I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 226

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“Wouldn’t it be more useful if used in battle?”

“battle? It’s strong enough even without using these abilities. “You saw it.”

I had no choice but to nod my head at Seo Ji-han’s confident answer.

After the Chungwang Cannon, or rather, the Adversary’s Wedge, became unusable as it became a planet-destroying weapon, Seo Ji-han was in charge of the battle in the newly created dungeon.

And he has easily defeated all kings without being defeated even once.

Thanks to this, I was thankful that the dungeon negotiations went very smoothly.

“Oh, and there’s something else useful. “It can replace your body pillow.”

My face lit up as he added this with a smile.

Oops, I remembered it.

This happened less than a month after we started living together.

I found out about a body pillow in the newspaper and bought one.

After that, I started to sleep in the form of Seo Ji-han sleeping while holding a body pillow.

But one day, my back felt empty and the feel of my arm felt different and strangely warm than usual, so I opened my eyes and saw Seo Ji-han, who had become smaller, lying on his back and acting as my body pillow.

How surprised I was.

“I was really surprised at that time.”

“that’s right. He seemed surprised. Did you say, ‘I’m having a baby!’?”

“No, I thought something had gone wrong with the system! “And he was almost half asleep.”

I did my best to make an excuse, but Seo Ji-han burst out laughing as if he had no intention of understanding.

“I really should have taken pictures of people saying, ‘Is it possible to have a child this way?’… … .”

Ignoring Seo Ji-han’s teasing, I shoved toast into my mouth.

“Why did you suddenly push away the body pillow and come in in the first place?”

When I grumbled, he grinned, but suddenly his playful mood disappeared and he sat down close to the table.

“I just suddenly got jealous.”

“It’s just an object. And jealousy… … .”

I responded as if it made no sense, but I could feel my face heating up.

Something sweet and sticky began to flow in the air.

Oh, if this atmosphere burns out, I might be late for work today.

I need to quickly change the topic.

“Ah, those dungeon people called Murimin. I’m adapting a lot better than I thought. And the public reaction is not bad.”

I picked up the report that had been neglected because of breakfast and read the first page.

This report briefly summarizes the status of all current projects.

Even though it was brief, it was very thick because there were so many projects and the information about important people in the dungeon was written individually.

“okay? “I heard most of them run dojos?”

“yes. However, among them, there are some who have become self-employed. And surprisingly, I think I’m adapting well. Hmm, I guess what I initially feared won’t happen, thankfully.”

“I know.”

“Still, Mr. Seo Ji-han, please continue to monitor this area. There are reports that he is forming factions internally, and I think we will need to watch.”


“yes. They say that although predators appeared and they joined forces, they originally didn’t get along very well. I heard that they were divided into political factions and anti-partisan factions and were fighting. “I think Sapa in particular needs special management to prevent crimes from being committed.”

“okay. “I’ll keep an eye on you and if I decide it doesn’t work, I’ll throw you in the dungeon and never let you come out.”

Seo Ji-han nodded trustingly, as if asking him to leave it to him.

“I want to make sure everyone can live together as well as possible, but it can’t be helped if that doesn’t happen.”

The most important business of dungeon management was the socialization of monsters, or rather, dungeon people.

I am very proud that it is progressing more smoothly than I expected.

If we continue like this, there will come a day when we all naturally get along.

I hope that their lives will be filled with more meaningful events, as they have survived through difficult times.

Although the dungeon is large, it is not large enough to spend a lifetime.

“I have to go to work soon, right? “I’ll fix your hair.”

“Ah, thank you.”

After finishing my meal, I was reading the remaining report when Seo Ji-han stood behind me and started smoothing my hair.

At first I was shocked and refused this, but it has already been 6 months since we lived together.

I got used to it.

No, honestly, I haven’t gotten used to it yet.

This tingly feeling of fingers grazing your hair, and this embarrassing act of kissing the top of your head after it’s all over.

“Well then, shall we work hard today too?”

“Come on. “I’ll leave a little late.”

Leaving behind Seo Ji-han, who lightly waved his hand, I tore open the scroll and went to work.

The first thing I met when I arrived at the company was Seojin Ban.

These days, she was working so diligently that her first impression was indifferent, and she seemed to really like her work these days.

“Ah, gather your hands. “You went to work early?”

“And Mr. Ban Seo-jin.”

“What am I, ah. “Then, since we’ve met, would you like to see and listen for a moment?”

As Ban Seo-jin lightly gestured toward the conference room, I nodded obediently.

Since we have some time until the next schedule, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hear about the current situation.

“It’s hard for me to say this as the person who came up with this, but I think this is really awesome. “The effect is good and other countries have responded well.”

As soon as he sat down with the hot coffee in front of him, Ban Seo-jin spoke in an excited voice.

I lifted my coffee slightly as if toasting to continue speaking and took a sip.

Well, juice is good, but coffee in the morning is also good.

“I think we can move on.”



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“is it so? “It’s surprising.”


“The response from each country was not bad.”

The new business that Ban Seo-jin was currently working on was related to the realm of the evil spirit king.

The monsters of the Demon King’s realm, who enjoyed suffering by sucking the life out of living things and planting endless nightmares and terrible memories in their minds, were a species that was impossible to socialize in any way.

However, Ban Seo-jin suggested a great use for this.

The idea is to use them to reform criminals.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I tried it out on a few cases, it worked pretty well.

“A bastard who kidnapped and tortured 22 children, women, and elderly people to death, is the death penalty in his home country anyway. But even there, there was strong public opinion that the death penalty was somewhat lukewarm. So, do you remember how we decided to bring him to the Demon King’s territory, suck out some of his vitality, and then give him back what he did? “Of course it’s a nightmare, but it still feels like reality to those who experience it.”


“As a result, he expressed sincere remorse within a day. It was a reflection that I received after delving into my mental world, so it was truly sincere. I sent him back to his home country and he was quite satisfied. “After hearing this news, other countries showed a lot of interest.”


“You said you especially want to request it from a country where the death penalty has been abolished? Even in countries like the United States where prisons are oversaturated, it is very tempting. It’s cost-effective. If you send a prisoner with a 30-year sentence, they will suck out 30 years of your life in one day, make you 30 years older, and return it to you with mental remodeling completed. “I think I need to get paid to do this.”

“Receiving money is a bit… … .”

“Oh, and the expert said that the recidivism rate for prisoners who have completed their sentences will be low. First of all, there are cases where the person’s physical abilities have drastically decreased because they have had so much life sucked out of them, and there are also cases where the world has changed so much after release from prison that they are unable to adapt and end up reoffending. If this is the method, there will be no recidivism due to maladaptation.”

“That’s good. Then please continue.”

“Yes, yes, not long ago, I became quite friendly with the demon king there. I guess it’s because I bring food with me every time I go. The person who feeds me is the best. is not it?”

“No, like talking about a pet… … . Ugh. Anyway, I agree that giving gifts is effective.”

Seojin Ban raised his eyebrows as if he understood what I said and answered meaningfully.

“New dungeon?”


After the launch of Dungeon Management, all dungeons created were pursuing peaceful mergers.

Although it is peaceful, it does not mean that force is not used at all. If necessary, force may be used.

But that was the last method of mobilization.

The first method used is the so-called gift operation.

You go into that dungeon and do nothing, but you leave behind cultural items such as food, clothes, and paintings, as well as voice letters containing the meaning of communication and friendship.

Keep repeating that, and if that person expresses their intention to talk without attacking first, the conversation will proceed.

If this method did not work at all, Seo Ji-han or someone else would step in and subdue him by force.

“I don’t like that because I think it takes too much time.”

“You have a lot of time anyway. “It’s not something that continues for several years.”

“That’s right. By the way, are you feeling soft today as well?”

Ban Seo-jin smiled, looking at my hair.

To hide my embarrassment, I played with my hair and avoided eye contact.

“Did Seo Ji-han stop you today too?”


Since I started living with Seo Ji-han, it was already publicly known to those around me that he had been taking care of everything from housework to my life in general.

“You don’t look very good? “Aren’t you used to it yet?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to get used to it? “If this continues, I won’t be able to do anything.”

“Oh, no way.”

“I’m worried that Seo Ji-han’s willpower is weakening because he’s trying too hard to do everything at a time like now when you need to stay alert and make clear decisions.”

“okay? Then just say no. “I’ll take care of it, so don’t interfere.”

“Well, it’s not easy.”

“why? “If you talk, he’ll listen.”

Ban Seo-jin said calmly, but it really is not easy.

“Actually, I’ve already said it once.”

I searched my memory and recalled that day.

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