Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1032

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City of Magic Engineering (1)

“Come on! Paromedon Restaurant… … huh’?”

Paromedon, the owner of the restaurant, opened the door and looked at the two humans entering.

Human form wherever you look.

More than anything else, the moment I met Sirone, a terrible disgust surged from the depths of my heart.

“Yahweh?… ”

The demons know.

From the state of pure demon, where is one’s essence and what one rejects?

The noisy restaurant became quiet and the eyes of the demons who were eating were focused on them.

“I’ll choke before I even eat.”

Since there is no place in Hell that welcomes Sirone anyway, shamelessness was the survival strategy.

“Here are the two of you.”

When I sat down at the table in the middle, Lian thumped his butt across from me.

The demons who had been watching Sirone turned their heads in the spirit of saying, “If you dare, attack me.”

“I can’t do it. I lost my appetite.” Demons stood up at the table in the corner and walked to the counter and handed over their cards.

“Master, check here.”

Laviet was a city where credit loans through bank computerization were established.

A human face was attached to the side of the counter, and the skull was open to reveal the brain.

In the meantime, as I stabbed the card, the person’s eyes began to spin up and down.

Ryan looked around the store.

A gut-like hose was heading into the kitchen, and I could hear my heart beating inside.

“Why do you need this? If you’re just making something, there’s stone and iron in hell.”

“Because the functions of living things remain intact in an unpurified horse. Besides, it is not destroyed.”

Sirone explained.

“The body of a creature has various functions. For example, the brain is used for computation, and the eyes act as lenses or become terminals for transmitting information.”

As I covered my eyes buried in the table with my hand, I heard a sound from the ceiling.

“Master! Take your order!”

“Of course, there are swords that are limited to conventional use, but Raviette is the cutting edge of hell. The functions developed here will spread throughout Hell.”

“Is the Grand Duke at the center of it?”

“yes. maybe use it here

is incomparable to the function… …

Just then, Paromedon, who finished the calculations, approached.

“I ruined business today because of you. Do the main door. Eat quickly and leave.”

Sirone spoke in the language of the Underworld.

“Could you please give me the menu?” Paromedon’s eyes were bloodshot.

I, Sirone, just calmly waited.

“Yahweh, am I in a really bad mood right now? I warn you, just eat it roughly.”

“It’s the menu.”

Whether it’s hell or heaven, you can’t choose roughly when you eat a meal at a restaurant.


Paromedon went to the counter and dropped two menu boards on the table.

“Are you okay?”

Sirone looked at the menu without paying attention.

“Um, so… …

Considering Lian’s power (the power of camouflage), I picked out a few good ones.

“Please give me Pumong, 3 servings of Garbancho, and a large giraffe. Will it be sooner?”

The menu board was collected without an answer.

“Except for demons like Preta, they don’t eat human flesh, so you can rest assured. I don’t know if it will suit your taste because it’s an ingredient that doesn’t exist in reality.”

Garbancho was an offal salad, and Kirinja was a steak the size of a horse’s thigh.

After placing the food, Paromedon brought the bone cup to the mummified man’s face.

When he pressed his left eye, light green juice poured out of the man’s mouth.

“Come on, it’s Pumong.”

Despite the cold treatment of the host, their stomachs were ready to digest any food.

Rian asked as she cut the giraffe into large pieces.

“By the way Sirone, do you have any money? Isn’t Yahweh giving it away for free?”

“Of course it is.”

Sirone took out ‘Death’, the currency of hell.

“Where did you get it?”

“I had it from the beginning. Gold coins in real life become chips with skulls in Hell. Call this Death.”

“Money and death.”

“In the past, there was a tradition of putting money into the hands of the dead. I thought I had to pay the boatman for the boat to cross the impassable river. He needed money to die. That’s where ‘death’ came from. Of course, it seems that the central bank of the chemical corporation is producing it now.”

The smell of meat was strong, but the food was edible, and the pumong was subtly sweet.

Just when the dishes were all emptied, the door slammed open and demons entered.

“Is Yahweh here?”

It seemed that the demons who had left the store after seeing Sirone for the first time were bragging about it in the streets.

While I was watching with my mouth closed with Pumong, a demon resembling a rhino approached.

He pulled out the chair between Sirone and Lian and sat down, resting his chin on the table and said.

“Heh heh, is it true? In fact, it looks filthy and unlucky. What are you doing here?”


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“You eat. I can not see?”

“I see. looks very good So you’re asking Depending on the answer… …

The demon’s fist on the table turned black and a thorn like a mace came out.

“Maybe I can show you?” Sirone, who made a handkerchief out of material, calmly wiped his lips and then turned his head.

“If you are going to use force, you know that you have to take care of the aftermath, right?”


The demon raised both arms.

“Ha ha ha! It’s a joke, a joke. Can I really fight against Yahweh?”

Laughter broke out and stopped.

“But I hate you. Do you see what I mean? Even if you tear it to death, your anger won’t go away.”

The demons raised their hands using their elbows as leverage.

“How about arm wrestling? Beat me and I’ll let you stay in the city. Conversely, if I win, I will leave immediately.”

Comparing the size of the hand, it was about the size of an adult and a child, but more important than that was ability.

‘Hidden code.’

The black aura that pulled out the thorns just like a mace was a product of magic engineering.

“Sirone, I’ll do it.”

I couldn’t understand the words, but I wasn’t blind to the extent that I didn’t know what the situation was.

Before Sirone had time to stop, Lian moved and grabbed the demon’s thumb.

“You seem to be using a bit of strength, but where are you going? Now that you’re full, I’ll treat you and help you digest it.”

“Cheuk, you will regret it.”

As the game unfolded, the guests, as well as Paromedon, stopped working and approached.

“now! Single match! Winning or losing is determined by touching the back of the hand to the table or to the ground. Any complaints?”

The demon nodded, and Lian, who didn’t understand, also teared up and laughed.


The moment the horse fell, the bodies of Lian and the demons were compressed like rocks, and power was transmitted.

The table split from the start, but the two of them stuck to that state without even a slight movement.

The demon’s face turned red.

“Big! quite!”

As he felt the infinite power of divine transcendence pouring in, the demon’s arms turned black.


Again, a black thorn came out and pierced the back of Lian’s hand without mercy.

“Good! That’s it!”

The demons cheered, but the eyes of Lian, the party in charge, were the same as the first time.

‘Strangely strong.’

Even the division commander of the army of hell was no match for Lian in a physical confrontation.

Sirone was finally convinced.

‘also… … It’s not complete. A special code is being applied to that demon.’

In fact, the demons’ physical strength was only at the level of a brigade commander when compared to the army of hell.

‘Cheuk, demon material, Desire.’

It was ambitiously developed by the Grand Duke, and it was a material that physically embodies the power of desire.

‘Originally, he told Yahweh to experiment, but it doesn’t matter. After defeating this guy…

As the demon’s fist grew blacker, Lian’s arm began to bend back little by little.

“Yahweh! It’s your turn!”

At the same time, power entered Lian’s eyes.

‘ As the incomparable immense power of divine transcendence rushed in, the demon’s face turned pale.

“What, what!”

A crack appeared on the blackened demon’s arm, and it exploded like a shell.

Then, with a crunching sound, the demon’s elbow grotesquely bent back.

“Aaaaaa! eight! my arms!”

The demons clicked their tongues as they watched him rolling on the floor holding his elbows.

“Sheesh! It’s Kim.”

Those who felt a nasty sense of defeat were seated

Upon returning to the , Sirone asked Lian.

“how was it?”

“… … It was incredibly strong. Something is strange.”

Shirone bent down, picked up the black shell that had fallen on the floor, and examined it.

It seemed to have no special function as it was hardened to the point that it would break even with a little force.

‘One-off, or functional destruction.’

Sirone asked the demon with a broken arm.

“Who ordered you to send it? Be honest. This is not something a demon would carry.”

“I do not know. I don’t know!”

“Okay, I won’t ask.”

If I tried to get an answer in any way, the whole city would be paralyzed.

“Instead, tell the person who sent you. The declaration of war was well received, saying that if we don’t send a message by tomorrow evening, then the city you built may be destroyed.”

It was confirmed that the archduke was behind it as the demons nodded their heads.

“Let’s go, Lian.”

When Sirone paid for the food, Pharomedon frowned and counted deaths.

“What about vandalism?”

“We still don’t know whose fault it is. You’ll find out by tomorrow evening. I’ll come back then.”

“No, that’s okay.”

said Paromedon, baring his teeth.

“Drop in the dung and die.”

When I went out into the city, listening to the bad words, the expressions of the residents were not good, as if the rumor had already spread.

Sirone said.

“It will be difficult to go around any more. Let’s find a place to rest. The Grand Duke will contact you tomorrow.”

“Are you okay? It’s obvious, but I don’t think I have good feelings for you just looking at today’s work.”

“So I want to meet you. The material from a moment ago is probably in the experimental stage. If it is supplied to the army of Hell… …

“Hmm, I guess.”

Sirone and Lian found a nearby lodging.

“It was good to sleep comfortably.”

It was difficult to even breathe in a space where the reproductive organs of all kinds of creatures were clinging.

“Let’s close our eyes for a moment. We’d better wait here until the Archduke comes.”

While asleep with the lights on, La Viette’s temperature dropped exponentially.

oh oh oh oh!

Sirone slowly opened her eyes while hearing the sound of the cold wind like a howl.

Ryan was up first.

“Sirone, someone has come.”

The place where I felt the presence was outside the inn, but the voices of uninvited guests could be heard from the room.

“Sorry for coming in late.” The wall distorted, and a demon wearing a monocle entered and bent over.

“Soin, my name is Bielman. I am here to apologize for what happened during the day and to invite you two.”

“Did the Archduke send it?”

Bielmann responded with a relaxed smile even to a question that hit the point.

“I’d like to say, “You’ll know when you go, but… … . Yes, Archduke Magritte is calling.”

‘It’s faster than expected.’

I wanted to find meaning, but I couldn’t guess the character of the archduke from this alone.

“great. Guide me.”

A luxurious carriage was waiting for them in the freezing cold air.

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