Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1000

What is Infinite(2)

The Borshua region of Akros Kingdom.

Sirone, who was walking on a steep mountain road, suddenly stopped.

“Heh! Heck!”

Nade, who had been climbing the slope with his tongue sticking out like a dog, looked back while touching the ground.

“what’s the matter? it’s hard?”

“It is gone.”


Iruki, who was going in the lead, turned around and put his butt to the ground with a bang.

“Let’s get some rest. What is it?”

“One of the simultaneous events is missing. No, maybe I am not feeling it.”

“Where is it?”

“Spirit of Ymir. To be precise, the moment I was engulfed in Guffin’s Hand of God, I lost my presence.”

“A guffin?”

It wasn’t a real guffin, but it took too long to explain in detail.

“Anyway, the signal was cut. Quantum signals are not entangled with me here

would mean.”

Nade tilted his head.

“Can you? Quantum signals transcend time and space. How do you stop that?”

“No. At least in this universe, it’s impossible. If there is only one possibility… …

Sirone rested her chin and said.

“The current me and the me in Ymir’s mind have become completely different people.”

Nade’s face went pale.

“No way, the dead… …

“No, it won’t be. Because I’m alive and well here


The friends could indirectly know that Sirone’s life was connected.

Iruki said.

“If not dead, is it like rising to a higher level? But you are the infinite magician.”

“Even if that were the case, the quantum signals would overlap. Then what’s left? Sirone stopped talking.

‘The outside world.’

If combined with information from outside the universe, even the Ultima system could be blocked.

‘What happened?’ I wanted to check right away, but Sirone, who was already in Le’s mind, didn’t seem to think so.

“Nothing will change. let us proceed like this It will be revealed when your mission is over.”

After Iruki got up from his seat, the three of them started riding the steep mountain path again.

“I’m going to die hard. Now I don’t know where this is. Aren’t you wasting your time?”

Iruki patted his head.

“According to the map in my head, the demon army did not pass through this place. Of course, the road has to be rough.”

Arriving at the top around sunset, Sirone and the others frowned and vomited.


There was a great stench.

“The smell must have been trapped in a place surrounded by mountains. It depends on the quality of the air. how… …

Iruki looked under the mountain, but even the moon was covered by clouds, so he could not see anything.

“Let’s go.”

The downhill road was a little faster, and I arrived at the halfway point, illuminating the map in my head.

“what’s this… …

The fence of a small village with about 100 families came into sight.

The signboard at the entrance to the village was broken, but it was unreadable due to dried blood.

“Let’s go in.”

Amidst the sound of the windows shaking in the wind, I saw a corpse lying on the street.


The maggot-covered corpse was so decomposed that even the beasts of the field were not interested.

Iru picked up a branch and looked at the body.

Key said.

“My head was broken by a blunt instrument.”

“Is it a demon?”

“Looking at the traffic line, the distance is too far. Besides, the buildings are too intact to be the work of demons.”

“Then maybe it’s the aftereffects of an emotional illness… …

This time, Sirone shook her head.

“It’s not impossible, but emotional disease will spread to the southwest from Tormia. This is in the northeast, so it’s on the opposite side of the transmission route.”

Iruki threw a tree branch and said.

“Let’s take a look. There might be survivors.”

The number of corpses increased towards the center of the village, and all of them were hit on the head with a blunt instrument.

“Sirone, here.”

The words ‘I am the King’ were written in blood on the wall Nade pointed to.

The corpse of a man with two severed wrists sat beneath the wall, looking sullen.

“Sirone, do you know who it is?”

“no. It’s already been 22 years, so I can’t tell just by looking at your face. At least if you know the name… …

Nade rummaged through the man’s clothes.

“There is something.” When I took it out and checked it, it was a letter from someone.

“Can you read it?”

“huh. Sirone, some fire.”

As Nade approached, Sirone and Iruki clung to each other and read the letter together.

-Honey, something is wrong. I can’t stand it because I’m anxious. She’s that girl, yeah, that girl she never names?

“The woman?” Listening to Nade’s voice, Sirone continued to read her words.

-Remember, honey. During the time we were born and raised in this village, have we ever met anyone from outside the village? The evil woman tricked her chief with cunning words and made a mess of everything in her. And in the end… … She even sacrificed our child.

Sirone was uneasy as the man’s severed hands popped up at this moment.

– I have a confession to make. actually… … When I was young, I met someone from out of town. He rescued me from getting lost after injuring my leg while gathering herbs. With the mighty power of God Yor. He taught me the heart of love.

Iruki thought.

‘A figure from the Church of Yor. Did they meet during missionary work?’

– The reason you kept it a secret until now… … You know how the villagers are afraid of the outside. but i know That this world is full of God’s love.

‘Afraid of the outside world.’

Sirone’s eyes deepened as he read the letter.

-The woman! A vicious and ferocious bitch! The devil is clear! I’m afraid the villagers believe her words. is it so! As if in a dream, it seems that everyone in the village is dreaming with their eyes open.

‘Is it some kind of hypnotism?’

It would be easiest to think so, but Sirone felt that he was missing something.

‘No, this is not like that.’

-I’m going to go to the sacred place of God with the chief. Maybe I can make people wake up from their dreams. Only I can make this work.

The woman continued writing on the next line.

– I’m sick of fighting you. It’s the villagers who are crazy, not me. Look at our new born son. Take Leas and run away. If you don’t believe me, we will lose our son.

Nade recited the last name written on it.

“Wife, Ravika.”

Omega’s record was retrieved from the library of knowledge made up of Sirone’s 5-dimensional cube.

‘That’s a lot.’

There were numerous Ravicas in the universe, and among them were humans from other civilizations.

However, Terra Force was the only race in the universe that could cross the barrier of the speed of light.

‘It’s a different story when it comes to individuals.’

Sirone set the region and year within the physically possible range.

‘Only one person. This is the person.’

From what comes to mind only up to the age of seven, her present age must be twenty-nine.

“This is Kashiram Village. It was built 230 years ago by war refugees. It has been self-sufficient in isolation from the outside world for a long time.”

Iruki said.

“There are too few corpses for the number of buildings. It looks like you went to the place called God’s Holy Land written in the letter.”

Nade flew into the sky and pointed forward.

“Sirone, Iruki. Let’s go over there.”

As I ran to where Nade was flying, I saw a building completely demolished.

It was the largest building, and all the materials were turned into charcoal as if there had been a fire.

“The town hall. Why did you burn it?” After casting Hand of God, Sirone grabbed the building with her huge hand of light.

When I lifted a handful, the miserable scenery inside the town hall was revealed.

Each of the charred corpses lay with their jaws wide open and their bodies twisted.

“There was a fight here.”

Putting down the rubble of the building, Sirone examined the collapsed stone wall on the side of the auditorium.

“It looks like the building collapsed on fire. Maybe there are some that haven’t been burned.”

When the Hand of God raised the wall with his thumb and forefinger, a poster made of planks was revealed.

On the left side, there was a writing written by the village chief.

– Worship. As God’s messenger, I say, you will be able to enter God’s holy land by burning the place you return to.

There was a guide text on the right.

-We are going to burn down the town hall at 5pm, so everyone is welcome. Those who have circumstances or will not attend will be punished by God. Bringing food is prohibited, and there is a ceremony where everyone’s sins are atoned for with the blood of an innocent child.

said Nade.

“Something… … It seems normal, but it is abnormal.”

“You call it crazy. Anyway, let’s find a place called God’s Holy Land.” Sirone and the others inspected the village. The scenery decorated with the corpses of murders and suicides tested the courage in itself.

Arriving at the place where the warehouse buildings were gathered, Sirone pointed to the other side of the waterwheel.

“There are signs of an explosion.”

At the bottom of the cliff, I saw a huge pile of stones.

“The entrance must have been sealed.”

It was a question of what power they used to blow up the entrance after living a closed life for 200 years.

Iruki said.

“Judging from the decomposition of the body, the time is at least three weeks. Whatever happened, it’s already over.”

“You’ll know when you go.”

When the Hand of God moved a large rock, a gap was opened for a person to enter.

As I entered it, I saw a winding road lined with sharp stalactites.

“hey! Who is it?”

No sound could be picked up except the echo of Nade’s voice.

How much time had passed, Iruki asked as he crawled through the narrow entrance.

“But why did you block the entrance? It’s not big enough to get out by manpower.”

“well. To keep them from escaping?”

“But the village chief also entered. Besides, it bothers me that they told me not to bring food.”

Many thoughts ran through my head, but I couldn’t figure it out without checking it myself.

A sound came from the other side of the narrow passage.

“Kreuk. Kreuk.”

” Shh.”

At the same time as Nade gave the signal, Sirone lowered the intensity of her Shining magic.

‘Infrared vision.’

Upon activating the Miracle Stream, Sirone and the others’ eyes peeled off the darkness in a pale green color.

‘Sir… …

Three people curled up like rats were swallowing something with their faces buried in the belly of the dead body.

“Give me your finger.”

His tone was so calm, to the ears of the three of them, it sounded like ‘Give me that salt shaker over there.’

“It’s cold. It’s cold.”

Hearing reconstructed the scene even though he tried to turn away, and Nade couldn’t stand it in the end.

“What are you guys doing here?” As the three surrounding the corpse raised their heads, I could see their eyes in infrared vision.

“who is this! who!”

On the other hand, they couldn’t see Sirone and the others.

“Speak quickly! What are you doing by locking the villagers in a cave!”

“Aww! Devil, devil!”

Unlike being invisible, it was surprisingly fast when it came to running away.

“Looks like you memorized the topography. Shall we pursue?” Nade creates lightning magic and water

However, Sirone shook her head.

“no. Let’s look at this.”

The body was severely mutilated, and most of the flesh had fallen off.

“I feel like throwing up.”

Unlike Nade, Iruki was calm.

“At least there was no food. In this way, it can last for more than three weeks. The question is why.” There was cold anger in the eyes of the three people who gazed into the depths of the cave at the same time.

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