Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1002

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The sight of the corpses tangled up gave me the feeling that even the dignity I had before being alive had collapsed.

“What is God?”

The village chief said with a fishy smile.

“In other words, what is transcending the human, transcending?”

He raised the corpse’s wrists and said, warming the body with loving eyes.

“He used a strange ability. Well, in a sense, that can also be called strength.”

When the village chief let go of his hand, the corpse’s arm fell off.

“How hard did you work? To be safer, to get more. But that is not God.”

Nade shot.

“What does that have to do with doing this? You are just a vicious killer.”

“A murderer? You shouldn’t define me with such a low concept. At least in this place.”

The village headman lifted the corpse’s eyelids and looked into the lifeless pupils in rapture.

“Prove that I am God.”

Then he jerked his head and began to dismember the corpses with his hands.

Nade put on a disgusted expression.


“These things, I can’t resist. Do you know what it feels like to be perfectly safe? Have you ever felt that way in your life? but i’m feeling it Even if you do something like this, or even if you do something like this… …

Electricity surged from Nade’s body, but Sirone raised her arm to block it.

“No one can harm me. It’s perfect strength. That’s why the corpse, the body, this fragrant blood… …

The village chief picked up something with his hand, bit it, and his eyelids trembled.

“It is the gold and silver treasure given by God.”


Sirone couldn’t stand it any longer.

“There is only one thing I want to hear. who’s behind it? The person called that woman. where is she now?”

“Puhahaha!” When the village chief burst into laughter, blood splattered.

“back? Foolish humans! Who do you think I am! I am a God! Your corpses will also be played in my hands here!”

“Saying that… …

Nade rolled up his sleeves and approached.

“Let’s get it right for now.”

The body wrapped in blue electricity rushed at the village chief with the sound of burning air.

The moment when 5 fingers try to grab your face.


Hearing the woman’s voice from behind, Nade couldn’t resist and landed powerlessly.

When Sirone turned around, the woman who had been imprisoned a moment before was standing there.


Sirone shook his head at Nade’s words.

“No, it’s different.”

I couldn’t find it if I had to point it out, but the temperament that people gave off had changed.

‘What has changed is the mind.’

In the realm of emotions, I had a rough idea of ​​who was behind all of this.

“Make your appearance, Five O’clock of Prejudice.” Iruki, what I heard from Sirone

and Nade asked, squinting.

“If it’s the 5 o’clock of prejudice, is it Shi-ok?”

Ravika was just smiling, and the village chief shook his shoulders and stood up.

“Kikiki! Didn’t you tell me! I am God!”

Iruki realized the identity of ‘that woman’.

‘The existence of the behind world is an emotion in reality. not a living human It is an evil that has penetrated the hearts of the villagers.’

Nade asked nervously.

“Shiok? Wasn’t it to protect Satan?”

“The concept of time and space is meaningless. Because 0.666 seconds is the time the law does not handle. If you cast the stop magic, it will probably reveal itself… …

Perhaps Ravika will commit suicide.

Just as the mother of two siblings who were brainwashed at the 5 o’clock of prejudice stabbed themselves in the heart.

“Knock-knock! That’s right! This woman has quite a good mental skill. But you can’t beat me.”

“Did you leave it there on purpose?”

“I did not know? The reason evil triumphs is because good is weak. It’s not that you leave it alone because you can’t get rid of it, it’s that you leave it because you need it. If everything goes bad, where will we get our pleasure?”

That is the essence of evil.

Therefore, in order to overcome evil, a philosopher who is far from human standards is needed as much as evil.

Ravika opened her arms wide.

“That truth is valid even in the present situation. Come on, look. The only one who tried to save this village is right in front of you. Do you think you can kill me?”

It was not something that would be hidden even if it was hidden, so this rookie confessed without hesitation.

“I can’t kill you. But that doesn’t make me weak.”

“What do you know, what do you think? The important thing is that Satan won again. Poor Yahweh, you can never achieve what you want. No matter how many demons die, as long as humans are tempted by evil, war is our victory.”

Nade moved on.

“I think you are misunderstanding something, Yahweh is Sirone. And I’m just an ordinary, highly emotional human being.”

As blue electricity radiated from his body, the inside walls of the cave glowed so much that it hurt the eyes.

“I will kill you, Sirone. It’s not for you, it’s my choice. Do not dry it.”

The village chief shouted as he rubbed his body against the corpse.

“Euhehehe]! stupid things! Still don’t know! The joy of the flesh is the divine… …


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Iruki’s atomic spring exploded.

The body of the village headman, who was thrown out with a roar, was mixed with the corpses and became indistinguishable.

Nade, who had lost his temper, was about to jump out when Ravika pointed his index finger at him.

“Sirone is your enemy.”

As soon as the words ran out, a tremendous change began to occur in Nade’s mind.


Five o’clock of prejudice.

If you define something, everyone thinks so.

“Sirone is the enemy who killed your family. Do not be deceived by those who wear the mask of Yahweh.”

‘No, it can’t be.’

Even though I knew it made no sense, my mind kept multiplying my doubts.

“Kill Sirone. Get your revenge.”

“shut up! There must have been a reason! Shiro You killed my family… … There must have been a reason!”

The five o’clock of prejudice surprised me anew.

‘Can you stand this? It actually means that even if Shirona killed her family, she could bear with it… …

Iruki also looked at Sirone with displeasure, but seemed unwilling to take action.

“Gig-kick, it’s a tearful friendship.”

Ravika gave a twisted smile.

“Kill! Sirone brutally slaughtered your family! He killed it with a smile too!”


As the thunderbolts seemed to explode, Sirone spoke.

“Nade, you don’t have to hold out. I’ll stop you. not your sincerity That woman’s ability.”


Nade’s face contorted like a demon.

“Even if it’s the devil’s power, even if you killed my family, kill it with a smile… …

His anger was amplifying with every word he uttered.

“still… …

The terrifying half of Nade’s face slowly loosened and tears flowed down his face.

“No, Sirone? Is that a lie?”

‘Five o’clock of prejudice.’

Sirone’s eyes widened with murderous intent.

‘I want to kill him.’

The reason he was still holding on was because of the one chance Nade would give him.

I finally realized the seriousness of the 5 o’clock of prejudice.

‘Isn’t there a hidden code? no, that can’t be No matter how great the skill of the mind is… …

Being able to deal with anger, the most difficult emotion to suppress, was phenomenal.

“uh? uh? uh?”

At that moment, Nade flinched and his eyes gradually began to roll upward.

‘Come, come!’

All thoughts faded away, and a thunderbolt of fury erupted, smashing through the cave ceiling.


incarnation of anger.

The brain god made of electricity roared and scratched everyone in the space with its claws.


Sirone did not miss the momentary bright energy in Ravika’s eyes.



As time stopped, I saw a woman in a black robe slipping away from Ravika.


With the anger so far, the Hand of God grabbed the 5 o’clock of prejudice and went up.

A hole was opened in the deep cave, the sky was visible, and the hidden code was unlocked.

When Nade, who had already lost his temper, went outside, Iruki, who had regained his senses, shouted.

“Sirone! I’ll take care of this!”


Sirone flew out of the cave and found the five o’clock of prejudice descending into the deep shadows.


When the Hand of God slammed the ground, the mountain shook with a thud.

Next, Nade’s god of thunder hit the ground and instantly ignited the surroundings with electricity.

The sight of thousands of lightning flashes was spectacular, and plants turned to ash in an instant.

“ha! ha!”

Even after regaining his reason, Nade shuddered with anger at the 5 o’clock prejudice.

“Damn it! doggish… … !”

Sirone ran to the side.

“Nade, are you okay?”

“Yeah, sorry. Unknowingly, I was excited.”

“no. Thanks to that, we were able to reduce the number of victims. Ravika-san will be fine too.”

Nade looked ahead.

“Is he dead? No, can you kill’?”

“At 0.666 seconds in reality, Shiok is in the state of a fertility god. If you hit it right, your chances of surviving are slim.”

Iruki came with the survivors.

“How is it?”

“As you can see.”

It was more effective to show the scene where the whole area was devastated than a hundred words.

Ravika fell to her knees in tears.

“Ah, God Yor. I have succumbed to the temptations of evil. Punish me.”

Sirone put his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t beat yourself up. That woman is the strongest evil that even Yora can’t bear. You did your best.”

“Husband, how are your husband and our children?”

Sirone chose his words carefully.

“Your prayer worked. Her husband, Boone, took her child and tried to get out of town.”

The phrase ‘I am the king’ remained in my heart, but there was no need to reveal it.

Iruki pointed towards the entrance of the village.

“Sirone, look over there.”

A long procession of torches came in, and I heard the clanking of ironclads.

About 80 soldiers armed with ivory-colored armor approached Sirone’s party.


The captain on the horse drew up his troops and took off his chin-length helmet.

She was a woman with blonde hair and a high nose.

“What are you guys?”

The tone was not good, and the longsword with the torch burning was aimed at Sirone’s forehead.

“To think that there are still people in a place filled with evil energy. Reveal your identity quickly. Otherwise… …

Nade, still excited, approached, flicking the blade with his fingers.

“Then what are you?

The soldiers drew their swords.

“Can’t you step back! How dare you threaten Paladin, the s*x organ of Lamie religion!”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“huh? Lamigyo?”

It was the largest religion in the world and the only denomination with a pope.

“Yes! It is an expedition of God sent by the pope himself to subdue the evils of the world! Come on, get down on your knees!”

The woman raised her hand.

“No, it is. Earthquake and lightning that happened a little while ago. It must have been created by the evil that resides on this mountain. Where did he go?”

Nade pointed down the mountain.

“If that’s the case… …

The faces of the soldiers who followed their fingers and turned their heads suddenly turned pale.

“Pal, paladin. Look over there.”

“Why are you making such a fuss? Tsk.”

She frowned and turned her head, but she also looked at the scenery and was at a loss for words.

“That… … what?”

On the burnt earth, there were fist marks that changed the terrain itself.

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