Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1015

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Evil Strikes Back (4)

Wizard’s parents were dumbfounded.

“What is he talking about now? It’s not like you’re saying that you’re going to die.”

Father apologized.

“sorry. I’m still a child, so I don’t know the world. You don’t even know what it means to die.”

“I know. It’s really scary.”

If he was a super-logical wizard, he would have already felt all the consequences that could happen to him.

“Yes, very scary.” Sirone said.

“Death may not be the end. You could break your arm, or you could do something bad. Cut yourself with a knife… …

“stop! Please stop it!”

Mother was in tears.

“Why are you saying such bad things! I’m still seven years old! The world wants you to save it!”

“I will.”

Sirone replied coldly.

“I don’t want to send the Wizard. That makes it even more frightening. How is it, isn’t it scary?”

“yes I’m fine.”

Wizard didn’t worry.

“You can get hurt, you can get sick. I will do it anyway I want to continue.”

‘This child, I really know.’

I’ve never experienced it before, but I understood it with my head through insight O…

“You are a wizard.”

Wizard smiled bashfully as if he had been praised, and looked back at his parents and drove a wedge.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I want to follow my brother. Please let me go, okay?”

The sudden change in her daughter’s appearance shocked her mother.

“Up, Wizard.”

He was a child who behaved immaturely until just until the morning and made teachers suffer.

Lampa’s eyes narrowed.

‘It’s something I’ve been waiting for. No, it may not have come to mind, but deep down… …

Could it be that he was afraid?

‘No one has been able to provide an answer. Loneliness, insecurity, fear. Those negative emotions must have been revealed in the way of expressing superiority.’

But the wizards of today are different.

‘All senses are fiercely sucking Sirone. What this is, and what must be done to become like this.’

was one of the answers.

While the parents, realizing the Wizard’s determination, were at a loss for words, an official intervened.

“Hmmmm, let’s go in first. Now that we have heard the Wizard’s determination, the detailed procedures… …

“There is no need for that.”

Sirone spoke without even looking away.

“I’ll give you whatever amount Stang wants. If you have any other conditions, tell Mr. Lampa.”

cried the father.

“My daughter is not a thing! Even if the Wizard wants it, we are still against it!”

“yes. I also think it’s impossible. It’s just a confirmation of my determination, there is no change in my thoughts.”

Sirone got down on one knee in front of the Wizard.

“Listen, Wizard. Your opponent is one of the strongest humans in the world. No, maybe you can’t even call them human.”

Wizard’s eyes sparkled.

“That’s why oppa can’t let you go right now. I’ll stay here for a while and test you. In a very harsh, painful way. If you pass, you will follow me and become a wizard, but if you do not pass… …

Sirone made eye contact with her parents and continued.

“You are not yet out in the world. I’m waiting for my brother to call me again. Can you promise me?”

He knew the Wizard’s determination, but his opponent was Harbitz, a man called the villain of the era.

‘As long as Satan remains, mankind has no future. If it’s going to be broken anyway, I’d rather do it with my own hands… …

It was the only consideration that could be given to the Wizard.

“okay. I will.”

It took longer than usual, but when the answer finally came, Sirone nodded and turned to the official.

“Nothing has been decided. For the time being, we will stay at the magic school and teach wizards. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you want to take classes with other students.”

It was a decision to obtain the consent of the kingdom of Stang, and as expected, the official swallowed his saliva.

‘The stars of the ivory tower are at school… …

It was unfortunate that he couldn’t win the contract right away, but the king would have been satisfied with this.

“First, I will report to Your Highness. Whether or not he would agree would be announced at a later date. Sirone didn’t even care and bowed her head to Wizard’s parents.

“Please leave the Wizard to me. You are welcome to observe during class. If you refuse even then, I won’t be greedy anymore.”

The couple looked at each other.

Sirone’s intentions are still unknown, but they have only one choice.

Kido was walking around the downtown area where restoration work was underway.

“What am I doing, I am.”

He accidentally entered human society, but there was no place for him even here.

‘She’s a really bad girl.’

My teeth tremble when I think of the humiliation suffered by Uorin, but when I was about to leave, I couldn’t help but regret it.

‘There were times when it was fun. Should I just pretend I can’t win? I think I’ll regret it.’

– Because it’s disgusting.

At that moment, the words Wu-rin had uttered hit him like a dagger, and a fiery impulse arose.


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“Oh, I don’t know! it’s annoying!”

Sat down on the edge of the stone road, he looked at the construction board ahead.

Harvits was beheading the worker.


Kido rubbed his chin.

‘Maybe I had a big dream.’

Headless corpses convulsed and spurted blood fountains whenever Harvitz performed the sword dance.

“It’s not because I’m a goblin, Wu Orin is a queen. It is an existence that even normal humans cannot overlook.”

When I thought so, my heart felt lighter.

“You don’t have to be self-confident. Anyway, from Urin’s point of view, humans and me are insignificant. At least I’m on the strong side… …

Coming out of the construction site, Havitz indiscriminately slaughtered citizens passing by.

“Of course, that doesn’t change anything. After all, she thinks of me as an animal.”

The citizen’s severed arm fell in front of Kido’s eyes as he let out a deep sigh.

“Okay, let’s get some fresh air. The smart me should be patient. Why isn’t Sirone coming?”

Clearing his head, Kido stared blankly at his severed arm, which was leaking blood.

It was then.

“… … weird.”

Unknowingly, that word came out.

‘huh? Strange? No, looking at it that way is really weird. But what’s strange about it?’

When I looked up, Havitz was approaching.

“Long time no see, Goblin.”

His voice came vividly to my ears, but not to my brain.

“Let’s have fun. happily.”

At the same time as Harbitz raised his sword, Kido bit the flesh on his right hand.

Kang! and the blade strikes the ground.

“omg! omg!”

Kido, who hurriedly threw himself away, exhaled heavily and searched for his memories.

‘what… … This?’

Harvits is still unrecognized.

However, in the memory contained in the taste of the incident, a landscape different from reality was clearly unfolding.


Harbitz, who had lowered his sword so forcefully that the ground split, slowly lifted his upper body.

“He’s also a fun guy.”

The ability to obtain objective information by re-eating one’s own memories.

“Chew! Go!”

Kido sucked blood in succession.

‘It’s getting a little clearer.’

And the moment I finally found a blurry silhouette, I immediately pushed the ground and retreated.

‘It’s Habits.’

It wasn’t perfect, but there was definitely a silhouette of a monster holding a sword.

‘What do we do? will you run away? But I don’t know where you are now. If next to me… …

Think and act at the same time.

‘… … If you are in!’

Pulling out the spear from his back, Kido slashed around and rolled on the floor.

It may be an illusion.

However, unlike humans, goblins with strong survival instincts chose life rather than shame.

‘Didn’t you come? Or did I avoid it?’

Kido stuck out his tongue and savored the taste of the air.

‘… … no. There is little chance of Havitz’s cells floating around, and it’s so light that it’s not even called the taste.’

I would have no choice but to run away.

‘for a moment.’

Kido, who landed after somersaulting backwards, sucked blood from the wound on his right hand again.

‘there is. still there A blurry shadow staring at me in the midst of something terrifying.’

If only I could kill Harvits here.

‘Uorin also me… … If only I could cut off the head of the person who gave the Kashan empress the greatest humiliation of her life.


Kido grabbed the spear with both hands.

‘It’s already too late to attack by relying on the taste of memories. Roughly twelve steps if calculated sensibly. It takes between 3 and 4 seconds to come to me.’

The virtual second hand moved.

‘Two seconds. 1 second.’

The strategy of devastating the radius when the opponent is unguarded was certainly excellent, but… … .

“Because I can hear everything.” Havitz had ‘God’s frequency’.

Kido, who invoked the Earth’s law, ‘Jibakryeong’, spun on his back and wandered in all directions.


Gravity twisted locally, and Havitz’s feet felt muddy as if they had fallen into a swamp.

“Geuk, that’s an interesting technique.”

A dry orgasm rose in his heart, which had only repeated boring murders for the first time in a long time.

‘Hang on! Caught, caught!’

Kido endlessly swung his spear at an unknown enemy who might or might not exist.

‘As long as there is an Earthquake Spirit, you can’t escape far. You can realize it the moment you kill it!’

In Havitz’s eyes, he saw the top made of afterimages of the blade approaching at terrifying speed.

Raising his longsword as if stabbing him, he muttered quietly as he calculated the timing.


Unlawful time, 0.666 seconds.


A black shadow rising from the ground surrounded Havitz, but time did not stop.


The moment Kido, who watched as he turned, screamed, a powerful shock hit the side.


Kido, who held up his spear, slipped on the ground and looked at the point of impact, and a black robe stood there.

“… … It was a good decision.”

6 o’clock of wandering.

You get results assuming you did all the actions necessary to achieve something.

“What are you guys?”

Without answering Kido’s question, the six o’clock of wandering returned to Shiok’s location.

Havitz turned around, examining the people standing at their respective times.


The 4 o’clock seat was empty.

“Where did one of them go?”

Siok was a human being, and God’s frequency delivered her without needing to hear an answer.

“Hmm, sironera.”

When the phenomenon of vanishing disappeared, Kido was finally able to identify the bodies that had fallen all over the place.

It was a terrifying and bizarre landscape, but Kido had homework to solve before that.

‘I will protect Uorin.’

The wounds in his heart didn’t disappear, but he still couldn’t give up on her.

“Habits! Listen carefully. One step here… …

“Okay, guide me.”


Harvits tapped his head.

“You said you were going to meet me? in the voice of the heart Yes, it was definitely fine for Yeo Hong.”

Kido, who lowered the spear with a dazed expression, suddenly bared his teeth ferociously.

“This woman is really… … !”

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