Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1006

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Age of Struggle (3)

Cayden’s sword was vibrating at a terrifying speed in front of Sirone’s nape.

It felt like something was being compressed endlessly, but it was never conveyed to Sirone.

‘One notch difference.’

The moment Cayden’s switch is turned heartily, the law will break his will.

“Even with Hexa’s ability, Agape, you can’t completely cure emotional illness. You may feel comfortable right now, but if you don’t solve the problem, it will only lead to a more terrible disaster.”

You cannot stand against the demons and Heaven’s army while relying on someone else’s ability.

“Is that why? Was Maya just that much to you? If you saw her with her own two eyes… …

“My conclusion is the same.”

Amy gulped at the cold reply.

“I ask because they are friends. If so, how do you measure that standard? Who has been with me for more than a certain amount of time? who helped me? Or should I line up in the order I like?” Cayden understood Sirone’s words, but his heart was still rebelling.

‘ Maya.’

When she heard the name Sirone, her terrified expression flashed in her eyes.

“So you can’t help Maya?”

“My criteria for emotional illness is one. We only help as part of a strategy that will most quickly stabilize this world.”

“Maya is a strong person.”

Caden sincerely thought so.

“Fighting alone is not a strategy. Her songs can move people. Awareness is sufficient. Can’t you tell she’s not part of your plans?”

“Last night, Iruki almost died.” Amy looked back at Sirone with a surprised expression.

“But thanks to you, I got rid of a powerful evil. It’s an amazing achievement. Nade also fought for his life. My friend Lian is wandering through hell in burning pain.”

“… … What do you want to say? Do you think Maya can’t do that?”


Sirone lowered Cayden’s sword.

“If I ask for help, Maya will do it no matter what. Do you really want that?” “When Iruki cast Overdrive, I knew but didn’t stop him. Rather, the fight unfolded with that in mind. That’s it. The person I need is a comrade with whom I can plot death, not someone I have to take responsibility for whenever I am in danger. And for comrades like that, emotional disease must of course be suppressed in order to have the best performance.”

“Maya… …

Sirone stopped talking.

“Kaden, you don’t deserve it either. Do you know what a war is? Do you know what happens to women who are captured by demons? Maya is a dear friend. That is why she was not sent to the battlefield.”

Cayden couldn’t argue.

“Sooner or later the temple will open. Not only Tormia, but the kingdoms that are still in good shape will compete for supremacy. There are rumors that some countries have already joined hands with the demons or colluded with the heavenly army. Listen up, Kayden. The world is moving so fast, and so frenzied that you can’t even predict it.”

Only Sirone was painting the whole.

“I don’t force it. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can lock yourself in your room. Fight your emotional illness and wait quietly for others to come up with results.”

“What can I do?”

The Sirone Cayden knew was not the type to nag without a solution.

“You said there was a reason you brought me here. As long as Maya can be happy, she can do anything.”

“Protect Maya.” It was the only thing Caden couldn’t do.

“Do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means cutting her out of your heart.”

“And then?”

“I will curb Maya’s emotional illness. Maybe I can sing again. Sooner or later, the holy war becomes a battleground that reduces the whole situation in the world. Maya will need something. But I can’t protect you.”

Caden must protect.

“I guess I just have to give up Maya. For her wholeheartedly, so that she cannot love her forever.”

“I don’t think your heart is insignificant. No, it’s really important. But the end of an era is coming. If you want to be in charge of someone, you have to be prepared to be in charge of the world.”

“Yeah, got it.”

If Maya could sing again, would her feelings matter?

“Bring Maya with you.”

Cayden’s eyes, as he closed his sword and went downstairs, were more lifeless than before.

Amy gave her a sympathetic look, but in reality it was nothing different from her.

Sirone suppressed her emotional illness.

‘Comrades in arms.’

For the sake of mankind’s victory, both Amy and Sirone would gladly choose death.

‘are you okay. We can still fight together. Because Sirone is by my side now.’

If you want to be in charge of someone, you must be in charge of the world.

Sirone said.

“Kaden will do just fine.”

If your feelings for Maya are not obsession, love has the power to set yourself on fire.

“Let’s wait until Maya comes.”

Sirone’s smile was sad, so Amy nodded her head more vigorously than usual.

Back at the bar, Cayden is told by the boss that Maya has left work.

“If you are deceiving me… …

“Really! What am I lying about doing here? Believe me!”

The boss, who was grabbed by Kayden’s neck, was in trouble.

‘shit! I’m lucky.’ I knew this day would come ever since Maya, a mogul, came to audition.

Still, the reason I hired her was because, in addition to business strategy, personal feelings were involved.

Because there is no more fun game than watching a world-renowned singer fall.

Throwing the boss to the floor, Cayden climbed onto the stage and exited the store through the back door.

‘I should have stayed at home.’

Once I got the map, I was thinking of going to the inn where she was staying.

The boss jumped up and spat.

“Kaak, twee! Something like a beggar came looking for me.”


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He made good profits using Maya, but money was no longer an issue.

Like an addiction, the time I had with Maya as an employee stimulated my brain.

“Sheesh! If I knew it would be like this, I would try to touch it.”

Crackle, crackle.

The sound of chewing hard peanuts was heard in the corner of the shop.

“what? who is there?”

The boss squinted to see that a man was still sitting at the table.

“The store is ruined. business is over. Get off quickly.”

“… … It is not Yahweh.”


At the sharp voice that didn’t sound like a human, the president crumpled his face and moved closer.

“What are you? If you’re drunk… … Kuck!” A fork that flew from the darkness was lodged in the president’s forehead, and his body flew to the stage.

In the stillness, the existence in the darkness opened its mouth.

“This will disrupt the plan.” Pushing off his chair, he stood up and walked towards the wall with his hands in his pockets.

As soon as it touched the wall, black smoke rose from its body and penetrated the material in an instant.

Wearing a hooded hood and mingling with the crowd, he headed to the city square.

Even the fountain was broken and dozens of people gathered in the muddy water.

“Everyone, please repent.”

In the center, a man with a short beard and clad in priestly clothes was preaching.

“God loves you. The pain you are experiencing right now is also a test given by God. so… …

“Stop talking bullshit!”

A man in a shabby suit holding a bottle of wine shouted.

“How many gods are there? Do you know what happened to these bastards who used to come here and talk like that? Everyone was stoned and splashed! God? It hurts every day, but what can I do? I left my children, my wife, and my house all alone! What on earth can God do for me like this?”

People had neither the energy nor the will to cheer, but there was a chill in their eyes.

The priest who watched the man for a while nodded with a thin eye smile.

“Anything. If you believe in God, anything is possible. It will take away a better house, a better wife, and even pain.”

Then people were buzzing.

“Really? Is this dog-like disease really cured?”

Numerous religious people have preached here, but this was the first such explicit doctrine.

The priest nodded happily.

“of course.”

the skinny woman asked.

“Who is that god? What kind of god is that?”

“Names don’t matter. You have probably heard the names of many gods. But in fact, God has no name. All the gods you know are, in fact, the identity of the god I am talking about.”

Embarrassing, but plausible.

“Then prove it! God might be able to bring back everything I’ve lost!”

“great. Come to me.”

As soon as I agreed, the atmosphere heated up and people’s eyes lit up.

As the man approached with a doubtful expression, the priest put his hand on his shoulder and said,

“Are you ready to follow the doctrine of God?”

“of course. If only it would cure the disease. Oh no, not necessarily because of that… …

“Haha, it’s okay. God is benevolent. Of course, you have to let them do what they want. Gods who tell you to follow them only by giving them pain are fake.”

“Well, then I will believe you. What can I do?”

The priest, who had heard the man who had changed into a respectable man before he knew it, met his eyes and said,

“Do what you want.”


“Listen to the voice of your heart. What do you want? Would you like to own a house? Would you like to embrace a beautiful woman and possess countless treasures?”

The man replied as if possessed by something.

“… … yes.”


The priest pointed around.

“If you have a house you want, it is your home. If you have a girl you like, take it. Hit me if I ignore you. No need to worry. In God’s presence, you are perfectly safe.”

“Even though… …

To be honest, it wasn’t something I didn’t want to hear.

After abandoning everything due to emotional illness, who on earth gave me this kind of comfort?

“Look carefully. This is God.” The priest took out the pendant of the inverted cross from around his neck and held it out in front of him.

“Are you suffering from the pain of false gods? that’s a sin The true God doesn’t hurt you. repent. Seek the fault.”

the man wept

“I was foolish. God, please hear my prayer.”

The priest turned the man around.

“Now, take away from those who believe in false gods. No need to worry. God remembered your face, now you can enjoy everything. He became a king.”

“My, I am the king.”

As the man moved forward, the frightened people began to creep away.

“Ahhh… …

Seeing that terrified face gave rise to a fearful impulse in my heart.

“It’s all mine!”

Among those fleeing, a woman was caught by the hair in the man’s hand.

“Give it up! This one, this one!”

A shabby cloak to withstand the cold of dawn and a piece of leftover bread were stolen.

It was more precious than anything to them who gave up a lot according to the action guidelines.

“No! There is nothing else to eat!”

“shut up!”

As the man raised his fist, the woman groaned and covered her face with her arms.

“Ha ha ha.”

The man who exhaled heavily finally realized what he had gained.

“It is bread. Besides, the cloak, it is now my cloak.”

How can you get something so easily?

“Oh, my God.”

As the man took a bite of the bread and mumbled, saliva leaked out.

“Delicious, my God. Delicious.”

The man who realized something gasped and turned to the priest with a surprised expression.

“does not it hurt. Emotional illness… …

According to the behavioral guidelines, it is said to subdivide the types of food and give them up one by one.

However, in order to survive, only one last food will have to be left.

It was bread for women and wine for men.

“Even though I ate the bread, it doesn’t hurt. Unbelievable! I am truly healed!”

The moment they heard that, the people who were running away looked back with surprised expressions.

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