Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1017

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Underwater work⑵

Arachne sailboat.

Cairns enjoyed lamb at a high-end restaurant where the musicians played sweetly.

“Where did Rangi go?”

He was only thirty-four years old, ranking third in the kingdom’s power hierarchy and serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“I went to a refugee sailboat because I had work for a while. Shall I ask you to come back?”

“It’s a refugee sailboat.”

He stopped chewing the meat and, lost in thought, nodded and continued.

“I went to see a guy named Sirone. Sang-a-tap Odaeseong. What kind of guy are you?”

The wizard in a suit who was guarding Cairns’ side respectfully bowed his head.

“yes. One of the world’s four superhumans, he is the head of the Ivory Tower Integrated Space Management Department. Currently, all over the world… …

Cairns waved his knife.

“Ah, there is no need to recite what is written in the document, how strong is it? Who will win a fight with you?” Even if it was a childish question, the case was different when it reached a certain level or higher.

“He is a strong man. It’s natural since he’s the star of the ivory tower, but he’s someone who has stepped into the realm of infinity, the highest realm of magic.”

“what? Is that enough?”

No matter what wizard’s name was mentioned, it was impossible for his secretary to fold a single step.

“It is not an opponent that can be guaranteed. But if you risk everything to fight… …

The secretary’s name is Benahar.

“I got my edge by a narrow margin.

I will.”

At the pinnacle of the mercenary world, he was a wizard with a track record of defeating many certified first-class archmages.


said Cairns, slicing the lamb.

“Even if it’s an ivory tower, make a seat anyway. I’ll try to embrace it.”

“There is no problem bringing them. If you refuse, you can drag it by force. However, most of the stars of the ivory tower do not have much desire for money. I wonder if there will be a negotiation…”

“Tsk tsk tsk.”

Cairns clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“You know what most humans are mistaken about? I believe that there are people who have detached themselves from money, women, and power. But there is no such person. Because you are human.”

He made a circle with his fingers.

“Some guys go crazy even if you give them 100 gold. But some guys will snort even if you give them 100 million gold. So, is it impossible to negotiate?”

Benahar listened.

“No. If you refuse 100 million, give me 1 billion. If you refuse 1 billion, give me 10 billion. Ultimately, it’s a matter of quantity and quality. if you

Do you know the meaning of this word?”

“of course.”

The amount invested by Cairns to hire Benahar amounted to 28 billion gold.

“There can be no man who is detached from a woman. How could that be a creature? Of course, there will be people who will raise their noses. Then what should he do? He just needs to push it with an irresistible charm. It is enough to make it customized for that person, such as appearance, body, personality, disposition, intelligence, dignity, interest, etc., and then beat it up.”

Benahar felt it again.

‘Even politicians are not insane.’ The reason why I can’t think of it as a bluff was in line with the fact that he is currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Everyone’s life is the same. There is only a slight difference. Negotiations start from there.”

Cairns put down the tableware and wiped his mouth.

“Bring the human named Sirone in front of me. If you wait for about 30 minutes, you will get a rough estimate.”

“All right.”

When Benahar left the restaurant, the staff pulled a cart and removed the dishes.

“I ate well.”

When I handed over the gold coin with a soft smile, the employee’s head lowered even more.

‘Always the same reaction. Humans are no different from machines. A machine obsessed with desire.’

Cairns was an ambitious man.

A young child who dreamed of conquering the world early on, demonstrates excellent skills and becomes a minister in his mid-twenties.

‘King of Arachne is only an intermediate stage. Through this expedition, I will take a giant leap.’

The apex of the world was unfolding before my eyes.

Rangi clapped his hands as if he had suddenly remembered.

“right. I have something to give back.”

She took out a book from the bag she was carrying obliquely and held it out in front of Sirone.

“uh? This?”

“This is a book Mr. Sirone left at the hotel during the world beauty pageant. I kept having it.”

“Oh right. this book.”

When I turned the book, the title ‘Dragon Beater’ was written at the top of the cover.

“This is an interesting book.”

Feeling the thorn in Poine’s words, you gave an awkward eye smile.

“I just bought this because I was bored while traveling. ah! It must have been in a hotel.”

“yes. It was funny at first, but when I read it, I found it funny. Especially at the end, when the main character pulled out the dragon’s heart, it was really exciting. Oh, have you not seen it?”

As the blood of the two apostles rose terribly, a cold sweat ran down Sirone’s spine.

“… … haha.”

said Poine, clearing his throat.

“Anyway, I have work, so I’ll go. I hope you have a good time.”

“No, not really necessary… … Rangi took Shirone’s arm.

“oh! Then take a look at our deck. It’s my first time on this ship. Thank you, grandma.”

As the two moved away to the far end of the deck, Kaios turned toward them.


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“how is it?”

Poine’s eyes narrowed.

“It is not an ordinary bet. He didn’t notice that he was dying, so his combat power was nil. But I can’t read my emotions well. pro.”

“okay? It seems to be sincere. After all, isn’t it enough to be kind to the Messiah?”

“To be naive.”

Poine turned around with his hands behind his back.

“Human kindness is fragrant poison. If you get drunk on the sweet scent, your lungs will rot.”

Kaios followed and said.

“I will go out to prevent the next tsunami. Would it be okay for you to leave? Arachne’s movements are unusual.”

Poine looked back at Arachne’s sailboat.

“Certainly, the energy is strangely strong. I don’t know who in the world got those strong guys on board… …

Her eyes narrowed.

“Anyway, he’s only human.”

Looking at the sea, Rangi’s face was sad.

“The damage was less than in other countries, but many people were killed or injured. There was someone I met, but he too was washed away while trying to rescue me.”

“I see.”

“For a while, I lived with a feeling of desperation. Then I heard that Mr. Sirone was coming. why is there such a thing Someone you will never forget in your life.”

Rangi said with tears in his eyes.

“Even though I knew it was a dangerous mission, I felt like I could breathe better when I met Sir Lone. ha! I really think I will live. I haven’t talked to anyone about this.”

As Rangi approached a little closer, Sirone said firmly.

“What is the real reason you are here?”

Rangi’s eyes fluttered for the first time, and Sirone did not miss the change.

“I am fully aware of Mr. Rangi’s charm. But what does he get from me as far as lying?”

“I lie… …

He could have any number of excuses, but Rangi realized he didn’t have to.

‘My sincerity can’t be conveyed anyway.’

When he looked up again, Rangi’s eyes were different.

“Sirone-san, the truth is… …

Then a voice was heard.

“Here you are.”

When the two of them turned their heads at the same time, a man in a suit was walking towards them.

“Mr. Benahar.”

“I have been looking for a long time. Even if you’re Rangi-san, you have to follow the rules. You have 30 minutes to go out.”

Covering Rangi’s deliberately exposed shoulders

I turned around.

“I will go. Nice to meet you,”

Thinking that there was still a story left, Sirone called and stopped her.

“Shall we have dinner together later? I’ll go find it.”

Rangi’s steps stopped abruptly, and one side of Benahar’s dark eyebrows twisted.


Rangi smiled brightly.

“I’ll wait.”

Seeing her sincere expression for the first time, Sirone wondered.

‘Arachne. What are you up to?’

said Benahar.

“I’m sorry, but I will cancel my appointment. you have a promise I will pass it on to Mr. Rangi.”

“who are you?”

Benahar, who estimated Sirone’s ability with his own eyes, held out his hand and asked for a handshake.

“Arachne Foreign Affairs Chief of Staff, Bena Harda. Fame is well known. The Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower.”

Sirone is not authoritative.

That’s why I use honorifics for Oh Dae-seong

The question of those who did not was pure curiosity.

“Ah, yes. Nice to meet you. But what about canceling the appointment? Is that the promise between me and Mr. Rangi?”

“The minister wants to see you. I will prepare a place quietly, so come over to your side of Arak.”

“No, so. I have dinner plans with Mr. Rangi. Why do I have to listen to you?”


Strength entered Benahar’s eyes.

“Because even that rangi is the Minister’s property. Don’t you know what your priorities are?”

“The first promise comes first. And people are not objects. Please take that back.”

“It’s not exactly wrong. But we call things that can be traded.”

To be precise, it was the philosophy of Cairns.


Feeling that it was no longer worth dealing with, Sirone shook off Benahar’s hand.

“Tell the minister. If you want to meet me, come when I want and where I want.”

After spitting that out, he moved away toward the captain’s office, and Benahar loosened his knuckles.

“I have no choice but to do it.”

If you collide with the star of the ivory tower with all your might, the entire sailboat will explode, but… … .

“That’s a good thing too.”

At the same time that he deployed ice and fire magic in both hands, he kicked off the deck and threw himself.


Sirone turned around.

‘What is this feeling… …

Even before casting the magic, the feeling of the spirit zone made my heart explode.

‘no. There is nothing like this. It’s definitely a skill.’

There would have been a breakup law.

‘Is it incarnation? Or the ability of Yahweh that I heard about? It could be some kind of mental system… …

Sirone took a step closer.


Benahar involuntarily opened his jaw and expelled all the air from his lungs.

‘Isn’t that technology? This is really human… …

What is pure spirit?

“… … la. Listen carefully.”

At the sudden voice, Benahar realized that he had lost consciousness for a moment.

How long it had been was told by the location of Sirone, who was approaching before her.

‘Why are you so tall?’

By the time his senses returned and he realized that he was on his knees.

“I am going to see the minister. I’ve changed my mind, so tell me clearly.”

“yes yes… …

“The Minister will have to prepare a definite answer to the question I ask. If the desired answer does not come, then Arachne will never be able to achieve what she wants.”

“yes yes.”

When Sirone released the Spirit Zone, the organs that had been paralyzed by the shock moved quickly.

“Ahhh… …

Hot steam rose from the feet of Benahar, who was convulsing on the ground.

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