I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 531

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The woman was crushed by the flames.

Raniel looked at the starlight mixing with the ash for a long time.

“It’s goodbye.”

“My proud junior.”

The voice she left behind lingered in my ears.

The eyes of the woman who was in charge of the inner part of the star when it burned and crumbled were not platinum-colored. What was revealed as the starlight faded was her green eyes. She has green eyes like Gletus’s.

Was it me? Or was it just a fragment of Gletus revealed as the starlight peeled off?

There was no way to know what was the right answer. Because the star has already burned and crumbled. In the end, it’s up to you to accept it. Raniel looked at the flying ash for a while and smiled bitterly.


He is self-indulgent until the end.

Raniel slightly bowed his head towards the fluttering stars. I don’t know if it was Gletus himself or if she was a fragment of her, but either way, she was someone worth paying homage to.

Raniel lifted his lowered head.

The star that had taken root in the night sky for tens of thousands of years and had protected humanity by the side was burned to ashes. The spinning flames of Hoecheon burned down the stars and everything they left behind.

The stars, the starlight, the blessings of the stars, everything.

Raniel burned everything that was no longer needed by mankind. Among the scattering ash, Raniel let out a long breath.


We’ve come so far.

It was a long way, but we arrived in the end. She opened her mouth, letting out a long breath.

“Is this enough?”

What was in her eyes was dark ash.

Raniel smiled lightly as he looked at the ash that had been stuck to his body and was now flying away, not the ash he was blowing up.

Goddess of Ash, future self.

Raniel smiled bitterly as he watched the remnants of her that had been attached to him all along fly away. She really helped her a lot. Until the last moment. Therefore, the answer she gave here was also a tribute to her future self.

Crash, crackle…

As there was nothing more to burn, the flames slowly died out. Ran El walked through the dying flames. Because there was still work left to do.


She closed her eyes without saying a word.

He covered his closed eyes with his hand and swept the covered hand down his chin. When she opened her closed eyes, the blue-white rings that had originally been engraved in her pupils were nowhere to be found.

Raniel spread his swept hand.

There, using the hand as a vessel, was a ring of blue-white flame. It symbolizes Raniel’s power, divinity, and status as a god. Raniel dropped it into the night sky without a single thought.

Because there was no longer any need for God in this world.

Because I don’t need this kind of power.

Raniel gave up his divinity.

The bluish-white flames that fell into the night sky with a patter eventually formed a ring. A blue-white ring appeared in the middle of the night sky.

“Is this what it feels like?”

Raniel smiled inadvertently as he looked at his symbol placed there. If he wanted to engrave discipline like Jormun, discipline would be established there. However, the blue-white flames that Raniel left behind were not rules.

It’s just a lamp.

A lamp that illuminates the road. A very small flame.

A lamp that shines on people so that they do not get lost and can adapt to change in a world that will change dramatically from now on.

‘You will need time to adapt.’

Especially wizards.

Raniel laughed bitterly.

With the stars disappearing, the magic system will be somewhat different from what it is now. Until now, wizards had made deals with Providence through the stars, but now that the stars had disappeared, they had to deal with Providence directly. And that’s not something you can realize in a day or two.

Of course, with the stars disappearing and restrictions disappearing, it will not be that difficult to achieve enlightenment…

Still, you need time to adapt.

Raniel looked at the ring of flames he left behind. Those blue-white flames will replace some of the roles played by stars for the time being. Deals with Providence, priests’ prayers, and other little things.

The flames will remain here until the moment that things that humanity has been taking for granted over and over again for a long time cease to be so.


It’s about time.

When humanity has sufficiently adapted to the changed world and no longer needs the flame, then the flame will die out.


Raniel smiled as he looked at the ring of blazing blue-white flames. The body from which omniscience and omnipotence had left along with divinity was heavy… but Raniel liked this moderate weight.

Omniscient, omnipotent, and future.

All of those things are pointless.

Especially now that I have come to know that even though he is a god, he is not that great. Raniel liked himself as a person. Even if he gave up his divinity, he was still an incredibly strong wizard, and he was a hero to humanity.


When you come up, you are a god, but when you come down, you are a human.

Raniel took a step into the night sky. Footprints that had not been recorded during the New Year were recorded in the night sky. Leaving behind a trace that he had come here, Raniel stopped in front of the crack he had climbed up from.

The crack was healing.

Raniel took a step towards the crack.

The night sky disappeared and a blue sky unfolded.

Raniel fell while looking at the blue sky and the sun shining beyond the sky. She stretched out her arms happily as the wind blew against her. The hem of her clothes fluttered wildly, and her hair blew in the wind.

Raniel’s screams of liberation were drowned out by the sound of the wind. Ran El smiled as he felt the pleasant wind blowing around his entire body. He laughed out loud.

Everything is over.

Now, it was time to go back.

The sky began to fluctuate behind her as she fell. The stars disappeared and the discipline disappeared. Ripples began to appear in the sky, as if indicating a world that was about to change.



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The sky shook violently, as if a stone had been thrown into a lake. Leaning with his back against the collapsed temple, Jormun watched the scene. Jormun had a hunch that the star he had hung in the sky had disappeared.

Starlight and ash were flying in the sky.

Jormun felt that all the remaining constellations on his body were disappearing and that his body was beginning to collapse. Of course, he can resist if he wants to. If he was willing to abandon his connection to the stars and live as a human, he could survive.

But Jormun did not do that.

Because I no longer had any regrets about life.

Now that we’ve seen the world change, shouldn’t the remnants of the old world crumble away? This is a stage where you should have left a long time ago. I guess I have to get off the stage now.


Jormun muttered while looking at the fluttering starlight.

He smiled bitterly as he thought over her name.

In the end, the world she hoped for came.

Humanity has caught up with her and gone where she went, and now she is trying to move forward, dreaming of a ‘next’ that she could not dream of.

The world has changed.

It has changed and will change in the future.

Jormun slowly closed his eyes, looking at the sky that was changing and crashing with waves. Starlight fell on his crumbling body. Feeling the warmth of the starlight, Jormun let out his last breath.

He lived as a guardian of discipline until the end.

Although he may have fallen as a human, he chose to close his eyes with the stars as an old god. That was the end of the transcendental person who had endured tens of thousands of years.


The old god also turned into ashes and was scattered in the blowing wind. Mixing with the crumbling starlight, the ashes moved into the distance. To a place where no one can catch you. Just endlessly.

Kyle looked up at the sky.

The sky changes, and the world begins to change.

While witnessing the historical scene of the first page of a new history being filled… Kyle inadvertently let his gaze wander. Because the ash that was inside my body was flying around.

As if I had done my job.

Kyle smiled at the flying ashes.

Thank you. Thanks to you, I came this far. Kyle let out a long breath as he said that to himself.

“I expected it, but it eventually disappeared.”

Kyle turned his head at the voice he heard.

There was Destel there, looking at his star clothes. The constellations engraved on the shroud disappeared. The platinum-colored starlight was also slowly fading away.

Everything related to the star crumbled.

However, the star armor itself remained.

Kyle suddenly looked at his holy sword stuck in front of him. Beside her, Gala Hal’s broken holy spear was stuck.

“This is it.”

Perhaps because he saw the same thing as Kyle, Destel chuckled and took off the robe he was wearing on his shoulder. I took it off and hung it up where the star weapons were.

“You know what, Kyle?”

Destel said while looking at the gathered star weapons.

“When we first became heroes, we received a lot of criticism, saying that all of these heroes were not qualified.”

“···Was it like that?”

“Of course, as you broke records and piled up achievements in just a few months, that saying faded a bit… but the saying still remained. This generation of warriors is nothing special except for Kyle Torben.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not wrong. It’s true that Galahal and I were weaker than the previous generation of warriors. It’s also true that Raniel was more helpful than us.”

Destel laughed bitterly.

“Still, I followed you until the end.”

A warrior who bowed down, but paradoxically did not give in until the end, laughed. He smiled as he looked at Galahal’s holy spear and the holy clothes he had taken off.

“I followed you until the end and stood on the same stage as you. It was a great help to you. So…”

He let out a long breath.

“f*ck all the people who cursed at me and Galhal. No matter what anyone says, the three warriors of our generation were all bastards.”

Kyle burst out laughing as he looked at Destel, who was laughing while shouting like that, as if he had always wanted to say something like this someday. It’s not wrong. Because everyone has achieved at least one feat that no one can ignore.

It was around this time that the two people were laughing and talking.

Destel, who was looking at the sky, suddenly narrowed his eyes. He let out a short sigh.

“Hey. Don’t you have to catch that?”

He stretched out his hand and pointed to the sky.

There, Raniel was falling at high speed. He was plummeting from the sky toward the ground without slowing down at all.

“···A wizard of his caliber probably won’t be able to use slowdown magic. He’ll be fine.”

“Hey, the star has disappeared.”

Destel slapped Kyle on the arm.

“If the star disappears, won’t wizards be able to use magic?”


“That can’t be…”

Kyle and Destel’s expressions became somewhat serious.

The two looked at Raniel falling from the sky. It only appears to be a small dot now, but it won’t take that long to reach the ground.


The two people who had been silent, including me, gasped and stood up. The two limped and started running. Destel screamed as he ran toward the spot where Raniel fell.

“Uh oh, hey, it’s getting closer! Over there! Over there!”

Kyle quickly turned to the side and ran.

Dragging his feet limping, Kyle barely lifted his broken arm. Kyle was about to stretch out his arms in an awkward position to catch the falling Raniel.


Raniel, who had been falling through the wind, spun around in the air. Her speed suddenly slowed and she landed on the ground so softly. Rani El shifted her gaze as she straightened her fluttering gray hair.

Raniel tilted his head as he looked at Kyle and Destel, who were standing there with their arms outstretched in an awkward position.

“···What are you doing?”

This is Raniel, who became a god-like being during the decisive battle against Jormun. Thanks to this, her wounds were gone everywhere, and her clothes were also neatly restored. Even though the power has disappeared only now… in any case, it is said that he is in a cleaner appearance than Kyle and Destel.

Raniel, who was looking at the two completely injured people, burst into laughter. Under the blue sky, the changing and spinning sky, she opened her mouth.

“Let’s go back.”

He accomplished a great feat and became a god.

The wizard who chose to remain human smiled.


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