Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1004

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Age of Struggle (1)


Everyone was hearing hallucinations that only Seina could hear.

The black bells that were forcibly pushed out of Seina’s heart gathered into an evil form and hovered in the air.

“I-what is that?”

It was huge enough to cover the sky, and Seina’s men had never seen anything like it in their lives.

“Evil, evil?”

The reason why they felt special fear was that the objects in the sky were the emotions of humans, flesh and blood.

Something that everyone has deep inside.

‘I’m not afraid.’

Only Seina was watching the form of evil with an extremely calm mind.

‘It’s like an existence that has nothing to do with me. I don’t even doubt that it could harm me.’

There is no fear because there is no mind.

Of course, doubts will sprout again as she lives, but it was a phenomenal phenomenon for her.

Emotions of prejudice were entangled in a whirlpool, eventually dispersing into chaotic concepts.

‘Yahweh of the age.’

Seina looked back at Sirone.

My heart was shaken when I saw the eyes that couldn’t find any hate, but I shook my head.

‘I can’t admit it!’

Acknowledging Syrone was tantamount to denying the existence of Cria, the one god.

‘I was just weak! All human beings are under God. A human cannot become a god.’

she shot.

“Don’t think you won with this. Our doctrine is more pious and sacred than you think.”

Sirone, who didn’t want to get involved with Lamigyo any more than necessary, thought that this was fine.

“I instruct my subordinates to stop killing themselves. We must stop meaningless sacrifices.”

“It is not suicide, it is martyrdom. And this can’t be helped. It is not coercive, but we have been taught from birth not to succumb to evil.”

“then… …

As Sirone moved towards the Paladins, the 5 o’clock of prejudice raised its voice even more.

“Kill Yahweh! Yahweh will kill your families and take away your loved ones. That Yahweh is the absolute evil that should not exist in this world.”

Suspicion rose again in Seina’s heart, but the energy of the baptism was still there.

But the other Paladins couldn’t hold back their anger, and raised their heads almost at the same time.

“Oh God! I dedicate this body to you!”

“You don’t have to die.”

Said Sirone, who had arrived at the center of the ranks.

“What that woman said is true. So it doesn’t matter if you attack me.”

“Sirone! What are you doing!”

Nade shouted, but no answer came back.

‘This is the only way.’

When the evil in Seina’s heart was driven out, Sirone felt it with her 11 senses.

An evil comparable to that of Satan.

‘Even that Eden felt fear. I need at least Seina’s level of faith.’


When the prejudice was confirmed as fact, the Paladins pulled out their swords and attacked in unison.

“How foolish! stop right now… … !” Seina, who was running towards her men, gave her dazed expression, her eyes wide open.

Every time the blade imbued with divine power was swung, Sirone’s upper body was causing multiple afterimages.

“Wicked devil! die!”

The martial arts of the Holy Knights, trained in battles with demons, are not low compared to the world level.

However, no matter how quickly the sword was cut, Sirone’s neck was not there.

Iruki murmured.

“Quantum Superposition. That’s dangerous.” Because it is a matter of probability.

It has the advantage of being able to avoid any attack, but if you are unlucky, you will be cut by a child.

said Nade.

“no way… … Is that why you’re not moving?”

“No, there is no need to move. Actions are meaningless if the outcome is all about throwing the dice.”

There was a very high probability of avoiding an attack, or a very low probability of getting hit by a sword.

“Anyway, let’s solve it while Sirone buys us time. Attack the five o’clock of prejudice.”

Then, Seina approached.

“Wait a minute! If you step out rashly and fall into the temptation of evil again

noodle… …

“It doesn’t go over.”

Nade said while glaring ahead.

“No matter what she says, I will not attack Sirone.”

“How can you be sure?”

Having personally experienced the hidden code, Seina knew how terrifying the workings of the mind were.

“If you already have, you tried to kill Sirone.” “Sirone said that if I didn’t struggle, I would sink. I thought then, for the first time, that I might be able to live a life for myself.” It was the first story that came up.

“And it really happened. I made my dream come true, and I met someone I love. therefore… …

Blue electricity rose from Nade’s body.

“Sirone, it’s okay no matter what you do to me. I will never resent you.”


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The electricity gathered in the sky became a thunder god and rushed towards the 5 o’clock of prejudice.

she spread her arms

“Whoops, whatever.”

The God of Thunder attacked wildly, but the movement of His Highness eluded her.

‘Hidden code.’

I had a gut feeling, but I couldn’t think of a way to deal with it.

“I’ll have to step in.”

As Iruki walked towards the 5 o’clock of prejudice, Seina followed and asked.

“What are you going to do? That’s an evil deception.”

Si-ok didn’t know it, but he seemed to have a complete understanding of his evil tendencies.

“That’s why I’m interested. A logic that goes against the logic of reality. then… …

As Iruki’s eyes lit up, the atomic bomb bit its tail and crossed the air.

“You just have to learn.”

Puff puff puff puff!

The trajectory of the serial explosion passed except where the five o’clock of prejudice was.

‘It’s really absurd.’

The corners of Iruki’s mouth trembled as he smiled.

‘Things that were absolutely impossible in my thinking are happening. As if in a dream… …

He tore his mouth open, and as he focused his mind, electricity began to fly from his eyes.


Its performance is equivalent to that of the Ex-Machina.

The nerves in my brain fired sparks and analyzed the logic of the hidden code.

‘It’s not logic confined to one dimension.’

multidimensional equation.

Also, this was the transcendent logical system that constitutes human dreams.


It was the same level of difficulty as destroying all mathematics in reality and creating new mathematics.

‘No, it’s different from that.’

There is no such thing as a fixed and unchanging truth in multidimensionality.

‘little bit more… …

Iruki explored the huge maze with near-infinite doors at the speed of light.

‘Open this door here… …

When the red door opened, sparks flew from certain parts of the cerebral network.

‘Turn this way and open this door.’

While feeling like his brain was on fire, Iruki returned to the beginning.

‘ aha.’

Unjust feelings are just a luxury.

‘Let’s try again.’

After rotating it thousands of times, a vague image of chaos was drawn.

‘Having a door means being able to go back. It’s called logic. But multidimensional equations… …

Once you open the door, the return door disappears.

‘It’s chaos.’

Before I knew it, even Seina had joined the battle and was fighting, but Iruki couldn’t see it.

“Heh heh. Hehehe.”

Iruki burst into laughter, unaware of the blood flowing from his eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Fun, this.”

Meanwhile, Sirone grew impatient as time passed.

‘It’s a bit dangerous.’ The number of times the attack was evaded by quantum overlap had exceeded 40,000.

‘Is Iruki still far away?’

Even without exchanging opinions, they themselves know what the roles of the three are.

‘It is impossible to break the hidden code.’

However, if it was Iruki, he would be able to transform the momentary chaos into the realm of logic.

‘Only for a moment.’


At that time, holy eyes were activated in the eyes of the paladin, and as if contagious, everyone’s eyes lit up.

“get out! Get out of me!”

The 4 o’clock of sloth started to work in earnest.

“no! I don’t want that! oh my god sorry. I…≫

Their arms rose little by little, and sharp blades were aimed at the throat.

So it stood out.

The paladin glared at Iruki with an evil gaze with his sword hanging down.

‘I succumbed to temptation.’

With his temper gone, he bared his fangs and spurred the ground past Sirone.


“Kurrrr! Krrrr!”

In the ears of the paladin making a boiling sound, the hallucination of sloth at 4:00 was heard.

– No one can hurt you. help me Then let Seina choose you.

How can a paladin not know love?

“Sei, Seina.”

However, the devil digs into people’s small wishes and amplifies them into huge desires.

The paladin raised his sword towards Iruki.

“I am the strongest!”

Sirone casts Miracle Stream, but it is blocked by a hidden code and twisted.

“Iruki! Dangerous!”

Raising his head, Iruki stood up, revealing his blood-stained eyes.

‘ done.’

There are no logical patterns in chaos.

However, if a specific moment is fixed as if taking a photograph, the form is obviously mathematical.

‘One-time password.’

And if it’s mathematical, Iruki can say this.


As the information was completely reversed, the hidden code of Sloth’s 4 o’clock was destroyed.


At 5 o’clock of the prejudice that was careless, Ravika’s left arm was cut off by Seina’s sword.

‘what! Why was it cut off!’

I heard sloth’s hallucinations at 4 o’clock.

-The hidden code was hacked. It’s a one-off, but there are hackers with superhuman abilities.

‘What nonsense… …

I could see Nade’s Brain God rushing in.


As Ravika’s facial bones twisted again, Sirone cast a stop as if she had caught a big fish.

The time of the law disappeared, and in the time of 0.666 seconds, two prisons appeared.

The moment their faces come into view.

“I-Mr. …

Shirone, Iruki, and Nade, all furious from the top, flew in at the same time.


The thunder gods changed into thunderbolts and rushed in, and an explosion created with the strongest detonation equation occurred.


Seina and the paladins, awakened by the roar of heaven and earth, looked at the sky.

“damn! Missed it!”

The 5 o’clock of prejudice was flying away with the 4 o’clock of indolence wrapped around its waist.

said Nade.

“No, there is still one step left.”

The Paladins turned their heads at the same time as the air rupture heard from behind.

A huge fist of light was coming over the horizon.


As Sirone lowered his upper body and swung his arms, the Hand of God rushed at the speed of a flash.

At that moment, the 5 o’clock of prejudice threw away the 4 o’clock of sloth with a flash of light and fled.

“you… …

The old man’s face turned red.

“You are! dare me… … Gagging!” Eyes popped out of the face of the old man who had been hit by the Hand of God and exploded like fireworks.

“Hmph, if you’re useless, you should die.”

The five o’clock of prejudice permeated the air while laughing at the four o’clock of indolence falling like pieces of paper.


Sirone, who was watching the scene closely, stomped her feet as if her anger had lessened.

“I missed one.”

Iruki has arrived.

“I can’t help it. Still, you tasted it. I’m glad it ended like this.” Seeing her bloodstained face, Sirone made up her mind.

“Sorry. I knew it was dangerous, but I couldn’t help it in that situation.”

“What are you talking about?”

Iruki laughed as he wiped the blood.

“I feel a little more alive now. It was good to follow you, too.”

At that time, a commotion broke out on the Paladin side.

“Let go! die! Let go of this!” The man who succumbed to evil, who tried to attack Iruki, was captured by his teammates.

“calm down! Anyone can do that!”

“no! I, I… … . Aww!”

Sirone and the others watched as the speechless man burst into tears.

“It was really strong. I probably trained all my life.”

“But the heart seems to have fallen short of that. I can’t blame you, of course.”

How many human beings in the world do not even have the slightest desires and evils to enter?

‘If there is, it must be polar.’

Sirone seemed to understand why Miro emphasized the depth of the spirit rather than force.

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