Hexa, but differ in that they can never be real.

‘Actually, that reality is everything.’

After all, half-force.

Nevertheless, Son Yu-jeong’s inaction overwhelmed the entire Special Mobility and Security Forces.

“Knock-knock! It’s this way! this way!”

Son Yu-jung, who was wandering around the city, turned around and approached Ishak.

Ishak also blew the power by generating electricity from the horn, but rather, his arm was cut off.


Although she was prepared for death, Son Yoo-jung escaped as if she had established the principle of one-man strike.

“That child… … !”

Ishak, enraged by the monkey’s play, turned his head away, but was devastated.

200 of his subordinates were being beaten with clubs for not being able to compete for unity.

“What the hell is that?”

As the men disappeared to the ground one by one, Sirone’s figure stood out.

Ishak shouted, bloodshot.

“you idiot! fight!”

Standing on the edge of aggression, Sirone seemed more hated than the intruder.

“You stupid child! I should have killed it with my own hands… … !”

As if expressing his feelings, Son Yu-jeong swung her club at Sirone.


It really did look like that.

But when he got out of the optical illusion, an unbelievable situation came to his head.

“What, what?”

It was Shiro who avoided the blow that even he himself couldn’t see.

‘Quantum motion.’

When nothing caught the club for the first time, Son Yu-jeong’s alter ego shone with interest.


Sirone recalled Magritte’s 7 percent suppression rate.

‘If you get closer to Yahweh by 93% or more, the hidden code will be unlocked. I have to stay in the city until Lethe leaves.’ Son Yoo-jung’s alter ego was annoyed.


No matter how many attacks he continued, it was impossible to even touch Sirone, let alone hit him.

‘As expected, the alter ego’s intellect is remarkably low. It’s just mechanically spitting out a few words.’

If you couldn’t use Geun-duk-un, which belongs to the art of incarnation, your alter ego was actually less than half.

‘What were the attributes of the demons?’ fire and electricity.

‘Then I… …

As she moved from place to place with a quantum movement, Son Yoo-jung’s alter ego made an angry expression.

Perhaps animal senses.

It was to experience and be wary of the probability of a phenomenon that cannot exist in the natural world.

It was just approaching from behind, but Son Yoo-jung’s alter ego screamed.


Then, with all the strength the clone could produce, he twisted his body and swung the club.

A red afterimage passed vainly over the head of Sirone, who bowed her head… … .

‘Electric Photon Cannon.’

A sphere of blue electricity flashed terrifyingly over Sirone’s grip.

‘Eat this.’

At the same time as it was thrown into the abdomen, all of Son Yoo-jung’s hair stood on end.


She, who was standing with her mouth wide open, unable to even scream, fell forward.

“Whoa, that’s embarrassing.”

In order to hear how he got here, he had to meet the main body, but that foreshadowed another problem.

“you you… …

Meanwhile, Ishak was looking at Sirone with a bewildered expression.

‘It is the characteristic of demons to handle fire and electricity. But no matter how you look at it, that movement… …

It was not an ability granted to a single demon.

“Name, no.”

Ishak, who grabbed his broken shoulder and stood up, knelt down to Sirone.

“May I ask your name, Mr. Loyal?”


“I’m sorry I didn’t notice before. A person with a different level of demons from demons like us. It was disrespectful to a being who inherited Satan’s spirit, not his flesh or blood.” There was no explanation unless it was a hidden code that only a few bloodlines could inherit.

Ishak raised his head again.

“Please give me the honor to hear your name…”

Sirone searched through Omega’s records to find a name that suited him.


“Oh, you look great. It’s a title that fits the royal look, even though it’s intelligent.”

There are over 4,000 words for lies in Hell, and the nuance of YUPI was ‘short lies’. When someone asks how you are doing in passing, if you just reply that you are doing well, that is Yuffie.

“Yuppie, please be the captain of the special riot squad. I will serve you with all my heart.”

I didn’t want to stand out as much as possible, but when I thought about it, the propensity of the demons was the exact opposite of reality.

‘It’ll be weird if I refuse here.’ It feels like an employee shouting that he will work more even though the boss told him to leave.

‘The strong one must rule.’ It was the rule of hell.

“good. If there is no one stronger than me in SWAT, I will let you lead.”

“I can say for sure. Even though he is never weak in the squad, he is not even up to Yufi-nim’s toes.”

Ishak threw away his severed forearm without regret and returned to the city center with Sirone.

As if Son Yu-jeong’s alter ego had swept away, the corpses of demons could be seen here and there.

‘It’s a real mess. At this rate, I will destroy Laviette in a few days.’

“Wait a moment.”

Having said that, Ishak walked into the temporary tent of the commander’s barracks.

“Based on the current time, it is being captured at blocks 13, 27, and 66… … . What are you?”

When Executioner Captain Ithaca cut off his explanation, the three generals looked back at the same time.

“Ah, I have something to report urgently, so I risked my disrespect to come. sorry.”

A huge demon with the skin distorted like a burn blocked Ishak.

It was the captain of the garrison, Mornom.

“If you know it’s rude, don’t do it. what’s the matter? And what about the biceps again? Did you get hit?”

His face had flowed down and he had only one eye, and his lips had been burnt, leaving all of his teeth exposed.

“yes. But I did kill one.”

The eyebrows of Ithaca, who had been listening gloomily with his pods on, twitched for a moment.

“So, let me give you some information… …

Oris stopped talking.

“Have you been hurt? really you?”

If incoming reports are correct, they are currently the only unit to subdue the intruders by force.

“No, I didn’t do it. With Satan’s protection, there is one devil who excels in the SWAT team.”

Guimara asked.

“Where are you now?”

“Waiting outside the tent… …

Ithaca spat out before he could finish his words.

“Let it in.”

Moments later, when Ishak brought a demon child into the barracks, silence fell.

‘Are you small? Demons have strong physical abilities. How did you get rid of the intruder?’

At that moment, Oris’ eyes widened.

“uh? you?”

As everyone turned to her, Sirone awkwardly raised the corner of her mouth.

“Haha, how are you?”

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