Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1007

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Age of Struggle (4)

People realized the moment they saw the man melting the bread like juice and eating it.

‘This is real.’

Surprisingly, there were many people who left alcohol at the end in Wangseong’s guidelines, and many people knew that a man was one of them.

As soon as he happily ate the bread, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“I will repent!”

People knelt down and shouted.

“True God, give me rest too. Living is so hard.”

“Please grant my wish. I don’t want anything else. I just want to eat my fill!”

The priest watched them happily.

“You who were mocked by the false god, now the god is weeping for joy. have it Achieve what you want. You are the true lambs who put the Word of God into action.”

“Wow!” People who gained courage went out in all directions and began extorting the things of passers-by.

They stripped them of their clothes, robbed them of their food, and plundered all their possessions.

“Really! does not it hurt!”

Their hearts seemed to fly as they regained the life they had to give up by the action guidelines.

“Yes, that’s right! This is God! There is no reason for an omnipotent God to give us pain!”

Those who were starving to the point of being skin to bone ate the food they stole.

In fact, emotional illness did not appear.

‘Paimon’s emotional disease is manifested when he tries to protect something precious to him. but… …

The priest smiled viciously.

“What is stolen from others is not valuable.”

A fact that mankind has overlooked.

No, it may have already been analyzed, but it must have been an issue that could never be made public.

The square became a mayhem.

Humans can become strong enough simply by reversing the circuit of logic.

“That is our god.” said the priest.

“It is Satan.”

“Mr. Giyorgi.”

The man at the bar who had been watching the situation so far moved to the priest.

“Is it gultan?”

The man in the bar took off his hood, revealing a red-skinned face with pricked ears.

“The plan has been disrupted.”


The reason Giyorgi is not embarrassed is because he understands Yahweh better than anyone else.

Gultan reported.

“The person who approached the woman named Maya is another human being. She must move somewhere else… …

“Yahweh is here.”

A philanthropist would not be foolish enough to use someone as bait.

“Most of all, it smells. There is only one person in the universe that smells this disgusting.”

Gultan sniffed.

“… … anyway. What should I do? The title is the same, but the general manager is Mr. Giyorgi.”

The name of the organization is Catacombs.

A private organization created by the Army of Hell, it consists of seven division commanders who received the special mission to assassinate Sirone. Among the numerous division commanders, the reason why they were selected was because of their ability to specialize in anti-Yahweh warfare.

In particular, Giyorgi could be said to be the antipode of Sirone in that it deals with the mind.

“If you want to kill Yahweh, you have to shake your heart first. Even if it’s anger. Send Miyo to Maya. If she is her, I can give her the best of misery.”

Miyo was the most lewd and powerful demon among the succubus.

“I say so. Then what about Yahweh?” Giyorgi had his eyes on the scene of violence spreading even outside the square.

“The atmosphere is ripe… …

He inserted the inverted cross pendant and looked in the direction while sniffing the air.

“Would you like to say hello?”

Gultan raised one eyebrow and looked back.

“Are you okay? Of course, I know Mr. Giyorgi’s skills, but the opponent is Yahweh.”

“Evil wins.”

Giyorgi, holding the bible of hell in his hand, continued as he left the plaza.

“It was only wrapped up in the name of good, but the victor was always evil. Don’t ever

It’s cold.”

He disappeared into the looting crowd.

“God is Satan.”

Cayden knocked on the door of the inn where Maya was staying.

“Maya! Maya!”

I couldn’t feel her presence, but I could confirm her presence through the Spirit Zone.

“It’s me, Caden! Open the door!”

“??????go back.”

Maya’s voice was mixed with crying.

“I don’t want to meet anyone. You and Sirone too. just let me be alone


“I can sing again!”

I couldn’t hear an answer, but I intuitively knew that the temperament of the air had changed.


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“Sirone said that he would cure your emotional illness. So let’s go. You don’t have to be here anymore.”


Maya asked.

“Why is Sirone curing my illness?”


Although her magical talent was not outstanding, she also knew how to think rationally.

“If I could have been cured, I would have cured them all. Because Sirone is such a person. But why are you looking for me?”

Caden said honestly.

“Sirone wants your help. He wants to fight for the world.” After a while, the answer came.

“I can’t help Sirone. No, I don’t want to help. So go back.”

“Maya! Emotional illness can be cured! I don’t have to be sick anymore!”

“That hurts even more!”

Caden shut his mouth at the sudden burst of voice.

“I don’t care if I dance like this or if people make fun of me. I mean, I can endure it because Sirone doesn’t see it. But when you meet Sirone… …

Cries were heard.

“I can’t do anything, but no matter how much I like it, Sirone doesn’t like me… …

Cayden realized.

Perhaps the fate of the Red Cross lies with everyone, big or small.


My heart pounded, and my teeth clenched in fear.

“Maya, I… …

Thoughts of not doing so filled my head, but my heart was pushing out the voice.

“Love you. From the past… … I haven’t changed my mind once since I first saw you.”

With this, it is not done.

‘Damn it! damn it!’

My whole body ached as if I had a fever, and I felt like I could hear screams in my brain.

“Maya, I don’t care what you think. It’s okay if you hate me I can just be by your side… …

Then there was a bang and the sound of a wall collapsing.


Cayden, who smashed through the door at Maya’s screams, opened her eyes wide toward the bed.

“you… … what?”

A woman who covered her eyes with black bandages crossed in the shape of an X was holding Maya from behind.

“me? A beast mad with lust, Miyo.”


Cayden felt it, but it was quite different from the average feeling he learned at magic school.

It was showing off its tremendous physical beauty, as if it existed only for function.

“Kaden… … Huh!”

Miyo grabbed Maya by the nape of her neck.

“Save your neck. After a while you will have to sing a hymn for me with that pretty voice.”

“Free her.”

Cayden aimed his sword, but his arm shook so much that he couldn’t handle the weight.


He did not give up on Maya.

“Are you okay, your arms are shaking badly? Rather than fighting like that… … how is it?” Miyo’s blood-red tongue wriggled like jelly on the nape of Maya’s neck.

“Do you want to play together? I will finish it.”

“You son of a bitch!”

Even without power, Caden threw himself and swung his sword.

‘I can’t even cast magic.’

Miyo, who easily dodged the common young man’s sword, took Maya and flew out of the building.

“Ho-ho-ho! Follow me if you have any thoughts.”

“at there!”

The ability to cast fly magic is thanks to the skill of the mind trained since birth.

It was natural that it would be difficult to keep up with a division commander, but Miyo was controlling her speed.

“Is your heart beating fast?”

Miyo kissed Maya on the cheek.

“don’t worry. Once you entrust your body to me, you won’t even know you exist.”

Maya’s eyes widened.


As the sensations rose up my spine, it was as if my consciousness was being bounced out of my brain.

‘Sirone… …

It became dark before my eyes.

“Kaden is late.”

At an alley cafe with a table outside the window, Sirone was waiting for Caden.

said Amy.

“I know. Are we talking too long?” Considering the complicated circumstances, it was inevitable, but Sirone was not in a good mood.

“I can’t. Let’s go.”

As Amy followed after paying for the tea, Sirone raised her arm to block her approach.


Hearing the unusual voice, he looked ahead and saw a man in a priestly uniform with desperate eyes walking towards him.


Although they were human on the outside, they couldn’t hide their demonic temperament.

‘No, are you not hiding it on purpose?’ In such a strange atmosphere, Sirone’s expression changed seriously.

“Who are you?”


After answering that, he stopped walking and opened the Devil’s Bible.

“He is God’s agent and the head of the Yahweh assassination organization. A member of my gang currently has Maya.”

“Where are you now?”

“On the mountain. Miyo excels at handling the senses. She might have lost her personality by now.”

As the Miracle Stream rose from Sirone’s body, Giyorgi turned to the side.



“If you are precious, you should save it. Also, that is in line with God’s will. step… …

Gyorgi’s eyes seemed to contain an abyss.

“If you leave this place, I will kill everyone in the village. The choice is yours.”

Amy clenched her fists.

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something? If we get rid of you and save Maya, it will be over.”

“Because it is impossible.”

Covering the devil’s bible tightly, he turned around and stood in front of Sirone.

“Yahweh, you can never defeat me. You must already know?”

“If you keep talking nonsense… …

Amy tried to argue, but suddenly realized that Sirone was still silent and turned her head away.

“Sirone, what’s wrong?”


Sirone’s expression was not good.

“It is a human emotion. Extreme emotions come together and take a certain shape.”

“Suddenly, it sounds obvious… …

“it’s me.”

Amy, who blinked for a moment, looked back with a startled expression.

“no way??????

“okay. That demon is an existence made up of the emotions I abandoned. In other words, it is the darkness of Yahweh.”

said Giyorgi.

“The word abandoned is misleading. It is not that Yahweh has abandoned me, but I have left Yahweh.”

Black smoke rose from his whole body, creating a strange contrast with the Miracle Stream.

“Repent, Yahweh. No more mocking human beings in the name of false gods.”

“Amy, I’ll take care of Maya.”

“but… …

“Maybe a little rough this time.”

Amy swallowed, nodded, and flew up into the sky.

“don’t worry! I will definitely save you!”

The roar of space movement was loud, but Sirone had already blocked unnecessary information.

“… … Let’s move places.”

“Is it to avoid harming humans?”


Giyorgi nodded.

“Exactly, Yahweh.”

Black smoke rose terribly from his body as he kicked off the ground.

“That’s why I win.”

As the Taegeuk effect occurred due to the collision of light and darkness, an achromatic area covered the city.

Citizens screamed.

“Aww! what! What’s wrong with my body all of a sudden!”

Matter rises due to gravitational collapse, and the order of time begins to get tangled up.

“Ray, why is this body! Hey what! Aaaaaa!”

The grotesque sound, unlike any human accent, gave Sirone goosebumps.

“What is it, how is it! Give me life!”

What was even more surprising was that causality was not completely restored even with the Ultima system.

“Lahawon-gu Eulsinja, you have lost a bit. Rama Jibeli is also mua. there is everything

Gohashi lord you these guys.”

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