Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1005

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Age of Struggle (2)

Seina’s face grew hot.

The Paladins of the Trust Management Department have the most noble mission in their hearts.

Because such a person was biased towards mere human emotions and succumbed to evil, he did not have the courage to see Sirone.

‘I don’t have the right to blame.’

If it had not been for Sirone’s baptism, she too would have ended her life by stabbing herself.

“Prepare to leave.” Seina, who gave the instructions to the paladin, looked back at Sirone with a look of resentment.

“You are in debt. But this is not all of Lamie religion. The top paladin of the Holy See… …

“It doesn’t matter.”

Sirone said.

“Si-ok is bewitching people. It must be a problem that even Lamie can’t ignore.”

It was the most human evil.

“We will go to the Holy See. I should report the whole incident and receive a new trust.”

Seina looked at Ravika, who was dead with all the bones in her body twisted.

‘It’s a pity. If he was alive, he could have testified. I have to take the other survivors with me.’

I turned my gaze with that thought, but no one approached the paladin.

‘Stupid things.’

She was angry at them for judging only the results in front of her eyes, but today was her defeat.

“Leave the villagers behind.” Seina got on the horse.

“That doesn’t mean I approve of you. Sooner or later, the judge of the heresy management department will find you. Take it upon yourself.”

The most secret department within Lamie Church.

‘And it’s also the most dangerous place.’

If the Trust Management Department is driven by faith, the Heretic Management Department is driven by hatred.

In a sense, even mentioning the existence of such a department was doing them a favor.

“let’s go.”

Sirone didn’t look away until Seina took the paladin and left the village.

‘I fight evil, but my beliefs are different.’ The more Sirone’s philanthropy spread to the world, the more they would clash.

Nade asked.

“Sirone, what about the survivors? You can’t take them all on a trip.”

Sirone checked Iruki’s condition.

No more blood was shed, but the aftermath of using Overdrive would not have gone away.

“Today, let’s camp under the mountain. Since I told Mr. Lampa, he will find a city for them to live in.”

Iruki thought as he wiped the blood from his face.

‘Arnold Lampa. The best information mage in the ivory tower will be able to find it. Rather… …

It was important that survivors who experienced the miracle of Sirone spread word in the city.

‘If you plant a seed in this way, it will bear fruit one day. maybe… …

I thought that the point of a head-on collision with Lamigyo might be much sooner than expected.

Gaspar, the southern city of Tormia. Starting from Baska, the capital, the Demons spread in a radial direction and moved southward endlessly.

The rapid response of Wangseong prevented the destruction, but the aftermath of the emotional disease was more frightening.

The streets were overflowing with vagrants who had abandoned their homes, and crimes continued every day due to poor security.


In the eyes of those who destroyed precious things one by one, beyond the venom, there was even a murderous intent.

Sirone said.

“Based on the collected cases, the World Health Organization has established action guidelines for dealing with emotional illness. It is largely divided into 17 categories, and the threshold of emotional illness is controlled by placing items directly related to life later.”

“I also received the Cross family. Although I did not see. How long can you last if you followed the action guidelines exactly?”

“Up to two months. The goal is to find a cure within it, but there are no results yet.”

Sirone’s gaze turned to the tramp.

“The item on relinquishment of residence falls under category 8. This is a guideline for action after at least four weeks, but people who have already abandoned their homes are appearing one after another.”

“Well, there are no rules that satisfy everyone.”

Even Caden, who hadn’t left the house for a long time, felt new when he saw the world in person.

‘Everyone has one pain. Maybe my worries are insignificant compared to them… …

Sirone asked.

“Kaden, but how did you deal with it, emotional disease?”

“I am no different from anyone else. Father endured by giving up precious things one by one. Heirlooms, property, distant relatives… … . The Cross family has fallen to the point where they can’t recover.”

Caden turned his head.

“But I think my case is a little different. The fate of the Red Cross draws out 100 percent of all talent except the one I really want. As long as I don’t give up on Maya, emotional illness is not a problem.”

Amy asked in bewilderment.

“Aren’t you nervous?”

“okay. I don’t know the exact reason either. In any case, if emotional illness is a type of disease, then I have hardly ever been ill.”

Sirone asked.

“Almost means… … You mean there is?”

“When I was very young. She was terrified when her grandmother told her about overwork. She prayed that she would not get sick, but she caught a cold the very next day.”

What you really want doesn’t come true.

“I was sick for about a year after that. I wanted to get better. Her grandmother apologized through her tears, but she was in vain.”

Cayden shrugged.

“Of course, I grew up hearing about the fate of the Red Cross. If I thought it didn’t matter if I got sick, I’d probably be better off sick.

Sirone understood.

“Because it’s not something that can be easily changed.”


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“okay. Especially when you’re young. It wasn’t serious anyway. She studied swordsmanship diligently and her body became healthy. Then, gradually, my heart began to grow stronger.”

Sirone realized once again how cruel the fate of the Red Cross was.

‘If you’ve experienced such a bizarre thing all your life, you can’t help but be afraid to want something desperately.’

Amy asked.

“How are you now? You can overcome emotional illness because you love Maya. Wouldn’t that be fortunate?”

“Let me tell you this.”

Caden’s eyes tightened.

“As long as I can escape this cursed fate, I don’t care if it’s emotional disease or whatever. As long as I can achieve what I want, even for a moment, I don’t mind dying.”

Cayden’s life would never have been defined by anyone.

“If you want to sleep badly, you won’t fall asleep, and if you want to eat badly, you won’t be hungry. I had to train myself not to cling. Do you know what that means? It means that I have never done anything I wanted since I was born.”

Sirone’s eyes narrowed.

‘I see. Emotion scale.’

Cayden’s emotional scale was warped to the point where he couldn’t say which came first.

‘Maybe it’s not just an immune system problem.’

Caden asked.

“But why is Maya here? Are you a big singer? I heard you signed a contract with Valkyrie.”

“Emotional disease.”

Sirone’s face darkened.

“Everyone, like everyone else, gives up a lot of the things they held dear. But what’s really important is something you can’t give up easily.”

Amy asked.

“You mean it’s a song for Maya?”

“huh. From what I’ve heard, it seems that the contract with the performance agency has been terminated. I wanted to hold the representative, but that too will return as a measure of emotion. It must have been an unavoidable choice.”

“Even so… …

Cayden’s eyes furrowed as he left the main road and entered a gloomy alley.

“Why is this a place like this?”

“I only heard the information, but I never met Maya in person. If it wasn’t this much, she might have divided her emotions in such detail that she couldn’t sing.”

The place I finally arrived at was a pub with a red signboard depicting a woman’s underwear.

In the narrow space descending underground, singing was heard along with cheap musical instruments.


Cayden could think of her the moment he heard it.

“Are you a guest?”

The man who had been squatting by the entrance smoking a cigarette turned to them.

When Sirone didn’t answer, he threw a cigarette and stood up.

“The table price is 5 gold. Alcohol is billed separately. You can’t go up on stage or throw anything.”

The fact that he said the obvious in particular offended Amy.

“So you’re saying you can do something else? And 5 gold, do you know how much it is?”

The man rubbed his ear with an annoyed expression.

“Didn’t you know everything? There’s Maya here. The best singer in Tormia.”

Sirone handed over the gold coin.

“Here you are.”

After checking the amount, the man squatted down by the entrance again and asked for a new cigarette.

“Go in. I warn you in advance, even if a woman is there, she won’t be having much fun.”

Take the money and warn me in advance.

“Kaden, go in.”

Anyway, Sirone intended to stay here.


“huh. Maybe I’ll hurt Maya even more.”

Kayden looked up at the signboard, took a deep breath, and nodded.


As I went down the stairs one step at a time, the sound of the drums got louder and my heart beat faster.

As soon as I turned around the basement entrance, I could smell acrid cigarettes, and everything was dark except for the stage.

Maya was humming along to the blues playing.

Although Maya dancing under cheap lighting was still beautiful.

‘Why why?’ Her outfit made her feel so cold even in the hot air from the heat of the men.

Cayden inspected the guests.

Men who talk obscenities with dead eyes and commit perverted things.


The song didn’t stop.

There was no emotion to be found on Maya’s face as she stared into the sky above the table.

‘ stop??????

Cayden, who had clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth, eventually couldn’t stand it and began to lash out.

“I mean stop!” The musicians stopped playing, and Maya’s eyes were filled with emotion.

‘Who is it? Are you drunk?’ It was dark, so I couldn’t see her face. In the meantime, the drunken people around them rose up.

“What are you? Now I’m in the middle of the day, but I’m going to have colic… …

Cayden, who pushed the drunkard’s chest with his hand, walked quickly to the stage.

“uh… …

Maya’s eyes widened.


She hurriedly put on the coat she had thrown on the floor and asked, avoiding her gaze.

“Yes, I know how you feel… … ?”


So many words passed through Caden’s mind that he wanted to tell her.

‘What should I say?’

His sincerity toward her would eventually come back as a tragedy before the fate of the Red Cross.

“Outside… …

said Caden, weeping.

“Sirone is outside. So let’s go together. We will protect you.”


After a moment of being unconscious, her face suddenly turned pale.


Her gaze wavered anxiously, but she hurriedly turned around and ran away to the back of the stage.

“Maya! Wait, Maya!”

Just as Caden was about to chase after him, a drunken man approached and grabbed him by the shoulder.

“You bastard! Where are you going? Kuck!”

The drunken man’s body rotated in the air as he swung his fist while turning at a tremendous speed.

As the drunkard fell upside down, the sober guests hurriedly retreated.

“this… …

The reason why he was able to hit drunken people was because there were people who wanted to hit him even more earnestly.


Cayden ran up the stairs in one month and held out his sword towards Sirone.

It was a force comparable to that of a great swordsman, but as expected, my sword could not stab Sirone.


My whole body lost strength, and I felt like I forgot how to hold a sword.

“Don’t get excited.”

Cayden twisted his neck with difficulty from side to side and glared at Sirone obliquely.

“Answer the question. you… … Didn’t you say you have the ability to cure emotional illness?”

“It is only a temporary effect.”

“Answer me!”


“But why didn’t you heal Maya? Why did you let her get to that point?”

“That’s why I brought you.”

While Caden didn’t understand, Sirone’s eyes darkened coldly.

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