I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 515

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“What are you going to do with that temple?”

Kyle pointed behind him.

A temple of shade located at the end of the continent. A black field spread out around the huge temple where the Demon King lived. Pointing to them, Kyle tapped the hilt of his sword.

“Should I break it down?”

“No, let’s leave it alone.”

Raniel quietly shook his head.

“I made a promise.”


“Okay, promise. So I think I’ll leave this place alone.”

Raniel looked at the Temple of Shadow.

Is it because the clouds block the sunlight, or is it because the tall pillars cast shadows? The sunlight around the Temple of Shade was shallower than other places.

It is a good place for people who are not used to light to live.

Although he didn’t know when, Raniel had a hunch that if those abandoned by the stars were to be reborn… this would definitely be the place. This place, where their master was buried in ashes, would be like home to them.

“let’s go.”

Raniel turned his head.

She walked while looking ahead.

* * *

The road back to the kingdom was long.

The Temple of Shade was located at the edge of the continent, and the kingdom was located near the center of the continent… so even though they were two people who had surpassed superhumans, it would have been quite difficult for them to reach the kingdom on foot.

“I think I should take a carriage. The distance is a bit rough to walk. More than anything, it feels like I’m going to die from the hardship.”

Raniel made a groaning sound.

The battle with the Demon King took place even before the injuries sustained in the battle with Ganicalt were fully healed. In that battle, magic that was hard on the body was fired wildly, so it was natural that the whole body was screaming.

“I feel like I want to lie down right now.”

“I won’t give you a piggyback ride.”

“Hey, how many times did I carry you when you were lying down? Thank you for your grace…”

“What kind of piggybacking… I remember holding my ankles and dragging myself, where are you making this up?”

Kyle smoothed the back of my head.

On the battlefield, every time he used up all his starlight and lay down, Raniel would grab Kyle’s ankles and cross the battlefield. The number of times the back of my head hit a rock would easily be in the double digits.

“···Write it. Did I say that?”

“That’s right. If you lie down, I will grab your ankles and drag you, so just know that.”

“Isn’t that too much?”

He glanced at Raniel, who was grunting and kicking the beak of a stone, and shook his head and smiled bitterly. Although she didn’t necessarily say it out loud, there were other reasons as well. If I had even carried Raniel, who had become ‘that person’ now, and the moment that reached Sarah’s ears…


“Kyle? “Look at me.”

There probably won’t be any left on the back.

Cold sweat ran down Kyle’s spine.

Of course, no matter what it looks like now, Kyle knows that it’s Raniel inside. That’s why I don’t have any personal feelings, and I swear to the sword, I really don’t give a damn, but… that’s Kyle’s position, and I don’t know how other people will see it.

‘Actually, that guy doesn’t seem to be self-aware…’

So what should we do?

Even if you have self-awareness, you should follow the line. Kyle took a step away from Raniel. Either way, Raniel sighed heavily and whined.

“My legs hurt. My arm hurts. I feel like my ankle is going to break.”

“I’m sure I’m exhausted after dealing with Ganikalt and the Demon Lord in succession.”

“···You don’t look tired?”

Kyle chuckled and pointed to his right arm.

“Can’t you see my arm isn’t going up?”


Come to think of it, you only used your left arm when fighting the Demon King, right?

It looks like the recoil from the backwaters is severe. Raniel asked a question, pointing to Kyle’s limp arm.

“Is that arm getting better?”

“You’ll get better if you get some rest. Even if it’s hard for a while.”

“How long will it take?”

Kyle flinched and looked at Raniel.

“···Are you planning to go right away?”

“Not right away, but I plan to go as quickly as possible. I don’t want to give you time to waste time.”

“Well, maybe I should ask Sarah.”

“That’s right, Sarah.”

Raniel sighed briefly.

“Is he okay? I heard from Cardi that he might be having some memory issues as well.”

“It’s complicated, so to speak, but it’s okay. The contract itself seems to be strangely twisted. You can hear it from me later.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Raniel laughed.

When I return, will the four of us get together for the first time in a while? The two walked for a while, chatting about various things. When the sun went down, we made a bonfire and camped, and walked diligently while the sun was up.

“This still tastes awful.”

“You don’t eat it for the taste, right?”

It is the second day since I started walking, filling my meals with rectangular, tasteless combat rations. Only then did the two arrive at Gehete.

Gehete, the place where death is silent.



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The wilderness that stretched far beyond the horizon was full of sword marks. The remains of the magic tower that Raniel had built were scattered around, and pieces of stone thrown down in the aftermath of the storm were scattered in a chaotic manner.

“It’s a spectacular view.”

Mumbling that, Raniel looked towards the center of the wilderness. There was a sword stuck there. It was the only thing that Ganikalt left behind, and it was a relic of Galatric that Kalt had said he would come to retrieve someday.

“Now that I think about it, it looks like there was a carriage.”

There must be a carriage that brought us all the way here.

‘The carriage moves automatically when you just push in mana…’

Can we finally sit down and go? comfortable?

With that hopeful observation, Raniel began to walk at a brisk pace. As she approached where her carriage would be placed, her pace quickened. She had a smile on her face.


However, such hopes were in vain, as a shattered carriage lay at the edge of the wilderness. A huge boulder that seemed to have been thrown from the sky was crushing the carriage.


Raniel looked at Kyle in silence.

This was clearly a stone thrown by Yeokcheon.

“···I’m sorry about that.”

Kyle quietly averted his gaze.

It was around this time that two people were sighing heavily near the broken carriage.


The sound of wheels rolling came from somewhere.

Kyle and Raniel turned their heads toward where the sound was coming from. Wagons were coming from far away. The carriage had the emblem of the Knights Templar hanging on it.

Discover, discover!


When the carriage got close enough the voices were heard. Soon, the carriages stopped noisily and the drivers began to get off the carriages. It was a search party dispatched to help Raniel return.


Raniel exclaimed in admiration as he looked at the luxurious carriage, which just looked like it would be comfortable to ride. I was already desperately thinking about the carriage. Raniel smiled at the fact that he would now be able to go back comfortably.

“I’m here to pick you up, if you’re injured…”

The knights approaching Raniel stopped for a moment.

They blinked as they looked at Kyle standing next to Raniel. These are people who have never heard of anyone other than Raniel being here.

“Ah, I…”

Before Kyle opened his mouth, the knight’s eyes opened wide. He made a gasping sound and saluted Kyle.

“Meet the former warrior, Kyle Torben!”

Even if he was not wearing the warrior’s uniform, even if the decorations on the holy sword, which was the symbol of the warrior, had all fallen off, even if he had been away from the battlefield for a long time…

The world has not forgotten Kyle Torben.

He did not forget the feat he had accomplished.

As the knights recognized Kyle’s appearance and saluted one by one, Kyle slowly closed his mouth. Raniel, who was quietly looking at Kyle’s profile, soon burst into laughter.

“Do you feel good?”

Raniel hit Kyle on the shoulder. She whispered in a voice just enough for Kyle to hear.

“Isn’t this the view you wanted?”

“···It’s already a sight to behold many years ago.”

“Pretending to be calm. The corners of your mouth turned up so much, you.”

Kyle touched the corner of his mouth.

There wasn’t anything up there.

When I looked to the side, I saw that Raniel was suppressing laughter.


Raniel huffed and let out a long breath.

Eventually, she took a step forward and began explaining to the drivers who were asking about the situation. The Demon King and the Sword of Death have been subdued, and the subjugation team is returning from the other side of the continent.

So, do it.

The warrior, Rania Van Trias, laughed.

“It is a victory for humanity.”

The long struggle is over.

All disasters fell, the madmen crumbled, and the demon king burned with the black sky. The knights cheered at her confirmation. They chanted the names of Rania Van Trias and Kyle Torben.

The warrior won.

It was time to announce victory and triumph.

As he boarded the carriage heading to Cartedia, the kingdom that would now become the empire, Raniel looked up at the sky. Even though the sun was hanging in the sky, Raniel could see constellations. The constellations hanging in the blue sky sparkled exceptionally.

Like Raniel looking at the constellations.

The constellations were also looking at Raniel.

The old city closest to the sky.

The oldest wing of the goddess, a place named Elder Dragon City because it is guarded by an ancient dragon whose name has now been lost. At the center of the place was a temple made of white gold.

It is unclear whether it should be called a temple or a palace. Maybe both expressions are correct.

It was a temple because it was the place where the being closest to god in this land lived, and because there was a throne for the being to sit on, it was also a palace.


The owner of the old city, sitting on the throne of the White Gold Temple, or White Gold Palace, narrowed his eyes. His eyes were colored gold as he rested his chin and looked into space. The dragon’s eyes were shining as they observed everything in the world.

Agent of the stars.

A man who brought down all gods.

An immovable god who does not move.

A wizard who brought an end to the era of all gods and opened the era of humans by inscribing a single rule in the sky. The oldest wizard broke his own rules and slowly rose to his feet.

An ancient dragon wizard.

Jormun van Dragonic moved.

The platinum-colored water that flowed through the ancient dragon city along the furrow dug in the temple throbbed violently. The shaking that started in the temple spread throughout the city. The overflowing water began to flow through a channel that had not flowed for tens of thousands of years.

The flowing waterway eventually became a constellation.

It is the constellation that Jormun dropped of his own will on the day when all the gods fell. With the shining constellations, the wizard god, the immovable god, and the slayer who had taken the godhood of all gods slowly opened their eyes.

The moment I close my eyes and open them.

It is not Jormun Van Dragonic who is standing there. However, it is a man called Jormun. He was an arrogant man who tore up the sky for the woman he loved and made ten thousand shining constellations fall from the sky.

From the closest place to the sky.

A human sitting in the seat of God looked at the sky.

Looking at the constellations engraved in the fluctuating sky, the constellations engraved in the sky with her that day, he recalled the past. Jormun smiled bitterly, remembering the day in the distant past when his time stopped.

That one constellation carved in the sky.

That constellation was all that was left to him.

‘so that.’

This time I won’t let anyone take it from me.


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