Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1003

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The paladin of the Church of Lamie recalled the ancient ruins he had seen during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Traces that humans cannot create, but which are too artificial to be seen as having been done by nature.

‘Who are these guys?’

Paladin looked back at Sirone and the others.

“I am Seina, a high-ranking paladin who belongs to the trust management department of Lamie Church. Who are you guys?”

“I am Iruki.”

currently unemployed.

“I am Nade.”


However, the name was familiar to some paladins lined up behind the paladin.

“Iruki? Nade? I’m sure you’re going somewhere… …

Since they were key figures involved in the World War, we had no choice but to hear about them through rumors.

“You’re a Valkyrie total soldier!”

Hearing those words, Seina squinted one eye while another subordinate spoke.

“Then Nade… … Nade that room’?”

The fact that he was a big player more than expected, the paladin’s energy that had been expanding had softened a little.

Seina looked back at Sirone.

“Then who are you?”

Nade decided that this was an opportunity and stepped forward.

“joy! Speaking of this person, he is my friend, the Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower, and the era’s… …

“My name is Sirone.”

Just that was enough, and the tumultuous sound so far disappeared in an instant.

They were obviously surprised, but looking at their reactions in detail, they were different from Nade’s expectations.

‘what? Why is hostility… …

Sirone knew why.

‘Lamicyo, the world’s largest denomination. There’s no way they’d be happy with me fighting alongside Zion.’

When Miro established Zion, great seekers from all religions of the world gathered.

Many people came over from Lamie, but the pope did not like it.

Putting aside the pride of being the world’s largest religion, it was because Zion’s philosophy did not match Lamie religion.

‘Miro believed that no matter what god he believed in, the poles worked. But Lamie is different. They regard any religion that believes in any god other than the monotheistic Cria as heresy.’

“You are Yahweh, the creator of the religion of fraternity?”

As expected, Seina’s tone was not nice.

“It is not a religion. I just want to let people know that this world deserves to exist.”

“Hong, all cults step into pious sanctuaries that way. However, no matter how good the words are, they are only a shell without God’s protection.”

Seina raised an eyebrow as if she had suddenly remembered.

“Look at Zion. Didn’t he fall apart while pursuing only the depth and purity of his realm? Those who do not put God in their hearts are bound to eventually collapse into evil.”

Iruki asked.

“Are you different?”

Seina proudly pulled out the holy sword Astacia.


When the divine power was injected, a clear blue light that could not be found in other swords was evident.

“If you want to fight as a messenger of God, you need a force worthy of your will, not your will. It is a sacred weapon, powerful divine power, and a systematically trained organization.”

In a way, it is extremely humane, but Sirone did not discuss other people’s religion.

It was because the idea that they were still comrades facing the same enemy was stronger.

“great. we’ll stop leaving Please take care of those who remain here.”

Even from the point of view of civilians, it would be better to enter into an organized system.

“Don’t worry about that. But first, I want to hear about what happened here. and… …

If possible, he wanted to take Sirone to the Vatican and interrogate her for heresy.

‘As long as it’s possible.’

Yahweh’s power was heard through rumors, and now he has actually confirmed it with his own eyes.

‘It’s impossible for me alone. As long as the church’s top paladins don’t step forward, she suggested the next best thing.

“Why don’t you follow God’s Fellowship? Your mission to purify the world of evil

If you have it.”

With Lamigyo’s help, the efficiency of the Ultima Project would increase, but Sirone shook her head.

“I’m sorry. We will go separately.”

What Sirone wants to achieve is a grand integration, not cramming everyone into a single concept.

‘Even if the interests are aligned now, they will split at the very last point. It’s better not to get entangled in the first place.’

Seina asked displeasedly.


She felt that she had to answer well, so Sirone explained in the most refined way possible.

“The reason we travel is simply to help people in need. That is enough.”

Love is giving without asking for anything.

Looking at the firm eyes of Sirone and the others, Seina fell into deep thought.

In the center where the Hand of God had taken the land, the 5 o’clock of prejudice was lying on its back.

Of course, the space was the other world, not reality.

“Kiek. Kick.”

Numerous anglers were gathering on the rocky ground where the lava flowed.

They seemed to appear one by one, but in an instant an innumerable number of hungry ghosts surrounded her.


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“Eat… … something to eat… …

It is Si-ok, the apostle of Satan, but the hungry ghosts will devour anything they can eat.

“I will eat!”

The moment the ghosts rushed in like water, an old man with sagging cheeks appeared next to the 5 o’clock of prejudice.

“Go away.”

4 o’clock in sloth.

Unwanted things don’t happen.

“Keeeee! Kieh!”

The hungry demons who jumped into the five o’clock of prejudice started biting each other while ignoring her.

I know they are the same people, but what the 4 o’clock of sloth doesn’t want should not happen.

“Well, I was wrong!”

The anglers of the latecomers scattered and disappeared like c*ckroaches.

“Ggogo L we e.

Sloth’s 4 o’clock, which had been clicking her tongue, put her hand behind her back and touched the prejudice’s 5 o’clock with her foot.

Only then did he frown and wriggle, and sloth 4 o’clock asked with a smile.

“Are you out of your mind?”

The 5 o’clock of the prejudice that jumped up and woke up when I saw the old man smiling sinisterly.

‘I almost died.’

“You got it right. To Yahweh.”

“this?… ”

The 5 o’clock of prejudice, which had been grinding its sharp teeth, screamed so much that its eyeballs popped out.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Even in the middle of the hell resounding, sloth’s 4 o’clock did not reveal any special emotions.

“Don’t be too upset. Alone is not enough. Yahweh, isn’t he a master of the heart?”

The five o’clock of prejudice stood up.

“I will kill you. Where are you?”

“Looks like it’s still there. Mixed in with parasite-like paladins.”

“Huh, the delicacies have arrived.”

Ordinary humans were fun, but there weren’t many things as thrilling as corrupting a paladin.

“let’s go. You won’t make a mistake this time.”

As the 5 o’clock of prejudice moved, the 4 o’clock of sloth looked back with their hands behind their backs.

“Are you really going to do it? The opponent is Yahweh.”

“why? Aren’t you confident?”

Sloth’s 4 o’clock with a gentle eye smile moved slowly and followed her.

“… … No way.”

Seina made a decision.


Lamie religion basically fights evil, but it has a history of judging numerous heresies.

“Why? Is it wrong to help people?”

“Because there is no god in your decisions.”

Seina’s sword shone even more bluish.

“Do you know the difference between a sacred doctrine and a heresy? Heretics always try to become gods themselves. What you are thinking right now is extremely heretical.”

Feeling alive, Sirone said coldly.

“Stop it. We don’t have to fight among ourselves.”

“I know you are strong. but

this is god’s name And the moment all of God’s subordinates raised their weapons, Seina kicked off the ground and charged.

“It is our everything.”


Just when Nade and Iruki took a fighting stance, a scream was heard from behind.


When the battle stopped and everyone turned around, Ravika was writhing in pain.

“what’s the matter!”

Seina ran ahead of anyone else.

“it hurts! body, body… … Aaaah!” Ravika’s facial bones began to twist as she let out a violent scream.

“F*ck! F*ck you!”

The face twisting left and right resembled someone, and then the bones of the body changed.

Seina’s eyes widened.

“The phenomenon of material possession?”

A person’s emotions also work on the body, and traces of time are bound to be buried on the face.

However, within her doctrine, Satan was the only being capable of such sudden, even bone-twisting, extreme emotions.

“how… … What evil was there?”

Shi Ok.

The twelve powers that sustain Satan’s chaos.

“Keep it off!”

Ravika, who spread her upper body like a bow and roared, was no longer the woman they knew.

When the sound stopped and she turned her upper body back, her face was the 5 o’clock of prejudice.

“Who are you?”

Seina’s sword, aimed forward, trembled.


Sirone said.

“I don’t know what kind of enemy the Lamy Church fought against, but it’s probably on a different level from the evil you know.”


As Seina muttered, the five o’clock of prejudice moved.

“Kill Yahweh! They are scorners and mockers of your god, and will harm you!”


When the hidden code was activated, the eyes of the paladins behind Seina lit up.

It is a phenomenon called Seong-Eun, and it was a skill to automatically respond to demonic temptations through brainwashing from childhood.

“Kill! If I don’t kill you now, you guys will be killed!”


Several of his men, whose eyes were about to explode, drew out their swords and held them upside down.

“I’m sorry, Seina-sama!”

Then, as he raised his head, he accurately inserted the sword into the gap in his neck.

After about 20 people collapsed, Nade opened his mouth with an absurd expression.

“what? Why so easy… …

Seina twisted her nose. “Damn it!”

When evil dwells that cannot be stopped even by the power of the castle, they are supposed to choose suicide.

A will that has been trained like that all his life, and even nestled in his unconscious through brainwashing.

‘Never weak. They are the best castle knights.’

The power of evil shaking their hearts was just unprecedented intensity.

“Oh God!”

Seina’s Holy Eyes spread with a golden light and began to burn the evil in her heart.

Hee hee hee! Hee hee hee!

But all I could hear was the sound of mocking laughter, and my heart was engulfed by a more powerful desire.

“ah?????? iced coffee??????

While shedding hot tears, she slowly raised her sword with a look of despair.

‘You must die. I can’t be taken advantage of.’ He was baptized from the time he was born, and the years of training and keeping the faith of Cria passed by.

“Destroy evil!”

The moment she closed her eyes and shouted, she lifted her neck and tried to stab the sword.


Suddenly, the blade came to a halt in front of the nape of my neck as I felt something snag it.

“Don’t give up.”

When I opened my eyes, Sirone was holding on to the grip of the sword.

‘What power… …

He prides himself on being as good as any other knight when it comes to force, but his arm didn’t pull even one centimeter.

It must be because the smoke of light rising from Sirone’s hand wrapped around the blade.

“Let go! I would rather die than become a pawn of evil!”

“I could. Don’t set limits for yourself!”

‘How stupid.’

Isn’t the code of martyrdom in the unconscious activated because it cannot exceed that limit?


As she pulled the sword with all her might, her arms began to bend little by little.

With the will of a high-ranking paladin, Sirone raised her other hand while fiercely opening her eyes.

‘I can’t.’

Si Lone threw herself while pulling on the handle and hit her forehead with the palm of her hand.

A tidal wave of light flooded her mind with a thumping echo.


At the same time, droplets of black like ink escaped from the back of her head.


Her shoulders trembled as emotion filled her heart as the evil disappeared.

‘The human heart is… …

Even the flowing tears seemed to be made of light.

‘Is this map infinite?’

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