I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 213

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“It looks like your brain isn’t that bad. “Yes, I have a lot of time left to live, so that’s right?”

Those were the first words from Moa Son, who suddenly came without warning.

The lips visible from under the hood that covered the bridge of the nose were smiling with a relaxed smile.

Everyone in the conference hall, no matter who they were, bit their molars hard at that arrogant expression.

The difference in position, or rather the difference in power, was clear.

“You may have surrendered, but if you do something unreasonable, we, the entire world, will join forces against you.”

The representative of the United States stood up in front of everyone and opened his mouth because he was from the most powerful country among the people at the conference.

However, what came back were mocking words.

“Hmm, is that really true? I guess our relationship with each other has gotten pretty good over the past few days? No, I don’t think so. “Wasn’t there a fierce fight behind the scenes, with everyone watching over the surrender sign?”


In fact, they had been arguing right up until the very last moment about whether they would surrender or not, so much so that a sigh came out of the mouth of the American representative.

In fact, even though they had surrendered on the outside, underneath it all, many thoughts were going around to take care of their own interests even a little more.

Among them, there were countries that wanted to join hands more quickly than anyone else and trample on other countries to make profits.

“Anyway, is this such a reckless thing? Isn’t it too harsh to be punished for barely opening a barrier? You guys like to draw lines. Drawing lines here and there on the ground. Wasn’t that their specialty? “Draw a straight border line.”

When Son Mo-ah openly sarcasm, several countries, including the UK, averted their gaze.

The borders of Africa and other countries have unnatural straight lines.

It’s all drawn by them.

And even now, many big and small wars and accidents are happening because of that line.

“There is one in our country too.”

The U.S. representative turned his head with an uncomfortable expression as Son Mo-ah looked directly at him.

He swallowed, feeling a shiver run down his spine.

This was a warning.

Just as you arbitrarily drew boundaries in other countries, encouraged war, and profited from it, you too can do the same.

“Well, there is no need to fight in the new era of peace that is about to unfold, right? As long as you don’t offend me, nothing will happen. So, I look forward to it in the future.”


“You will have to do well. “If I want to continue living on my land.”

Son Mo-ah did not give any specific requests such as what to do or how to do it. He just said, ‘Take care of yourself.’

It meant paying attention.

It was familiar. Because they always demanded it from their subordinates.

Rather, this is much more difficult than hearing clear requirements.

well? Are you doing well? how? how much? Because there were no clear standards, people were troubled.

There will be many wars of words and internal meetings over this in the future.

Son Mo-ah took that into consideration when making this request.

Countries that want to look better will take the lead and shower extreme flattery, and since they cannot just sit by and watch, other countries are also competing to participate.

A self-deprecating laugh burst out of the mouth of the US representative who anticipated what would happen in the future.

Meanwhile, Son Mo-ah, who had finished speaking, left as if she had nothing more to do.

I will show up anywhere in the world and state my demands, and there is no way they won’t listen to them.

This is the king?

This was like a god.

The people in the conference hall had no choice but to admit it.

A real person in power who is on a different level from those who have been in power so far has appeared.

* * *

〈Special feature, Moa Son – Following in the footsteps of a hero.〉

〈Dungeon liberation incident, reveals the 24 hours of Daehan Group CEO Kim.〉

〈Daehan Group’s atrocities. How did they become devils?

〈Modern-day slavery. Revelation of hunters mobilized for forced collection. All of that.〉

When I woke up in the morning and came down to the first floor, someone had brought a TV to the lakeside house and had it connected.

I think it was probably Eundami’s doing.

As I was mindlessly watching the program preview, Seo Ji-han quietly poured milk into the cereal and placed it in my hand.

As I naturally ate it up and watched the broadcast, I realized that the atmosphere had really changed.

The evening I gave the warning at the conference, the news criticizing me from all over the world immediately disappeared.

And as the day passed, unlike before, news praising me began to arrive one after another. Fast, fast.

It was clear who was leading this change in media atmosphere.

It must be the same person who cursed me.

“When did you wake up?”

As the program preview passed and commercials started playing, I suddenly became concerned about Seo Ji-han, who was in the kitchen the whole time.

Seo Ji-han was always guarding the kitchen as if he were a kitchen fairy.

Yesterday, I obviously slept first, but is Seo Ji-han not sleeping?

“It just happened a little while ago. I came down after washing up about 30 minutes before you came. In fact, if you dematerialize, you don’t need to sleep, but if you keep materializing, you will get a little tired.”

“aha… … .”

Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the morning, but Seo Ji-han and I are the only ones in the kitchen.

If you wait a bit, Ban Seo-hu will come in naturally, and then Yoo Eun-dam will come with his hair all set.

Finally, when Ban Seo-jin yawns and sits down in his chair, breakfast finally begins.

“It’s around 9pm in Korea right now. “And yet it’s organized like this.”

“You know what to do.”

I nodded and slurped down the milk from my cereal.

As they said, the media was blatantly watching us.

It’s not just the media.



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Evidence of President Kim’s evil deeds obtained through Secretary Eom was also broadcast unfiltered.

In the process, Seo Ji-han’s false accusation, the conspiracy hatched by the Daehan Guild, and Yoo Eun-dam’s kidnapping were revealed in detail, which was honestly quite refreshing.

The Daehan Group also could not avoid the arrows.

The collusion they had with the Dungeon Management Office was continuously exposed on TV.

People quickly lost interest in news where each word was provocative.

The comment section that used to be full of swear words blaming me and Seo Ji-han is now just swearing at Daehan Group.

And while the Daehan Group was turning a blind eye to all of this, it was also voluntarily paying taxes.

It was an ironic situation that the biggest sponsor of the broadcast that was criticizing Daehan Group was Daehan Group.

“Still, it was surprising. “Yesterday, I was a little nervous inside.”

“Did you?”

a few days ago.

Shortly after receiving the surrender of all the countries attending the meeting, Chairman Kim of the Daehan Group contacted me saying he wanted to meet in person.

It was a communication through Ban Seo-hu.

Actually, it didn’t matter if he refused, but the quickest way to sort out domestic public opinion was to suppress him.

Because Chairman Kim said, ‘Any time is good,’ the meeting took place late at Chairman Kim’s home in Korea.

‘The location has been clearly decided, shall we go right away? I even obtained a photo of Chairman Kim’s bedroom. If you go there right away, Yeongtaeng will faint, right?’ 

Ban Seo-jin chuckled and suggested me, but I declined.

First of all, I wanted to find out what kind of person Chairman Kim is.

We also needed to check what kind of attitude they had towards us.

‘Let’s go to the front door. ‘I’m going by invitation, but I don’t think there’s a need to go that far.’

When I went to Chairman Kim’s house, which I knew about in advance, and rang the doorbell, the person waiting immediately came out.

From here, I realized that Chairman Kim had no intention of opposing me.

If I wanted to fight, I would have had someone stand in front of the door.

Even though Chairman Kim’s house is located in the center of Seoul, the garden was large, as if he were living in a country house in the countryside.

If I looked closely, it seemed like there might be a field somewhere in the garden.

I couldn’t imagine living like this because I couldn’t see the inside at all from the outside due to the high walls.

And when I finally met Chairman Kim face to face, he ran out into the garden without any shoes on, bent his waist 90 degrees in front of me, and bowed politely.

‘I’m in disgrace because of the bastards in my family!’

President Kim’s indifferent impression was so deeply ingrained that I thought Chairman Kim would be similar, but it was quite the opposite.

It was so unexpected that I watched it quietly, and the back of Chairman Kim’s head, his head down, started to get wet with cold sweat.

Chairman Kim’s actions did not stop there.

After sweating profusely, he suddenly hit his head on the garden grass, bowed deeply, and shouted again, ‘I have committed a mortal sin!’ He shouted.

For a moment, I thought I was filming a historical drama.

‘Oh, what should I do? I never thought I would stoop this low.’

Moreover, unlike President Kim, Chairman Kim was a thin, middle-aged man, so the picture was very Confucian-wise incorrect.

But I knew that I shouldn’t say, ‘Why are you doing this? Wake up!’

While I was wondering what to do, Ban Seo-jin stepped forward and pressed Chairman Kim’s shoulder with his foot. Ouch, Mr. Ban Seo-jin!

‘Do you want to cut off your tail?’

A tone full of sarcasm. No matter how you look at it, this guy is the villain.

However, no one had anything to say about Ban Seo-jin’s actions.

Everyone is just holding their breath and watching this situation. I didn’t think he would be surprised if I told him to hit Chairman Kim’s head right away.

Meanwhile, I pitied the bad luck of the people working here. I’m having a hard time going to work for no reason.

Oh, if you think about it another way, is this person your direct supervisor?

If you are a bad boss, it must be a rare opportunity to see you being treated like this.

‘Not bad. ‘I’m more glad about this than being bothered for no reason.’

Saying that, Ban Seo-jin stepped firmly on Chairman Kim’s shoulder again.

I couldn’t help but notice the painful moan coming out, so I winked, and Ban Seo-jin nodded and lightly kicked the front of his body, causing him to fall over.

No, it’s not that!

‘I guess that means you will work for me from now on, right?’

‘Yes, yes! That’s right.’

Chairman Kim quickly recovered and bowed his head.

It felt a bit strange to see him shaking in fear.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone be so scared of me.

‘good. Let’s see how sincere they are.’

And after returning from that short conversation, the Daehan Group’s extensive criminal confessions began to be reported through the media day after day.

It was a really strange feeling.

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