I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 221

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A few days ago, Hyunji Lee went out for a light walk after eating dinner and resting for a bit.

Although it was close to midnight, I couldn’t sleep up late due to all sorts of disturbing thoughts due to employment issues, so I made sure to exercise before going to bed.

This is because when I was tired, I was able to sleep without thinking about anything else.

Perhaps because it was late, there were not many people in the dark local park.

But Hyunji Lee didn’t care.

There were a lot of residential areas surrounding the park, so it was an environment where anyone would come running out if you screamed.

I was about to go home feeling refreshed after running a few laps in the park, when suddenly I felt extremely thirsty.

I think it was because I ate a little salty dinner.

Hyeonji Lee remembered that there was a vending machine near the park restroom and walked towards it.

However, there were customers at the vending machine.

Normally I wouldn’t have cared who was around, but that day was a little different.

A huge shadow that could never be thought of as a person was standing in front of the vending machine.

The height, much taller than a vending machine, was terrifying.

‘W-what is that…’ … .’

He stopped for a moment, but Hyunji Lee realized what it was and started walking again.

The person in front of the vending machine was a dungeon person.

I knew it was a hot topic these days, but this was my first time seeing it in person.

Hyunji Lee began to approach the vending machine little by little with a curious feeling.

“Wow, you’re not afraid. How did you plan on getting close?”

Kim Min-ji was impressed as she broke Lee Hyun-ji’s reminiscence.

Hyunji Lee shrugged and continued reminiscing again.

When I got closer, I saw that the Dungeon Man had a strange combination of appearance, with the head of a dog and the body of a bear.

He was wearing a white dress shirt that I didn’t know where he got it from, dress pants, and even a tie.

Seeing him wearing clothes made Hyunji Lee strangely feel a little relieved.

When I felt that the other person had the minimum cultural form, I felt like a ‘person’ rather than a ‘strange creature’.

This was the expected effect of dressing monsters in dungeon management, but Hyunji Lee did not realize it until then.

As I got closer, I saw that the Dungeon Man was standing in front of the vending machine, staring at the drink aimlessly.

I waited for a while, wondering if I was choosing something to drink, but as the time got longer and longer, Hyunji Lee found it difficult to hold back her thirst.

“Well, can I use it first?”

The dungeon worker was standing stiffly with a slightly nervous attitude, but when Lee Hyun-ji spoke to him, he was startled and took a step back.

Then he moved it slightly out of the way as if to use the vending machine.

He slightly bowed his head, chose a drink, put money in it, and pressed the button, but suddenly he felt that the dungeon person was watching his actions closely.

‘You don’t know how to use a vending machine? But now that you’ve seen it, you know.’ 

As Lee Hyun-ji guessed, she took a drink and took a step back, and this time the dungeon person approached the vending machine.

The dungeon man eagerly took out a bill that felt too small from his pocket and stuffed it into the bill slot.

However, there was no way that bills that were not unfolded properly would fit.

The back of the dungeon person who had been fighting with the vending machine for a while gradually became damp.

Lee Hyun-ji, who thought that maybe it was because he was staring, carefully asked a question while throwing the drink he had finished in the trash can.

“Hey, can I help you?”

Maybe this dungeon dweller is also thirsty.

Lee Hyun-ji, who had been suffering from thirst just a moment ago, didn’t think it was a problem. She was a bit pitiful too.

“ah… … .”

The dungeon man was very embarrassed and held out a bill as if he had decided on something.

I was very impressed when Lee Hyun-ji accepted it and put it in naturally.

“Just choose what you want to eat and press the button here.”

I even pretended to press a button in case he didn’t understand what I was saying, and the dungeon person nodded as if he understood.

Next, the dungeon person carefully pressed the drink button and the drink fell out.

The dungeon person who bent down and picked it up raised his drink high with a very proud expression.

Hyunji Lee seemed so happy to even pretend to be, so it felt like everyone was happy, including herself.

As if drawing drinks was fun, the dungeon person pressed the button until the remaining balance was used up and drew a total of 8 drinks.

And at that moment, someone rushed out of the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Oh, there’s a civilian there. sorry! “You were surprised, right?”

It was a middle-aged woman who looked to be in her 40s with short, bobbed hair.

She came hurriedly, wiping her wet hands on her clothes, and bowed her head towards Lee Hyun-ji.

“Oh, no.”

“really sorry. Suddenly my stomach hurt so much… … .”

“Hey, it’s a bathroom, so there’s nothing we can do about it. “Nothing happened.”

It’s a physiological phenomenon, so there’s nothing you can do about it.

When Hyunji Lee answered with a nonchalant expression, the manager looked relieved.

“I have an irritable stomach, so all of a sudden I was really in a hurry. It was right before something big happened. Thank you so much for your understanding.”

The manager politely lowered himself again, glanced back at the dungeoner standing there, and then exclaimed in surprise.

“oh my god! What are all those drinks? Are you thirsty? Oh, but you probably don’t know how to use a vending machine.”

“I told you.”

“Oh my, my… … .”

When the manager turned to look at himself, the dungeon person slipped out a handful of drinks he was holding in his arms.

It seemed like he meant to take it.

When the manager saw this, emotion filled his eyes.

“Oh my, Mr. Beacon, thank you so much. Were you worried because my complexion looked bad? You wanted to feed me something. “Isn’t he too kind?”



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Hyunji Lee nodded to the manager who looked at herself and asked for consent.

“I see. really.”

“This is also fate, would you like to have a drink here?”

The manager picked up two drinks from Beacon’s arms and held out one of them. It was the most expensive can.

I had just finished emptying the entire can, but Lee Hyun-ji was pushed by the force and ended up taking the drink without realizing it.

“I poured it out, so I think I should drink some electrolyte. Phew, I think I’ll buy it anyway.”

Lee Hyun-ji, who was looking at the manager who was slowly tilting the can, suddenly realized that the dungeon person was still looking at her and the manager.

The gaze was a bit burdensome, but honestly, I was curious. It felt like I had met a celebrity.

“Well, is your name Beacon?”

“ah. yes I am a Beast King type dungeon person that I manage. “It’s been two weeks since we started socializing, so today is our second integration practice.”

“Convergence practice?”

“This is training to get used to society by going out with the manager. Once you are fully acclimated, you will be able to take a test and review several times before you can begin working on your own. “Compared to humanoid dungeon dwellers, beast king type dungeon dwellers tend to have stricter tests and conditions.”

“ah-ha, I see… … .”

“Usually, I work at a dungeon management branch selling items, but there are many dungeon workers who find other jobs to pursue their dreams.”


Lee Hyun-ji suddenly felt miserable.

Dungeon people who are not familiar with this world also go to work to find their dreams, but what am I?

I couldn’t get a job, and I felt like I was a person who wasn’t needed in the world.

When Lee Hyun-ji’s expression suddenly calmed down, the manager was a little embarrassed and quickly changed the topic.

“By the way, do you live in this area?”

“Yes, let’s take a short night walk. “I was just about to go in after jogging.”

“Evening exercise is nice!”

“yes. Oh, by the way, are you still working until this hour?”

I heard that it was a good dungeon management company, but it was a company that worked people until late at night.

Realizing the meaning in Lee Hyun-ji’s gaze, the manager hurriedly waved his hand.

“It’s not overtime. Since I trained at a time when there were fewer people, my working hours became like this. There are a lot of people during the day, and if the surroundings react sharply, the dungeon also becomes sensitive. I left for work today at 10pm. After working 4 hours, you can hand over the dungeon worker to the dorm and then go home. “The treatment is good.”

“I see. “I hope you like it.”

Hyeonji Lee’s distraught mood did not go away.

It’s rude to talk like this.

Meeting the dungeon person was amazing, but I felt like I should cut off the conversation at this point and go in.

However, the manager carefully questioned Lee Hyun-ji’s reaction.

“Are you worried about something?”

“Just some thoughts. Because I haven’t found a job yet. “It’s not easy.”

Hyunji Lee was startled by the words that came out without her knowledge.

I guess I wanted to talk to someone out of frustration.

Normally, I wouldn’t complain like this to someone I’m meeting for the first time… … .

“Gosh, it’s really hard. “I had to take a career break, so I know how you feel.”

The manager surprisingly listened to Lee Hyun-ji’s complaints.

The skill was so dazzling that Hyeonji Lee soon revealed not only her personal information, but also her department and her friendships.

By the time I came to my senses, I had already revealed a secret I hadn’t even told my friend of ten years.

“Hyeonji Lee, by any chance… … “Are you interested in working in dungeon management?”

Hyeonji Lee was very embarrassed by the sudden proposal.

It was an unexpected company and an unexpected proposal.

However, the manager smiled as if he knew how Hyunji Lee felt and left a business card.

“It’s almost time for me to get off work, so I think I should go. “This is my business card. Please contact me if you are interested.”

“Oh, I don’t even have the qualifications… … .”

“Hey, what are the specs? Hyunji Lee, you didn’t leave even once after meeting me today. Even though there is such a large dungeon person in front of you. Is that it? Miju Algojual You even talked about your personal life comfortably. If a person like this doesn’t become a dungeon manager, who will? Please be sure to contact me.”

With those words, the manager suddenly left.

Even after Hyunji Lee returned home, she fiddled with her business card and drink as if she was possessed by something.

‘Dungeon manager… … .’

The temperature of the cold drink didn’t feel too bad.

And two days later, Hyunji Lee contacted the number on her business card.

“That’s how it happened.”

After Hyeonji Lee finished speaking, her friends looked as if they had just watched some kind of drama.

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