Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1018

Working behind the scenes (3)

Sirone was not in a good mood.

‘It’s an all-out attack.’

To be honest, it was an eerie energy, and the destructive power contained in it must have exceeded imagination.

‘The ship almost sank.’

It’s good that they were suppressed before the battle started, but the lives of the passengers were almost in danger.

Shirone’s unconventional way of living was also rooted in anger at this.

‘Foreign Secretary Cairns.’

I know roughly through Omega, but the age of Cairns was quite young.

‘The Cairns record I remember was until I was twelve. Of course, even then, it wasn’t an average bet.’

I couldn’t even imagine how it would evolve in the 22 years since then.

Sirone massaged her eyes.

“I’m tired.”

He had no intention of getting deeply involved in politics, but what bothered him was Rangi.

‘I said it was a thing. I’m talking about people.’

Even when the world beauty pageant was being held, she entertained high-ranking officials, which in itself was not unusual.

However, the smile she showed at the end was sincere without a single lie.

‘Throw your heart.’

Wouldn’t that be enough reason to get involved in politics?

Arachne sailboat.


In a huge room decorated like a palace, Cairns was drinking with the dancers.

“Do you know how to say such a thing?” Cairns’ eyes were as cold as ice among the dancers who were smiling lightly.

Benahar lowered his head again.

“I was mistaken. The inaction of Sirone that I actually met is beyond imagining.”

“How do you know that? You said you didn’t even fight?”

It was half right.

It could have been a good fight had it actually happened, but it wouldn’t have any meaning now.

‘My heart was broken. His spirit… … It’s not human.’

No matter how many lines of fire, the intensity of the mind is impossible to compress a person’s whole life into a war.

Regardless of skill level, how mentally trained are those who can ‘battle’ Sirone.

‘Training? no, that’s crazy Only in the realm of madness will you be able to stand against Sirone.’

“Anyway, it’s okay.”

Cairns had no regrets about the ruined game.

“I have to wait for the right time. Come on, stop going back. And say Rangio.”

“that is… …

Several facts collided in his head, and Benahar said with a puzzled expression.

“Things got a little messy.”

Cairns, who raised one eyebrow and looked at Benahar, gave a meaningless sneer.

that evening.

Sirone entrusted the job to Poine and headed for Arachne’s sailboat alone.

After flying in the sky and jumping over a distance of 700 meters, I saw the deck where the banquet was being held.

All of them were working staff, and the sacrament of delicacies that could not be found on other ships continued.

Sirone landed among people drinking under the cozy moonlight in a windless area.


They weren’t surprised by the magic.

They only expressed displeasure at the fact that they broke the mutual treaty and invaded the ship through the sky.

“What are you? I know where I am now… …

Just as the man wearing the medal was about to move, the escort wizard stopped him.

“Vice Minister, the author is Sirone.”

“Oh Dae-seong?”

Although his ability falls far short of Cairns, the vice minister had a weapon called seniority.

“Hmmmm, meet the stars of the ivory tower.” Even if it was a thorn in the eyes of a politician, there was nothing good to lose by pretending to be an ivory tower.

At least until the temple opens.

“I came to see Cairns. Where are you now?”

‘Is a young guy just calling the minister’s name?’ He wasn’t going to fall for the slightest provocation, but he had to go over the public affairs.

“Since you are not at the banquet, you will be in the boudoir. But what is it?”

“There are a few things I want to ask you. If you’re not going to guide me, get out of the way.”


When the wine he drank well came up, the vice-gwan exhaled a long breath and spit out his drunkenness.

“Well, good. You shouldn’t be arguing about what the stars in the ivory tower do. But from what I’ve heard, maritime exchanges were suggested by Mr. Sirone first, right? And Arachne gladly complied. But now come… …

“Who directed the banquet?” The vice minister wrinkled his brow.

“Agreement was reached on the enumeration case.

It’s done. Are you dissatisfied with the consumption of your country’s food?”

“You have to do that on deck?”

The vice minister raised his glass and looked back at the night sky.

“what… … Because the weather is nice and the moon is bright.”

The moment Sirone’s eyes tightened, he straightened his posture and continued.

“I know what you mean. Other pears don’t eat enough. However, we are also the elite who are marching forward with national significance. I have my own routine, and the bar I pursue is clear. This kind of emotional approach does not excuse the star from breaking the pact.”

As the vice minister of foreign affairs, he had strong speeches as well as psychological warfare.

“It’s an agreement.”

Thinking of what Benahar had done during the day, Sirone was filled with energy.

“great. I apologize for breaking the agreement.”

The aristocrats murmured.

“No, what.”

The Vice Minister tried to hold back his laughter, but he couldn’t help but feel the strain on his shoulders.

“It’s such a trivial matter, isn’t it? The relationship between the Ivory Tower and Arachne is not so… …

The moment he saw Sirone’s eyes, the Vice Minister’s heart sank.

“Then let’s hear from the Minister how well the agreement is being kept. Could it be something serious? But if there is a part that severely breaks trust… …

The nobles couldn’t even blink an eye.

“Don’t expect this boat to be out at sea tomorrow morning.”

After saying that, Sirone turned around, and the vice minister held out his hand with a hammer-beaten expression.

“No, wait a minute. Star, no Sirone.”

“Enjoy the banquet.”

Sirone turned her head and looked at the people.

“Don’t leave even one person out and wait here. So that there is no hassle when you come back.”

Benahar opened the door to the boudoir and came out.

“What is going on?”

The moment I found Sirone, I broke into a cold sweat as I remembered what had happened during the day.

“Ah, Mr. Sirone.”

“As previously announced, I am here to meet the Minister. They say he’s in the boudoir right now.”

Benahar looked at the vice minister beyond Sirone.

‘No no!’

Pretending to hit his neck with the blade of his hand, the deputy official continued to speak without making a sound.

‘You can’t go to the minister. Whether it’s diarrhea or illness, you can use any excuse to turn it around!’

I roughly understood the meaning, but Benahar had no choice.

“Come. I will guide you.”

The deputy minister, who knew his personality, looked at him with an absurd expression, but in the end, he couldn’t meet his eyes.

The door closed, and the remaining nobles felt a chill in the warm temperature of the southern country.

“… … Damn it.”

“Forgive me for daytime work. I installed it without knowing anyone.”

Benahar nailed his mistakes so they wouldn’t interfere with Cairns’ work.

However, on the other hand, as a magician, he also had respect for Sirone.

“Someone could have been hurt. If you have any complaints about me, please call me separately next time.”

“… … It won’t happen.” When I opened the door, Cairns and Rangi were sitting side by side at a table in a fancy restaurant.


Sirone asked back, but Benahar lowered his head and held the doorknob.

“Have a good time.”

Hearing the door slam shut, Cairns stood up as Sirone approached.

“welcome. Meet the stars of the ivory tower. As rumor has it, he’s quite handsome… …

“Rangi, what happened?”

He had no intention of ignoring Cairns, but calling Rangi was obviously not a favor.

“haha! You said you have a pre-medicine. Actually, I don’t even know Rangi, so I called her to see if we could sit down together. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“Sirone… …

Rangi’s appearance was more beautiful than usual, but the window to her heart was already closed.

“Let’s listen first.”

When we got a seat on the opposite side of Cairns, the staff delivered food as if they had been waiting.

“The banquet is in full swing outside.


Cairns put her hands on the table and bowed her head, causing the staff to pause.

“It’s all my negligence. I apologize for the daytime work, the banquet, and the violation of the agreement. I will take full responsibility.” It’s certainly brilliant that he guessed Sirone’s intentions without seeing them… … .

“How are you going to take responsibility?”

Words are worthless without action.

“I will open food. We are also in a relationship, but we have to share it together. I will undergo a full investigation. There are troops, so it doesn’t matter if you use them as security guards.”


Sirone crossed her legs.

“What is Arachne aiming for on this voyage?”

“… … I’ll tell you. As you know, Dionas is a nation founded by pirates. The king rules with an iron fist, and the majority of the people make their living from maritime plunder. Instead of recognizing Dionas as the official anthem of Cartesia, we want to get one thing.”

“What is that one thing?”

“Relics of the Ancient Civilization Mika.”

The moment he finished speaking, Sirone felt a sense of dread.

“that is??????

When searching the 5-dimensional cube containing all the movements of atoms that have occurred since the beginning of time.


because there were no records.

“I don’t know the details. Nobody knows. It is a civilization that existed somewhere in the South Pacific a long time ago, and now it is rumored that it was submerged under the sea.”

“By the way, Dionas knows?” Being flat was evidence of excitement, so Cairns continued without expressing himself.

“Cartesia is a periphery in the world, so you will be unfamiliar with it. However, the 10 kingdoms of the archipelago have been researching Maika’s relics for a long time. however… … After World War II, Dionas was in trouble. Even if there is no damage from the tsunami, it is awkward that there is no damage from the demons.”

How should I accept this?

‘There is nothing that is not in Omega. Therefore, the Mika civilization is just a myth.’

… … Even when I think of it.

‘But such rumors should be recorded. Why don’t I know?’

The fact that the general public knows it but Sirone does not, means that it was only removed from Omega.

‘cancellation? no, that’s impossible Even if I reset it, the erasure log remains.’

It was not a logical reasoning.

‘The outside world.’

As a result of removing all categories that existed in Omega, only one was left.

‘It has to do with the outside world in some way. Otherwise, Omega cannot be bypassed.’

After thinking that far, Sirone asked.

“Even if Dionas found an artifact or trace, would he really want to share it?”

“So that’s why I’m going. Armed with vast treasures, weapons, and the most beautiful woman.”

These were things that would come out if you did a full survey.

“Are you going to appease that much? Aren’t you underestimating even if your opponent is a pirate?”

“It could be. So how about saying something like this? The king of Dionas, Kaltga… …

Cairns hugged Rangi’s waist.

“What if you are crazy about Miss Arachne? To the extent that they actually built an armed fleet and attempted an invasion.”

After all, it is a pirate.

“Of course, Rangi is a rare talent. But the temple will open soon, so shouldn’t we do our best?”

‘This is why I didn’t want to get involved in politics.’

This is because in order to achieve what you want, you have to see many things you don’t want.

“Hands off. Mr. Rangi is also my friend. I won’t forgive you if you do that in front of me.”

“Is it still mine?”

Cairns, who pressed his body closer to Rangi, said with eyes aiming to win.

“It is also necessary for negotiations. but… … If Oh Dae-seong helps me, I might not need Rangi.”

I thought it was over.

‘What in the world is there that can’t be done? With this, even the Five Great Stars will come under me.’


Sirone let out a laugh.

“Have you ever heard of the name Fermi?”

Cairns certainly has outstanding abilities in terms of understanding people and technology that disrupts the system, but… … .

“yes? no.”

Compared to the drug lord who erased even his memory of what kind of deal he had dealt with, he was at the level of a baby.

“I have to learn a lot from him.”

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