I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 530

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“I have a lot to say.”

I said it as a joke, but there were really a lot.

There must be one or two reasons why I had a hard time. In my heart, I don’t want to shake hands, but I want to grab that person’s collar with my hand and beat him up…

When parents and children meet for the first time, I was not the kind of filial son who would immediately grab my parents by the collar.

The star blinked, looking alternately at the hand I held out and at me. Every time she blinked her eyes, her cloudy eyes became clearer little by little. When her platinum-colored eyes returned to their original color, she smiled.

“That looks like a lot of facial expressions.”

“It’s a bit much.”

“And I guess I have a duty to listen to your story. Parents are supposed to listen to their children. Yes, nice to meet you.”

Star nodded.

“Rania, or Raniel van Trias.”

She reached out and grabbed my hand.

The hand of God that ruled the world for tens of thousands of years was not much different from that of others. It felt like an ordinary human hand.

“To borrow your words, it’s spherical.”

“It was you back then, wasn’t it?”

I laughed bitterly.

During the battle with Kyle, who was dyed in the shadows, his heart was pierced by his sword and he was about to die. At that time, someone whispered in my ear. What is your wish?

What do you want to become?

I answered that question and obtained the star weapon. Thanks to you, I was able to defeat Kyle. The voice that rang in my ears at that time and the voice of the woman in front of me matched exactly.

“I had some help back then.”

“I just asked a question. You were the one who answered the question, and you were the one who found the answer.”

Star smiled softly.

“I should have asked you a question sooner. I wish I could have listened to your voice sooner, but it’s a shame I couldn’t.”

she said

“I am the star you all know. I am also a broken god who failed to fulfill his role.”

She put her hand on my chest.

“Originally, the outside of the star is a cool-headed judge who protects rules and balance, and the inside of the star is like a mother who listens to the wishes of humans. That was the wish of Gletus, who created me.”

But, do it.

I said, following her words.

“It must have been ruined by the appearance of the shadow.”

“Yes, that’s right. With the advent of the shadows, the stars also fell on the scales. In the end, I was consumed by the external world. I could no longer listen to human wishes.”

It was a story I knew.

After coming here, I learned a lot and realized a lot of things. I looked at the woman in front of me.

“I am no longer a god for humans. My only purpose is to maintain the balance of the world.”

“That’s what you said. How obnoxious it was.”

She laughed bitterly at my grumbling.

Still, sometimes, she continued.

“Very occasionally, I hear your wishes. A cry too powerful to ignore. A voice that awakens my consciousness from the darkness.”

“For example?”

“Your wish that screams that you wanted to become something in the battle with the sword of the heavens.”

my wish.

“A child from the slums who was born with a soul similar to Gletus, who wanted to become something special.”

Chloe’s affair.

“A warrior who stretched out his hand toward a place he could not reach with his own hands, groaned at his incompetence and shouted that he would give anything.”

The Winds of Galahal.

“I heard those voices, those moans.”


“And now, we need to hear a slightly longer story. Not about moans and screams, but about humanity’s position.”

She looked straight at me.

I let out a short breath and sat down in my seat. Because I thought the story would be long.

“For now.”

I rested my chin and glared at the stars in front of me.

“I plan to be very blunt.”

“Yes, do it. You deserve it.”

“It means you are prepared to be criticized.”

Star’s shoulders trembled.

I wrote it down and let out a long sigh. It is time to finally release the accumulated resentment. As someone who has been dealing with stars for many years, I had to say this.

“Well, why are you making such a fuss in the middle of the process?”


“I mean transaction, transaction. Isn’t the middle process really a waste of time? Why do you take so much money in the middle? To put it bluntly, you are a middleman distributor. You are the providence that makes the world go round and you build bridges to make transactions easy….”

The more I continued speaking, the more Star’s head tilted slightly. It’s like, ‘Isn’t this a conversation between a trader and a customer, not a face-to-face meeting between a parent and a child?’ He looked like he was thinking about something. But I couldn’t help it.

Children and parents, this is good.

But before that, I need to hear an explanation about what I’ve been getting into so far.

“Well, if you give up all of your life to fight against Ganicalt, you will give me strength? Damn, even the quack alchemists in the slums don’t cheat so blatantly. I was dumbfounded when I saw the real contract.

“Well, that’s…”

“I’m not finished talking yet. Wait.”

Just listen.



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Because I had a lot to ask.

“For this reason… we went through this process, so in this way…”

“Then this is it.”

“With respect to transactions that occurred at 17:52:17 on June 1, 1104 according to the Kartedia Kingdom Calendar…”

“Wait, are the standards this strict?”

“Yes, this is a special clause…”

I inquired about the strange transaction one by one, and there was a reason for it. Except for the transactions where I put my lifespan on the scale, it was pretty much right.

“Still, it looks like you had a lot left over.”

“It was mostly used to maintain balance, stability, and trade in the world. For the public good…”

Star was embarrassed and explained the transaction process to me in detail. As she listened to that explanation, she somehow remembered the time when she was the next Magic Tower lord. At that time, when I asked why they were taking so much tax money, I think this was the explanation I heard from the Ministry of Finance.

I think the Minister of Finance, who was struggling to appease large taxpayers, felt exactly this way.

“Then, regarding the life-saving transaction that almost occurred during the last battle with Ganicalt, is it entirely a mistake on the part of the stars?”

“Even if I had ten mouths, I wouldn’t have anything to say. I guess I decided at the time that in order to maintain balance, it would be right for you and the shadow to coexist.”

“Then what about the contract with Kyle?”

“Well, the process got a little twisted as the contract recipient, Kyle Torben, awakened as a superhuman.”

Hmm, I smoothed my chin.

Still, after hearing the explanation, I felt a little relieved. I thought it was just a bunch of scams, but there were rules of their own. The parts that got eaten up were by no means small, but after hearing the explanation, it was within the range that I could barely tolerate.

“If I had gone any further here, my fists would have been blown, but it’s within a barely acceptable range.”

“Yes… Yes?”

“it’s nothing.”

I took a long breath.

“Let’s end this story here.”

“It’s a good story to hear.”

“I guess you were disappointed because the conversation was a little different from what you expected?”

“I can’t say no.”

Star smiled bitterly.

I just smiled at that star.

“It’s because I have a lot of things I have accumulated from the stars. But, well… that’s what it is.”

That’s it.

Now I have to say what I have to say. And, the conversation the stars were waiting for. I caught my breath and slowly opened my mouth.

“First of all, I have to tell you this.”

“What? I’m getting anxious again. What’s going on this time…?”

As soon as I laid down the groundbait, I slowly got up from my seat with a smile on Stare, who was anxious. I slowly… very slowly bent my back towards the star that was looking at me while tilting my head.

I bent my back and lowered my head.

So I bowed my head towards the stars. It didn’t mean surrender. It also wasn’t meant as an apology. I lowered my head just to say this.

“Thank you.”

The stars were silent.

I spoke while the stars were silent.

“I don’t know the beginning of time. I can only trace that era through the remaining records. Still, there are facts that can be learned from just that.”

That it was terrible.

It was a time of chaos.

“I know that it was a time when humans were not considered human and the value of life was infinitely worthless. I am grateful to Jormun, Gletus, and you for your efforts to end that era and open the era of humans.”

I raised my head.

I sat down again and looked at her.

“Even if I didn’t experience that era, it doesn’t change the fact that I have to be grateful to you as a representative of humanity. You and what you did that day were necessary.”

What humanity needed at that time was a God who would raise them up and protect them. Stars have played that role for a very long time. He held that position all along until it was destroyed with the appearance of the shadow.

“I have no intention of denying the choice you made that day. Even now that we have defeated Jormun and come to this position, that thought has not changed.”


“I just came to tell you a story.”

I laughed bitterly.

“As a child. As a representative of humanity.”

I looked at her.

“To you, who took care of abandoned mankind and protected them for tens of thousands of years.”

The inner part of a star created by splitting the soul of Gletus.

But the eyes are different. Platinum colored eyes. I slowly opened my mouth, facing platinum eyes filled with starlight. One syllable, one syllable, pronounced with force.

“Humanity has enjoyed a stable life in your arms for a long time. However, that cannot happen forever.”

I said.

“Mankind’s long childhood is over.”

He spoke to the mother of humanity.

“We are now ready to stand in the world. We are ready to stand with our own two feet on the ground and move forward. So, shouldn’t we move forward?”

On your own feet.

By one’s own will.

“Now I think humanity will become independent.”

I had to become self-reliant and independent.

“I want to leave your embrace and move towards the place I am looking at without being tied down by anything.”


“I am standing here as proof of that.”

I smiled at the star that was responsible for humanity’s childhood. I said, pointing to myself.

“I am the witness who rejected your will and walked my own path to reach this place.”

The star smiled softly at my laughter.

“Is that the answer you gave?”

I nodded.

Star slowly stood up. As she gestured, the star roots surrounding her slowly cleared away. The landscape thus revealed is a vast night sky.

“Raniel van Trias.”

she called my name

“As you say, you have proven your worth by coming here. Just like Jormun and Gletus did in the past, you have taken the right to reform the world.”

The old god spread his arms wide.

She spoke with the vast night sky as the background.

“Omnipotence, omniscience, you may not have been omniscient before you got here, but now you are omniscient and omnipotent. You can know anything and do anything. You are like a god.”

Every time she gestured, the stars fluttered in the vast night sky. It sparkled and scattered starlight.

“You can do anything, so you have a lot of options.”

She spoke through the fluttering stardust.

“Simply, there is a way to fix me and make me yours. In a complicated way, you can erase me and engrave your own rules in this night sky. Under such great rules, you can open your own era. , It could open the era of humanity.”

Choices split into numerous, numerous branches.

“You can become an immortal god, or you can become your own discipline and maintain balance.”

Pointing to them, she looked at me.


She smiled at me.

He wasn’t trying to tempt me by asking me to choose another option. As a mother, a parent, and a protector of humanity, she was asking me a question.

“Do your thoughts never change?”

Wouldn’t you regret that choice?


I nodded.

“Because a leader is someone who lights the way.”

I gave my answer.

“The one who becomes a light to look ahead in the darkness, the one who helps them find their lost path, the one who gives them advice so they can live their own lives.”

There is nothing special about being a leader.

It is simply a being that performs the role of a teacher or advisor. At least that was my thought.

“The leader I think of is that kind of being. That’s the kind of being he should be. The one who rules over people and unconditionally presents them with a path, saying ‘this way is right’ would be a tyrant, not a guide.”

I had no intention of becoming that kind of person.

“Ultimately, it is their job to walk the path. A leader can only point the way and not walk it for them.”

Each person has their own life.

Each person has their own path.

“Even if you fall or twist… I just help you get up and walk again. And, I think that’s something I can do even if I don’t remain here as a god.”

“is that so?”

“Yes,” I answered and smiled.

“Humans rely on each other to move forward. Do we really need a huge, transcendent being like God? A few words of conversation are enough to strengthen our resolve to move forward.”

I slowly stood up.

I stood right in front of the star.

“So, this world no longer needs a transcendent being like God.”

“So, that’s the answer you gave.”

She pointed to my eyes.

The flames of Hoecheon would be burning there.

It is not a reverse heaven, an opening heaven, or a rising heaven, but a return heaven.

That was the answer I gave. Because my purpose was to return to the original sky, where neither God nor the transcendent nor anything else existed.

“I heard your story well. If that is the answer you and humanity have given…”

The star reached out its hand towards me.

I held out my hand towards her, dragging Hoecheon. Even though she knew that the moment she touched my hand, her own body would crumble and disappear, her star held my hand.

“I just support you. I hope your path ahead is peaceful. I hope you can live a beautiful life.”

The hand of the star and I touched each other.

I slowly closed and opened my eyes. A blue-white ring rotated violently inside the eye. I have unleashed all of this power, which will probably be the first and last time.

Hoecheon (回天).

I dropped the answer I gave into the night sky as a single flame. The first thing the fire burns is the god for humans who has existed here for tens of thousands of years. The flames burned all the twigs that made up the outer surface of the star.

“It’s warm.”

And, the woman who is on the inside, too.

Burning flames enveloped her body. The starlight and divinity surrounding her body burned and crumbled. With the ash flying around, I blinked my eyes inadvertently.

A place where the fire passed and the starlight was stripped away.

The platinum color in her eyes had peeled off. What was revealed was not platinum-colored eyes, but green eyes.


She said.

“I’m proud of you, my junior.”

Starlight and ashes flew.


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