Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1033

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City of Magic Engineering (2)

Boyd, the deputy chief of the chemical company, took Monoras out of the Marquis of Picaras.

“The boss told me to go to Laviette as soon as possible. If you run diligently… …

Having swallowed up all the huge bribes, the Monolas, whose stomach was rocking, changed direction.

“Then do this. Am I too heavy now? So, I need to empty this.”

The place where Monoras’ gaze was staying was the gambling city ‘Unlucky’.

“Chief Secretary! There is no time for this now!”

Boyd shouted, but Monoras’ body was already flying toward Unlucky.

Meanwhile, in the chemical industry.


Lethe, who stayed up all night doing her official duties, was looking up at the ceiling with a tired face.

Drowsiness poured out as my head was spinning.

“… … I have to work.”

Although he sent Boyd, he couldn’t leave this matter to someone else.

After putting on rags and leaving the president’s office, the employees who had just come to work bowed their heads.

“Boss, where are you going?”

“business trip. go to ravie I’ve processed all the overdue paperwork, so it’ll be fine for a while.”

“You look so tired. You couldn’t sleep last night, right? Even if you close your eyes… …

“are you okay. Everyone works hard. Oh, that’s right, let’s go to a restaurant together. I should bring some snacks that Monolas likes.”

“yes. Let me tell you.”

Employees liked the president of the chemical company.

“Anyway, you are great. I don’t know what to say, but I don’t think I can stand the personality of a blind secretary.”

“Haha, but he’s a good guy on the inside. Since he is the chief secretary, he must have his own difficulties.”

‘It doesn’t seem like it at all.’

Sometimes I wondered if she had amnesia.

hell morning.

Fireworks that smelled of sulfur filled the sky, evaporating the cold of the night.

“Im here.”

The old castle where the Grand Duke lived was one of the largest structures in Laviette.

Unlike the bleak scenery that dominates the city, it was clean and, above all, resembled a building in reality.

“I knew you would like it. Come on in. The Grand Duke is waiting for you.”

Upon entering the castle under the guidance of Bielman, a luxurious dinner was prepared.

“Come, Yahweh. And the companions.”

The grand duke, who was eating at the head of the table, smiled as he put down the tableware.

He had an old man’s appearance, a white beard that came down to his chest, and gave him a benevolent impression.

‘Archduke Magritte.’

Lian’s lack of reaction is clear evidence that he is nervous.

‘Definitely great.’

Compared to the army of hell, it felt like facing a corps commander in the top 10 in the hierarchy.

“If it’s before dinner, why don’t we join you?”

Steam was leaking from the food, which was clearly freshly prepared.

Ryan swallowed his saliva.

Unlike in a restaurant, the food was like people eating, and the utensils were familiar.

“Do you normally eat like this?”

When Sirone asked as they sat facing each other, Lian also quietly sat down next to him.

“If you have lived like this, there is nothing particularly important in the world. Anyway, I paid attention.”

He was even proficient in the common language of the continent, but that made him more wary of Magritte.

‘It’s not an ordinary bet.’

It may not be as strong as the corps commander, but it was a key factor in the current situation.

Sirone asked while eating the prepared food.

“I would like to hear a direct explanation of what happened yesterday. The demons sent by the Grand Duke used strange abilities.”

“It’s entertainment, entertainment. How dare you lay a hand on Yahweh with something like that?”

“So, what is it?”

As their eyes collided for the first time, the atmosphere rapidly cooled.

“Dezire, this is a demonic substance I made.”

Magritte took a step back.

“If you refine muddy hemp with a special technique, you can get a special substance that responds to your desires. About 0.1 gram is extracted from each person who falls into hell.”

How many humans do we need to replace?

“War advances technology. Humans are also desperate, but we can’t be defeated. I was convinced that this substance would bring victory to the demons. the problem is… … Magritte fixed his mouth.

“It means that the psychic realm has been closed. Before Desire was commercialized and supplied to the military.”

In the end, the voice was right.

“If it destroyed the system, it can be fixed, but the woman used the system. You can’t reopen what you got inside and closed. Until she is purified.”

Sirone’s eyes, which took off the pretense, were filled with strength.

“How long will it take?”

“I don’t know. The mechanic must have known, but he didn’t feel like asking. From then on, I was a bit neglected in technology development, and I was wasting my time, and then I played a joke because Yahweh came at the right time.”

Magritte made a face.

“I ask this time. What is a person who is more busy with construction work than I am in this hell?”

“To annihilate the Demon Realm.”


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A disastrous system that only high-ranking corps commanders can do was harassing reality.

“I’m thinking of going to a chemical company and negotiating. Perhaps you will have to use your strength.”


Magritte stroked his beard.

“Of course, the power of the underworld is based in hell. Are you saying you want to burn the roots because you can’t step on the shoots?”

“okay. I will purify hell. Even if all demons disappear. But if you… … Couldn’t you come up with something better?”

“The threats are going too far. Even though the psychic realm is closed, demons are born endlessly. The army of hell and the corps commander will be restored over time.”

“You want to end it too. I mean the damn bondage between reality and the other side.”

Magritte’s eyes were half-closed.

“Do you believe the legendary precept that not all evil is unrepentant?”

he got up from his seat

“Of course there were things like that. A long time ago. But don’t be mistaken. I am not a being who has attained such lofty realizations. They are one of the common demons who hate Yahweh and hate humans.”

“Is there room for negotiation?”

“Whoops. Do humans negotiate with dogs or pigs?”

Rihanna’s eyes flashed with life.

“Don’t get me wrong. Well, if you’re offended, demons are called dogs or pigs. Anyway, it’s a completely different species. We can never have the same purpose.”

Magritte turned and walked away.

“It was a pleasant breakfast. Then, let everything you want in hell come true…”

Despite the mocking tone, Sirone responded calmly.

“How about opening the psychic realm?” Magritte’s steps stopped.

“… … What do you mean?”

“It is literally. If you can open the psychic realm that is closed by the voice, can you help us?”

Magritte turned to Sirone.

“Even Yahweh is lying. There is no demon who understands the hell system better than I do. Jin Seong-eum, that woman will never find freedom until her karma is done. In other words, it is impossible to open the psychic realm.”

“It can break the karma chain.”

” no.”


Rian stood up at Sirone’s words and infused powerful power into his entire body.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Magritte’s brow crumpled as Gehenna’s chains came out of his chest and crashed into the ground.

The next moment, the four chains snapped and were sucked into Lian’s chest.

“… … how?”

Sirone said with a smile.

“How about it, don’t you want to analyze it? There seems to be a hidden code that you don’t know about.”

Is it a system error?

Magritte, who was glaring at Sirone with fierce eyes, raised her right hand in front of her chest.

At the same time, the chain came out of Lian’s stomach and entered his grasp.


When the displeased Lian gave her strength again, Magritte’s hands were heated like molten iron.

Chee Hee Hee!

Even as she heard the burning sound, Magritte looked down at the chain.

He looked at Lian with a serious expression and threw the chain away, crashing into the floor.


After confirming that Rian had cut it off again, he walked to the window with his hands behind his back.

Silence continued for a while.

‘It’s not usually a problem.’

The first person that came to Magritte’s mind was the president of a chemical company.

‘There’s no way Lethe doesn’t know. But the fact that it did not come, no, that Yahweh arrived at me first… …

Will hell be destroyed now?

‘If it’s natural, it can’t be helped.’

How complacent to think that only hell will be safe in the great cycle.

“I’m telling you to prepare lunch.” After saying that, Magritte snapped a finger at Bielmann and moved on.

“Open the underground lab.” Upon arriving at the Archduke’s laboratory, a young succubus about 1 meter tall came running.

“Hello, Grand Duke. yes?”

The face of the succubus who found Sirone turned pale.

“Hey, Yahweh!”

Instinctively, he invoked the ability of a dreamer, but far from being tempting, it was just cute.

“A guest. Be respectful.”

The Archduke turned around in front of the central device while the succubus, whose powers had been released, made a dazed expression.

“This is Merkede, who manages the lab. For the time being, that child will be at the mercy of Yahweh.”

Ryan looked around.

There were well over 200 huge glass tubes containing human samples.

“Are they all dead?”

“Death in reality is ‘sleep without awakening’, but in hell death is only purification. Well, if you mean ‘sleep without waking’, I’ll leave it at that.”

Sirone asked.

“Why did you bring us here?”

“Breaking the chains of Gehenna alone is not enough to conclude that the system is faulty. First, we’ll examine Lian’s body. And, if possible, Yahweh also supports us. It will serve as reference data.”

When Magritte activated the device, two capsules opened with the sound of wind.

“You can go in here.”

Lian thought of a human sleeping in 200 glass coffins, but Sirone moved on.

“Wait, Sirone. It could be a trap.”

” are you okay.”

Sirone did not stop.

“The Archduke enjoys fighting brains with the enemy, but he doesn’t hang on to his opponent’s weakness.”

The Grand Duke that Guffin knew was such a demon.



Magritte turned away from Sirone’s gaze and turned to the device.

“Come in. It won’t take long.”

As Sirone and Lian entered the capsule, the door closed and transparent water filled it.

As soon as the water rose to his chin, Lian turned his head away, but Sirone remained calm.

The inside of the capsule was filled with water, and after 5 seconds the water level quickly went down.

Merkede reported.

“Scan complete. It will be transmitted to the Demon World screen.”


Magritte inspected the rectangular steel plate containing a shallow layer of blood-red liquid.

Lian’s information was derived.

“This, this… … !”

A number that could not be seen in any demons was engraved on the red plate.

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