Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1029

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Black Victory (2)

Boyd, the deputy manager of the chemical company.

Arriving at the Karma Management Department after being called, he bowed his head at Lethe’s instructions.

“yes. yes.”

Unlike Monolas, Boyd was sure to get things done, and he didn’t even have a need for money.

“When you arrive in Laviette, meet the chief of staff. It seems to be a little late because something happened… … . Anyway, then go to the Archduke and tell him what I said.”

“All right.”

In my nature, I wanted to hand over the entire volume to Boyd.

‘Ugh, that ugly pig.’

However, when she thought of the shame that Monoras would receive, her heart inevitably weakened.

“Then proceed like that. The chief secretary assists well. I want to make sure there is no misunderstanding.”

“… … yes.”

The future was bleak at the thought of working with Monolas, but would Lethe be the only one?

‘I will help, boss.’

To Boyd, Lethe was the most reasonable person in Hell and the mother of all demons.

‘Only Monoras doesn’t know.’

As Boyd left with cold eyes, Lethe sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

“Whoa, then I’ll close my eyes for a while… …


Vivian shouted.

“Classification number 4984! An Incident at the Wailing Wall! This is where Lian is!”

Lethe, who fell asleep, turned her body.


The scene of the Wailing Wall being blown up was reflected on the screen without Vivian needing to explain.


It didn’t collapse, but humans were pouring in with thousands of holes pierced.

“Is that kid crazy! If you’re going to go, go ahead. Why are you destroying the warehouse? What is the replacement loss?”

“I think it was overpowered and crashed. The amount of loss is large, but the system error… …

Vivian pointed at Lian.

“What should I do with this?” The blood gradually faded from Lethe’s face as she stared at the screen.

“little bit more!”

Lian, who was climbing the wall on the left vertically, finally found the end and leaped.


When I turned around at the sound of the powerful explosion, I saw a wailing wall with holes like cheese.


Sirone shouted.

“See you at the end!”

The only way to get to Hwa Resources Management Corporation was to cross the Wailing Wall.

As Sirone spread his wide wings and ran away from the black monk, Lian also looked ahead.

There were far more black monks blocking his sight than Sirone had dealt with.


was subject to purification.

“O existence bound by the pain of deterioration, you are an existence that should not enjoy freedom by nature. What kind of arrogant trick is he going around with his chains broken?”

Lian aimed at the great straight sword.

“Because I decided to do it.”

Because karma is the result of a cause, it was a code that could not be changed in any way.

‘Is it possible?’

From the point of view of the black monk, the shock was as strong as a dead person reviving.

“… … Purify it.”

Black monks rushed in like smoke.

?Punish the guilty!

The black cloak swayed like a liquid, then swelled up like smoke and engulfed the space.

A black chain was fired at Lian, and the scythe hidden in the cloak flashed in an instant.


As Lian’s great sword fired a single sword, the darkness in front of him split open.

– Big! how… …

When the unpredictable movement was blocked with a single knife, the vigilance of the Black Seung unit soared.

“be careful. It is the ultimate blow.”

Like a zeta function.

Just as it is impossible to find a pattern of a few in the infinity of numbers, Lian’s rhythm has not yet been defined.

‘It’s definitely a rhythm that doesn’t exist in hell. It’s such a mess that even God frowns.’

Indefinite beats contain all the herbivores that swordsmanship can create in a single straight line.

‘If I approach it clumsily, I’ll be cut right away.’

It was a technique of time, not space, so it was the result of effort, not talent.


Nothing stood in the way of Lian, who swung his sword in all directions and advanced.

A human hand came up from the floor while the monsters watched with difficulty.

“don’t go.”


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The arm that wrapped around his ankle had been ripped off, but now everyone was holding on to Lian.

“Now! Get it done quickly!” Because he wants to be unhappy, Lian kicked the ground, recalling Sirone’s words.


The hands that stood up along Rian’s run swayed like a field of reeds.

Eventually, some humans broke off the wall and climbed on Lian’s body.

The human with only the upper body shook his spine and shouted.

“don’t go! You can’t go!”


Just as Rian was about to run away, he felt a hot flame welling up in his chest.

“If only… … Keugh!” The moment Gehenna’s chains protruded from the pit of the stomach and pierced the Wailing Wall in all directions.

Ooh oh oh oh!

I heard a scream that seemed to explode my brain.


As the scream separated into individual emotions, it began to penetrate Lian’s mind.

– Why are only you free? We’re suffering, so why are we happy?

like this


“shut up!”

-Let’s die together. let’s suffer together


I can’t bear to be free.

The chains of Gehenna were pulled.

“Shut up!”

Hundreds of humans were dragged out in chunks along the chain, like sweet potato stalks.

– You are the same. you also… … you’re like us

Their voices penetrated deep into the heart and awakened Lian’s hidden nature.


Hearing this, veins formed in Lian’s neck and blood flowed from his eyes.

‘Ogent Ly?’

When the second brother succeeded in swordsmanship, all the acquaintances of the swordsmanship family spoke up.

“Compared to him, Lian… … I have no talent.

“No, they said it wasn’t like that. It seems that he has no understanding of swordsmanship at all.”

On the way home after completing swordsmanship training, Lian heard their whispers.

“It must be difficult to be the head of household because there is such a difference. Why, in that case, my brother is out of the way. If you don’t want to grab your ankle later, you’d better give up now.”

Hallucinations were heard.

-I hate Lai. I would have wanted to kill Why can’t I have the talent he was given?

“A rai is just a rai.”

Who Rihanna Really Wants to Kill

3,000 humans were dragged behind Lian, who was running while cutting down the black beast.


The number increased endlessly as someone else grabbed the human who held the chain.

Weight of more than 6 tons to experience.

‘I won’t give up!’ Unable to shake off those clinging to him, what he could do was extremely simple.

‘in action. two legs… …

It was all that any human being could do.

‘There is such a thing as a genius in the world.’

When he was defeated by Sirone in a sword fight at the Ogent family’s training ground, Rian realized.

‘I’ll never be like this.’

A feeling that cannot but be acknowledged.

‘any… … It’s bittersweet.’

Lian had to make a choice in the midst of a sense of defeat that Rai did not feel.

‘Let’s do what I can.’ something anyone can do.

Hallucinations were heard.

-He must be jealous of Sirone. You just want to be by her side because you look so radiant with Shiro.


-Actually, you want to kill me. If someone gives you the power to kill Sirone, you will receive it. Because he is jealous of Sirone.

“Sirone is just a sirone.”

Who Lian really wants to kill don’t go! don’t go!” While Lian ran 14 kilometers, a huge human mass was dragged behind him.

“Let’s die together! Let’s die together!”

Estimated mass 94 tons.

“Talk about it! I never stop!”

Who Rihanna really wants to kill


The Ogentrian of the future who has overcome all the pain, all the training, and all the despair.

“catch! catch! Never let them run away! Everyone stand up! I mean catch it!”

Estimated mass 187 tons.

“Kiaaa! Get buried here! You live as a wall just like us!”

Ryan moved his legs endlessly.

‘Yeah, get in the way! Beat it all you want! No matter how much I trample on you, even if you go through a death or death ceremony!’

Future Lian, who was waiting in the distance, aimed a straight sword at the present Lian.

“I don’t stop aaaaa!”

Estimated mass 302 tons.

Even so, the black monks continued to retreat as their speed did not drop.

– Let’s attack. I can do it now.

Black monks rushing from all sides were swept away by Lian’s sword, which was filled with negativity.

“Come on! Do anything!” When the acceleration decreases, it is over.

Feeling the load on the chains growing exponentially, Lian gritted his teeth.

” I am??????

getting stronger every day

“I am.”

You fail until you can’t fail anymore.

‘Everyone repeats what they can do, and fills the day with it.’

And compressing each day into 1 second again… … .

“I am!”

Huge Time Leap!


The chains of Gehenna heated up red, and the bodies of the people who clung to them caught fire.

“Kiaaa! no! no!”

Those who never wanted to let Lian go embraced the chains all over their bodies.

“it hurts! It hurts!” The temperature of the flame was too hot for them to carry what Lian was carrying.


The future Lian nodded approvingly and charged at him.

Lian held up the great sword.

“It kills you.”

Because that place is mine now.


Watching the humans clinging to the chains turn to ashes, the monsters scattered in all directions.

“Divine transcendence.”

The two Lian, who finally met at one point, swung their big swords at each other.


Future Lian was slashed, and everything in front was split up and down.

-Kieeh! this, this… … !

At the place where the black monks dispersed and disappeared like smoke, the end of the Wailing Wall was visible.


The moment I spurred the rooftop with all my strength, I heard Sirone’s voice from the left.


He didn’t say anything, but the expression on his face as he waved at Lian was really bright.


It is my sun that can never be reached.


Smiling at Sirone, Lian turned her head and looked at the clear horizon.

‘They are running side by side.’

The half-collapsed Wailing Wall and the burning Wailing Wall were seeing them off.

The Karma Management Department was enveloped in silence.

Lethe, who had been watching the screen with a bewildered face, hovered aimlessly.


I finally regained my mind to think, but the crushing headache was not welcome at all.

“Damage, what is the scale of the damage?” When I asked, rubbing the back of her neck, Vivian turned her head away with a slightly frightened expression.

“It’s about 83 billion deaths.”


Lethe nodded coolly, but once her head moved, there was no sign of stopping.

“83 billion. Let’s see if it’s 83 billion deaths… … Two dukedoms flew away, right?”

“Yes, what.”

Lethe’s foot thumped and hit the ground.

“These beggars are real! I’m about to die because the company’s situation is really bad. can’t do it! I’ll go myself! Call the deputy chief again!”

said Vivian hastily.

“You have to start with repairing the damage. In the current situation, if Lethe-nim is absent, the company will be paralyzed.” Lethe, her breathing heavy, lost her thoughts and cried out with tears in her eyes.

“Is there really a God?”

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