I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 220

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“Ah, I failed the first document screening again.”

Minji Kim checked her vibrating cell phone and slumped down on the table.

The friends sitting around seemed as if it was no one’s business.

The friend sitting right next to me even lightly patted my back.

“I also received the announcement of my failure yesterday. Haha, it’s really hard. Doesn’t this mean you can’t get a job?”

“therefore. What’s missing? “I also completed my overseas volunteer work experience.”

On a Friday evening, in the corner of a crowded cafe, students scheduled to graduate from a four-year humanities college in Seoul were sighing.

Although they were high school classmates and did not go to the same university, they kept in constant contact even after moving to Seoul.

Thanks to maintaining such close friendship, we sat together at a cafe like this again today and complained.

“It’s not that I lack qualifications, I think my major is bad. What on earth was I thinking when I applied to the philosophy department? Ah, I want to turn back time.”

“Hey, don’t be too precise. It hurts. I also took the Japanese language course for no reason. I applied because it was easy and I thought I would be able to do it in moderation and be comfortable even after going to college… … .”

“sorry. I really should have done a double major. Or should I just take half the degree and transfer to an engineering school?”

“Quit. “This sister already said that to her house and she almost got kicked out.”

While the two were talking, Kim Min-ji, who had fallen, slowly got up. And she opened her mouth in a gloomy voice.

“At the age of 70, isn’t Kim Min-ji finally going to be able to put up a placard saying she has succeeded in getting her first job? I’m screwed… … .”

“Wouldn’t it be more difficult for seniors to find employment?”

Choi Ye-eun, the friend who patted me on the back, pointed out calmly. However, Minji Kim responded with her familiar expression.

“These days, the government provides a lot of support for jobs for the elderly. “In fact, it might be more advantageous than us.”

“but. But since they have at least 50 years of experience working for the company, they evaluate that and hire them. Minji Kim? “There is none.”

“hey… … . “I cry.”

As Minji Kim fell down on the table again, Yeeun Choi from the philosophy department looked at Soyeon Kim from the Japanese language department and shrugged her shoulders. It wasn’t anyone else’s business anyway.

“But why is Hyunji Lee so quiet? Have you completely given up?”

Minji Kim, who was lying down, suddenly got up.

One of the four people sitting at the table had been strangely quiet from earlier.

As it is, the friend who should be in despair the most along with you.

Hyeonji Lee, Department of Library and Information Science.

Among these, the second was that it was a department that was disappointingly unfavorable for employment.

“I guess I’ve been liberated.”

“I have achieved it. “It’s also beneficial.”

Even as Ye-eun Choi and So-yeon Kim said a word to each other, Hyun-ji Lee was just smiling without saying a word.

My friends’ complexions changed when they sensed the strange composure radiating from that smile.

“You can’t… … . “I heard you were preparing for the civil service exam as a librarian. Did you pass?”

“That’s impossible. Do some calculations in terms of time. The most likely thing is, did you become an assistant librarian?”

“You bought one of those few items and snatched the place? really?”

While the upset friends speculated about this and that, Hyunji Lee quietly shook her head.

Then he smiled vaguely and began speaking.

“I’m not a librarian, but I did get a job.”


When three people raised their voices at the same time, the attention of the table next to them was instantly focused.

The four people nodded and apologized for a moment, then returned to the main topic.

“Do you know it’s dungeon management? “I will be going to work there starting next week.”

The friends’ expressions became subtle.

Dungeon management.

Of course, this is a company I know.

It is the most talked-about company right now, and news about this company is covered in newspapers and TV every day, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t not know about it.

“What’s wrong with everyone’s expressions?”

“No, it was because the name was so unexpected.”

The other friends also nodded in the affirmative to Choi Ye-eun’s answer.

“But you said you wanted to use your major to get a job. When it comes to dungeon management, isn’t that too far away? “Are you okay?”

Minji Kim, a graduate of the Department of Library and Information Science like Hyunji Lee, asked a question.

What bothered me was what Hyunji Lee once said, ‘If I don’t get a job by making use of my major, the four years I spent in college will be in vain, so I will definitely make use of my major.’

“Well, of course I’m not a librarian, but it’s similar work. “Although it doesn’t deal with books.”

“What is your job?”

“Dungeon socialization education. Anyway, even if you take the civil service exam and are assigned to the city library, you will have to be in charge of tasks such as cultural centers and liberal arts classes for citizens. If you think it’s similar to something like that, it’s worth doing.”

Each of the friends showed expressions of understanding at Hyunji Lee’s explanation.

Then, Kim So-yeon suddenly laughed lightly and opened her mouth.

“But it feels really strange. A dungeon person? Are you saying that if I call you a monster now, I could get sued?”

“huh. On the one hand, there are people who say that there is something wrong with calling a monster a monster, but I think it is definitely wrong to call people who are equally active in society after completing socialization education.”

“that’s right. “It’s like asking what’s wrong with using discriminatory expressions based on skin color.”

Choi Ye-eun enthusiastically agreed to Lee Hyun-ji’s calm words.

However, Minjiman Kim spoke carefully, as if making excuses.

“Honestly, I’m still not used to it, so it’s a bit awkward to write.”

“Well, I understand that too. “It changed so quickly.”

“that’s right. It can be awkward. “But trying to change it, even though it’s awkward, is a completely different story from continuing to just call it a monster.”

Only a little over a year has passed since Dungeon Management was launched, but a tremendous amount has changed in that time.

At first, most people were resistant to the absurd claim that monsters and people live together.

However, dungeon management began to seep into everyday life very gradually.

First of all, the salespeople who sold dungeon products at the huge headquarters built in the middle of Seoul were all monsters.



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People who needed items naturally had no choice but to interact with monsters, and people soon became accustomed to the system of purchasing items from monsters.

There was so much demand for dungeon items that in the early days, hunters lined up early in the morning to stock up on all the supplies.

Civilians were so overwhelmed by the force that they could not even come near the company.

However, this did not help the company’s policy of ‘interaction between civilians and monsters’, so civilians were soon able to purchase dungeon items through a lottery system.

The reaction was explosive.

This is a winning ticket that allows you to buy an item that can realize a profit of tens or hundreds of times more if you resell it to guilds or hunters.

This was eye-opening news for civilians who had been alienated from dungeon items.

In the face of these enormous profits, the fact that merchants are monsters has come to be ignored.

Moreover, combined with the image of ‘good luck’ that the winning ticket has, the image of the monster gradually changed into a positive and beneficial one.

You can apply only once, on the 1st of every month.

The winners were selected from among those who applied on the first day of the month and announced at 8 am every morning.

And it quickly became a trend.

When office workers arrive at work, the conversation they ask about how they are doing has become a question of whether they won a prize for purchasing dungeon items.

As news spread that the number of people applying had increased to hundreds of thousands, the number of winners increased to 1,000 per day.

The reaction was explosive.

People are becoming more and more familiar with a company called ‘Dungeon Management’.

Meanwhile, an incident occurred that immediately increased people’s favorability toward dungeon management.

Son Mo-ah, the president of Dungeon Management, held a formal press conference and revealed the reason for the creation of the dungeon, the identity of the dungeon monsters as refugees, and the fact that they came here to escape the disaster of predators.

At first, everyone didn’t believe it.

No, it was more correct not to believe it, but to not understand it.

The existence of the predator was confirmed with their own eyes, but it did not hit them that it was truly a disaster.

And a video was revealed.

“I still can’t believe that those dungeon dwellers also took refuge here. “No, I’m not saying you’re lying or anything like that, I’m just so surprised that you feel bewildered?”

“I’m similar.”

Unlike Kim Min-ji and Choi Ye-eun, who spoke calmly one at a time, Kim So-yeon suddenly became very excited and raised her voice.

“Wow, but everyone saw that video. Is it the international dungeon conference? Those bastards who tried to escape by abandoning all non-awakened people so that they could survive on their own. “Did you see what I was saying?”

“Oh, I saw that.”

When Choi Ye-eun nodded, Kim So-yeon continued speaking with a grin as if she was getting angry again just thinking about it.

“I couldn’t sleep that night after seeing the original video. “I’m so angry.”

“that’s right. I was also distraught. If I had done something wrong, I would have died without knowing anything. And even after that, I’m really angry at you for shamelessly telling me to leave the ship in the Korean dungeon.”

“therefore! If it wasn’t for that Hunter, we would all have died. Really, didn’t you prevent the destruction of the world by acting alone in the meantime? A true hero. A hero. “The age difference between us is not that much. Isn’t that really amazing?”

“that’s right. Moreover, you’ve been criticized a lot for being a terrorist. They kept asking for the dungeon to be closed, but when that didn’t work, they went there to close it themselves? Ignoring that, eventually the dungeon explodes and Seoul becomes a mess. Oh, I’m angry.”

“There were no dungeons in Seoul to begin with. “It happened because another country spread monsters in Seoul.”

“Oh, I saw that too. “What that citizen reporter exposed.”

Choi Ye-eun and Kim So-yeon had a heated conversation for a long time.

As time passed and the heat cooled down a bit, Kim Min-ji, who had been watching quietly the whole time, asked Lee Hyun-ji a question.

“Anyway, how did you get into Dungeon Management? “You didn’t say you put any documents there.”

As we are graduates of the same department and have been sharing job information together, there was a bit of disappointment in Kim Min-ji’s voice.

Hyunji Lee, who knew that, responded with a slightly sorry expression.

“that’s right. I never put any documents in. That’s how it happened… … .”

Lee Hyun-ji began to stutter to organize her words, recalling memories from a week ago.

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