Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1012

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Counterattack of Evil⑴

Even if they didn’t know Sirone’s true identity, the ones waiting were the kingdom’s top official and the 10 Magicians.

Either way, as a magic school teacher, he was a person who could not be treated carelessly, but the Wizard was stubborn.

“I’m going to say hello! quickly!” The teacher was bleeding.

“Wizard, they are very busy. Why don’t you play with the teacher? Okay, would you like to draw a picture?”

“no! I’m going! I’m going!” If he was a common child, the teacher probably wouldn’t have stopped him like this.

However, the Wizard had never followed social etiquette in front of anyone.

Even when the king came to visit.

‘I pulled Your Highness’s beard. no, that’s fine He loves Wizards more than anyone else.’

Being a sorceress herself, she knew the influence the Ivory Tower Star had on the kingdom.


At that moment, the teacher’s legs jumped open, and he was led forward by the wizard’s hand.

Sirone’s eyes changed.

‘Gravity collapse.’

A phenomenon that was naturally ignited in a synesthetic thought, not cast knowingly.

‘Potential is the strongest of mankind… …

As Rampa’s words made sense, the Wizard arrived as he slipped on the ground.

“Who is your brother?”

Her rich blond hair was braided left and right, and the faint freckles on the bridge of her nose were cute.

‘It’s more serious than expected.’

I don’t want to use the term madness, but her eyes were different from those of other children.

‘I’m already realizing my strength. Even though I know it’s hated, I find pleasure in people being embarrassed because they can’t.’

A child who can beat an adult.

‘When this simple interest is combined with pleasure and amplified to the point of infinity… …

Will it become a Havitz?

Thoughts were serious and extreme, but Sirone was greeted with a smile.

“hi? My brother is the inspector of the kingdom.”

“What is an inspector?”

“He’s the kind of person who sees if the students are doing well and if things aren’t going well. Of course you too.”


When the wizard seemed to be losing interest, Sirone personally asked a question.

“How about your school life? Is magic fun?”

“yes! it’s fun!”

It was a quick emotional change as simple as it was.

“Wizard beats brother and sister! The teacher wins, and all the guys here win!”

As she passed Lampa and pointed to the Ten Magicians one by one, the teacher’s face turned red.

“sorry! I’m still young… …

It’s a comfortable excuse, but the Wizard didn’t stop there and pointed at Sirone.

“And my brother, I win too.”

While the faces of the 10 Magicians were stiff, Sirone tilted her head dubiously.

“Your brother is also a wizard, right? Kingdom Inspector Sorcerer.”

Lampa’s eyes narrowed.

‘When Oh Dae-seong hides his energy, I can’t grade him even with my keen eye. What a terrifying talent.’

Sirone readily admitted.

“Yes, my brother is a wizard too. Like Wizards, I studied magic diligently from a young age.”

Wizard pretended to laugh exaggeratedly.

“Your brother is very weak.”

Believing your feelings as they are is probably proof that you are still pure compared to your abilities… … .

“Wizards are strong. As strong as this.”

I could feel the beast nature in the way the two arms drew a circle large enough to be short.

Thinking that it wouldn’t be easy to deal with, Sirone insinuated.

“Yeah, Wizards are really good. But there are many people in the world who do it better.”

The life in the Wizard’s eyes disappeared, as if his soul had escaped and only a shell remained.

“I win. I am strong.”

“okay? Well, then what do you think if the Wizard loses? Do you feel angry or sad?”

That moment.

“Because I win! I will win them all!”

Anger, unknown where it was hiding, exploded through the child’s throat.

“Go away 7}! I hate you! Pooh! Pooh Woo!”

Showing the greatest hostility she could, she suddenly picked up a handful of dirt and sprinkled it on Sirone.


Unlike the pale, tired teachers, Sirone continued talking without even moving.

“okay. Then, since the wizard says they can win, can you show her brother?”

“Ok, fine! play! game!”

The Wizard, accustomed to testing since birth, turned to the 2,000th.

“No, no games. With real magic.” The teachers’ eyes widened, and even the official, who had been listening intently, turned his head.

“Hey, no matter what, the actual battle… …

“are you okay. It’s a capable enough skill. How are you, Wizard? Can you still win?”


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“good. ‘Cause I’m going to win Let’s do that.”

Sirone nodded, and Bartok, the leader of the 10 Magicians, stepped forward.

“Then I will deal with you.”

When the teachers heard that, they couldn’t believe their ears.


Recalling what the stars of the ivory tower are like, they rushed and shouted.

“It’s not possible! You are still a child! Rather let us do it!”

The dedicated teacher begged Sirone.

“Inspector! I will take responsibility for the Wizard’s rudeness. Please dry it.”

Sirone’s thoughts… … .

‘Mr. Bartok is testing the wizard.’

It seems to be a good match, it is.

‘Teachers are terrified. It means that you don’t know the true face even if you teach me.’

Sirone opened his mouth.

“I don’t want you to look at me as young

yo. this.”

“That, like that… …

The teachers’ gaze turned disgusting, but Bartok understood the true meaning of the words.

‘Is that about it?’

Of course, I expected it, but when I heard it through Sirone’s mouth, it felt like I was on fire for the first time in a long time.

Lampa moderated the mood.

“Then I will referee. The battle time is 3 minutes. However, if a dangerous situation arises, I will take the initiative.”

It was only after hearing the words of the 3-star ivory tower residents that the teachers got out of their panic.

“If you can hold on for 3 minutes, 3 minutes… … Amy, on the other hand, frowned.

‘Three minutes at the level of the stars is the time to do everything. In the end, Mr. Lampa also took care of Sirone’s convenience.’

Arriving at the center of the training ground, Bartok looked at the Wizard with a cold gaze.

‘It’s synesthesia thinking.’

A creative idea that humans hold sacred is nothing more than basic logic to this wizard.

‘If I could create all the solutions… …

At the same time as Bartok’s eyes widened, fire rose from the ground.

‘There is no right answer at all!’

The ever-growing pillar of fire twisted in the air and rushed toward the Wizard.

‘Put it down with power!’

The teachers screamed in fright as the training ground was set ablaze with huge flames.

The dedicated teacher yelled at Lampa.

“The promise is different! Where is the law against a child like this! You guys are going to sue!”

nobody cared about her

Sirone, Amy, and Rampa were just chasing the two shadows moving in the flames.

“There is, there is a solution.”

Sirone replied to Lampa’s words.

“I must say I found it. It happened outside Mr. Bartok’s accident limits.”

At the point where the blow of conversion ended in vain, the match between the two was close.

‘It’s absurd.’

Tension rises to the top of my head when I block magic from all directions… … .

“Bread! Bread, Bread!”

Sometimes, when the face of an enemy came into view, I couldn’t tell if it was real or an illusion.

I could understand the feelings of the students, but emotions could not be a variable for the star of the ivory tower.

“I’ll show you the grown-up way.”

As he reached out of the robe, the beads embedded in the back of the glove’s hand spread a radiance.

“The spirit essence.”

The Magic Ten Members’ Association possessed as many as 10 of the 17 that existed in the world.

“The birth of the earth.”


The ground shook, and the ground rose from all sides and rushed like waves toward the Wizard.

Lampa’s expression hardened for the first time.

‘ Dangerous!’

The form in which all the possibilities of the land series were aggressively integrated resembled a disaster.

“uh? uh?”

The land that formed the shape of a dome while confining the Wizard quickly shrank like a deflated balloon.

“this… …

Just as Rampa was about to act, thousands of tiny bubbles sprang from the surface of the dome.


And the next moment, the ground shattered with a tremendous roar.


Convection currents were rotating around the Wizard who appeared.

Sirone said.

“Technology isn’t everything. Attributes, power, and even the laws of Mother Nature… …

What can be made with creative thinking.

“I will win!”

As her aspirations manifested into synesthesia, dozens of hybrid magics that defied common sense flooded in.

‘shit! What is that?’

Numerous elements, such as heat, gravity, fluid, elasticity, electromagnetic force, hardness, and frictional force, were being used in a form we had never seen before.


The pleasure of destroying the limits of thought was 10,000 times stronger than the worry about death.

At the same time as the flash took him away, hybrid magic exploded on the ground.


Dust rises, and Bartok, held by Lampa, lands next to the party.


Coming out of the smoke, she ran to Bartok and shook her hips.

“Hurray! I won! I won Geelong!”

Teachers tried to dissuade her, but this time she didn’t stop, perhaps because she was too angry.

“fool. fool. Pooh!”

“Wizard, stop now. It’s worse than usual.”

Bartok stood up.

“No, I lost.”

It is a fact that everyone in this place knows, but when the words came out of the mouth of the person concerned, the shock was enormous.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lampa. Teaching wizards is definitely beyond my competence.

Seems to.”

“There is no need for that. Because I was surprised too. Anyway, things got embarrassing.”

Looking away, I saw the officer’s shoulders tremble as he turned toward the tree.

‘This is great.’

The adrenaline was choking me.

‘The seven-year-old has won the stars. It was not a dream for Stang Kingdom to go to the temple. It’s an ivory tower, and I absolutely must have it. Anyway, my parents are stupid farmers, I’d rather give them money and adopt them… … Clearly seeing what he was thinking, Lampa sighed and turned his head back.

‘I should have brought you three years ago.’

At the time, the ivory tower internal government, which was teeming with principleists, also had a long meeting.

Of course, their decision was right again in that Sirone, who finally became a star, was the 4th superhuman, but… … .

‘You have to be flexible, people. If you pick 2 people, where will you add? If you’re obsessed with Kar… …

I couldn’t help but feel sad.

“I can’t.”

After comforting Rampa by patting his back, you approached the wizard.

“You are really good at magic, Wizard.”

“huh! You are much better than my brother.”

The Wizard, who still had leftovers, raised his chin, which did not even reach Sirone’s waist.

“Wow, really? Then, why don’t you play against your brother one last time this time?”

The moment the stars of the ivory tower turned their heads at the same time, the dedicated teacher argued and listened.

“Do it in moderation! Is this something to be so persistent about because a child sprinkled some dirt? The previous match proved your skills.”

“Of course it is. sorry. But there are circumstances. It’s not good for the wizard at this rate.”

“What is that… …

Rampa stopped talking.

“If Sirone-nim wants to do it, I can’t stop it. But I don’t think I can referee.”

“are you okay. I can control it.”

The teacher frowned.

“What are you talking about? The star of the ivory tower couldn’t win, but how did the city inspector… … huh? Sirone?” Even if you don’t know the face, everyone in the wizarding society knows the name.

“what! Sirone!”

Amidst the murmur, Rampa spoke.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you beforehand, but can you leave the Wizard to us one more time? There won’t be anything dangerous. It has already been approved by the royal government.”

The official who received the attention of the teacher in charge nodded with one eye squinted.

‘Really? Is this really Sirone?’

Infinite wizards, five great castles of the ivory tower, Yahweh of the times, and numerous nicknames passed by.

“uh? strong.”

Turning his head at the voice, Wizard was staring at Sirone curiously.

“Brother, you suddenly became stronger.”

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