Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1014

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Evil Strikes Back (3)

Emperor Aganos.

The goblin’s attire was starkly different from the scenery of the hallway decorated with gold and silver treasures.

The name of the monster wearing a rag-like cape and carrying a crude spear on its back is Kido.

They were almost the only guardsmen who could deliver food directly to Urin’s room.


A black gust of wind blew, and Pungjang, wearing a white mask like an owl, blocked the road.

“what? You were surprised.”

The person at the head of the squadron asked in a shady voice.

“… … Where are you going?”

“Can’t you see this? She told me to get some honey water.”

Poongjang, who was staring at the golden tray Kido lifted, revealed a murderous intent.

“Don’t be arrogant about the Queen’s favourite. Even so, you are just a pet.”

Like most of his aides, even for Poongjang, the only owner of Kashan was Theraje.

Masters of swords who implement fluid mechanics with their bodies and keep Terra Ze the closest.

However, after Kido entered the imperial castle, that pride was shattered.

‘Something like a goblin.’

According to what he observed from a distance, Uorin also did not hold Kido in high regard.

He behaved like a servant or got angry, and sometimes went for a walk with a leash on.

“If I am a pet, are you all livestock? Move. If you’re late, that woman will F*ck again.”

When Fengzhang activated ‘Gaksi’, a group death, thousands of blades seemed to pierce his skin.

“Cover your words and do it. If you insult the empress again, I will report it myself. That stinking goblin has gone to a place of no return.” The biggest reason he despises Kido is that he has feelings for Uorin.

‘Does the dog run over the owner?’ If it hadn’t been for the special ability called ‘the taste of memory’ from the beginning, Uorin wouldn’t have kept it by her side.


Kido had no intention of fighting.

“A good idea came to my mind.”

As the leader of the squadron pulled out his sword, the remaining nine people made the same motion as afterimages.

“I’ll give you a neuter operation. Then the queen will be able to play with you much more safely.”

Pungjang was sincere.

Kido’s eyes grew cold, but his hands were still holding the tray.

The moment when the subtle vibration that appears before the body moves heightens tension.

“Stop it.”

A woman’s voice was heard.


Fengzhang drew his sword and lowered his head, and Kido slowly turned back.

‘Suddenly Fumi… …

The leader of Poongjang, Yula.

He wears the same owl mask, but the atmosphere is different from other Fungjang.

“Fengzhang only follows the Queen’s instructions. Remember, your arrogance can bring down an entire organization.”


Yula’s chest swelled greatly and then sank.

‘This is why newcomers are a problem. No matter how much I teach you in words, you don’t know until you experience it.’

His skills are excellent enough to become a squadron commander, but if he is a wind commander, he must remember this.


The cruel madness contained in that name.

‘He’s the kind of person who can annihilate the entire Fengzhang just because he’s annoying.’

Yula lowered her head.

“sorry. Please disregard the rudeness of subordinates. The Empress is waiting for you, so go quickly.” When Kido turned around, the hallway was empty.

Yula wouldn’t be there anyway, so I walked without bothering to check behind me.

“… … It is not easy.”

I knocked on Urin’s door, but there was no response.

“Go in.”

While holding the tray with both hands, Kido raised his right foot and turned the doorknob.

“What, you were there?”

Uorin, who had finished dressing up, was looking outside from a table by the window.

“Kid too.”

Her appearance, smiling and turning her head, shone brighter than the halo by the window.

‘It’s really pretty.’

Goblins have different aesthetic standards than humans, but in his eyes, Uorin was perfect.

‘It could be because I ate a lot of people. It’s because people’s memories have permeated it.’

I try to think back, but I know the truth.

‘I love this woman.’

Laughing together, going for a walk, talking about the book you read yesterday, rearing like a beast

Any desire to get tangled up.

If someone finds that natural desire disgusting, there is only one reason.

It must be because Kido is a goblin.

“drink. Are you feeling unwell?”

Uorin smiled as she looked at the drop-shaped teacup placed on the tray.


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When I hit the bottom of the tray with my hand, the teacup fell over and all the honey dripped out.

Pointing at Kido’s suppressed anger, Uorin laughed while holding his belly button.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Look at your expression.”

“What are you doing?”

“huh? You hit a tray and spilled the honey water? Oh right. Could you bring me some honey? I feel bad.”

Kido threw the tray away and shouted.

“This is what a real goblin looks like! Am I that funny! Why are you kidding me when you look at me!”

“Because it is disgusting.”

When Kido’s shocked face turned pale, Uorin grinned.

“Just kidding, kidding! How much I like you.”

“??????it’s okay.”

Kido turned around.

“If you need a pet, find someone else. ’cause I’m quitting I will leave Kashan.”

“Why are you so sensitive today? what happened?”

Is it because he met the windmill?

‘No, this is my problem.’

The more he stayed by her side, the more he could not bear to see himself becoming more miserable.

“uh? are you really going Kido, Kido!”

Before Uorin could finish speaking, Kido opened the door and exited into the hallway.

When the slamming sound disappeared, there was no presence in the room like the first time.

“Hmph, that was about it after all.”

I don’t know if I can really leave Kashan, but at least I needed time to think.

Around the time Kido left the imperial castle.

Sitting in front of the table and looking out the window, Uorin’s eyes were cold.

“Be careful, Kido.”

Bleeding corpses appear one after another in the dry landscape.


Arriving at Kashan’s capital, Havits’ face was covered in blood and looked like a demon.


He entered the construction site to restore the damage caused by the demon, but no one recognized him.

“More, more frightened.”

Every time he heard the sound of Uorin’s heart, his eyelids fluttered.

“Hey, bricks from the material warehouse… … As Havitz swung his arm, the neck of a worker passing by snapped and snapped.

“now! Let’s start quickly!” People were still busy, and Havitz, who was alone, started to dance with swords.


One life per knife.


Even in the middle of the tedious work, the city was moving fast.

Teachers who had expected a terrible collision looked stunned the moment they opened their eyes.

“oh my god… …

Wizard was crying.

“sorry. I won’t do that again.” Once the water was opened, the wizard’s sensitivity poured out like a waterfall.

“okay. Only the courageous can admit their mistakes. It’s a difficult thing even for adults to do.”

The Wizard, who had stopped crying, sobbed.

“Winning and hurting are two different things. You can’t do that in the future.”


Looking at the nodding Wizard, Sirone suddenly thought of this.

‘A genius of the age, a magician stronger than adults, drunk with all sorts of rhetoric… …

In fact, children are anxious about everything.

‘My own feelings, the feelings of others, even the unknown insects wandering under my feet… …

everything is scary

‘No one has ever taught this child the world. Thanks to that, the purity was maintained… …

so it’s hard

‘Am I really going to send this child to Satan? Can I tell him to kill Havitz?’

With her complicated feelings captured, Sirone took Wizard’s hand and left the training ground.

In the meantime, the Wizard, who was lost in his thoughts, looked up at the teachers and said.

“Teacher, I was wrong. sorry.” The dedicated teacher made a tearful expression and gently stroked her cheek.

“no. Wizard did a really good job. It’s a long time. I am so proud of you.”

Rampa, who was warmly watching the scene, turned his head and brought up the main topic.

“Now… … Shall we spread out the negotiating table?”

Although it was not revealed on the outside, a thousand fires were boiling inside the official’s heart.

‘damn! It’s the worst.’

How could anyone have known that a wizard who could not be tamed would become a docile sheep?

“haha! yes. Shall we go back to school then? Wizard’s parents are waiting for you.”

As they entered the school leaving the teachers behind, the principal approached, accompanied by Wizard’s parents.

“welcome. I am Nikolai, a certified 4th class wizard. Meet the stars of the ivory tower

It’s an honor to be there.”

Sirone is a living legend to wizards.

His hand shaking hands trembled.

“nice to meet you. I have heard of the reputation.”

It was through Omega.

“It is overrated. Oh, and these are Wizard’s parents. Say hello.”

A man and a woman in their mid-40s bowed their heads.

“hello. Wizard’s father. If my daughter has offended you, please forgive me… … Seeing the words come out without looking, I could guess the wizard’s usual behavior.

“no. Rather, we are in a position to help. Thank you for raising my daughter well.”

It was a word that represented humanity.

Sirone asked, turning to her mother.

“I want to hear from you. How wizards were born and what happened.”

My mother was embarrassed and answered.

“We are just farmers, so we don’t know. What is it, maybe it’s magic or the Spirit Zone… …

Father corrected.

“Spirit Zone.”

“Oh, yes, that. We just want Wizard to be safe. Ugh, in a world where demons rule… …

mother shed a tear


I couldn’t bear to say that your daughter would fight the devil’s captain.

“mom! dad!”

At that time, Wizard, who arrived after washing himself, ran to the front door waving his hand.


It was a seven-year-old child who would never fall into the arms of her parents, so her heart became even more heavy.

‘Even if all the conditions are met, it’s useless if the wizard doesn’t do it.’

The Wizard pointed at Sirone and said.

“You know this oppa, is he really strong? He is a much, much stronger person than I am.”


The parents were dumbfounded because the Wizard had never acknowledged anyone before.

“I like this brother. I want to keep playing with my brother. can you do that? huh? huh?”

The parents looked at Sirone again.

“This is the first time my daughter has done this. She is presumptuous, but can I ask her name?”

Thinking that something has come, Sirone replied.

“My name is Sirone.”


I had never heard of the ivory tower, but the name Sirone was famous even among farmers.

A practitioner of love who kills countless demons and fights for the peace of mankind.

“thank you. Thanks to Sirone-sama, we were able to escape safely.”

“no. I don’t deserve to hear that. And more so in the future.”

Leaving aside her parents who didn’t understand, Sirone aligned herself with the Wizard.

“Wizard, are you still enjoying magic?”

“Yeah, it’s fun. It’s more fun playing with my brother. I will continue to do magic. Woo woo woo woo!”

The Wizard, who stuck out his lips like a crucian carp, aimed his index finger and made a long, sideways cut.

“I could die.”

Sirone’s words widened the parents’ eyes.

“You might get hurt somewhere, or it might hurt a lot. still… … Do you want to continue magic?”

“Hey, over there! What does that mean now?”

As the parents tried to intervene, Rampa put his index finger to his lips and shook his head.

The Wizard repeated Sirone’s words.

“I could die… …

After thinking for a long time, she suddenly raised her head as if she had realized something.

Then he looked up at Sirone and replied with the brightest smile a seven-year-old could make.

“huh! I want to!”

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