I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 231

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“why? “Couldn’t you have told me after you got married?”

When I cautiously told my mother I met at work that I was getting married, she raised one eyebrow and said harshly.

I was feeling prickly, so I just smiled awkwardly.

“No, that’s not it… … .”

My mother must have heard the news of my marriage somewhere first, and she seemed very uncomfortable.

Of course, I wanted to tell my mom this news first, but I had to prepare my mind in many ways, so I put it off.

To be precise, it was because Seo Ji-han needed to prepare his mind.

“Hehe, but it’s okay since I told you now, right?”

I tried to speak brightly to lighten the mood, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

In the end, I received my mother’s hand on my back for the first time in a long time.

This is the president’s office, and the only people there are the assistant manager and deputy manager, so I’m lucky, but I almost ruined my image.

“Ugh! It’s okay, but it’s okay! “I didn’t even think about my mom being upset!”

“ouch! ouch!”

Actually, it didn’t hurt at all, but I was shaking and twisting my body around, and the conductor, who was worse than me, intervened.

“There’s a lot of work these days, and the wedding was decided in a hurry, so it’s understandable to be hectic. “Don’t be like that.”


When the conductor stopped her, Mom sighed and lowered her hand, pretending not to be able to resist.

Perhaps because they often worked together, the deputy director and my mother were very close.

“How could someone who is still a child get married…” … .”

My heart sank as my mother’s true feelings came out inadvertently.

In my mother’s eyes, I am still a child, and Seo Ji-han is a scoundrel who bewitches and marries such a child.

Although Seo Ji-han has shown a lot of care for me over the past time, is it still not enough for my mother?

“Mom, do you want to meet Seo Ji-han today?”

Even if it doesn’t go as far as ‘Give me a daughter,’ it would be good to talk honestly about the kind of person I want to marry.

Then, Mom will feel a lot more relieved.

But my mother sighed again and shook her head.

“That’s it, that’s enough. What will I do when I meet you? Are you trying to get permission to get married?”

“Uh, something like that?”

“If I tell you to break up, will you break up?”

When I closed my mouth in response to the sharp question, my mother laughed and lifted her finger and put some chestnuts on my forehead.



It hurt a little this time.

I rubbed my forehead and looked at my mother with resentment, then clicked my tongue briefly and opened my mouth.

“it’s okay. I’m not getting married, so what does it matter if I like it? As long as you like it, that’s fine. Live well. Without even telling my mother, I got married like roasting beans in a flash of lightning… … I’m going.”

The mother who was speaking momentarily swallowed her emotions with a tearful expression and then quickly walked away.

Then, just before leaving the president’s office, he stopped and asked a question.

“Have you chosen a dress?”

Mom’s voice trembled slightly.

“Oh, no, not yet.”

“Choose with Mom.”


After answering my question, my mother quickly left the president’s office.

As Ban Seo-jin crossed paths with his mother and entered the president’s office, he stopped.

“uh? Mother, what… … .”

Even after hearing Ban Seo-jin’s voice, the mother quickly left the president’s office as if running away.

With a puzzled expression on her face, she found us standing in the president’s office and walked in with an understanding expression.

“Marriage story?”


“Hmm, so that’s why you had that kind of expression.”

I didn’t ask what his expression was. Because I felt like I knew enough without listening.

Ban Seo-jin placed the documents he had brought with him on the president’s desk, then quietly sat down on the corner and opened his mouth in a rude tone.

“Anyway, I heard we fight a lot before the wedding. What about you guys?”

“Are you fighting?”

“uh. “They say they fight a lot because they’re having trouble with this and that.”


What trouble could there be? Since no one around me was married yet, I had no idea what Ban Seo-jin was talking about.

However, the assistant manager and deputy director also looked curious as if everyone was really fighting.

“No, we’re not fighting… … .”

“okay? How is Seo Ji-han doing these days?”

“Seo Ji-han is always smiling these days.”


Ban Seo-jin’s expression as if asking him to elaborate further reminded me of Seo Ji-han’s appearance over the past week or so.

When I asked Seo Ji-han, who was smiling so happily while eating breakfast, if something good had happened, he answered.

‘huh? Because the apples are crunchy. It’s so good. ‘Crunchy.’

When I asked Seo Ji-han, who was smiling happily while basking in the sunlight with the window open, if he saw anything interesting, he answered.

‘Ah, I feel like the laundry went well, which makes me smile.’

Seo Ji-han, who was rummaging through the shelves, turned around with a smile on his face, so I asked him a question and he answered.



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‘I ran out of detergent. I’ll go buy it and come back. haha.’

I don’t know why it makes me laugh, but it’s like this anyway.

These days, Seo Ji-han is always smiling.

Even on rainy days, I smile because it rains, when the sun rises in the morning, I smile because the sun rises, when the moon rises, I smile because the moon rises, and when it is cloudy, I smile because the sky is cloudy.

Eundami even came once in a while to annoy Seo Ji-han, but even then he was smiling and saying he was happy.

Seo Ji-han was so cute when he smiled like that, and when I smiled at him, Eundam disappeared without me even knowing when he was gone.

“… … “Aren’t you a fool?”

“and… … .”

“Well, that’s good, well…” … .”

Seo-jin Ban, Assistant Manager Kim, and Deputy Director Shin each said a word in turn.

The three people exchanged glances for a moment and nodded as if they understood.

“By the way, are you going to invite Gaeseohoo too?”

“Oh, by the way, I met you briefly this morning. “She must have heard from Eundam and said congratulations on her wedding.”

“Did you say anything other than that?”

“I asked if I needed a wedding dress, and I said no. “When I told him I was going to keep it simple, he looked like he didn’t like something.”

“Daemonial clothes? crazy… … .”

“I will wear a wedding dress, and over it I will wear a veil prepared by Mr. Elfanis.”


While Ban Seo-jin nodded in understanding, Assistant Manager Kim quickly intervened.

“What about the bridesmaids? Have you decided on bridesmaids? Oh, are you going to call a friend?”

“no. I don’t plan on inviting any civilian friends to this wedding. “I think everyone would be surprised, and I haven’t had many friends in contact since then.”


“I don’t even need a bridesmaid. Her position will be with Mr. El Panis and her mother. “Because it is not an ordinary wedding, but a royal wedding according to the traditions of the Elfanis family.”

“iced coffee. Mr. Elfanis is taking care of it.”

“yes. In his capacity as a saint, Mr. Elfanis will serve as priest and preside over the event. “Thanks to you, I feel very comfortable, so I’m just grateful.”

“I see. If you need help, let me know. “I have to go and help.”

“I don’t think there’s much need for it since we have a lot of manpower in the dungeon, but I’ll pass it on to you.”

At my words, Assistant Manager Kim touched his cheek with a slightly regretful expression, then suddenly checked his watch and jumped up from his seat.

“Um, yeah. Anyway, if I don’t move quickly, my afternoon schedule will be delayed. I have a next meeting, so I’ll go. “The conductor has to go too, right?”

“Ah yes.”

“Oops. “I also have an inspection.”

All three of them were very busy people, so they dispersed as soon as they checked the time.

While I was taking care of the dungeon management work, I took the time to pick out a dress with my mom, belatedly hand out wedding invitations, and laugh happily with Seo Ji-han.

And finally the wedding day dawned.

“Well, you look very good in formal clothes.”

After the dungeon residents left one by one to congratulate them, Elfanis appeared for the last time, accompanied by her mother and Seungju.

Mom looked very satisfied as she continued to adjust the dress she had chosen with me.

In fact, even before choosing the dress, her expression was a bit complicated, but as the day arrived, she seemed to have gotten better and felt much more at ease.

“The dress is so pretty. “The veil that Elfanis made was very pretty.”

My mother, who was happy with her cheeks red, played with the end of her veil.

This veil was decorated and embroidered by Elfanis.

Elfanis watched the scene with a proud expression and then spoke with a slightly disappointed expression.

“But it’s unfortunate that the ceremony is too simplified.”

“It’s unfortunate. “It’s a wedding blessed by a world saint.”

“Hehe, I’m embarrassed.”

Elfanis, with slightly blushing cheeks, took a deep breath and glanced at the door richly decorated with flowers and jewels.

“Then, shall we go?”

As soon as Elfanis gave the signal, my mother started walking in front of me, holding a huge scepter.

The staff, studded with golden jewels, glowed on its own even though there was no electrical device.

It is one of the treasures in Elfanis’ treasure trove.

This scepter is held by the previous king or a person of equivalent rank to brighten the king’s future path and bless him.

Since I was the current king, it was natural for my mother to take on the role of the previous king.

I slowly started walking down the dark wedding road, relying on the light from my mother’s hall.

In the darkness, only the sound of a veil grazing the carpet rang quietly.

When we finally arrived at the altar at the end of the street, as promised, the thick curtains on the windows were pulled back and bright light flooded into the wedding hall.

As the darkness faded, I could see the people standing in the ceremony hall.

At the sight of my appearance revealed for the first time, impressed gazes poured in from all directions.

After briefly looking around at them, I took a deep breath and looked up.

Now that the king’s position is over, it’s time for his companion’s position.

Directly opposite me, I saw Seo Ji-han smiling brightly through the purple-black badge.

Seo Ji-han, holding an arm full of pure white flowers, began to walk slowly under Rodran’s gentle escort.

“I told you not to laugh, but… … .”

Elfanis, who had walked in with me and was standing next to the altar, muttered softly as if she was in pain.

Certainly, in this solemn atmosphere that seems to be a reproduction of an ancient famous painting, that smiling face is foreign.

Anyway, being uncomfortable is being uncomfortable, and a ceremony is a ceremony.

Elfanis quietly recited a prepared message.

“A new season is coming to you.”

Hearing Elfanis’ voice set the mood, I tried to put on a solemn expression.

However, when I saw Seo Ji-han walking towards me with a bright smile, I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

As he got closer, the corners of his mouth began to become looser.

In the end, I ended up laughing too.

“ha… … .”

Elfanis said, ‘It’s a mess! It seemed as if he was trying hard to hold back the urge to shout, ‘It’s a mess!’

But what to do with something good?

I tried not to laugh, but I can’t help it.

Seo Ji-han, who walked the entire wedding road, arrived in front of the altar and laid down flowers.

We held hands and pressed our foreheads together while listening to Elfanis’ congratulatory remarks.

While listening to Elfanis’ low voice, I kept giggling and had a really hard time suppressing it.

He came to me.

It’s a new season.

It’s a season I’ve never experienced before, but it’s definitely more fragrant and warmer than any other season.

Even if there is extreme cold and scorching heat, I think it will be okay.

With everyone here.

For sure.


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