Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1024

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Circulating world (1)

Sirone stared at the huge eyes that floated between the gates of the Maika ruins.

It was hidden by an opaque veil, but it definitely looked like snow, and it looked like a living creature.

“Who are you?”

There was no answer, but it occurred to me that I might not be able to communicate.

As she walked from the gate to the side, to her surprise, her pupils followed Sirone.

‘Looking at me.’

If it were an existence from the outside world, all the truths that mankind has known so far would be broken.

“You know I’m here. Anything is fine, so show me the proof.”

Just because the gate of a super-ancient civilization has been opened does not prove that it is the outside world.

‘You have to listen to it yourself. No, even if it’s anything other than sound, something that can serve as evidence.’

It is meaningless unless something more than a mechanical response emerges from the inside of the gate.

At that moment, the eyes blinked.

It may or may not have been a special signal, but Sirone asked with anticipation.

“Is that the outside world? If there’s a reason you can’t speak, blink your eyelids twice.”

There was no reaction.

No matter how convincing he was, the pupils seemed to be carrying out activities separate from Shirone’s existence.

Sirone was angry at the situation where she couldn’t move forward with the last truth in front of her.

“tell me. why do we exist? where did you come from and where are you going

going to be?” Looking at his indifferent eyes, I wondered if he hadn’t even been interested in it in the first place.

‘I can’t give up.’

Sirone tried every one of the methods that immediately came to mind.

The result is a catastrophic failure.

Sirone, who failed to get any meaningful response, reached mental exhaustion.


Perhaps everything Sirone tried was a simple one for the pupil.

‘Whatever the worm does, to the human eye it is just wriggling:

Sitting down in her seat, Sirone looked around at the Mica ruins with no trace of people.

‘It’s a lonely place.’

The feeling that there was truly nothing seemed to be evidence of God’s indifference.

‘There was a god with a heart.’

Shirone, who was lost in her memories for a moment, asked her eyes with a bitter smile.

“Is the guffin there?” I just missed it, didn’t expect anything.

“McLean Guffin. it’s my dad I hope you are doing well. miss you.”

At that moment, his eyes blinked twice for the first time.


Sirone jumped up at the epoch-making change that occurred for the first time after coming here.

“Did you just answer? If you know anything… … !”

As her eyes disappeared outside the curtain before she could finish her words, Sirone bit her lip.

‘Come back. I mean come back.’

It may not have been that Sirone’s feelings were conveyed, but the pupils reappeared.

talent… … !

When a powerful high frequency sound exploded, Sirone frowned and stepped back while bending her waist.


It seemed to be trying to convey something, but even with the Ultima system, it was impossible to decipher it at all.

‘Let’s not understand.’

Even the tiniest fragment of the signal from the eyes would transcend Nane’s sermon.

Emotions close to interrogative were conveyed, and after a while, the high frequency returned to stability.

“God’s party.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘It makes sense.’

It’s information coming in reverse like Giyorgi did, but it was definitely the protocol of this world.

“… … Prohibited silverfinger inraclemac.”

The moment she heard that, a tremendous roar exploded and blew away Sirone’s spirit.

‘no! It can’t end here… … !’

I tried to hold on somehow, but the entire ruins of My Car were scattered with dust.


When Sirone returned to reality surrounded by a magnetic field, Poine came running.

“Messiah! Are you all right!”

“Huh! Huh!”

Not even recognizing the fact that it was real, Sirone reviewed the situation from a moment ago.

“I heard you.”

“yes? what is that… …

Nothing had been sorted out yet, but the shock at the time was vivid in my memory.

“I was trying to convey something to me.”

While Poine and Caios did not understand, Kalt’s voice was heard.

“… … is it.”

When Sirone raised his head, Kalt leaned back in his chair with an enchanted expression.


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“What happened?”

The back of the chair where Kalt was sitting was splattered with brain water and blood.

Poine said.

“My head exploded. Soon after that, the Messiah appeared again.”

When Sirone climbed the stairs and arrived in front of Kalt, her dying gaze moved slowly.

“Those eyes… … Did I talk to you?”

There is a question that has plagued him endlessly ever since he gained love through Oparts.

What is it?


Sirone felt a sense of kinship.

Although I don’t know his philosophy or thoughts, the emotion felt through the electric field was one.

‘Where do we come from?’

Maybe from the moment I opened the Spirit Zone, I ran only to find the answer?

‘I’m angry.’

That we don’t know who we are, even while we live, eat, sleep, and reproduce day by day.

‘Humans, mankind… …

The fact is that I can’t stand it.

“I’m glad though. so I can check before I die. No, dying isn’t even funny.”

The liveliness in Kalt’s eyes cooled.

“I am… … Did I really live in this world?”

It was a will.

Sirone buried the fact that he was a pirate for a while and closed Kalt’s eyelids.

‘It was a dangerous journey.’

The fact that Kalt’s brain was blown away when he was forcibly cut off from the information of the super ancient civilization… … .

‘What if it was me?’

It wouldn’t have been easy, but it was something you couldn’t guarantee against the outside world.

‘I have to find it myself.’

There was a need for a way to access safely without being dominated by Oparts.

“Bro bro.”

Jakra, who had been released from confinement, approached Kalt with an expression of disbelief.

“Are you really dead?”

Returning to the back of the chair, he even confirmed that his head had been blown off, and raised his hands.

“Hahahaha! Brother is dead! It’s over now! From today, I am the King of Dionas!”

Other pirates also joined.

“shit! I thought I was dying of frustration! You talk nonsense every day!”

Kaios, who was watching the scene, asked.

“What should I do?”

“Once everything is arrested… … remain

take care of it.”

Hearing Sirone’s words, Jakra pressed his temples to reveal his intention to kill.

“haha! It’s already too late! my ability… … huh?”

Other pirates repeated the same thing as Jakra, but the space jump didn’t work.

“The only Oparts was Kalt. As long as his awareness is gone, you guys are just normal humans.”

While the pirates stiffened with blank expressions, Sirone said to Cairns.

“Let the refugees in. Other diplomatic procedures will be dedicated. And Mr. Rangi… …

Sensitive Cairns lowered his head.

“Nothing will happen. If she wishes, she will be repatriated right away to her country of origin.”

Is the range a problem?

It was a great opportunity for Arachne if she could exercise all of Dionas’ authority.

‘Of course, in the temple, it will be a debt… …

After all, that’s what politics is.

When Sirone ran past the pirates, Poine trotted after him.

“Messiah, what shall we do?”

“first… … How about taking a little break?”

They were the ones who did not have a comfortable day while protecting 20,000 refugees.

“Good judgment. But, what’s next?”

“You have to do what you can.”

The discovery of evidence from the outside world does not change today’s affairs.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disturbed. But one day we too will find the ultimate answer. and… …

Sirone looked back at Poine.

“In order for that day to come, shouldn’t we live first? Every day, do your best.”

You can live like that again.


Realizing that the heart of philanthropy was still in the world, Poine smiled in relief.

moon face.

Nane looked down at the human planet.

‘Looking down?’ The direction would be meaningless on the moon floating in space, but it was actually like that.

“What is important?”

If you look at it from the moon, even the tragedy on that blue planet seems like someone else’s business… … .

“Why should I suffer?” My heart hurt even more.


Shura saw the sword of the sermon, tightly packed in a radius of 100 meters, shake.

“It’s getting dangerous.” Since it is a sermon that provides an environment for living things to live in space, it would be disastrous if it was destroyed.

The scream broke through the intangible barrier.

“Kiaaa! Kiaaa!”

The cosmic creature ‘Destura’, made up of a mental body, was attracted to Nane’s thoughts.

“Kurrrr! wealth… … wife!”

A sickle-like hand pierced the barrier, and golden electricity spread like a crack.

“Is the universe rejecting me?”

Being materialized through the thoughts of others, Stura was the main culprit in preventing humanity from escaping the planet.

Watching the monster gradually infiltrate the barrier, Shura swallowed.

‘When a certain thought recognizes the universe, they come without a doubt. A truly terrible race.’

According to her investigation, even the dragon that tried to escape the planet 600 years ago was caught by Destura and crashed into pieces.

“Kuaaa! Aagh!”

Air escaped through the cracks as the gigantic monster shoved its upper body into the barrier.

“I will stop you.”

Just when Shura crossed her hands and was about to demonstrate her Gestalt ability, Nane said.

“A guest is coming.” Shura looked back toward the planet, maintaining his posture.


Something red-hot was coming towards the moon, like when a meteorite breaks through the atmosphere.

‘Even just escaping the planet’s gravity would be difficult.’

Shura, who watched a little more, sighed after realizing the identity of the one engulfed in flames.

“Haa, I mean…

Son Yu-jeong, the incarnation of a stone monkey, was coming, stretching her burial clothes in the ground to infinity.

She landed attracted by the moon’s gravity

He lowered his yeoui-bong and spat out ferociously.

“Finally found. be sick.”

Understanding from the shape of her mouth, Nane smiled.

“If you’re the granddaughter of the Thunderbolt, it wouldn’t be strange to climb the moon… …

The Desturas who were aiming for Buddha changed their goals and started approaching her.

“Do you know where this is?”

Burning like hot iron, she inspected the monster and took out another woman’s clothing.

The other day, Lian had split it in two, but it was like two because the length could be adjusted.

Nana smiled.

“This Gonryu?”

Son Yu-jeong, with clubs hanging down in both hands, muttered as she tilted her head crookedly.

“Something like beggars… …

The moment De Stura, 8 meters in height, raises both arms from the surface of the lunar surface.


A hand oil well emanating a golden glow from its eyes protruded, revealing the monkey’s fangs.

In the near-vacuum silence, the two female doctors frantically beat Destura.

started to hear

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