I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 230

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“You’re finally doing it!”

The next morning, Elfanis postponed all plans and went to visit Seo Ji-han, saying, ‘We’re planning a wedding soon…’ … ‘ I shouted happily before I could finish my words.

No, lower your voice!

Fergis, Rodran, and the kids are coming.

Ah, it’s already too late.

“Oh, I guess it was decided yesterday!”

“Are you finally doing it?”

“wow! really! Real marriage! Is this the RPM!”

In that order, they are Pergis, Rodran, and Beto.

Why is Pergis here anyway? Oh, I guess he came here after being kicked out by Seo Ji-han yesterday.

It looks like he spent the night complaining to Elfanis and then slept here all night.

“What is it?”

“Real Person Marry.”

Toga the wild deer, Beto, a bipedal lizard, raised his face and answered in an intelligent manner.

The cheerful Toga began to have fun shouting out the newly learned words.

“Oh oh! RPM! RPM!”

“Yes, it’s RPM!”

… … They look like idiots.

Anyway, I should leave the two happy animals alone and get to the point quickly.

Because time is not infinite.

My dungeon management schedule is full, so I need to finish the story and return as soon as possible.

“So, since it looks like the attendees will be of various races, I’d like to have the wedding here in the dungeon if possible. If you don’t mind, Elfanis, I’d like to rent this place… … .”

“Of course it’s okay. Do you have a wedding in mind?”

Elfanis asked a question with an expectant expression.

But I didn’t know what to expect, so I answered honestly.

“Well, I’m still thinking about it. In order to preserve our country’s traditions, we would have to invite all of our relatives as guests, but I think that would be a bit of a hassle. If possible, I think I should only invite people I know briefly.”

“Simply… … “You mean?”

Elfanis muttered with a slightly disappointed expression.

And at that time, Beto, who had been half-forgotten, suddenly joined the conversation.

“If you are thinking about a wedding, leave it to us, my king!”

After shouting like that, Beto brought a beam projector and a laptop from somewhere and even hung a roll screen to create a presentation environment in an instant.

“Hey Beto, I have something prepared for you for this day!”

“I have one too!”

Toga the wild deer tried to intervene later, but Beto pressed his face and pushed him away.

And I lifted up my glasses, which I don’t know when I wore them.

The glasses shone sharply as they reflected the light from the beam projector as it warmed up.

Wait, where did you get those glasses? No matter how you look at it, it’s not the size of a normal human, but a custom-made product?

Also, since you’re an iguana, you have no ears. How did you keep your glasses on? Oh, if you look closely, there is double-sided tape next to the face.

“… … “Do you want me to leave it to you?”

When I asked hesitantly because I was a bit anxious, Beto patted his chest confidently and opened the presentation file in earnest and began to explain.

The first screen was a picture of a bride in a wedding dress falling against the sky.

“Wait, wait, is that the sky? Real sky? “Is that skydiving?”

“yes. As expected, you have great insight. I believed that the king would recognize it right away. This is Beto’s favorite drama! This is the wedding featured in 〈Crazy Love〉. The couple will go up in the sky in a hot air balloon, skydive together, and get married. Look, don’t the wings on the dress look so romantic?”

“For your information, what’s the ending like?”

“The love that cannot be achieved is achieved at least in heaven, and the two go to heaven… … .”

You’re going to die!


“Ah, ah, king… … .”

Beto, who had become sullen, tried to cheer himself up again and regained his brisk attitude from the beginning.

And then he continued his presentation with confidence.

“Hehe, you’re not taking it easy as expected. Then take a look at the wedding of ‘Breathless Love’, which Beto likes as much as ‘Crazy Love’!”

The name itself is somewhat ominous.

“It is an underwater wedding held under the sea. “Isn’t the dress flowing in the current so beautiful and dreamy?”

“… … “How did you happen to have a wedding like that?”

“After defeating the people around them who opposed their love, they ran down the wedding road holding each other’s hands and dived into the sea… … .”

“pass. Why is it all diving? Is there anything more normal? And why did all the characters die? And if it’s underwater, what about the wedding guests? This is the same problem with skydiving. “At least recommend something bright and hopeful.”

“Oh, I understand. That’s what you like. Well, then, how about the wedding in 〈101 Illegitimate Sons〉? As you can see, there is a group dance with 1,000 guests… … .”

You have 101 children?

What kind of crazy story is this? Not even a Dalmatian.

“Where are you going to get a thousand guests? pass.”

“Ah, ah… … .”

Beto became very sullen and frowned. Toga lifted her front leg and patted his back.

After watching Beto’s presentation, I asked Elfanis for one more clue.

“I want to keep it simple and plain.”

“I think that’s good too.”

Fortunately, Elfanis calmly nodded as if he had not been deeply affected by the drama like Beto.

“Well, anyway, I think this castle where Elfanis is staying is a good place. “It looks like a temple, so it will definitely go well with a wedding.”

“This castle was actually used as a temple.”



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“The country’s important ancestral rites and ceremonies were actually held here.”

“ah… … Yes, I did.”

That’s right, that’s how I felt when I first visited Elfanis’ castle.

But now, there are too many TVs, sofas, and homey props brought by Mom and Seungju… … .

“Wait a minute, is that a dumpling steamer? You also have a pot for roasting sweet potatoes over an open flame, right? What are those plastic baskets and living boxes piled up? “It was definitely an old-fashioned wooden box in the past.”

“Ah, it was nice and not moldy. And that direct fire grilling pot is a good pot that makes anything delicious just by putting it in it and grilling it.”

“Are you watching home shopping these days?”

In response to my question, Elfanis smiled hollowly and slightly averted her gaze.

No, no.

This isn’t what’s important right now.

“Anyway, I want to keep it simple and plain, so Elfanis, please help me.”

I asked with a sigh, and Elfanis quickly asked a question in an impatient tone.

“No matter how simple it is, you’re going to have a parade, right? What kind of flower petals do you like to sprinkle as flower rain? “I’ll sprinkle it with the flower petals you particularly prefer.”


“Hmm, unfortunately, it will be difficult to build a starlight castle because there is no star keeper. I think the veneer can be replaced with the fabric I embroidered. Oh, and Lordran can do the Guardian Sword as well. Since he is the first paladin, I think his status is sufficient.”

“Guardian sword?”

“The role of protecting the king’s companion and delivering it to the king is called the guardian sword. Usually, the bride uses a guard brought from another country as a guardian sword, but there is a condition that he must be a paladin… … .”

“I will gladly take it on.”

Lordran, who had been standing quietly the whole time, quickly got down on one knee.

These people are more proactive than I thought. I’m thankful it didn’t bother you, but… … .

“No parades.”

“yes? So, are you okay with the choir? A choir of a thousand people singing congratulatory songs from the morning of the wedding until the night… … .”

“If singing is absolutely necessary, we replace it with audio equipment.”

“Wow, let’s call BBB! BBB concert at the wedding hall… … .”

Rodran silently pushed Toga, who suddenly intruded, with his hand to silence him.

“Anyway, there will be no flower rain or parade. No, there will be less than 20 people participating. What kind of parade is this? “It’s embarrassing.”

Just imagine.

If you smile and wave your hands at people you know standing around, they will shower you with flowers.

Wow, this is really embarrassing.

“It’s a shame there’s no parade. “I could have pulled the carriage.”

Even Pergis joined in and added his words, but I firmly shook my head.

Then Elfanis glanced up at the top of the castle with a slightly disappointed expression.

“If you skip all that process, you can just enter the ceremony hall, receive congratulations from the guests, hear twelve golden bells, and then empty your glass with the guests to become a married couple. Wouldn’t that be so empty?”

“It’s enough.”

In the first place, weddings don’t last that long.

This is enough.

Elfanis looked very disappointed, but when I, the person in question, made a strong argument, she could not bear to object and nodded.

And from that day on, Elfanis’ castle gradually regained its original appearance.

As if the temple had grown tired of its worldly appearance, it had begun to exude a unique, classical atmosphere.

Various decorations that had been moved to the corners were put back in their original places, and beautiful tapestries filled the hallway.

Elfanis took out all kinds of treasures from the treasury and diligently prepared for the king’s wedding.

The city of El Fanis, which had been left half-destroyed, also began to be rebuilt quickly.

Because his claim that ‘the king’s wedding cannot be held in ruins’ was passed down as a king’s order, all the manpower that was playing in the dungeon focused on rebuilding the city.

In one day, all the stones from the ruins were cleared away, and after two days, restoration of the buildings that could be restored began.

After about a week, the city began to regain its shape.

As if keeping pace, the Temple of El Fanis quickly took on the appearance of a wedding hall.

In each window of the castle, clean, colorful cloths fluttering in the wind cast long shadows, so that even someone who knew nothing could tell at a glance that it was a wedding.

And in the meantime, I was being stabbed in the back by my mom.

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