Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1028

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The gap that divides the Wailing Wall was so narrow that it was invisible from a distance, but when I approached it, it was quite wide at 20 meters.

“ha. ha.”

People who just breathe.

“Here, hey. the water. Could you give me some water?”

People seeking help.

Lian didn’t react to anything and just moved on in silence.

And when I could no longer see the way in or out, I opened my mouth for the first time.

“Sirone, what are these?”

Or should I call it ‘this’?

“Those who are not purified.”

Sirone saw countless hands and feet wriggling protruding from the Wailing Wall.

“The Wailing Wall is not only here. This is spread all over the world. Realistically, would it be a warehouse necessary for civil engineering?”

“storage? Are you saying that humans are the material?” “There is a being called Black Seung. No, actually it’s more like a system. As an active form of attack by the purification system, it serves to capture creatures that have fallen here.”

“You mean they piled humans here? why? According to you, you have to purify it, right?”

“Because hell is the other side of reality. It’s just that the properties are opposite, but it’s the same that you need a lot to live. In reality, there are organic and inorganic substances. Organic matter is used for food, and inorganic matter is the material of many structures.”

Ryan understood.

“Hell is the other way around.”

“huh. The food of the demons is demons born from the fires of hell, that is, refined demons. Actually, when you hear it like this, it sounds like you’re eating your own people, but not all demons are the same. Humans also eat chicken or pigs in the category of living things. Rice and wheat, of course.”

Sirone pointed to the wall.

“On the contrary, unpurified demons play the role of minerals in hell. In other words, it is the same as human emotions. However, when minerals are needed, they are often used in large quantities, so a special warehouse was needed… …

“That became the Wailing Wall.”

“huh. At this scale, it will be mobilized for dam construction on the River of Fire and urban expansion construction. It is said that there is a separate subcontractor that processes and transports the Wailing Wall… …

Sirone shook her head.

‘This should be enough to explain the structure. It’s too harsh for Rian.’

The Wailing Wall is just a system for Sirone, who embraces reality and the other side at the same time, but Lian was different.

“What you need to be more careful about is the black monk. I’ll bring back the fugitives I’ve caught from all over Hell, and I’m sure they’ll be here too. Of course, it’s so huge that there’s little chance of bumping into it.”

Realistically speaking, the probability of meeting a manager in a large distribution warehouse was about the same.

Ryan said with his eyes tightened.

“No need to worry. If it’s a black beast or whatever, it’s enough to cut it down if it appears.”

It wasn’t going to be easy.

‘The Black Seung’s chain is the hidden code with the strongest binding power in the underworld. Even if you break the chains of Gehenna… …

While he was lost in thought, an old woman’s voice was heard from the wall on the left as Lian was walking.

“Please save me.”

It was Lian who didn’t look away as much as possible, but he couldn’t overcome the earnest voice.

When I turned my head, I saw an old man crying with his face and arms protruding like sheep.

“It hurts so much. get me out of here I beg you like this. please… …


Sirone answered before she could hear Rian’s words.


“Is there absolutely no way? For example, if you cleanse the wall with Gehenna’s chains… …

Sirone shook her head.

“Lian, listen carefully. The people here are not real people. their

It’s a feeling.”

“I know. But you’re looking for help. Can anything be more important than that?”

Ryan was such a person.

“Of course it is.”

That’s why, although he is a respected friend, Sirone knew exactly about human emotions.

“It is different from when I purified the fire of hell. Because it is the crystal of pure magic. It burns you along the chains of Gehenna, and you can overcome it. However, these are turbid demons that have not yet been purified. If you put the chains of Gehenna here… … Sirone said with an embarrassed expression.

“All their feelings will be delivered to you. You may lose yourself.”

It’s the nature of doing so, but perhaps Lian would have broken his stubbornness at this point.


This is because he would not want to do anything that put Sirone in danger.

‘I’m sorry, Lian.’

Sirone, who had no choice but to do this despite knowing that fact, felt frustrated.

“please… … save me Have mercy on me.”

Sirone, who had her eyes on the old woman’s desperate look for a moment, turned her head.

“Let’s go. If you want to get out of the Wailing Wall within today, you have to walk nonstop.”

When Rian, who had taken her eyes off the wall, was about to follow Sirone, a violent wind blew.

A muffled voice was heard mixed with the wind.

– Foolish sinners.

I looked at the sky and saw something that looked like a dark cloud passing fast.

“It’s a black victory.”

As soon as the words were finished, Sirone and Lian hid themselves with their backs against the wall.

‘It’s a fairly large number.’

Despite looking through a 20-meter-wide gap, the sky was covered with black clouds.

Ryan asked.

“Avoiding unnecessary risks is in favor, but are they really that powerful?”


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In case of an emergency, it was better to know the enemy’s strength in order to deal with a monster.

“It’s a system problem. Their chains are a tremendous blow to unpurified demons.

Because it exerts speed.”

“flaw “

Just as Lian frowned, a bony arm came over from behind and wrapped around his neck.

“here… …

It was the old woman who asked Lian for help a little while ago.

“we are here! The fugitives are here!”

The sound I heard right next to me hurt my ears, but the first emotion that came to me was questionable.


As if laughing at Rian’s heart, the numerous faces embedded in the walls began to scream.

“Two guys are hiding! hurry! hurry!” As the voice continued to come through, I climbed the wall and finally reached the sky.

Then, a black cloud came in through the gap and fell on Sirone and Lian at terrifying speed.

“Let’s avoid it, Lian!”

Lian tore off the old woman’s arm and threw it away.

“here! here!”

Numerous fingers on the wall waved at them and screams flew.

“Go this way! Grab it fast!” Rian, who caught up with Sirone, asked.

“Why are you accusing us? Will you be freed from the Wailing Wall if you give credit to the monster?”

“No, they are treated like minerals in Hell. Liberation is absolutely impossible.”

“Then what is the reason?”

Why did they accuse Black Seung?

In Sirone’s mind, there was only one.

“Because they want us to be unhappy.”


“Nothing helps them. They just don’t like that we’re better off. That’s why I’m trying to use energy and attract it. To make them suffer the same misfortune.”

Those who had a hard time even opening their eyes a moment ago were screaming loudly.

“here! Here!”

Listening to their voices, Lian calmed the fire in his heart.

‘I don’t think.’

they are only them

‘Protect Sirone. All you have to do is fix it in your head and move on.’

The Black Victory was coming.

A rag-like cloth fluttered, and a white face passed through the darkness.

‘Skull? No, more than that, the cloak they put on is the problem. I can’t read the movement.’

material that does not exist in the world.

It was a physical change as if the three states of gas, liquid and solid were mixed at the same time.

-You foolish sinner.

“Rian! Now!”

The black monks who blocked the front and back of the street pulled out the black chains from their cloaks.

At the same time, Sirone and Lian flew upward, and Lian climbed up while stepping on the wall.


Looking down, black chains were embedded in the walls in an intricate pattern like a spider’s web.

– Those who are not purified will be tried.

The eyes of the people forming the wall widened as something sloshed along the chain and was sucked in.

“Oh! Kkeuk… …

After a while.


As the entire wall vibrated, a tremendous demonic energy was sucked into the body of the black monk.

– Catch the guilty!

Lian’s face crumpled as she ran vertically at the roar coming from below.


The Wailing Wall was really tall, running at near-flying speed, with no end in sight.

– Yahweh! How can you disturb hell!

Meanwhile, Sirone, who fled to the opposite wall, flew up avoiding the beast’s chains.

Sirone, who reached the top of the wall faster than Rian, landed on the swampy bottom.

People were half-buried, and little humans continued to fall like dots from the black clouds in the sky.

With a strong wind, the 24 black monks who had followed Sirone floated into the air.

‘The Light of Agape!’

When Sirone opened her eyes, a sphere of brilliant light that floated above her head exploded.


When the light disappeared again, a huge, shallow groove was dug around Sirone.

‘As expected.’ The human walls were crushed as if they were melted by the heat, but their power was less than that of the demons.

Because it’s not pure magic.

‘And Black Seung… …

The ability of the hidden code was clearly wrapped around the black chain, and it was holding on intact.


After uttering a voice, the black monk withdrew his chain and spread the liquid-like cloak widely.

The figure of a skeleton holding a scythe was revealed.

“Where are you wandering in this world where everyone rejects you?”

“I came to meet the manager of this world. If you let it go easily, I won’t be complicated.”

“… … The reason is?”

“To get rid of the real demon world. A lot of people are dying because of the code you created.”

Hokseung lowered his head.

“The words are always plausible. But, Yahweh, do you know? Human death is… …

Numerous wild beasts that arrived after them spread out at the same time and attacked Sirone.

– That this is our life.

The movements of the black monk, hidden behind a black cloak, were completely out of line with the law.


can’t count

Looking at the fluttering of the cloak, it seemed that the space was shimmering along with the black monk.

– I will purify it.

The moment the black chains were fired with a slippery sound, Sirone’s body twisted.

– what?

Hundreds of chains passed by without hitting any one of them.

‘Quantum motion.’

The algorithm used by the world’s strongest wizard was bizarre enough to resemble a hidden code.

-Don’t be careless. He is Yahweh

As the black monks circled around them, they began to wrap Sirone in black chains.

At the same time, the monsters who put chains on the rooftop also activated the purification code.

-Ooh oh oh!

It was an intention to neutralize Sirone’s agape by combining human emotions.

-come! come!

The Hand of God was seen in the eyes of the black monk who raised his head, trembling at the love of Yahweh.

The moment the huge sphere of light vibrated, Sirone’s voice was heard from inside the chain.

“Photon Cannon.”

A vertical flash of light landed on the jade to the right of the Wailing Wall.

“Uh uh uh! Aaaaaaa!”

As the outer wall inflated like a balloon, the people making up the wall made a look of astonishment.

“no! not… … !”

And finally, at the same time as the explosion, light leaked out from over 3,000 holes.

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