Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1001

“What do we do?”

Iruki’s words presupposed a case where what they imagined was correct.

“First, we need to figure out the context.” It was the wizard’s tendency not to make hasty judgments about a single case.

“It’s something that can be completely different depending on your point of view. If you were trapped here against your will and couldn’t stand the hunger… … Nade asked.

“Isn’t it a sin?”

“Well, there has to be a social consensus about that, but… … . I just want to say that it is natural for a hungry creature to eat.”

Iruki said.

“It’s a cold world.”

“huh. There is one thing I want to know from them. Whether the standard for this act is the law or the heart.”

The cool energy in Sirone’s voice caused the friends to shut up.

“let’s go. Being still here means that there is no exit.”

“What if you do this even though there is an exit?”

Sirone took a long breath.

“… … Let’s hear it.”

Rejecting the delusions that endlessly filled up in her mind, Sirone stepped into the deep darkness.

The road seemed to gradually get narrower, but when we arrived at the end, there was a large space.

When someone’s torch hurt her eyes, Sirone turned off her infrared vision.

“Are you the village chief?”

He vowed not to judge, but his tone was harsh.

It must have been because of the overly clear eyes of the old man and the smell of blood that emanated from him.

“I am the chief of Kashiram. Where are you from?”

said Nade.

“Where did you come from, did you come from outside? If we don’t explain the horrors that happened in the village… …

Before he could finish his words, the village chief fell flat on his face.

“Save us!”

As Sirone and the others looked at him in bewilderment, he raised his head and wept.

“Life… … I didn’t think I could live. Suddenly the entrance collapsed. She’s what the woman did. We were all fooled. Alas, I should have listened to Ravika.”

According to the letter, it seemed that Ravika was the only sane person in the village.

“Where are you now? Are you alive?” The village chief shook his head.

“I was foolish. I came to my senses only after the escape route was gone. We tried our best to get out, but in vain. One by one they lost their lives.”

Iruki asked.

“Any survivors?”

“Including myself and these friends, there are a total of 7 people. When we first came in, there were over 100 people.”

Shirone’s expression turned to embarrassment.

“Seven out of 100? How long have you been there to sacrifice that many?”

“I do not know. What day is it today? It’s all dark here. We set up an expedition to find a way out, but we couldn’t come back.”

The village chief bowed his head again.

“please! please us… … . Tell us where the exit is!”

“First we go to the survivors.” As Sirone walked forward, the village chief was able to identify the source of the voice.


They were much younger than expected, and no one even had a weapon.

“How can we get here without fire… … No, is there really a way out?”

Nade shot.

“I came in because I was there. I will guide you quickly.”

The startled village chief looked back at the men behind him and moved towards the side road.

The men then turned around, and Sirone did not let go of the bloody club held by one of them.

As I entered along the side road, I came across a small room with people’s clothes piled up and spread on the floor.

When the village chief brought the stranger in, the three people who were waiting in the room jumped to their feet.

It was a woman in her mid-40s and a young sibling who looked like a child.

‘Women and children.’

If the only survivors were strong men, the suspicion would have tipped even more.

“Chief, who are these people?”

“Greetings. These are the people who came from the outside to save us. I can live now.”

The woman’s eyes flickered for a moment, but soon she covered her face as if she was moved.

“really… … Are you really able to get out? God, God was watching us.”

“You have to listen to that.”

Iruki said.

“I found a letter in the village. Did you guys kill Ravika’s child?”

“Absolutely not!”

The village chief held out both hands.

“At first I tried to do that. She is tricked by that evil woman’s kinks. In fact, the village was on the verge of destruction. From one day, animals and plants dried up, and whenever I drank water from the mountains, I had diarrhea and vomiting. Then the woman came to town. She had to offer her sacrifice to the gods, she did. she was a child The only children in the village were Ravika’s children.”

After explaining the situation in the shortest possible time, he changed his eyes and continued.

“But I came to my senses. The entrance to the cave collapsed, and I finally realized I had been tricked. Probably all the villagers who didn’t come died. She’s a witch. She must have taken the child with her.”

“all right.”

Remembering what you heard, you asked Shiro.

“Then let me tell you what happened here. The reason you were able to survive here for over three weeks, isn’t it because there were victims in some way?”

“Hey, that… … !”

Sirone interrupted the village chief.

“I don’t mean to criticize. However, they must have been the same villagers, so how did they sacrifice themselves?”

The village chief turned to the woman and said in a sad voice.

“At first, I tried to hold on. I swore and promised again and again that people shouldn’t be like this. Gradually exhausted, one person died. He was the oldest person in our village.”

I didn’t want to ask for your name.

“Then, an agreement was reached. At least I think so. No one said anything first, but I was so hungry and hungry… …

Nade did not waver.

“What next?”

“One time is difficult. Why were there so many victims? At that time, there were over 90 mouths. One corpse couldn’t handle it. It even happened that they were fighting to get what was left. It was a fight, and in the end it was decided to draw lots. And so… … That’s how I endured until here.”

Amidst the silence, Sirone asked back.

“A lottery?”

“Yes, I survived that way. To avoid misunderstanding, I also cast lots. These kids will prove it.”

said the girl.

“Really. Brother, please save me. It’s so hard, I can’t stand it.”

Entrusting one’s life to chance is the same as entrusting it to the law.

‘There is no sin in the cold world.’

Because God is indifferent.

‘If no manipulation has been done, and if what they say is true… …

Sirone asked again.

“Where are the bodies of the victims? There won’t even be ashes, right?”

“Ah, that… …

When the village chief was visibly embarrassed, Nade, who was watching for an opportunity, yelled at him.

“Speak quickly! Where did you hide it?”

At that moment, the man with the club was vicious

I opened one eye and took a step.

He ate well and was strong, so the threats of kids who had just turned 20 were not the same.

“Stop it. Aren’t they the young people who came to rescue us?”

The reason the village chief stopped the man was because of a question that lingered in his mind.

‘How did you get in here?’

He, who did not even know the concept of infrared vision, had no way to know the identity of Sirone and the others.

“sorry. The remains were put away. Too scared to be around… …

The boy burst into tears.

“Please let me go. I want to get out quickly. yes?”

“It was almost perfect.”

As soon as Sirone took a step, the crying stopped and the village chief and the men retreated.

‘ what?’

Looking at Sirone’s eyes, it felt like an intangible sword was piercing his heart.

‘ like??????

Like when I first saw her.

“What are you talking about? you are perfect Are you saying we lied? If so, I can show you the remains even now.”

“No, I already saw it.”

Sirone’s spirit zone went beyond the cave and spread synesthesia throughout the mountain.

“I was praying for a reason. There must be a reason for hiding the survivors down there… …

The village chief’s gaze moved to the side.

‘How did know?’

The villagers, who had retreated whenever Sirone moved, eventually clung to the wall.

“There is only one thing that bothers me. That you, who had done such a terrible thing, left this woman and her children behind.”

“That, that is pitiful… …

Sirone’s eyes glared fiercely at the children.

“Who are you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a man holding a club charged at Sirone.


At the same time, Nade entered the man’s arms and struck him in the side.


The man whose whole body was vibrating rolled over his eyes and collapsed, and the village chief shouted as he ran away.



The eyes that revealed their true colors were insane, but they were no match anyway.

Two people fell out of the photon cannon, and the woman led the children and shouted.

“Kill! They are bad people!”

Each of the children grabbed their swords and rushed forward, but Sirone’s eyes did not waver.

Judgment has already been made.

“… … Photon Cannon.”

As the children hit by the flash flew to the left and right of the woman, she fell to her knees.

“You guys, what the hell are you doing?” Nade approached her with electricity coiling around her arm.

“You are the one who reveals your identity. It would be better to blow gently. I am a very scary person.”

Averting her gaze, she suddenly stuck out her tongue and bit it hard with her teeth.

Sirone and the others were just watching.

Realizing her mistake, the woman took out a dagger and shouted with her mouth dripping with blood.

“Leave me alone!”

The blow pierced his own heart, and she collapsed to the floor with a breathless expression on her face.

“He is dead.”

Iruki looked at the woman and turned his head.

“Let’s go after the village chief. We have to save the survivors first.”

After casting Shining Magic, Sirone ran quickly through the cave as bright as daylight.

Climbing down a pit that fell almost vertically, I saw an iron spear with survivors trapped inside.

About 20 people were imprisoned, among which a young woman grabbed the bar and asked.

“Who are you?”

Seeing normal eyes, Sirone was convinced.


She gave a shocked expression for a moment, but then came back to her senses and shouted.

“Catch the village chief! We must kill her before she comes! The author is the devil!”

With Nade and Iruki guarding the rear, Sirone walked down the sidewalk.

“Hehe. Hehehe.”

Unusual laughter heard even before turning a corner, and a disgusting smell.

A curse came out of Nade’s mouth.


Buried by more than 20 corpses, the village chief raised his arms with an ecstatic expression.

There was a lot of waiting.

“Welcome to God’s Holy Land.”

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