Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1023

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Electric Civilization (4)

I saw a lot of firearms installed along the coast of Dionas Kingdom.

There was a castle beyond the thick forest like a jungle, and colorful birds flew in the sky.

Sirone, who was on the Arachne sailboat, first of all forbade the refugees from approaching.

“There may be artillery fire. Wait here for now, and I will go up to the land.”

Then the sound of cannons exploded.

Sirone and the others looked back, but what they shot into the sky was a firecracker filled with confetti.

Then, frivolous music sounded and a speedboat quickly approached.


Arachne’s Knights boarded the speedboat and returned after talking with the pirates.

“Kalt, the king of Dionas, has sent a welcome letter. He says he will take you to the royal castle.”

Cairns, having read the notice, crumpled the paper.

“joy! Shameless. You sent your younger brother to attack us, so now you’re letting him in?”

Sirone said.

“Maybe he thought fighting on the sea was his only chance. Anyway we’ll go. What would Arachne do?”

“… … Of course you should go. But the sailboat won’t dock. You don’t know the tricks of the enemy, but you can’t go looking for them with treasure.”

Thus, a small team was formed, consisting of Cairns and an attendant, a Sirone and an apostle.

“I will go too.”

Rangi intervened.

“Please let me go with you. It will help. After all, first impressions are important.”


In a sense, it was the most important tribute in the negotiations, and Cairns was displeased.

“This is the enemy camp. If you are in danger, you may be at a disadvantage in diplomatic warfare.”

“But I don’t think it’s more comfortable here. The safest place is… …

Rangi hugged Sirone’s arm.

“Couldn’t it be right here?” Cairns put on a blank expression, but couldn’t think of anything to refute.

“Are you okay?”

Sirone knew why she was willing to take the risk to follow.

‘To help me.’

There was also a point in saying that ships were more dangerous in the case of Rangi.

“Let’s go together. After all, Jacques is in our hands. I don’t know how much the hostages will be worth.”

A total of 11 people boarded Dionas’ speedboat and landed.

As I traversed the jungle, I saw a complicated path made of plywood between the trees.

There were innumerable small guardhouses, and a murderous spirit that could not be hidden came out in them.

Poine smiled.

“Their hostility is embarrassing. Of course, even if I hid it, they would have noticed.”

Because the road was rough, Rangi and Cairns reached the castle several times with the help of magic.

“Is this royal castle?”

It was a brick building that would have been popular only 300 years ago, and the scale was the size of a monastery in the central continent.

“Your Highness is a simple person. You pursue the remote island without any desire for money or power.”

Poine laughed at the Shinigami’s explanation.

“A human like that ordered me to kidnap a flower-like maiden? Hunger, what does the pirate’s words mean?”

“Do not insult Your Highness. If you recklessly try to read his thoughts, you will not be able to avoid his death.”

The feeling that it was not a lie could be seen even by looking at Jakra who was terrified.

When the gate was opened, pirates lined up along the red carpet.

It was certainly an attempt worthy of a subordinate of a pirate, but Sirone paid attention to the person in front of him.


A man with scattered red hair greeted them with his palms exposed.

“Travelers to the Holy Land of Peace, welcome.”

Whereas normal people use whole-tone intonations, Kalt’s intonations were mostly semitones.

“Don’t worry about anything. As long as I am, nothing can harm you.”

Its queer accent was obnoxious, artistic, and scum.

“I am the Five Stars of the Ivory Tower.” Sirone came out.

“Your younger brother, Jakra, attacked our vessel. You will have to explain properly.”

Kalt looked at his brother with a nonchalant gaze.

“You wouldn’t say that you don’t know, would you? This guy confessed everything last night.”

“town! town!”

Jacques, who even broke the technique of his mind and shook his head, was already out of his mind.

“Yes, I sent my brother. Rangi, her soul mate, to greet her.”

Kalt put his hand on his chest and lowered his head.

“I am grateful to you for bringing me here. You are still beautiful, Rangi.”

Rangi felt electricity go through his body.

“Oh, come to think of it, you trimmed your bangs. About two centimeters, no, about two and a half centimeters.”

If you’re a sensitive guy, it’s not like you hate Rangi, but if that’s too much… … .

“Eyelashes. The thirteenth eyelash is bent by about 0.7 degrees. Where did the fluff that was 7.3 centimeters above your wrist go? It’s my favorite hair.” It’s a mental vomit.

“There is no need to be afraid. ‘Cause I won’t touch you No, you don’t have to touch it.”

Kalt’s eyelids began to tremble.

“Because you already feel it.”


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He let out a groan as if slowly crawling out, and continued with his saliva.

“Everything is felt. Your body, your reactions, even your thoughts… … . Alas, I have just become one with you. integrated. It feels great.” Rangi’s face was tearful.

‘no. I hate to die.’

I wanted to grab Sirone right now and scream that I couldn’t live with this person.

“It’s called integration.”

Sirone asked with a serious expression.

“What are you?”

Rangi’s ability to see through anything can be explained by the effect of the electromagnetic field.

And it reminded me of the concept of a special sense that Sirone knew.

‘Ultima system.’

The obsession will be electricity.

In fact, wasn’t the Ultima System accepted by Babel also in the form of electricity?

‘If the universe was born from electricity, it is no wonder that the endgame is electricity.’

One of a kind first.

“Who am I?”

said Kalt.

“Those who feel the waves of the whole world. oh nothing He could be a god or just manure.”

Sirone was convinced.

‘A state similar to when Babel absorbed the Ultima System. It is impossible to explain with only the five senses… …

You can feel it.

If that huge feeling had dominated him for more than ten years, it was understandable that he was insane.

“You don’t seem to know, so I’ll tell you. Kalt, you’re sick. You need to get treatment.”

“therapy? You say I’m sick?”

“okay. It must be because of the oparts. I don’t know how you got it, but that’s what made you this way. I will help you. now that… … where are you?”

I meant it sincerely.

It was also the reason why Kalt, who had not listened to anyone until now, remained silent.

“I’m sick… …

It wasn’t Sirone’s voice, but the sensation felt as a wave conveyed the truth.

The pirates raised their weapons.

“majesty! Don’t be fooled! These guys are trying to take the oparts from us!”

In fact, they had never seen Oparts.

It’s just that everything has been going well since Kalt’s personality changed 13 years ago.

“Oparts? Oh, and Mika.”

Kalt held out his hand toward the air with a vague gaze.

“It’s a beautiful place. can you see I am here now too. It floats around in this air.”

He came to his senses and looked back at Sirone.

“Do you want to see it? Shall I show it to you too?” This time, Poine dried it.

“Messiah, this is dangerous. You shouldn’t act before you’ve thoroughly analyzed it.”

It made sense, but Sirone’s frequency was already resonating with Kalt.

“You can go, Mikae?”

“No, I am not going. they are calling Yes, it definitely feels like being called.”

‘It’s them.’

Words spoken with the 5th sense may be completely new at the 11th sense level, but… … .

“good. I will have to see for myself.”

He thought there was no reason why he couldn’t go where Kalt had gone.

“Come this way.”

As Kalt squeezed his temples, blue electricity began to swirl in his eyes.

After a while, he stuck out his tongue, and there was a thin rectangular metal plate on top.


Arachne’s officials whispered, but Sirone didn’t look particularly surprised.

‘Creatures cannot create machines. Hence the quantum phenomenon. Maybe Carltne…’

Couldn’t it have already become Oparts?

“Messiah, this is really dangerous. Please refrain from implanting foreign substances into the body.”

“are you okay. Anyway, it’s a material made with the 5 senses. I will be able to control it.”

Sirone looked at the metal plate Kalt handed over and asked.

“What should I do now?”

“I don’t know. just what… … Can I put it on my head? I did the same to my subordinates.”

Sirone pressed the chip behind his ear.

‘I can’t go in.’

After all, it means that you have to pierce the bone, but can you really call that a function?

“are you okay. trust me.”

Kalt’s hazy eyes weakened his confidence, but Sirone gave strength to his fingers.


Did it really pierce the bone?

That didn’t happen, but electricity flowed through the metal plate and penetrated Sirone’s mind.


Blue eyes flashed in Sirone’s eyes as he raised his head, and a magnetic field enveloped him.


Caios and Poine, who had been blown away, felt a familiar shock and frowned.

“Big!” The feeling that your brain is burning.

If they went further, their memories would be damaged, but the two apostles held out their hands to the end.

“Me…… Shi…… Ah… Just before Kaios’ hand wrapped in electricity touches Sirone, Kalt murmured.

“Meet them.”


The moment the two apostles gave their lives, Sirone’s body disappeared in an instant.

“where? Where did you go?”

Kaios aimed his sword at Kalt with his eyes closed and frowning.

“This is the first and last chance. Where did the Messiah go? If you don’t want to die, you’ll have to tell me.”


For some reason, Kalt had a sullen expression.

“maybe… … The terrible truth.”

Super ancient civilization Mika.

“Huh! Huh!”

Sirone waited until the blue color that seemed to cover her retinas disappeared.

When I opened my eyes, I looked around.


The reason I could be sure was that it was different from any other area in Omega.

The terraced city had numerous buildings standing like a real civilization.

‘It’s not civilization.’ However, when I entered the building, I could not find any trace of someone living there.

‘This… … It’s a kind of device.’

The whole city felt like a machine built for one purpose.

Arriving at the center, curved horn-like towers stand side by side at a height of 20 meters.

“… … I don’t know.”

There were letters engraved along the tower, but none of them could be deciphered.

‘The Ultima system doesn’t work.’ The conclusion that it is a signal that does not exist in the universe

In front of static evidence, Sirone shuddered.

‘If there is a world outside… …

The closest imagining would be a higher layer implemented based on the cowardice mechanism.

‘Actually, that doesn’t make any sense.’

It is because the end of imagination is reality after all, if you try to go down endlessly based on reality.

‘Nobody knows until he goes there himself.’

Sirone took a deep breath.

‘Calm down. It doesn’t matter what goes there. What really matters is… …

why does it exist


Like a distant memory, the city shook and electricity began to flow through the ground.


As I felt the current and clench my teeth, an opaque curtain spread between the two towers.

A huge pupil was watching Sirone from behind the curtain.

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