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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1013

Evil Strikes Back (2)

Emperor Aganos.

Gando, the emperor of Kashan, did not forget to greet Wu Lin every morning.

“Mother, I will go in.”

When I opened the door, Uorin was lying on a large bed that could be rolled over ten times.

It’s not that I fell asleep.

‘Are you still doing it?’ It seemed that he had spent the dawn in <Under Coder> without fail.

She had been obsessed with virtual reality before, but after stepping down from the position of empress, it became more severe.


«O” ……Huh.

Slowly opening her eyelids, she gazed at the pattern on the ceiling in a daze, then straightened her upper body.

“Aw, that’s the head. What time is it now? Can you tell Kido to bring me some honey water?”

“It is morning. Are you really okay? Where the hell do you log in every morning?”

If it was just to the extent of experiencing Under Coder, it wouldn’t have caused a headache when he woke up.

“Yeah, it’s fun. just a little… … It’s called ‘deep’. Do you want me to call you some keys too? My head spins around.”

Gando couldn’t stand it any longer.

“You have to look at yourself. The temple will be reorganized sooner or later. Kashan is not as strong as before.”

The Demon Beast, Argantis, was lethal.

“Anyway, the situation is similar in other countries. The kingdom I built is not so easy.”

“It’s okay to doubt your mother’s abilities.

nip The problem is that the army of heaven is silent. Some say that there is a country that has joined hands with them. If you stay like this… …

“Oh, noisy. My head hurts, but I’m going to die. When he became emperor, he became very arrogant.”

Gando had a tantrum.

“The emperor is a mother! Theraje is Kashan! There is a limit to what I lead.”

‘Anyway, I’m good at grasping the subject.’ Why Gando’s neck is still attached


“okay. I’ll find a way, so go and see the work. But you haven’t even met a girl?”

“What are you going to do with the temple?”

“Ah, some!”

Uorin shouted and sighed in front of Gando’s honest eyes.

“I am not just playing. He goes into <Under Coder> every day and collects information.”

Gando did not even snort.

“It’s a place full of social misfits. What kind of information are you collecting there?”

Wu Lin laughed.

“I don’t know of a boring person like you. But Gando, the world you know is not all.”

“It could be, but would you please start with the real problem? Yahweh is appearing all over the world and performing miracles. Most countries have benefited, but Kashan is an exception.”

“Sirone… …

Woorin’s eyes softened.

“Excluding Tormia, the country that supported Sirone the most was the Kashan Empire. But I am completely ignoring it. We have to respond in some way.”

“Sirone is not coming.”


“Because he won’t want to see me.”

If Sirone had figured out the Adam and Eve incident, it would have been natural for her to stay away from Urin.

“It is a very old story. But we will meet eventually. There are more important matters now.”

Sitting at the dressing table, she said as she brushed her hair.

“Open the inner door. I told them to refrain from patrolling even the guards if possible. Conserving power is the top priority.”

Gando frowned.

“I don’t understand the instructions. Why do you open the inner door when you are protecting power?”

“It is frustrating.”

Wu Lin, with her white hair neatly combed, looked at Gando in the mirror and said,

“The fact that Yahweh does not exist in Kashan… …

Through the chain action of the law.

“It means Satan is coming.”

After listening to the wizard, the teacher looked at Sirone’s condition and realized it belatedly.

‘surely… … It feels different.’

Things that have threatened human life since ancient times, such as blades, fire, beasts of prey, and lakes covered with thin ice.

I don’t know the exact reason, but my heart beat fast as if I had something like that in front of me.


As Wizard walked to the training ground, the distorted ground instantly became flat.


Lampa let out a quiet voice.

‘He grew up again. In just 3 minutes of battle, will the criminal make a leap forward with his life?’

Sirone was relieved as she walked the path the Wizard had paved.

‘thank god.’

because he’s a strong kid

The enemy the wizard had to deal with from now on was Habits, an atrocity that no one in the world had touched.

‘Skills are overflowing. But if you can’t control your heart, Satan will only eat you.’

It was a time when decisive and overwhelming education was needed.

“It begins.”

The golden haze that enveloped Sirone’s body ascended to a height of 20 meters.


Contrary to everyone’s admiration, Wizard shrugged and stepped back.

“uh? Wizard… …

In this unprecedented situation, students and teachers who knew her put on dazed faces.

“He’s a girl who hates losing more than dying… …

Only Amy and Lampa knew that the Wizard’s judgment was excellent.

Bartok asked.

“What kind of skill is Oh Dae-sung’s skill that he has now developed?”

It was natural for him to be curious as the Wizard, who had easily subdued him, was now on guard.

“Quantum Superposition.”

Lampa said.

“If the heart changes the law, the present heart of Yahweh exists only as a probability. It seems like you are just standing there, but all the possible actions are superimposed on it.”

“… … Is it possible for a person?”

“Isn’t it right in front of you? Anyway, the Five Great Saints are sincere. It’s a Geji with the intention to kill the spirit from the beginning.”

Bartok turned his gaze to the Wizard.

“Do you know, what is that ability?”

“got it. Even if you can’t understand it, you will intuitively feel it. Because that is super logic.”

“I am not moving. Can I interpret that to mean that I haven’t found the answer?”

“Such an interpretation is also the limit of common sense. Wizard’s creativity transcends the logic of reality. Wouldn’t she be similar to Drimo if she put her thinking into shape?”

Bartok swallowed.

“That’s why I’m really curious. Rampa’s eyes narrowed in the mind of that genius who had encountered the ultimate of Yahweh.

“What the hell could be coming up with?”

After hearing the explanation, all the wizards paid attention to the wizard with a sense of goosebumps.

At that moment, the Wizard opened his mouth.


Images that I had never thought of in my 7 years of living were filling my head.

“What is that, brother?”

It was also unusual that a wizard who felt before understanding asked a question.


Sirone held out his hand, and an adult-sized Hand of God came out and aimed at her.

“It’s a skill that deals with the mind. Kind to good people, but punishes bad people. So maybe… … It might hurt you.”

“Why should I be punished?”

“You know.”

The life in the Wizard’s eyes disappeared again.

“does not matter. Because I will win.” As soon as the words were finished, the wizard stepped back a great distance and cast his magic.

‘Excellent judgment. but… … Even an extraordinary idea could not destroy all of Sirone’s potential.

“aha! now I get it!” Even so, he must have realized something, and the Wizard’s magic became more bizarre.

Sirone’s smile trembled.

“It’s dangerous.”

As the Hand of God rushed at great speed, the wizard’s eyes flashed.

“what? Is it okay?”

Seeing her evading and counterattacking at the same time, Sirone realized the core of her accident.

‘ I see.’

If human logic is a complicated labyrinth, the Wizard’s logic is an infinite empty space without walls.

“Lalala. Lalala.” In that space of thought, the seven-year-old wizard roams freely while humming his song.

‘Block from infinity.’

When the Hand of God mobilized, a huge barrier slammed into the Wizard’s clearing.

“It’s a surprise!”

She looked at the barrier for a moment.

Even Iruki, the pinnacle of Servants, can only think of a labyrinth… … .

“are you okay. I can go back.”

She can roam in all directions.

“It should be planted here.”

When she stops at a place she likes and sows a seed in the ground, it sprouts in an instant.

“Grow up. grow up.”

The specific form of that sprout suggests new possibilities and grows into a huge world tree.


“Hurray! knocked it down.”

At the point where the World Tree breaks down the barrier, the real Sirone faces a crisis for the first time.

‘It’s a really great talent.’

While avoiding the Hand of God’s pursuit, her magic was evolving in real time.

“Sirone, isn’t Oh Dae-seong being pushed back?”

At Bartok’s words, not only the teachers but also the members of the 10 Demon Council were agitated.

Although there are no barriers to reason in real confrontation. I could feel the good or bad with the momentum alone.

“Oh Dae-seong is a defensive mage.”

Lampa said.

“I can’t say that Karate has an advantage, but the fighting style is different. The attacker focuses on the target, but the defender has to read the whole situation.” Amy gently raised the corner of her mouth.

“It’s so huge that it’s a mask.”

The Wizard, who opened his arms toward the ever-growing World Tree, hopped.

“I knocked them all down!”

The trees she planted destroyed all the barriers Sirone had erected.

“I won! Stupid brother!”

thud! thud! thud! thud!

The foolishly simple attack made the Wizard endlessly retreat.

“No matter how many walls you put up, this is… … huh?”

How far from where she had been, something touched her back. When she turned around, a black barrier stood there.

“Why is this here? It’s not even a place for a confrontation… …

While rummaging through the seeds insignificantly, she suddenly realized and turned her head away.

The black barrier built by Sirone was standing endlessly beyond the horizon.

The Wizard’s expression hardened for the first time.

“Why are you here… …

It turned the far radius into a barrier that her vision could not reach.

Although still a vast space.

“It is not infinite.”

Rampa couldn’t hold back his burst of laughter.

“While the wizard was focusing on the target, Oh Dae-seong was looking where her thoughts fell short. And from there, the paving stones are laid out, and the radius is gradually narrowed.”

Bartok murmured.

“If creativity, which could be developed endlessly, is confined to the barrier, from now on it is the realm of logic.”

“okay. That’s it.”

thud! thud! thud! thud!

The Wizard’s face turned pale as he stared at the barriers closing the space from all sides.

“joy! Ah, there are still many places to escape!”

But still, Sirone was cold and only drove her into a perfect situation.

thud! thud! thud! coup

“why? why?”

A sense of insecurity came over me as a road was formed and a situation in which I had to turn inevitably arose.

“I don’t know where this is!”

Even after wandering through countless crossroads, there was only a black barrier in sight, not an exit.

At the crossroads at the end of the deep passage

Wizard instinctively turned to the right.

“… … It’s blocked.”

She put both hands on the barrier and looked up, then ran again in the opposite direction.

How naive her heart is to think that the only way left is the bow.


But all that awaited her was a black barrier emitting cold air.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The ground shook, and when I turned around, the Hand of God was approaching with great power.

Lampa muttered with cold eyes.


Sirone’s eyes flashed with life as she rushed towards the Wizard of Movement Zero.

“no. I hate losing.”

The Hand of God expanded to a gigantic size in the wizard’s teary-eyed eyes.

“well… …

Her eyes were tightly closed.



The barrier of reason collapsed, and the people who were watching the confrontation opened their mouths in a daze.


friendly voice.

Wizard felt a hand stroking his hair and opened his eyes to see Sirone’s face.

“You are a good boy.”

Wena Wizard, 7 years old.

For the first time in my life, I met an adult.

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