I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 227

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The first time Seo Ji-han dried my hair was around evening, about two weeks after we started living together.

After washing up, I was absent-mindedly watching TV and then naturally sat down on the sofa and dried my hair.

At first, I thought it was just a whim and accepted it gratefully, but as a day or two passed, the behavior gradually became Seo Ji-han’s routine and became completely established.

When I finally got into a situation where Jihan was naturally putting on the side dishes while I was spooning rice, I realized something was wrong.

“Well, Mr. Seo Ji-han. “I don’t think you need to dry her hair.”

I tried to take the dryer from Seo Ji-han’s hand, but he dodged my hand and asked back with a puzzled expression.

“why? no?”

“No, it’s not that I don’t like it, but I’m sorry.”

“Are you sorry? I like it. Touching your hair.”

“Well, how long are you going to do this?”

“Until your hair stops getting wet?”

That means I’m going to continue anyway.

When I was at a loss for words, Seo Ji-han suddenly changed his expression to soft and opened his mouth as if to comfort me.

“I know. That you can do it. But, I want to do everything. This is all I can do. “Do you hate this feeling of wanting to be of help to you even just a little bit?”

He was much taller and bigger than me, so he deliberately got down on the sofa, knelt halfway down, and lowered his gaze to ask.

He even tilted his head with an earnest expression on his face, so I didn’t have the wherewithal to resist.

Eventually, from that day on, Seo Ji-han began taking care of me diligently, drying my hair and preparing clothes to wear the next day.

The only consolation is that it stopped me from putting side dishes on my rice.

After reminiscing, I finally sighed and spoke as if I was lamenting.

“it’s hard.”

“Did he ignore you even though you said it? I don’t think so. If you’re having a hard time… … .”

“It’s hard because Seo Ji-han is so cute.”

Ban Seo-jin suddenly stopped talking with an expression that made him chew on a bug.

I paid no heed to that expression and began to release the feelings I had been holding back.

Because the only person who can say this is Ban Seo-jin.

“Seo Ji-han seems like a really cute type. He’s made me stop now, but he used to try to make me brush my teeth too. People say that my fangs are cute because they are small, but Seo Ji-han who says that is even cuter… … .”

Ban Seo-jin was looking at me with an expressionless face.

The words ‘Are you crazy?’ appeared clearly in those eyes.

But the good thing about Ban Seo-jin is that he continues to listen anyway.

“And I think I’m good at everything. “Sometimes, it’s amazing when I look at it, so I asked Seo Ji-han how he was so good at everything, and you know what he said?”

“… … “What did you say?”

“He said, ‘I’m good at anything I do with my body.’ I’m really jealous. I’m not that good at sports… … . Oh, and he’s also very quick-witted. “I don’t know how they do it, but if you think you want to eat something the day before, it’s served for breakfast the next day, right?”

“okay… … .”

“Oh, and Seo Ji-han was just staring at me one time. “I asked her if she had something on her face, and she said, ‘I just thought she was so adorable.’”


“And also, ‘They say works of art evoke emotions. I said, ‘Moa is like a work of art to me.’ So he asked me what emotion it evokes… … .”


“No, happiness.”

“okay… … .”

Ban Seo-jin just nodded, giving mechanical answers to my continuing love advice.

Please listen a little more, Mr. Ban Seo-jin.

Who would I tell this to? Mr. Ban Seo-hoo? Or Eundam?

However, you can’t say that to the assistant manager and deputy manager who feel burdened by Seo Ji-han.

“Anyway, that’s why Seo Ji-han said, ‘I guess he kept his first girlfriend’s seat empty so he could meet you!’ “Isn’t it so cute?”

“okay… … . cute… … .”

As I talk, I get more and more excited and can’t control myself.

But since Ban Seo-jin was dying little by little, I struggled to calm down.

Yes, it’s nothing that Seo Ji-han is so cute and I’m a trash person.

Actually, if I think about it, I didn’t have a good life from the beginning.

that’s right. It wasn’t there from the beginning.

I grew up living on my own and taking care of things on my own instead of my mother who went out to earn money, but I have no ability to make a living.

I can’t do anything without Seo Ji-han!

“Ha, it would be better to just do whatever Seo Ji-han says. Because I like it that much… … .”

“Yeah, I think so too. In fact, I think it would be more efficient that way. “You can also work with the stamina you saved there, so isn’t it a win-win?”

“As expected, isn’t it?”

“Yes, of course. Then I’ll just leave. “I said everything I had to say.”

Ban Seo-jin, who had been half-rising from the chair earlier, hurriedly stood up. And then he left the conference room as if running away.

Oh my, did I go a little too far?

After breaking up with Ban Seo-jin, I started preparing for my next schedule.

Usually, we inspect ongoing projects, but today we had a special agenda.

The media’s scrutiny, which had been happening since Dungeon Management was just launched, was still ongoing.

Even without me saying anything, media outlets poured out articles with a favorable view when Dungeon Management started a new business.

Sometimes, there were articles pouring in with excessive praise.

Before the business was first established, such articles were very useful.

Of course, it is still useful today. However, I felt a bit strange as there were only articles praising everything.

‘After all, isn’t I doing the same thing I did at the Daehan Guild?’

I never directly controlled the media.

However, the media’s favorable articles and interest in dungeon management continued.



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At this point, I felt like I needed to slowly get the atmosphere back to normal.

While representatives of each Korean media company gathered, I attended the event with my secretary.

Here I do not speak directly, but only attend. The story was scheduled to be told by the secretary who went with him.

If I do that, I won’t have to act and my image won’t be damaged.

If he was looked down on even a little, he might change his attitude and try to bite me again, so everything I said at these events was done through an agent.

“There has been excessive mention of dungeon management in recent articles, so please refrain from this.”

The secretary who came to the front instead of me got to the point in a stern tone.

I quietly glared at the media representatives behind me with an expressionless face.

In their imaginations, I was portrayed as a very scary person, so just doing this had a significant effect.

But today the atmosphere was a bit strange. Those who were supposed to say ‘I understand’ began to look at each other and make a fuss.

One of them opened his mouth with a very nervous expression, as if he had decided to carry a gun.

“Well, when you say mention, what part are you referring to…?” … .”

“We are asking you to reduce the reporting and creation of content on dungeon management, regardless of whether it is entertainment, news, or articles.”

The secretary’s calm words shook the conference room again.

After a brief battle of wits, the person who first carried the gun spoke again.

When I looked at him, he was trembling pitifully.

“Exactly how much can we reduce? “Is it not okay to even mention it?”


The atmosphere is a bit different from what I expected.

Were you planning something lame? Or did something happen? I looked at him with narrowed eyes and suspicion.

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket with a calloused hand and began groveling, wiping the red sweat from his forehead.

“Well, because it’s the hottest issue right now… … . More than half of our press’s views are articles related to dungeon management. Of course, if you tell us to reduce it, we have to reduce it, but how can we not do a little more? The number of views is truly enormous. These days, advertising has decreased, so management is difficult… … .”

As soon as he opened the first water, others began to come forward and add their words one by one.

“That’s right. “This is the hottest topic right now, so please, I will never write a negative article.”

“Of course. To begin with, subscribers don’t really like negative articles. Well, just writing an analysis column will result in a barrage of malicious comments, so we write our articles with care. If you were uncomfortable with the article so far, I won’t go to this point, so I can at least mention it… … .”

huh? What is this atmosphere?

The secretary glanced back at me with a puzzled expression.

Right, the situation is very different from what we talked about before I came, right? I guess I should step in.

“We will announce the extent of the mention later.”

After lightly raising my hand and shaking it, I left the place, taking my secretary with me.

After returning to work, I sent the secretary away in a confused mood.

The secretary seemed to be unsure whether he was feeling the same way or not.

However, when I told the deputy manager and assistant manager that I met in the bathroom that something like this had happened, they nodded with an expression of understanding.

“Ah, of course it is. “Moa, I told you I didn’t think it would be necessary.”

“that’s right. “I should have listened to the conductor.”

Seeing my expression that I still didn’t understand what was going on, the assistant manager smiled and explained.

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