Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1016

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10 kingdoms of the archipelago.

Among the 10 kingdoms of ‘Cartesia’, Dionas was the easternmost island.

“The earthquake caused by Gamagin occurred on the fourth island, Mitoa Kingdom. Thanks to the other islands acting as breakwaters, Dionas is the least damaged by the tsunami.”

After hearing Sirone’s explanation, the captain asked for a pipe.

“Hmm, is that okay? I know it’s not the time to argue with flood victims, but rumors aren’t good.”

It is tied to ‘Cartesia’, but originally the Kingdom of Dionas was a place of exile for criminals.

Said the water dragon Caios.

“The dynasty was founded 120 years ago by pirates. And it is still a society of such poor quality that the country’s main source of income is maritime plunder.”

“I can’t help it. Until we destroy the Demon Realm, people need a safe place to stay.”

Sirone left the captain’s office.

Looking back from the top of the large ship, a spectacle unfolded with numerous ships lined up.

‘About three hundred feet.’

It was an evacuation ship that Kaios had gathered, and the total number of passengers reached 20,000.

Sirone formed a squadron according to the type and size of the ship and assigned each person a role.

Poine came to the side.

“I’m still cruising, can I say that? Of course, incidents happen every day… …

There were uproars every day, from fights over food to trivial battles over sleeping areas.

“Wouldn’t it be necessary to strengthen law enforcement? Cutting the amount of food you eat a day by half won’t give you complete control over people’s emotions.”

“If the intensity of the pressure increases, you may lose your composure. It’s better to think of a little fuss as grease.”

“That’s right, but… …

Poine looked at the sailboat sailing to the left, bearing the flag of Arachne.

“Wouldn’t it be natural for people to feel deprived after wearing something like that?”

Arachne’s minister was on a boat, and all the workers were armed.

“I can’t help it. Arachne is the representative of Cartesia. If you use your strength there, it will be much easier for the flood victims to settle down in Dionas.”

Of course, the inside story is different.

‘I don’t think I volunteered to lead for just that reason. The purpose is the reorganization of the temple, which will open soon. They must be doing some work behind the scenes before fighting the world powers.’

Politics and human rights are inseparable anyway, so it would be reasonable to watch.

“Leave the flag alone. As long as you don’t claim extraterritoriality

There is no need to cry.”

Poine’s eyes narrowed.

“Huh, there is a Messiah, but no one would do such a stupid thing. However, some squadron commanders raised objections to the refusal to conduct a full inspection of warehouse items. It must be that the food is being siphoned off.”

Probably so, but there must have been a reason for not opening the warehouse.

“The food is plentiful. Make a conditional agreement to conduct a full investigation if there is a shortage of supply.”

“All right.”

As Poine lowered his head and stepped back, Kaios pointed to the bottom of the ship.

“Messiah, there… …

A small speed boat was rapidly approaching from Arachne’s sailboat.

After checking the herald flag, Sirone took the apostle and jumped straight to the first deck.

The knights in armor leaped through the air ignoring the ladder and landed one by one.


At that time, the passengers who are not friendly to the Arachne sailboat frown.


A woman who was the only one who climbed up the ladder caught people’s attention.

“Who is that person?”

She was a beauty, and a celebrity familiar even to non-Arachne people.

“Barho Rangi?”

Miss Arachne.

Sirone, who had been in a world beauty contest before, also stared blankly at her.

“hello. nice to meet you.”

She greeted people with a familiar gaze and crossed the deck under escort.


A blush appeared on Rangi’s face.

“You were really on a boat? When I only heard rumors, I couldn’t believe it. Oh, what a coincidence.”

“How is Mr. Rangi here?”

There was no reason for Miss Arachne to accompany the refugee aid mission.

“in fact… …

After a moment of hesitation, Rangi stuck out his tongue.

“I applied because I knew I was on this boat. She might not have a chance in the future.”

The last words came with a significant meaning.

Some of the demon tribes who descended south from the capital of Tormia settled down.

They were the 7th Brigade under the 8th Corps.

“Now, this is the spoils of the day.”

Most of what they plundered and brought back was not food or treasure, but people themselves.

The humans who were dragged in one after another, regardless of gender and age, became playthings for the demons and were then consumed.

A gloomy mountain range where even the animals have left due to the terrible screams heard every night.

“… … I’m going to live now.”

Four Gustavs were imprisoned in a special bone prison installed there.

The fatal wound sustained in ‘Flower Garden’ was almost cured, but the problem was psychological shock.

“Havitz… … Havitz is… …

Zetaro muttered with a bewildered expression.

“You betray us. why? why?” He heard the whole story of the incident from Balkan, but he still couldn’t believe it.

Sumodo said.

“Stop it. How many days has it been? And is Harvits your husband? betrayal


He picked up the maggot, bit it down with his front teeth, and swallowed it deliciously before continuing.

“Can’t we each live our lives doing what we want to do anyway? I must have found something more interesting.”

This was the reason Zetaro was annoying.

“I am the best example. Do you know how many people I’ve killed? What could be more fun?”

Sumodo shrugged.

“I don’t know. Have you discovered some new form of torture? Something we can’t imagine.”

It wasn’t entirely wrong.

Balkan, who had been listening to the conversation in the corner of the Bone Prison, looked at the situation outside the prison.

‘The injury is almost recovered. It’s not like there’s no way to escape. but… …

Is there anything left of them?

‘Anyway, I killed a lot and enjoyed it moderately. It seems that Harvits also left because he was bored.’

Footsteps were heard.

“hey! Eat up!”

Since he had been chewing on maggots all day, his intestines moved just by hearing the sound.

“Let’s eat first. What’s on the menu today?”

Demons taller than 3 meters approached, leading Natasha with a chain around her neck.

“Cheuk, okay? How about guessing what?”

The food put through the bars was meat that looked like pig’s feet and had a fishy smell.

Natasha asked.

“How are your wounds?”

“It has improved a lot. you?”

Natasha’s skin in rags showed playful cuts and chain marks.

He seemed to be harassed by demons day and night, but there was no expression of difficulty.

“are you okay. eat. It’s not human meat.”

The demon pulled the chain.

“Hey, hey! Don’t talk nonsense! do you want to die?”

Twelve blades came out of the device Natasha wore around her neck and pierced her skin.

Red blood flowed down his collarbone.

‘Natasha’s neck will fall with just a little force. But if she’s at her speed… …

You should be able to suppress it enough.

In the end, Vulcan, Sumodo, and Zetaro were being held hostage, so they were enduring it.

Sumodo spit out the meat.

“It’s terribly tasteless. I’d rather have maggots. Natasha, do you have any other meat?”

“It’s rotten. I will try to find it.”

The demon waved the chain like a whip.

“haha. Now, since you did what you wanted, follow me. Today’s game will be very fun.”

Feeling the blade penetrate, Natasha raised her head and slowly backed away.

“Natasha, leave.”

Balkan said.

“Just kill them all and leave. can you do that enough? You don’t have to put up with us.”

As the demon’s eyes widened, the bone prison heated up like molten iron.

“you… … Do you really want to die?” With Brigadier Magasura’s ability, Magi

It was a prison that caused an explosion in response.

Sumodo said while chewing on the meat.

“Yes, Natasha. do whatever you want. Why are we even stuck here?”

The demons also looked nervous now.

“shut up. really kill Margasura-sama won’t blame us either.”

It was Paimon, the commander of the 9th Corps, who first instructed Gustav to keep the 4 skills alive.

However, she became a demon and disappeared.

Of course, the order was not invalidated, but the psychological restraint was much weaker.

“Natasha, finish it off.”

Knowing all that, Zetaro agreed with Vulcan and Sumodo.

“I am no longer having fun. There are no hobbits, so what are you doing playing more? Let’s go back.” The demon holding the chain gnashed its teeth.

“These… …

The blade plunged deeper into Natasha’s throat, and a bubble rose in the heated bone prison.

In a situation where one side could be destroyed by a momentary judgment… … .

“are you okay.”

Natasha smiled at her friends.

“I’ll go back at once. I’m taking a good rest here. I’ll get fresher food next time.”

There was no particular reaction.

Zetaro’s eyes were filled with life, and Sumodo’s face, which was chewing on meat, simply lost its expression.

When Natasha returned to the demons, the blade on her neck fell off and the bone prison quickly cooled.

Vulcan asked as she walked away.

“What are you thinking?”

“Same as you. I have no idea. I can just endure it, so I try to live a little longer.”

“to you… … Is there anything you can’t stand?”

Natasha is a doll.

Even if you bite and bite and burn, even if you cut open the belly and take out the cotton, you still laugh.

A doll that is standing.

As Natasha was dragged away by the demons without answering the question, Sumodo threw a bone at her.

“Ah, Mr. It’s terribly tasteless. He’s a weird kid anyway. It seems a little different from us.”

“That’s right.”

Zetaro, who dropped the meat, trembled with shocked eyes.

“I found it. I found something really interesting. Harvits wanted to feel this.”

“What are you talking about?” Zetaro jerked her head.

“Havitz abandoned us, right? what a fun situation Wouldn’t it be absolutely thrilling?”

Sumodo blinked.

“Well, yes. Because I didn’t expect Vulcan either. He sure knows how to play.”

“Let’s flow this time. I’m killing Harvits. Grabbed, dismembered, ridiculed… … Hee hee hee!”

Perhaps just imagining it thrilling, Zetaro knelt down and spread his arms to the left and right.

“At the end, they make eye contact and slowly cut their necks with a scalpel. Then the Harvits… … Havitz is… … His eyelids quivered.

“How much fun would you like?”

The highest sense of ecstasy that human beings can enjoy.

“Imagine. I want to fight back, but I can’t because my limbs are cut off. how funny would that be this is a masterpiece I’m sure I’ll be able to get rid of the tears and runny nose.”


As Vulcan finally showed interest, a smile spread on Sumodo’s lips.

“I can’t end it like this. Harvits will tell you again. You will tell me this.”

Zetaro, who lowered his arms, cried.

“also… … Zetaro is the best.”

“Quack, yes. Well, I’m not Havitz, but the play you made is definitely the best. It will be really fun this time.”

Sumodo stood up.

“Then, are you going to play more?”

The three looked around the outside of the bone prison at the same time.

“Havitz, let’s sunset.”

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