Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1009

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Shadow of God (2)

The mountain seen from the sky was a huge charcoal with hundreds of thousands of lights shining like stars.

Amy exhaled calmly at a temperature where the heat alone could burn a creature to death.

‘Yahweh’s assassination organization.’

Gultan’s ability imagery must have been much more fatal to Sirone than to himself.


Leaving many thoughts behind, Amy looked at the forested mountain on the other side.

‘Is it too late?’

If the person who attacked Maya was on the same level as Gultan, he would have died a hundred times.


Excitement burned red.

‘ what?’

In the depths of the forest, an artificial shaking completely different from the natural phenomenon was captured.

It meant they were still fighting.

Amy immediately cast space movement towards it.

Miyo, whose arm had been cut off, tried to understand the situation a moment ago without even thinking about stopping the bleeding.

‘What happened?’

An arm could be cut off, but it didn’t make sense that he wasn’t even aware of it.

‘I am the division commander. And that guy was a weakling who couldn’t even stand up a second ago.’

Miyo looked back at Cayden at the huge gap that could not be explained even with realization.

“What are you?”

Cayden couldn’t answer.

‘Why can’t I move my arm?’ Still, his right arm was fixed in space with the sword extended horizontally.

‘get off! Lower your arms!’

As I pushed my consciousness into it, the feel of the handle and the weight of the blade were clearly conveyed.

‘It’s not a matter of the senses.’

Still, my arm didn’t move, and I felt like I had forgotten how to give orders.

‘The problem is the brain. what the heck… … Something I had just heard had nothing to do with the ripping sound.

‘Let’s not think.’ Cayden left his right arm stiff as if in a cast and turned around.

‘The priority is to protect Maya.’ The moment I see Miyo in my eyes,

‘s sword started cutting through the air like mad.

Caden was unconcerned.

Obviously, the senses are alive, but the brain is not processing them.

“What are you doing?”

Kayden, who finally realized what Miyo said, was surprised to see his arm move freely.

“What is this… …

The moment I pushed my consciousness, my thoughts disappeared and my body sprang forward.


Miyo’s remaining arm was cut off, and a tearing scream embroidered the mountain.

“You son of a bitch!”

She stretched out her shortened arms and opened her mouth wide, revealing her teeth.

“I’ll chew your heart out!”

Cayden tried to regain consciousness.

And the moment I regained control of my body, I felt the power draining from my whole body.

‘Damn it!’

Miyo rushed forward with her head in front.

Even a simple head-butt would be enough to break bones if the division commander’s physical ability was there.

At the same time, Cayden’s right arm drove the sword into the ground, raising a thick iron wall.


Miyo’s pupils shook violently.


As she dropped to her knees, grabbing her hair and shaking it, the iron wall cracked.

Cayden finally sensed it.

‘Two brains.’

I’m not sure, but it seems that the network between the left and right brains has been disconnected.

‘The brain moving my right arm no longer sends me signals. That’s why I can’t control it.’

If you hypothesize like that, it is understandable that your thoughts evaporated from the blow you had put all your heart into just a moment ago.

‘Then, if the brain that does not send me a signal, momentarily dominates the body… …

Cayden is not getting any signal.

“Heh. Hehehe.”

How is it?

The fate of the Red Cross, if only one right arm could be freed from that damn fate.


If only I could hold her hand

“Now you… …

Before she could finish her words, Miyo, who had been crouching down, threw herself at Maya.


Hitting your head against an iron wall is already a fatal blow.


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If so, it was best to complete at least part of the strategy the Catacombs had laid out.

‘Kill Maya. If you can gnaw away even a little bit of Yahweh’s heart… … cried Caden.


But the brain he could control was stuck in the fate of the Red Cross and couldn’t budge.


Miyo’s chest opened vertically, and ferocious ribs grew open like a jaw.

At the same time, the flash crashed.

Amy, who arrived by space transfer, grasped the situation in an instant and jumped.

‘It’s a big deal!’

As a result of analyzing the autoimage memory, it was 0.43 seconds short of saving Maya.


Maya, who has the nerve speed of a sensitive general public, belatedly burst into a scream.

“Knock-knock! late!”

Miyo, who had exposed all of her disgusting internal organs, attacked her with her many ribs closed.


Amy’s steps stopped.

As Miyo’s body was split in two, it passed Maya’s left and right sides and landed on the ground.

“Huh! black!”

Maya, who was holding her hands up like a puppy, realized something strange and slowly opened her eyes.

Cayden was glaring at Miyo with the long sword he was holding in reverse.

Amy opened her mouth blankly.

‘Demonic sword, serve.’

It’s a special move in itself, but compared to my school days, it was a swordsman on a different level.

“Kaden, how are you?”

There are a lot of things I want to say, but there is something I need to say first.

‘Even dreaming was a luxury, but now I can.’

As Cayden approached with her eyes wide open, Maya greeted her with a smile.

“Thank you, Kayden. If it wasn’t for you I… …


The moment Caden stopped talking, Maya’s shoulders twitched and her face went pale.

“I will formally confess. From the first time we met, there was only you in my heart.”

“Hey, hey, Caden.”

Amy interrupted, but Caden ignored him.

“It’s okay if you don’t like me. just know that i love you Then I can do anything. I am not afraid of hell or death.” The reason Maya couldn’t say anything was because Cayden’s words and eyes were so serious.

‘Why are you doing this, man? Are you kidding me?’

If he hadn’t seen how much Caden had sacrificed to save him, he would have turned cheek first.

“Can I ask you a favor instead?” Caden said with a friendly smile.


“Just once, will you sing for me? that’s my only wish Of course, if you don’t like… …

“hey! Cayden!”

Only then did Caden turn his head.

“Why? Can’t you see what I’m doing?”

“I’m not doing this because I look too good! What are you doing to Maya? hand! your hand!”


Blinking for a moment, Cayden traced the right hand along his shoulder.

It was Maya’s chest.

Cayden’s eyes, which had been watching what the hand was doing for about a second, were filled with fear.

“Aaaaaa! What is this, damn it! What the hell is this!”

“How do I know that, you madman! Get your hands off me quickly!”

“O this”

Cayden stomped his feet, but couldn’t figure out how to move his right hand.


It was only when I finally grabbed my wrist and stepped back that the terrible accident came to an end.

‘why? Why?’

He’d never made a mistake in his life, so how could his hands do such stupid things?

Only the brain would have known.


Cayden turned his head and saw Maya avoiding his gaze and cried.

‘ruined. done.’

Is the fate of the Red Cross not allowing even the first and last confession of one’s life?

Imagining what she would think of me made me feel like falling into abyss.

“I’m sorry, Maya. This is absolutely not my will. I don’t even know what these hands did.”

It was a typical perverted excuse, but Maya, who had guessed it, nodded.

“Oh, yes. okay.”

Of course, that didn’t mean he had the courage to close his distance with Cayden again.

Caught in despair, Cayden’s eyes lit up and he drew out his sword with his left hand.

“damn! Then I will punish you!” Amy and Maya shouted at the same time.

“for a moment! Cayden!”

But before Caden could do anything, his right hand moved of its own accord and slapped him in the face.

“100 million!”

Cayden, beaten by his own fist, lost his temper.


With the left hand that threw the sword, he started fighting with his right hand, and the momentum was gargantuan.

But in the end, the right hand overpowered the left and twisted outward strongly.

As the two women watched in bewilderment, Cayden finally admitted defeat.

“Ahhh! okay! lost! I lost!”

It would be sad if he was second only to stubbornness, but what would he do by defeating his own right hand?

muttered Maya.

“I knew you were a strange person from before, but… …

“shit! shit!”

Cayden, sitting helplessly on the floor, stared intently at the sword that fell right next to him.

“Should I really cut it?”

said Amy.

“Arthur. I don’t know the circumstances, but you saved Maya anyway. Thanks to that right arm.”

“Sheesh! How can I protect Maya if she keeps coming out like this? Do you know what these hands can do?”

Maya realized the real reason for Cayden’s disappointment.

“I will tell you.” Cayden walked over and she sat down next to her.

“You are not sincere. No, honestly, I don’t know how it works, but the Kayden I know isn’t like that. therefore… … Whenever this happens, I will tell you.”


“Thank you, Kayden. Thanks to you, I can continue to sing. I will also grant you the request you made earlier.”

Caden bit his lower lip, but couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

‘Because I’m secretly soft-hearted.’ Of course I know.

How Cayden had dreamed of this moment, how he had screamed madly at his damned fate.


Even if it was only his right arm, it was the first thing he got by ripping through his fate with his own power.

how much time has passed

After the emotional storm passed, the three of them sat side by side on the hill and watched the city.

“by the way… …

It was a sight that even Cayden, who fought fiercely, could not help but collapse.

“That’s amazing.”

The gray space created by Taegeuk was spreading towards the end of the horizon.

‘I wonder what’s going on inside… … I can’t even imagine.’

said Amy.

“Time, space, law, mind. It’s all in a state of collapse, endlessly circulating. The moment you enter there, your thoughts will be destroyed and you will lose even your ego.”

They weren’t up to interfering.

The space of Taegeuk was like a waterfall, where strong energy flows rapidly backwards.

Sirone and Giyorgi looked at each other.

Just 2 meters away, the power to swallow the world is created from that small nucleus.

said Giyorgi.

“How long are you going to hold out, Yahweh? You should know. Taegeuk expands endlessly.”

If no one backed down, it would eventually swallow the whole world.

“The odds are half and half. I won’t stop you if you want to bet me on the whole of humanity, but… …

Yahweh will not be able to do that.


Sirone was the first to speak.

“You seem to be overconfident in yourself. Whoever you are, you are only a shadow. You cannot surpass me.”

“… … Maybe.”

Giyorgi’s eyes flashed as he bent his upper body, revealing the ghost’s face.

“But what about this?”

As the power of evil grew, the Taegeuk space, which had been in a lull, began to expand again.

“Quack! Will you accept or will you back down? Yahweh, you gamble with humanity?”

“So you can’t.”

With Giyorgi’s expression crumpled, Sirone sharply twisted the distribution of power.

“Is this Taegeuk?”

In the place where the energy of light weakened, the energy of darkness began to infiltrate at a terrifying speed.

‘Twist here again… …

The speed of light became much faster when it inherited the power pushed by darkness and rotated it.

Gyorgi realized.

‘Damn it!’

Light and darkness circulate endlessly in the bridle of Taegeuk.

‘Use the power of darkness to amplify the light. As a result, Yahweh is faster than me.’

“If you’re going to do this with me, bring me or something.” In the game of yin and yang spinning at breakneck speed, the teeth of light finally bite the tail of darkness.

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