I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 216

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While Sam was lost in his sentiments, a long line had already formed in front of his eyes.

He deliberately tried not to look at the monsters as he welcomed the second visitor.

“I will help you with your next entrance.”

Sam looked up and was confused.

There was something that looked like a smooth pillar in front of me.

But the next moment, he was startled by the sight of his head coming down from above.

The head of a snake, larger than his own upper body, came closer to him.


The snake carefully held out the paper it was holding in its mouth to Sam, who groaned without realizing it.

Sam took the ticket with trembling hands.

“T, I got your ticket.”

It was an incredibly large snake.

The pillar that Sam saw was Vichy’s body with his head upright.

As he took the ticket, Vichy opened his mouth slightly and smiled.

It was an action to calm down the trembling man, but there was no way that a snake that could easily swallow a person in one bite would calm down if it did something like that.

“I’ll wrap an entrance band around your wrist… … .”

Wait, snakes don’t have hands.

Where should I wrap the belt? Sam was in a panic and something was thrust out in front of him.

Before I knew it, Bish had wrapped herself in a coil and was sticking out the tip of her relatively thin tail.

I tried shaking it gently, but Sam looked horrified and hurriedly wrapped the band around the tail.

Vichy looked happily at the band wrapped around the tail, glanced at the mascot with regret, then moved to the side of the bear with his tail straightened.

Be careful not to let the strip drag on the floor.

“They will never harm you, so you don’t have to be too afraid.”

The next person in line was Elfanis.

Sam felt like he was in tears when he finally met the human.

But there’s no way you won’t fall in love if you say, ‘Don’t fall in love!’, and there’s no way you won’t be scared if you say, ‘Don’t be scared!’

Elfanis gave Sam a sad look and wrapped a band around his wrist.

In this way, the monsters entered one after another.

Sam was quite nervous up to the first ten people, but as he got used to it, he began to regain his composure.

Moreover, the monsters didn’t do anything particularly violent, and on the contrary, there were times when they looked at me as if they were worried about me when I was scared.

‘Anyway, is it okay if I take a picture?’

I thought someone in charge would show up and immediately order me to delete the photos taken by my colleague, but neither the hunters around me nor the person I had tied the belt to seemed to care much.

Moreover, some people even approached the mascot and asked to take a picture with a Polaroid camera.

Finally, after all the admissions were made, a long day began amid the staff’s anxiety and doubts.

* * *

“I guess the reaction isn’t as bad as I thought?”

Ndam, who was lying face down on the sofa and looking at his phone, slightly raised his head and said.

A day after the monsters returned from the amusement park, the rumor that had been spreading carefully became known to the world thanks to a few photos posted by employees.

I looked at the screen of Eundam’s cell phone.

There must have been a lot of photos taken by the employees, so each article had different photos and was reporting this news extensively.

And just like Ndam said, the reaction wasn’t really bad.

“Here, look at the posts on the American community.”

By touching the screen, Ndam showed an article.

At first glance, in addition to that article, there were other articles on the best topic that dealt with this incident.

It certainly seems to be a hot topic.

I work at an amusement park. The customers who came on closing day were not human. 

When I ran the translator, a slightly awkward but easily readable title appeared.

The article included a photo and a description of the incident from the employee’s perspective.

Perhaps one of the most fearless of the staff, he seemed to have taken pictures with many monsters.

There were roughly 20 photos.

Monsters bought juice from my stall and drank it.


“I think a stall refers to a stall.”

Eundami read my puzzled expression and spoke quickly.

It was scary at first, but all the monsters behaved politely. It was an amazing experience.

Below the concluding article, the number of recommendations and comments were written.

The number of comments exceeded 30,000.

Of course, I can’t read all of this, so I decided to look at only the comments that received the most attention in order of popularity.

  an****   06:51:03

What an amazing photo! I’m a current hunter, but this is my first time seeing something like this!

⇧ 120K ⇩ 343

Number of recommendations: 120,000.

I was curious about the reactions to the comments, but I’ll just scroll down for now.

  an****   06:51:03

I was there that day too. I was a bodyguard hunter. Everyone worked hard.

⇧ 180 ⇩ 3

  nyt****   06:51:03

The president had to take responsibility for their safety.



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⇧ 3564 ⇩ 23

  ha****   06:51:03

This was the president’s order. If he intended to take responsibility, there is no order. In my opinion.

⇧ 90 ⇩ 13

  yo****   06:51:03

oh my god. How scared were the employees? Horrible. If something like this happened at my workplace, I would be in a panic coma.

⇧ 32 ⇩ 2

  him****   06:51:03

The monsters are very cute! He seems to understand taking pictures. I like that bear’s pose. XD!

⇧ 43 ⇩ 1

  dul****   06:51:03

At first, I thought it was amusement park marketing. Is this really a monster? I can not believe it.

⇧ 89 ⇩ 2

  da****   06:51:03

What was the president thinking when he issued this order?

⇧ 45 ⇩ 23

L    da****   06:51:03

He has no idea.

⇧ 45 ⇩ 23


In general, they were just surprised and there was no anger or criticism towards the monsters.

Plus, some people even thought it was cute.

It was natural that all the negative emotions the monsters would have felt were met by the President acting as a shield.

In complete contrast to the past, we have come to a situation where they are only responsible for the bad parts of what we have done.

“I expected to be surprised, but I never thought there would be such a cute reaction.”

Everyone in the room nodded at my impressions.

Seo Ji-han, Ban Seo-jin, and Ban Seo-hu were already looking for reactions on their cell phones.

Seungju was showing photos posted by employees to Rodran on her cell phone.

“I’m so glad.”

Elfanis said with relief.

After the amusement park days, he came out of the dungeon more often than before.

At best, the only places I visited were cabins by the lake.

After going to the amusement park, the monsters were excited and talked about their experience all day.

Even Pergis was sick of saying the same thing over and over again right before going to bed even after returning to their nest.

Thanks to that, every time I went to the dungeon, the number of monsters I had never seen before in Elfanis’ house increased one by one.

Since the monsters who had been to the amusement park were so proud, it seemed like they were curious and visited.

I returned the cell phone to Eundami, and this time Ban Seo-jin held out the cell phone.

“Look at this, even monsters get motion sickness.”

“Motion Sickness? Oh, I did.”

A video of Pergis leaning exhausted on a bench appeared on Ban Seo-jin’s cell phone.

Beyond that, I saw monsters lined up neatly waiting to ride the ride.

“This is Pergis riding a roller coaster a total of twelve times, three times for each type of roller coaster, and then vomiting and remaining exhausted. “Who took the picture?”

“I guess one of the employees took the picture. There are quite a few videos like this. Would you like to see the reaction below? “Everyone was amazed.”

Without waiting for my answer, Ban Seo-jin scrolled through his phone.

It appears that the Internet page itself has been stored offline.

At the bottom of the screen, the expected reaction continued.

  an****   06:51:03

This is a truly rare video of a vomiting deer.

⇧ 18 ⇩ 3

  nyt****   06:51:03

I see my old self in him. Motion sickness medication will help!

⇧ 64 ⇩ 23

  ha****   06:51:03

I really enjoy riding the rides! I always had to ride alone because my friends were scared, but I think this deer will be a good friend to me.

⇧ 90 ⇩ 13

  yo****   06:51:03

How did you wear the safety gear?

⇧ 32 ⇩ 2

Most people react with amazement.

It seemed that Pergis’ appearance was not so ferocious that he received a more positive response.

I read the comments one by one for Elfanis, who cannot read.

“That’s really good.”

After hearing all the reactions, Elfanis smiled happily.

“By the way, is Pergis still wearing that hat?”

“yes. “I haven’t taken it off even for a moment.”

‘The hat’ refers to the Rudolph hat that Pergis bought at a souvenir shop. It was worn like a belt around the head and had large deer antlers attached.

Pergis, who lost his horn when handing me the crown, bought it as soon as he saw it.

“I guess I was pretty sad inside after losing my horn. I never thought I would like it so much… … .”

“I’m glad you seem happy.”

Pergis wasn’t the only one who brought souvenirs from the amusement park.

The monsters each bought character drink containers, snacks, popcorn containers, dolls, etc., cherished them, and returned to the dungeon.

The staff seemed to think Toga was cute as he carefully touched the doll with his front paws, so much so that the staff just gave him the doll for free.

The monsters were very impressed by that fact.

Even Elfanis brought a shield made of plastic, saying she would give it to Lordran.

“Hunters’ public opinion isn’t bad either.”

Seohu Ban, who was looking at the reactions of hunter communities in each country, calmly opened his mouth.

Then Seo Ji-han shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“Since the reward was given that way, public opinion cannot be bad. “I heard that the monsters that went there gave away all the low-level gathering items they had collected in their inventory?”

“yes. I said so. They liked it because I gave them things like skin or fingernail clippings as monster by-products. “E-grade or lower collected items in dungeons collected as a pastime are not very useful.”

“It’s us, but for those guys who have all the dungeons blocked now, it must have been a welcome relief from the drought.”

Seo Ji-han still calls Hunters ‘bastards’.

Well, considering the envy and persecution he faced when he was number one in the rankings, it could not help but be like that.

“Public opinion doesn’t seem to be this bad, so what do you think?”

People’s eyes gathered at my words.

Before the amusement park operation, I had said that I wanted to allow people and monsters to live together, so no one asked ‘What?’

Now that I think about it, even Ban Seo-hu, who thought there would be extreme opposition to this opinion, was surprisingly calm.

“I’ll contact the deputy chief and assistant manager.”

“Are we starting?”

I nodded to Ban Seo-hu’s question.

“Dungeon management, let’s get ready.”

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